Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 UK Albums Of The Year

Seeing as it is that time of year, I guess I should drop some kind of 2010 retrospective. Having only been editor here for the less than a month, I’ll just stick to a straightforward list of my top 20 albums of the year, and leave it at that.

Don’t get hung-up on the exact spot that any particular album occupies, because if you were to ask me for this list again, in a month’s time, I’m sure the order would have changed. Also, I blatantly haven’t listened to everything that dropped this year, so if something is missing, it could be that I haven’t heard it… Or, alternatively, I might have thought it was shit…

So, without further ado, Certified Banger's Top 20 Albums of 2010:

20. Invisible Inc - The Exit Strategy

The long awaited collaboration album from Verb T, Kashmere & Ghost ended up being a little underwhelming. A digital only release for 3 of the country’s more established talents didn’t really seem to do the project justice. The impression that this was a bit of an unfocussed effort persists, with even the artwork looking a little bit rushed. A few of Ghost’s more soulful productions from the Seldom Seen, Often Heard era wouldn’t have hurt either… That said, an album of rhymes from Verbs and/or Kashmere will always be worth listening to, it’s just not the classic it could have been.

19. Stig Of The Dump – Mood Swings

Another much delayed album that didn’t quite meet expectations. Stig’s skills were never in doubt to anyone after years on the battle circuit, and a couple of EOW titles, but could he transfer that into a great album? Not quite this time, but the potential remains, as the high points on this album are excellent. What holds it back is mainly inconsistent production, and occasionally slipping into self-parody. When sounding fully focused, very few in the country can stand next to Stig.

18. Kashmere – Galaktus; Power Cosmic

Hardcore, comic books vibes over typically crunching production from Jazz T & Zygote made Kashmere’s latest effort as entertaining as ever. Could it have been improved? The concept seemed to slightly limit Kash’s wild imagination if anything, and the Boot production, whilst as rock solid as ever became a little samey over the course of the LP. These are minor points though, the album bangs.

17. Grit Grammar – Life Music

A promising debut, Life Music featured high quality production from Baron Samedi throughout, a high caliber guest list and a host who was eager to impress. Although the subject matter occasionally slipped into cliché, this release mark Grit out as one to watch for the future.

16. J-Simple – Late Night Theatre

A heavily slept on release from the Huddersfield MC, out of the Groundwurq crew. Sadly a digital only release, this album showed that Jack Flash is far from the only talent coming out of the Hudd. I really enjoyed this album, as Simple brought an accomplished flow, engaging, varied subject matter and excellent production to the table. If you never checked this out, do yourself a favour, it deserves a wider audience.

15. Life – Life Beyond Rap

You should know what to expect by now from Life & DJ Nappa, hard beats, and rapid fire, righteous rhymes, and Life Beyond Rap does not disappoint. Although this re-treads most of the ground covered by his previous 3 albums, the standard hasn’t slipped.

14. Dr. Syntax - Benny Huge

Is there a more quotable MC in the country than Synners? Not for my money. Hardly bringing a weak bar, let alone verse, Mr Huge is in top form throughout his second solo LP. It only reaches 14 due to a pretty erratic choice of beats, and a bit of overkill in detailing his drunken antics in the first few tracks.

13. Jon Phonics - Half Past Calm 2

One of the country’s most accomplished producers second album brought a mix of styles, a huge guest list, and some screen printing. There aren’t many out there who can master both dusty boom bap, and 21st century synths, but Phonics is that man. Most of the MCs he has given beats to over the last couple of years return the favour, and the result sounds very cohesive for a producer led project.

12. Rhyme Asylum - Solitary Confinement

The punchline experts build on their previous effort, with this solid 2nd album. Although they’ve always specialised in a dark, wordy, almost horror-core style, it is actually their departures from this that are particularly impressive. The more focussed, concept-driven tracks, such as Life Support, This Is Where and Broken Window suggest that if they keep improving, there could be even better albums to come from this trio.

