Tuesday, 17 February 2009

On The Radar Artist Profile: Lee Scott

Name: Lee Scott aka Mr. Wrong (of Antiheroes)

Age: 24

From: Runcorn

Track on ‘On The Radar’: Antiheroes - 'Sub-Human Nature' ft. Darkstar

Tell us the story behind the track: Basically wanted to make some horrible grimy s**t coz I was PISSED OFF over some s**t I am not willing to discuss with normal humans. I dropped a verse on the bangin' grimy ass Reklews beat originally intended for the Hock Tu Down LP, then got Darkstar to drop a verse. Known about this Darkstar for a while, guy dissapeared for years then we realised he was alive again after some time inside for some sort of New Yorker foolishness and got him on it too. Salar heard it and was inspired enough to jump on it on the last verse and completely kill it.

Record Label: Blah Records

Who you roll with: Children of The Damned Brick Pelican Fam, Blah Bastards.

Favourite album(s): 'Dare iz a Darkside' or 'Stress: The Extinction Level Agenda', depends on what day it is, and what the weather is like.

Describe your style in three words: Fresh as F**k

Past/Present/Future projects: Antiheroes - 'Middle Finger Salute', ETI Records - 'Extra Terrestrial Intelligence' 12'', Mr. Wrong - 'The Wrong Bootleg Demo EP', Children of The Damned - 'Tourettes Camp', Mr. Wrong - 'Put on The Glasses', Children of The Damned - 'Brick Pelican', Hock Tu Down (Lee Scott & Reklews) - 'Prozium Peddlin', Mcabre Brothers (Lee Scott & Monster Under The Bed) - 'Gonzo Lyricism', just some projects released and others 100% complete and awaiting release kid! Antiheroes was also featured on some big releases back in the day but I don't care to list 'em. Check Manage's old LP 'Live in Protest' for a grimy banger featuring the Antiheroes.

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