Monday, 9 February 2009

'Put On The Glasses' - Mr. Wrong (album review)

Another album that’s been out a while (can you tell I’m playing catch up?) is Mr. Wrong’s ‘Put On The Glasses’. Mr. Wrong, an alias of Lee Scott of Antiheroes and Children of the Damned notoriety, has created an album that lives up to his alter ego’s name.

With his punctuated, staccato Northern flow it’s easy to tell when he’s on the mic – always a plus point when there are a million and one rappers out there who sound, let’s face it, pretty similar.

The album kicks off with ode to Green party conspiracy-monger ‘David Icke’, a track which demonstrates Mr. Wrong’s wrongness – you wouldn’t want him in a position of power. The beat to follow up track ‘Dumb ILL’ proves that wrong can actually, on occasion be right (in music anyway) – it’s an exotically creepy jerky thing that suits Wrong’s voice most perfectly. The rest of the (self) production is a dense, more- blunted darker version of early 90’s Dre G Funk with hints of DJ Muggs’ beats.

The next few tracks serve to prove how vicious and twisted Mr. Wrong can be. Alongside Bill Shakes and Children of the Damned Mr. W proves his battling skills in unison with his warped, but often not disgusting, verbals. Things continue in this way for the duration – you decide whether that’s good or bad. The album is littered with awesome quotable, stand out lines – enough to keep a rap lyric geek entertained for 50 minutes anyway.

Your copy can be ordered from Mr. Wrong’s myspace – but hurry, they won’t be around forever.

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