11. Cappo - Genghis

No guests or outside production to be found, Nottingham’s Cappo continued to bring a style that could never be confused for anyone else, his esoteric lyrics and cinematic beats in a league of their own. Whilst I dare anyone to say they understand exactly what he’s on about with every lyric, that’s half the fun. This is to played at LOUD, whilst snapping your neck…

10. Diversion Tactics - Careful On The Way Up

Uncompromising, true school hip-hop from the Guildford crew, just as expected. Few MCs have as much personality on a track as The Chubby Alcoholic, and Jazz T & Zygote’s production is probably superior here than on the Galaktus album. See Back To School for proof that no one brings unpretentious bangers like DT.

9. Delusionists - Prolusion Plus

Although this was in part a retread of a project from last year, I’m including it here as I wasn’t aware of these guys until this dropped earlier this year. Bringing grounded, smart, everyman rhymes, and excellent production, this crew announced themselves as a name to watch out for in a major way. The assured flow and witty lyrics of Ben Black, both here and in guest slots on Mr Loop’s release, mark him out as one of the best up-and-coming MCs in the UK.

8. Jack Flash - The Sound Of Colours

Once again, not really sure if this should be considered an album. The first nine tracks are available as a free EP, and I'm pretty sure that the artist himself hasn't referred to this an album proper. Whether or not the music is good enough isn't up for debate though. As a former EOW champ, it's clear that Flash has serious skills, but as his underrated LP The Union Jack Album showed, he's also a good songwriter. This project continues in exactly the same veign, although perhaps contains a little more filler.

7. Mr. Loop – Music From The Tanhauser Gate

The only entirely free release on this list, but don’t let that trick you into thinking this is worth ignoring. At 10 tracks long, including an intro, it might also be a bit short to really be considered an album, but it’s my list, and I like the tunes, so bollocks to it… The featured MCs are mainly also from the massively slept on Sweatbox Sounds stable, bringing down to earth ‘Grown Man Music’, although The Delusionist’s Ben Black brings some comedy to the standout Suburban Hustler. Really though, it is the soulful beats that steal the show, just like on last year’s equally underappreciated The Bury All. Every MC in the country should be looking to this man for a beat or 2…

6. Verb T – Serious Games

Excellent YNR debut, from an MC who is approaching veteran status. Verbs sounds more at home than he’s ever done, and brings a quality list of producers and guests along for the ride. You know that anything on YNR is going to bring high production values, and this is no different. A couple of the smoothest bass-lines of the year can be found on here.

5. Ty – Special Kind Of Fool

Former Big Dada rhymer Ty returned in 2010 with his 4th album. The amount of effort that went into the music on this is immediately evident, I don’t think I’ve heard an album with such good outros to each song. Although he might not have the most technically accomplished writtens out there, that has never held Ty back before, and doesn’t here either. For an album to stick on, and kick back to, 2010 didn’t provide a better candidate than this.

4. Fliptrix – Theory Of Rhyme

A massive step up in class for Fliptrix from a distinctly average debut, Theory Of Rhyme was probably the surprise package of 2010 for me. Covering a wide range of topics, without the project losing its cohesiveness is always a challenge, but one that Fliptrix easily overcame here. The guest list is kept slim, and strong, so despite the high profile co-signs, it is clear who is at the helm. Perhaps lacking in standout tracks compared to some of the others on this list, the fact that you probably wouldn’t skip 1 of the album’s 16 tracks more than makes up for that.

3. Prose – Force Of Habit

This album was a real throwback, both in terms of style and quality. Sample heavy beats, many of which feature loops you will recognise from elsewhere, form the backdrop on which the previously underrated Efeks does his thing. Not the most skilled MC, he clearly rhymes from the heart, and the passion for the music oozes from almost every track on this album.

