Thursday, 29 January 2009

Hip Hop Producers - Mr. Loop Interview

"I love taking something from a different era and flipping it into something completely different that a completely different type of person will feel."

Having just dropped his debut LP 'The Bury All' and it being a banger, I thought I should probably interview the man they call Mr. Loop. Then, I did, so why don't you have a read?

Certified Banger: Mr. Loop! How goes it?

Mr. Loop: I’m good, nothing to complain about!

CB: First of all tell us, if it’s not obvious, how did you get your name?

Mr. Loop: Well, two reason really – my surname is Lupin, and I’ve always been called Loop as a nickname my whole life, and I make crusty Hip Hop using sample loops…

CB: And now please tell us how you named your album ‘The Bury All’:

Mr. Loop: That’s just another play on words – I’m originally from Canterbury and featured a lot of east Kent artists on the album, and also its kind of ironically arrogant cos I’m kind of a humble dude!

CB: It’s your first album isn’t it, debut as they say. Might we have heard you on anything else previous to this?

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