Saturday, 30 April 2011

MPC Forums Mixtape vol.6...Tayo & Pound

MPC Forums self titled, long running mixtape series reaches its 6th installment. Long time forum members Otayo Dubb and Poundaproblem compiled this volume and set the bar high for volume 7. With their eclectic selections they've managed to tick all the boxes the previous mixtapes didnt. The addition of mixing the project provides a more cohesive product, W.Steele does well to blend and chop the tracks without disturbing the flow of the mixtape and mercifully uses minimal tagging . The tracks vary from smooth instrumental to energetic bangers producing a healthy range of styles, no suprises here just traditional beats and rhymes. Although I can skip a few of the tracks on the project the bulk of the mixtape provides some authentic head nod hip hop, bumping along and sharing a glimpse of the talent that MPC Forums has in its ranks. Listen on the mini player below or get it for free HERE from the series' bandcamp page you can also check out the previous, somewhat hit and miss, 5 volumes and vistit the forum for advice, sharing and networking by clicking on the 1st pretty blue word above.


Lethal Dialect drops some bars for BOSS TV.

Nugget - Irish Tune ft. Siyo & Class A'z [HD]

Official video from Nuggets album "Ready To Diet".
Tony Mahoney on the beat.

Rob Kelly - Crazy (Official Music Video)

Rob Kelly drops a new video,filmed on location at CRU Clothing in dublin,this is just a taster,with 2 new videos to drop in the next month or so.
Produced by Mike Donnelly.
Follow Rob on Twitter

Friday, 29 April 2011

Dead Man Walkn - Chapter And Verse Instrumentals (Free Download)

Dead Man Walkn blesses us with the instrumentals from the recent Chapter and Verse project.
Become a fan here

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Mr. Witts - The 25th Hour (short review)

Even though it was released at the back end of last year, I've only recently come across this self-produced album from Gloucestershire based artist Mr. Witts. As it is now available as a free download, I would strongly recommend that you give it a try.

Whilst Witts doesn't possess the most charismatic delivery, this is a project which a lot of thought has been put into. This is particularly evident with the production, where no track is a simple loop that runs for the duration. Witts has clearly put in significant effort to try to ensure that each one of the albums 11 tracks received maximum attention. For the most part, he plays it pretty safe lyrically, although the west country accent immediately separates him from the crowd. Discussing the motivation of an underground artist (Love Not The Money), his love-life (Sing For You) and wack MCs (Rock Solid). More original concepts are to be found on The Machine, which details the intrusive nature of technology, and the spaced-out Uni-Verse.

This is far from an album without flaws, (a few of the hooks don't stand up to repeated plays, and the gust appearance of Sketchstar was ill-advised) but this is clearly a labour of love from someone who has a lot of respect for the artform. This fact will be immediately recognisable from the first listen, and clearly Mr Witts is to be applauded for that. Will I still be bumping this album at the end of the year? Probably not, but I would anticipate bigger things to come from Witts and Sleeping Dragon Records, and as this is free, you have no excuse for not checking it out yourself.


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Scorzayzee - War To The Puzzle

In preparation for his debut album, Peace To The Puzzle (which has been 'coming soon' for an eternity...), Scorz drops this 10 track EP, War To The Puzzle (see what he did there...) as an appetiser. Little pre-album warm-ups like this are often a little hit and miss, but this isn't too bad at all, and is a clear step up in class from the rather lacklustre free-download mixtapes he's dropped in the last year or so. A couple of tracks on here, such as the introspective opener Beastwick, are absolutely classic Scorz. Whilst on White Widow he details his fight to stay free from Drugs. My only real gripe here is occasionally with the production, as some of it strays quite far from the sort of hardcore Styly-Cee bangers that you may have been used to hearing Scorz spit over back in the day.

However, the prime purpose of this release is to make sure that we're all still aware that Scorzayzee is amongst the most fearsome spitters this country has to offer, and this is achieved with ease. The album, if and when it eventually drops, should be even better, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that... But for now, this is well worth a whole 3 of your hard earned.