2. Skitz – Sticksman

A decade on from his previous album, Skitz eventually returned in 2010. Perhaps his biggest achievement is bringing a fired-up Rodney P with him, as I don’t think I’ve ever heard the UK vet in the sound as focussed as he does during his 3 appearances on Sticksman. UK artists often seem to recruit the odd American guest for their projects just for the sake of having some sort of US co-sign. Skitz brought through an absolute legend in Masta Ace, who couldn’t have sounded more at home. Skitz has always been about a funky bass-line, and you won’t find a better album to bump in the car from 2010. To try and balance out all this praise, Music Is My Life featuring Darrison is rubbish…

1. Jam Baxter - Rinse Out Friday/Spack Out Monday

Excellent guest spots on the Fliptrix and Jon Phonics albums paved the way for this double album. Baxter avoids the usual bloated, filler-filled double album by completely attacking every single track. I’m not sure anyone in the country could stand toe to toe with him on this form, as he has a complex flow, venomous delivery and a pretty unique turn of phrase. Rinse/Spack is a real statement of intent, on which Baxter jumps on every track sounding like he has a point to prove.

Not too sure about the cover though. A bit reminiscent of 90s No Limit/Cash Money, rarely a good thing...

So there you have it, the top 20 of 2010. If you think I’ve got it spot on, or that this list means I must be certifiable fuckwit, then drop a comment. This sort of thing is all about opinion anyway…

Adlib - Brass Knuckle Hustle (Review)

I recently got the oppurtunity to hear Adlib's street cd Brass Knuckle Hustle which is currently only available from the man himself at live shows but should be on all digital outlets soon.
Adlib signed to Danny Diablos Ill Roc label recently and you can tell listening to this street cd that Adlib is as much a hiphop head as a hardcore punk fan as every track bangs hard.
One of my favourites had to be Hate My Guts featuring Slaine,Reef and DJ Kwestion,where everyone kills it even by their high standards. Also The League featuring Steele,UG(Cella Dwellas),Godilla and Ali Armz is one of the highlights,from the opening bars this is like one of those stadium rock anthems without the bad haircuts and its guaranteed to make you want to punch somebody.
Featuring Godilla on 4 songs I'd also recommend checking out his album Jaguar Paw.With appearances from Slaine,Reef,Ali Armz,Steele,UG,Aeyone,Danny Diablo and more this is one for the hardcore heads.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

SciFi Stu - No Swag Needed - Remarkable Mayor & John Robinson - Remix (Free Download)

After previously posting Sci Fi Stu's free album sampler hes back with a free download and this remix is an absolute banger.
Get it here and watch the video here

Stylus Promotions (News and Events)

In a world full of 'janky' promoters that will just put any thrash on a hiphop night if they promise to sell tickets or pay, resulting in your favourite hiphop acts being supported by artists that are not up to standard its refreshing to see a company that is motivated by putting on quality nights.
Enter Stylus Promotions who are about to bring nights to the Rhythm Factory in London featuring UK Legends Phi-Life Cypher,Germanys very own Snowgoons,PMD,the superb Rhyme Asylum,Iron Braydz,Sean Strange,Grit Grammar,Capital R and more.
Find out more about the only UK date of Snowgoons Kraftwerk tour on the 23rd of January here and more about the Phi-Life Cypher show here and Stylus Promotions here

Evil Ed - Edstrumentals Vol. 2 freebies

Here's another couple of 'official leaks' from veteran producer Evil Ed's recent instrumental retrospective, Edstrumentals Vol 2.

For your free downloading pleasure are the nagging piano loop of Time You Knew, originally from Ed' Tournament 2 EP, and Experts which features some smoothed out sax.

Check the tracks out below. If you're feeling the vibes, there's plenty more of the same on the full album, which can be downloaded from the same bandcamp page for $3.99 (why dollars??...)

