Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Solareye - The Pageant EP

Written, recorded and released in a month, The Pageant, is a collection of stories and meanderings; grim fairytales and unlikely truths; ripples and reflections narrated by Stanley Odd rapper, Solareye.

Featuring Louie (Hector Bizerk) and Tickle (Black Lantern) and produced by Dunt (ABAGA Records) and the elusive Harvey Kartel, the EP weaves unsteadily through a carnival of paranoiacs, oddities and misfits.

The Pageant is available now as a free download - get it HERE. You can also check out the video for lead single The Pageant below. Solareye and Harvey Kartel will be performing live on the 21st Nov at Bloc, Glasgow, supporting Hector Bizerk and on the 22nd Nov at Electric Circus, Edinburgh, supporting The Milk.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

WhoIsParadise - Two4Se7en / 365 ft. MCD, J The Exodus [Official Video]

Former 57th Dynasty member WhoIsParadise teams up with MCD and J The Exodus with intentions of banning Black History Month in favour of celebrating it 24/7 365.
Download here

Spitfire - Triple Filtered (Album)

We proudly present Triple Filtered, the debut album from Spitfire.

Having released his debut EP earlier this year along with the single Slow Dance With Satan and accompanying video to critical acclaim, Spitfire is back with 18 tracks of solid hip hop to cement his place in the UK scene. Triple Filtered, like the Spitfire EP, is a myriad of flows, wit and realness with Spitfire bringing something different to each and every track, along with an array of featured artists. Verses from Wordsmiff, Baron Samedi, Bil Next and more bring an extra dimension to the long player, providing compliments and contrasts to Spitfire's unique style.

Produced in it's entirety by Towa, Triple Filtered features a range of beats from brooding slow burners like What Year Is It? and Dr. Graham, to more upbeat cuts like Slow Dance With Satan Part 2 and The Hard Way Out. Spitfire puts his own spin on every beat, bringing a vast amount of content - switching from funny, to dark, to personal and back again seamlessly.

Running to an hour long, this LP showcases Spitfire ability, variety and, most of all, heart and takes you on a ride through the psyches of both him and producer Towa.

The album is released with an accompanying single, No Saving Me, again shot by Toby Cuthbertson which is available on YouTube now!!!

Download Or Buy The CD on ITunes or Bandcamp


All beats produced and mastered by Towa & cuts by Jabbathakut.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Bibs Quintero - Come Find Me

'Come Find Me' is the debut album by emcee Bibs
Quintero, produced by Pro P and Andy Mac. The 10 track album highlights the artist's hatred towards the current state of music, and seeks to explore the topics of life, death and escapism. Strong personality traits appear in specific tracks, where Bibs touches on a thin line between right and wrong. Consequently, certain tracks have been
described as offensive. However, it is more of an attempt to mock situations in life that we might otherwise cry about. Therefore offence is not the intended reaction. The album is enlightened by featuring guests such as Mnsr Frites, Archetype, Unk Artist, Fear, Guest House, Jester Jacobs, Spee Six Nine and Tash Williams.