Conspicuous - June Bug - Out soon

Conspicuous the Coroner will return in June with his third solo LP, the appropriately named June Bug. Always unafraid to air personal issues on a track, I've enjoyed pretty much everything that Cons has released previously, so I'm definitely looking forward to hearing what he has to offer this time. That said, I can't pretend that I was really feeling I'm So 90s all that much, and it seems to be included 5 times (!) in various forms on the LP... See the tracklist and production credits below:


01. Can't Get Away (Produced by M-Dot)
02. Wishes f/Jay Michaelz (Produced by S-Type)
03. Hush f/ Sir Smurf, Cobane, Shameless & TBear (Produced by Evil Ed)
04. I'm So 90's (Produced by S.Chu)
05. Pain & Misery (Produced by Shears)
06. Human Race
(Produced by AH Fly)
07. Speak To (me/you) (Produced by AH Fly)
08. Family Aint Family (Produced by Apollo & cuts by Jabba Tha Kut)
09. Ready f/Seanie T & Grimlok (Produced by Apa-Tight)
10. V.I.P (Produced by S.Chu)
11. Clarity f/Spoonface (Produced by S.Chu)
12. Echoes f/Jay Pearce-Cunningham, Cobane & Michael Groce (Produced by Apollo)

Bonus Tracks
I'm So 90's Remixes(Produced by S.Chu)

Remix 1 feat. Kyza, Skillit & Shameless
Remix 2 feat. Tor Cesay, Tempa, Lady Leshurr & No Lay
Remix 3 feat. Malik, Tony D & TBear
Remix 4 feat. Remus, Cobane, Defcee & Seanie T

Soul Khan - Soul Like Khan (video)

Soul Khan drops a video for the title track from his free album that dropped a few months back. This track was always one of the highlights to me, with its seriously soulful horn loop, and Soul getting all personal on the listener.

Jam Baxter - Isis (video)

Although it is several months now since Rinse/Spack was released, it's good to see Baxter come through with a video, highlighting the high standard of rhyming onboard that excellent album. Isis is perhaps a slightly unlikely selection to be given some visuals, as it's a short, one-verse, no-hook joint, although it is still dope. The vid was apparently directed/filmed/etc by labelmate Fliptrix.

"Dreaming of sleep, I pick up the pen again"

Phi-Life Cypher - Watching My TV (video)

PLC get all political on us, over a typically head-nod inducing beat from DJ Nappa, with this, their latest video. Apparently this is taken from a forthcoming album, called The Professionals, which ominously doesn't have a release date, and is 'coming soon'...

AD - It turns out that this was produced by Richy Spitz, not DJ Nappa. Assumptions are dangerous...

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Arkyve and DJ Hellfire present Relief from the Underground

Relief from the Underground is a collection of music that hopes to raise money for the still struggling people of Japan. In the wake of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that caused such shocking devastation many people are only now beginning to return to the wastelands they once called homes. Relief from the Underground was a huge collaboration effort and features artists from across the globe, headed up by The Arkyve and DJ Hellfire the project has 29 tracks which is a lot but you get a eclectic bang for your charitable buck (its actually $5...'buck' had more of a ring to it...). If you don't recognize the names don't be worried or anxious just google them and you'll have even more new material to bump. Shouts to MPC forums and all that contributed.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Self Scientific - Trials of the Blackhearted

Self Scientific have been around for a long time so its good to see they still have the incredible chemsitry that created classic albums and established them as one of LAs most respected, challenging and talented groups. Trials of the Blackhearted will be released tomorrow (hopefully...its already been pushed back) check out the video teaser above for Gods Language and two more tracks below War Stories and Verses vs Versus. Khalil and Chace have always moved and evolved over there career but kept the same strong ideals. Chace has a great ability to deliver rhymes that'll 1st make you listen and 2nd make you think while Khalil weaves drum patterns between cuts, chords and samples like very few producers out there and isnt afraid to step out the box and deliver some truly ground breaking music.

War Stories feat. Big K.R.I.T

Verses vs Versus

Vigorous Denial - Phoenix Da Icefire, Logic, Rewd Adams, Cyrus Malachi, Skriblah and Melanin9

Huge posse cut from some of the UKs most prolific MCs. Chemo keeps the drums hard and samples simple leaving plenty of room for the rhymes to shine. Media company GlobalFaction and SixthSense Guerilla Films have put this collaboration together the instrumental and full track are available for a mere £1.50 so support your local concious hoodlums and D/L it HERE.

Has-Lo - Untitled 1 (Video)

I can't say that I know a lot about Has-Lo, other than that his latest album dropped on the increasingly impressive US indie label Mellow Music Group. They recently dropped this personal, introspective track as a free DL, and it has now been provided with a vid. It's dope, check it out...

