Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Franko Fraize - Peddle Bike


Friday, 26 April 2013

Cyrus Malachi - Black Athena (Album Stream) @cyrusmalachi @firstsonrecords

The long awaited new Cyrus Malachi album is finally here! You can stream the whole album below and it features Iron Braydz and Kyza as well as the Triple Darkness crew.
With the highest level of hip hop production running through the album from producers like 7th Dan, Ringz Ov Saturn,Noize Thievery and more,this is one of the most cohesive projects youll hear in a long time.

You can stream and purchase the whole album here
Cyrus Malachi Facebook

Thursday, 18 April 2013

CYRUS MALACHI-THE PRELUDE (Exclusive Bonus Track) Produced by Remazz

New heat from Cyrus Malachi, catch his album dropping this saturday 20th April,pre-order here

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cyrus Malachi - Black Athena Album Sampler

Cyrus Malachi has just posted up an album sampler of his new album,check it below and hit the link to pre order

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

LATE - INNER CITY LIVIN - Produced by @TrickstaUK

Check out the new video from Late.
Hit the links below to.

Cyrus Malachi - Album Launch April 20th

Vibe Bar, 91 Brick Lane, Whitechapel, London, E1 6QL, United Kingdom

Hoochinoo Live Presents..

BLACK ATHENA :: Launch Party

Tweet @Hoochinoo

Win guestlist?
Text 'EVENT ATHENA' to 81222
* standard rates apply

The Hoochinoo Brave's are proud to announce that on Sat 20th April they will be hosting CYRUS MALACHI's album launch party @ Vibe Bar, brick lane. As well as Cyrus there will be live performances from KYZA SMIRNOFF, IRON BRAYDZ and MELANIN 9 aka M9. BLACK ATHENA is Cyrus Malachi's highly anticipated second album, make sure you come down to Hoochinoo for a night of real music from some of the most explosive lyricists in the UK.


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Headknockers (Rich Mahogany + Trilian) - Headknockers EP (Free Download)

The Headknockers are Jersey MC Rich Mahogany and Serbian producer Trilian and this came out on the ever reliable Redphone Records label.
Now they have put it up for Free Download.
Download here
Lots of great features including Matt Maddox, Nightwalker,Godilla and more plus solid production you cant go wrong.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Franko Fraize - Siesta

Franko Fraize drops his new video for 'Siesta' and already seems to have gained a lot of attention for it. Its been picked up by some TV channels on Sky and he's been featured on a lot of London based radio stations including the legendary Itch FM.

The video is simple yet effective. All taken in one shot and set in one location. Lyrically Franko draws on the strains of real life with the hook telling us to take a break with a good old fashion cuppa tea.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Quick Interview with 7th Dan

Q.1 Please introduce yourself for the uninitiated?

Peace, Thafe, Bless! Im 7th Dan producer for  MKD recordings & 1 half of production duo HellzEcho, No Cure affiliate, Allotment Henchmen member, Shadow Committee Member & affiliate of many other talented and disturbed artists..

Q. 2 You are part of a production duo with Ringz Ov Saturn called HellzEcho, can you tell us more about how that came about? What have you fella's got in store for us?

Bare songz in store, Me an Ringz ov Saturn met around the time I was recording Isis Papers Vol 2, Cyrus organised a session and brought down most of the new additions to Triple Darkness at the time Ringz was one of em after the initial session we went in to chop some shit up few crusty beats and many red stripes later HellzEcho was born, Ringz is one of a few people I can really work well with effortlessly so it made sense. Weve currently got a production album lurking which will feature Yung & Triple Darkness members and a whole heap of other mcs. Ringz has some nice links from previous work aswell so were lookin to get a few underground heads form abroad involved, we also have a lot of work across all the forthcoming Triple Darkness solo joints as well as a project called Cold Fusion which is Cyrus Malachi & Ray Vendetta which we have entirely produced.

Q. 3 You have produced for some of the most respected artists in the UK Hip Hop scene, who was your favourite and which beat was your favourite?

