Thursday, 5 February 2009

Suspect Packages Radio Show February

February's Suspect Packages radio show is up and ready for you to download. This month Disorda's guest didn't show so you get more music than usual.

Interestingly the show features many 'On The Radar' artists past (Skillet, Truth)and present (Joker Starr, Assa, Jay Madden, Dialect, JVF Clique, Dabbla, The Three Amigos, Antiheroes) and all the current favourites of Certified Banger (SonnyJim, Jyager, Sir Smurf Lil, Lowkey and more).

It also includes the usual old skool selection at the end with cuts from 3PM, Gunshot, Unanimous Decision and Pointblank amongst others - get schooled in the old skool.

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