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Verb T - Let Me Stay (video)

Third vid taken from Verb T's excellent Serious Games set. This time it is the album's love song, Let Me Stay that is provided with some visuals. You should know the drill by now: it's Verbs, so it's worth checking.

Friday, 22 April 2011

LordWillin feat Swann - " Hardcore Hooligan"

Official promo video by Diggy for the song " Hardcore Hooligan" featuring Swann from LordWillin's official Ill Roc Street cd " Escape From Providence" dropping soon on Ill Roc Records!

for more info visit

DJ Slademan Presents 'Endangere​​d Species' (Free Download)

Endangered Species is a compilation of UK Hip Hop exclusives juggled/mixed together by DJ Slademan. It features Slademan's infamous production style plus of some of his personal favourite artists from the current UK scene including: Skriblah DanGogh, Black The Ripper, Skandal, Malik, Cyrus Malachi, M9, Doom Man, Phoenix Da Icefire, Jehst, Ramson Badbones and many more. DJ Slademan is steadily gaining a reputation as Peterborough's hardest working DJ and producer with a release list to prove it. Last year saw him complete the Skriblah DanGogh 'Sketches' Mixtape (Terra Firma), Remus 'The Uprising' Mixtape (Taskforce), Knowledge Magazine's 'Hip Hop Don't Stop' Mixtape, Guest mixes for BBC 1Xtra (Featured on the Charlie Sloth show) 'Back From The Trenches' mixtape as well as numerous guest slots on Unique FM, all this while working on singles, EP's and album material with some of the finest the UK has to offer.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

New Skinnyman - Music Speaks Louder Than Words

Im glad to hear something new from the out and out legend that is Skinnyman. Definatly much anticipated and a long time coming. Lets hope this means there is more material coming our way. If the bars are anything to go by it sounds like we may well indeed have more coming.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Drop This - Reds, Franko Fraize + DPF

"Drop this" FT Reds, Franko Fraize, DPF by J-roots

New track here produced by a man called J-Roots. The track is a nice laid back beat with rhymes delivered by Redeye (of Chronicredeye), Franko Fraize and the Uk legend DPF. Its taken from J Roots forthcoming release 'Burnt Fingaz Vol 2'.

Definatly not to be slept on!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Starcrusher - The Birds (for robert v)

This is a beat by Starcrusher posted on Akai MPC Forums. Just wait for the break, classic drums heard in a new way sample chops are deep too. Check out his soundcloud HERE and link the video to his youtube channel for more.
p.s Apologies for bein slack on the posts...busy workin on Soul Junk.

Monday, 18 April 2011

P.L.O, Sonnyjim & Mudmowth -Heat (video)

Half a vid here for the Sonnyjim and Mudmowth track that was posted a couple of days ago. I say half a vid, as it's only the Eat Good half of the EG/Associated Minds collabo that is present.

As I mentioned a few days back, this track is taken from a collaborative EP that the 2 labels have put together. The Highball EP, which is "coming soon"...

Raekwon - Ferryboat Killers (Video)

Here's another video from Raekwon's recent Shaolin vs Wu-Tang album. Classic Rae this, crime stories over a menacing strings based beat provided by The Alchemist.

Charlie Mac presents MAB -One Song A Day Keeps The Doctor Away (Free Download)

MAB and Charlie Mac are back again with another sick project,dont sleep on the Abnoxshuz fam.
Free Download here

Sunday, 17 April 2011

DON'T FLOP - Okwerdz & Dizaster Vs Tenchoo & Lego

The U.K.'s Tenchoo and Lego take on two of the biggest battlers in the world.
Tenchoo's debut album Scary Movie is coming soon.
Check Lego's youtube here and Tenchoo's youtube here

Friday, 15 April 2011

[MUSIC VIDEO] Divine Rights - "Ong Bak" - (Prod. The CrateZ)

First time hearing these fellas, they've got a mixtape on the way too.

'Thoughts Released (Revelation 1) - M.C. Mell'O' (album review)

Re-releasing old music, at a guess, must be pretty big business; take a good old album, re-package it, re-master it etc and then sell it to new customers as well as the old ones who only have it on vinyl – sounds like a plan, eh?

What if you’re re-releasing UK Hip Hop from the early 90s? Does it still work?