It changes all the time to be honest, right now out of the stuff people would have heard I would say “No Mans Land” on M9s LP Magna Carta, the way track came together very quickly and naturally and the energy on the session was good, very inspiring, the joints a few years old and some of the comments and feedback I’ve had from it now really brought back the energy of the session at the time, its fucking splendid when your music transcends how you want it to.

Q. 4 Which artists would you like to work with that you havent already?

Theres loads, Im a big Wu head so loads of affiliated mcs from Wu, UK wise there’s shit loads 2 so best to say watch this space.

Q. 5 Apart from your own work what have you been listening to lately?

My cat, Portishead, Anna Calvi, background noise, Gil Scott Herron, lots of old dusty shit, Sons Phonetic, Triple Darkness, Sinister Striken, Timbo King, Killa Priest, Katharsys, Tricky, Sparrows in the morning, J C Young, Dan Mizuri, Manly P Hall lectures & the sound of a badgers resonance.

Q. 6 What projects can we expect from you in the next few months?

1st will be an EP with family tree Ray Vendetta called 7 Swordz of Light this will feature my brother from a next muvah Teslas Ghost and all other Triple Darkness members, an EP with my brother Yung,  work with people like Triple Darkness,Mr. 13, Sleep Sinatra, Theme, Joey Menza , Cons, D.S.O.T.M and EP with Technical Development from Obba Supa, HellzEcho LP and currently building crust for a few collab albums from respected UK & US mcs, cant say 2 much about that but its fukin exciting, some really disgusting combinations its good to see the underground from over the pond showing love to our peeps, and eventually a Solo EP. There’s probably a few Ive forgotten but I am tired so please allow me I still like you.

You can check out more from 7th Dan at the links below and look out for his work on Cyrus Malachi's Black Athena album out April 20th

7th Dan on Twitter
7th Dan on Soundcloud

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Rob Kelly - Jack The Ripper (Official Music Video)

Slick shit from Rob Kelly right here, already been co-signed by big Sean Price among others. Dont sleep on this.

Friday, 22 February 2013

CuCullen "Myths&Legends" Album sampler

Check out the album sampler from Irish artist CuCullen

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Cyrus Malachi - Contranand (Free DL)

The release date for Cyrus Malachi's eagerly awaited follow-up to Ancient Future is here. April 20th is the date,if you pre-order the CD you get an exclusive copy of the Isis Papers 3 mixtape.
You can Pre-Order here
You can also download the single "Contraband" produced by 7th Dan on the player below.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Skuff - Darkside

Really impressed with the Skuffs new release and video. Darkside is a very personal tale of how music and life affects him and the relationships of the people around him. Verse 2 tells this best and ends on a very poignient note. The track has impressed 1xtra so much its being showcased on the station all week. Its nice to hear some very real and very nice hip hop being given that type of platform. The beat is a laid back number crafted by Bee109. The visuals fit the beat perfect. A very nice job from Skuff. If you like it go and cop his new LP 'Destroy Everything' availiable on itunes now.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Tesla's Ghost & Sinister Stricken - The Coming Of Doomsday

Tesla's Ghost (Triple Darkness) teams up with Sinister Stricken for this song taken from Tesla's debut mixtape "Chainz Of Phantasia" which is out the end of February.
Also look out for a Tesla and Sinister Stricken joint mixtape in the near future

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Rob Kelly on The Combat Jack Show with Dallas Penn, Just Blaze + Raekwon

Rob Kelly had his new single, "Swear Hes Nice" played on the infamous Combat Jack Show at the weekend, hosted by Dallas Penn and Just Blaze with legendary Wu Tang member Raekwon as a guest. Another great show,dont sleep on this one.

Money Made Musick - Project M3 - Hosted by Dj Bumz

MoneyMadeMusick Presentsthe Project M3 mixtape hosted by DJ Bumz and consisting of Chambo, Charlie Brigante and J-R-Rah. You can download it on the link below and check them on the social network links to.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

LordWillin'- " Soul Search"

New LordWillin video. Get his "The Warrior Class" mixtape free here features Jaysaun, Chief Kamachi and more.
Shoutout to for the exclusive