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

GI.45 AKA Reverend Kane,Boston George Mixtape 2006 (Free Download)

GI.45 AKA Reverend Kane rereleases his 2006 Boston George Mixtape after being away from the game for a minute. If this is anything to go by his new material will be essential listening. An associate of boston group Click Animosity this is street music in its purest.
Download here and become a fan here

Late - Street Product E.P. (Review)

Late is back with the Street Product ep following on from the UK Rapscallion album earlier this year. The difference between the two projects being the UK Rapscallion album was all uk guests where the street product ep is mainly american artists.
Packed with Trickstas trademark production it starts off with the brooding song Life, with Wolftowns very own Jai Boo on the hook Late spits some bars about where he was and where he is now.
The highlight for me had to be The Product featuring D.A. and Rapper K, Late actually sent me this song 6 monthes ago after a conversation about TV show The Wire,and the samples on it detail the Wolftown mentality towards their music perfectly. Its about product and Late is constantly pushing his.
Also movie buffs might recognize the bassline to.
Another favourite was There's no room featuring K-Rino and SPC.At 6 songs long it features Jai Boo,Gucci Mane,the Legendary K-Rino and more.
You can buy it here and keep up to date on facebook here

Unseen and Deeflux - 1984 sampler

London producer Louis Unseen and Farnoborough MC Deeflux mark the end of the year with a peak at their album 1984 which will see a release in spring 2011. The sampler features 5 tracks from the LP featuring Millenium Jazz's Gadget and female vocalist Hannah C. Production here is top notch with bright, punchy drums and exceptional sample selection, Louis Unseen delivers the perfect soundscape for Deeflux to display his creative and witty lyricism capturing the mood of every beat with ease. Download the free mixtape from Unseens bandcamp page or by clicking the link below.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Sonnyjim - Purple Patch 3 (Video & Free Download)

Another new vid from Birmingham's Sonnyjim, this time for the third part of his Purple Patch series, produced by acclaimed US beatsmith Illmind. The concept on part 3 is the same as the previous 2, no hook, no messing about, juts Jim laying down the bars.

If you're feeling the joint, download for free here:

Apparently, this is going to be shortly followed by the Purple Patch EP, which will include part 4 as well as the three previously released instalments, and all the instrumentals.

Sonnyjim & Kosyne - EG Professionals (Video)

Sonnyjim & Kosyne bring a video for the Kelakovski produced track EG Professionals, which is one of the standouts from the Birmingham label Eat Good Reocrd's compilation album that dropped earlier in the year. A hard working label, expect to hear plenty more from them in 2011.

Verb T - Tearing The Sky Down feat. Fliptrix & Kashmere (Video)

Video for Tearing The Sky Down, taken from Verb's new album Serious Games. Some trademark sci-fi vibes here, with Kashmere unsurprisingly coming through to kill it on the third verse. The moody black and white vid fits the tune pretty well.

If you missed it, check the review of the Serious Games album here:


Lowkey is back with a banger from the highly anticipated Soundtrack to the Struggle. Produced by Nutty P and featurimg Klashnekoff.
Video by Global Faction

Mcabre Brothers - Merry Crit Mass (Free Download)

To celebrate an extremely successful year for one of the most prolific labels in recent times Blah Records following on from big releases from Antiheroes and Hock Tu Down
Featuring King Grubb,Salar and production from Lee Scott,Reklews and Pete Cannon.
Download it here and go to their official site and grab the free downloads from Reklews,King Grubb and more here and after all that freeness go buy some Blah Records music and support that sickness right here


1. Little Things You Do (prod. Reklews)
2. Drinkspirational feat. King Grubb (prod. Lee Scott)
3. White Lines & Grass (prod. Reklews)
4. Shanghighed feat. Salar (prod. Pete Cannon)
5. Cold Light A Bat (Cos I'm Nice Like That)

Friday, 24 December 2010

Son Records Mix (Free Download)

Now this is NICE. Donnie Propa who has recently done Cappo and Scor-Zay-Zee mixes brings a 38 minute selection from Son Records' extensive back catalogue. Lots of dopeness featured on this, personal favourites being Scor-Zay-Zee's powerful Want What Yours, and Cappo's Loyalty with its rumbling piano loop.