I’m one of those Hip Hop fans who can appreciate the contribution of the older stuff (i.e. 80s and early 90s rap) but rarely listens to all but the very best of it. And what makes the best the best? The fact that it’s timeless; it always sounds fresh and although it’s of its time it isn’t dated.

Thankfully, Original Dope have picked a good ‘un with MC Mell’O’’s ‘Thoughts Released (Revelation 1)’. Right from opener ‘Our Time’ you understand why MC Mell’O’ was in demand as a support act for the very biggest 80s/90s artists – there is something accomplished and rounded about his music, both in the production and the lyrics. You also realise that this is an album which you shouldn’t overlook.

‘Our Time’, ‘A Total Eclipse of the Art’, ‘All Terrain M.C.s’ with Sparki, the poppy and uber-positive ‘Open Up Your Mind’ and ‘The Boss’-sampling ‘Subtraction’ are the standout tracks from the original track list. Despite being of good quality, the six bonus tracks are a credit to whoever decided on the original track list – many artists today could learn a thing or two about what to leave on the cutting room floor.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Scorzayzee - Fighter

Big new tune from Notts finest Scorzayzee. The track is called fighter. The video is a well made narrative directed by Stuart McDonald. The beat is produced by Nick Stez.

This is taken from a forthcoming EP from Scorz titled 'War To The Puzzle' out 18th April. I believe thats to build up to the album 'Peace To The Puzzle' set to be released later this year.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Murs - Varsity Blues 2 (video)

New music from LA's very own Murs right here, produced by frequent collaborator Aesop Rock, who also produced the latest Felt album that Murs did with Slug. This sees the versatile MC on an angsty, introspective tip, trying to live up to his claim in the hook that "they say I'm only good when the session is depressing"...

This is the title track from his brand new EP, which dropped last week.

Dead Man Walkn - Archive Amnesty 2 (Free Download/Beat Tape)

One of my favourite producers since i first heard him a couple of monthes back, Dead Man Walkn drops another beat tape after the success of the last one.
Its safe to say youre going to be hearing a lot of music from him in the near future and he's already produced bangers for Wordsmiff, Genesis Elijah and plenty more.

Anyway download it here
Become a fan here and contact him to buy beats etc.

Monday, 11 April 2011

As you may well be aware already, Eat Good records, and Associated Minds are teaming up to release an EP featuring virtually the whole roster of each of the two labels.

This is the lead track from the Highball EP, featuring Eat Good frontman Sonnyjim, and AM's Mudmowth, fresh from the release of his excellent Sledgehammer Kisses set with Metabeats. The heavyweight production comes courtesy of P.L.O. If this is any indication, the Highball EP is definitely one to look out for...

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Tenchoo - Fire in the Booth

Listen to Tenchoo absolutely smash it on BBC 1xtra last night.
You can stream it here and it starts at 1 hour 26 minutes and keep your eyes and ears peeled for his debut album Scary Movie on Haji's Yard/First Son Records mid-april.
You can also download The Promo ep for free here
and become a fan here

Friday, 8 April 2011

Lewis Parker - Dangerous Adventures preview

Dangerous Adventures preview by Lewis Parker

Late pass on this one...just clocked it at suspect packages. Lewis Parkers latest project Dangerous Adventures will feature Planet Asia, Killa Sha, Vast Aire and many more rhyming over his dusty percussion and cinematic samples. Check out the preview above for snippets of the project that will be released as a limited vinyl soon. Keep em peeled....

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Tabanacle feat Remus - I Try

Big track here from an artist called Tabanacle. Tabanacle has been around for a minute recently appearing on BBC 1Xtra's Fire in The Booth.

This track features Taskforces very own Remus. Its also on Charlie Sloths 'Grimey Limey' record label.

A nice laid back track to compliment this sunny weather!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Cyrus Malachi - Hell's Garrison feat. M9 (video)

Here's a second video from Cyrus Malachi's Ancient Future album. This track sees him and frequent tag-team partner M9 drop trademark dark social commentary over eerie, atmospheric production from Nottingham's Endemic. The low budget black & white vid sits pretty well with this vibe. I believe the album is released on monday. Go Cop.

Whilst we're on the subject of Cyrus Malachi, also check out:

Jehst - Starting Over (video)

Bang! New material from the High Plains Drifter himself, repping a slightly more laid back flow, but still flipping a phrase like no other. Hopefully this means that the album, Dragon of an Ordinary Family, is just around the corner as well. Good times. Also, see how many of UKHH's 'famous' faces you can spot in the video...

"The paper that I'm folding, is like wet tissue dissolving"

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Millennium Jazz Music - The Gathering

Millennium Jazz Music present The Gathering, a collection of great songs from one of the most promising stables around. The album features music from Deeflux, Slugga Tee, Awakening Dawn, Gadget, Skinnista, EdXL and Louis Unseen. If your fimiliar with MJM then you know what to expect if your not then expect dusty drums smooth jazz layers and creative concepts and content. Theres alot of solid tracks on the album although the length of the album gives way for a couple lacklustre tracks. However the vast majority bump along with ease and a splash of perfection [Great Expectations , Band Concept , Dont Cry , Get Away , Inspiration , Got Me Thinkin - nice flip of classic sample] check it out above or you can download it from HERE for a mere £5, the download also contains a interactive e-book filled with James Greenway's wonderfull art work.

Cyclonious - Never Lose Your Passion (video)

Heres the second video taken from Cyclonious' recent collaborative project with French producer 42nd Chamber, The Warrior & The Blacksmith. This moody offering was one of the better tracks onboard, and is pared with an equally dope slave-ship themed vid.

If you haven't done so already, download the EP here:

Monday, 4 April 2011

Chester P - New Mic Order Part. 2, out now!

Decent! Part 2 of Chester P's New Mic Order mixtape is here, basically picking up straight where part 1 left off a couple of years ago. Digital version can be purchased from Chester's bandcamp page, and apparently a physical version will soon follow with a few extra tracks. Nice.

Verb T - Start Again (Studio Footage)

Here's some footage of Verb T recording Start Again, the stand out track off his Self Ish EP that dropped a couple of days ago.

If you haven't yet checked the EP out, do so here:

Rob One - African

Here's something a little bit different. Rob One originates from Jo-burg, South Africa, but I believe has been in the UK for a while now, as The Guardian amongst others have published his work as a music critic. There is some genuinely original lyrical content on this album, such as the 2 part espionage story, Shots Fired, or Rob One detailing his struggles with learning Zulu on Broken Language. I will say that the beats aren't always to my taste, occasionally over-relying on synths, and coming off a little bland as a result. What stands out though is the conscious attempt of the MC to bring some fresh concepts. He doesn't quite nail it every time, but with topics as diverse as post-apocolypse survivor stories, and flying, on top of a few more run-of-the-mill hip-hop staples, you can only applaud the effort.

Enlish - Tender (free download)

A second leak from Enlish's upcoming album Rap Ain't Real, My Life Is Real. Here he uses the old I Used To Love H.E.R. style concept of personifying hip-hop as a female, but it is done well, and Wizard's production is typically solid. I prefer this to the previous leak from a couple of weeks ago, Brain Basher.

"Hand Signs" Featuring Godilla, Nine and Adlib (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

New banger from Godilla's Redphone Records release "Battle Beast:A Prelude to Human Zoo" which will be out soon.
Produced by Grim Reaperz and featuring Godilla's long term collaborator and friend Adlib and the one and only Nine.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Freedom Of Press tear it up on The Bottomless Crates Radio Show (Audio D...

The Bottomless Crates Radio show have had some great live sessions lately including Freedom Of Press catch the second part here and the third part here from  Freedom of Press where you can catch new music aswell as tunes from last years Yet To Verify ep which you can download from here for free.
Other great live sessions on the crates included Dweller and Blah Records very own Bill Shakes and King Grubb part 1 and part 2 be sure to get Bill's ep out now.
Another great one was Gremi,Sammy Dowlas and Sammy Maracas,check part 1 here and all the other parts here and all the other live sessions here and subscribe and spread those great links and tune in every wednesday 9 till 11 for the best hiphop and random madness.
Shout out to Dave,Ian and Namman of the Crates for making it happen and all the artists to.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Trellion & Sniff ft. Figment - Who Cares

Trellion,Sniff and Figment with a slice of sickness,this will be available for free download soon.

MR FLEX - Nothing To Prove - Feat Sophie Rose Harper (Free Download)

Mr. Flex produced by Beat Butcha.
Download the song for free here
And keep an ear out for his ep coming soon with production from Chemo,Kelakovski and featuring Iron Braydz,Ransom Badbonez,DJ 456 and more