Available to download (or stream) as a one track mix from Son Records bandcamp:


1. Styly Cee ft. Midnyte: 'All Stylz Anthem'
2. Def Tex: 'Postcard From Norwich'
3. DPF: 'All Worked Out'
4. Styly Cee ft. Scorzayzee: 'Want What's Yours'
5. Cappo: 'Loyalty'
6. Chrome: 'Flow Man'
7. Mad Doctor X ft. Frisco, Cappo & Voyager: '7even'
8. Styly Cee ft. C-Mone: 'Joyrider'
8. Def Tex ft. HKB Finn & Ty: 'Rock The Beat'
9. Styly Cee ft. Midnyte: 'Kofi's Night'
10. HKB Finn ft. Task Force" Liar Liar'
11. Lost Island: 'That's The Way It Goes'
12. Styly Cee: 'The Sound'
13. C-Mone: 'Inside Out'
14. Styly Cee & Cappo: 'Unwritten Rule'
15. Madf Doctor X ft. Quakes & The Brotherhood: 'Deejays & Emcees

Styly Cee - One Under The Sun feat. The Anthropologist (Free Download)

Nice little freebie here, from Notts' Styly Cee, featuring The Anthropologist of Son Records labelmates Def Tex. Styly hasn't been heard from since The H-Bomb EP with Cappo a couple of years back. This is all you'd expect from a Styly Cee production, dope loop, crunchy drums and slick cuts on the hook. Niceness.

Available to download from his bandcamp page:

Ramson Badbonez - Give Badbonez A Break (review)

Ramson Badbonez absolutely loves a mixtape. On top of this release, there are 2 volumes of 'The Official', Tales From The Staircase, Bone Marrow and Dilla and BIG tribute tapes in the last couple of years. At least. There could easily be a couple more that I've overlooked. Yet, no album, although The Official Vol. 2 was basically an album in all but name, containing entirely original production. Currently scheduled for a release sometime next year, here's hoping the debut LP will be worth the wait.

This level of output is both a good and a bad thing. Clearly, you can't knock the former Taskforce protégé's work rate, especially when you take his large number of guest slots into account. However, I can't escape the feeling that once you've heard one Badbonez mixtape, you've heard them all. The material is largely Badbonez attacking whatever beats are put in front of him with a rapid-fire burst of punchlines and battle rhymes. Enough to convince you of his talent, no doubt, but not the sort of high quality album he has been threatening to produce for the last half decade.

At least this tape has brought a fresh concept. As the title suggests, a bunch of well known breaks have been looped up by DJ IQ, ready for Badbonez to do his thing. You're bound to recognise some, if not all the loops. There is also a heavyweight line-up of guests, all of whom are given the first verse on the tracks they feature on. These guest verses vary in quality from some of the best in the country like Jehst, Kyza and Verb T, whose bars live up to expectations, down to Big Deal whose pedestrian flow makes 'What Is This?' a skippable track ("I want a space ship/fully equiped with space shit/red lazers my favorite'). The clear standout guest verse is that provided by Kashmere. The Iguana Man brings his usual energy to another show stealing appearance on 'Another Day Is Dawning':

In the flesh I manifest, raw lyrics to your chest/
So when you hear the god coming, genuflect like bless/
My mind is in the heavens, though my body is a weapon/
Genetic specimin, let's begin, here's the medicin/
The shape-shifter, baked for days, haze-twister/
Just chilling, on the d-low, just building/
Invisible to the naked, his bloodline is scared, a Neo of The Matrix/
The anomaly, possibly they spotted me/
Must have been the locks, or the chaos chain, logically/
Or ill sound coming through the speaker/
The loop is so ill, his head spun into a seisure/
Got him in a higher state of mind, he was bugging/
No thought, no discussion, just the force of percussion/
Light-speed times a million, immortal, his soul now resides in oblivion/

Badbonez probably sticks to the title a little more, taking us through a typical day, including an unlikely spot of early-morning inner-city fox hunting… With one of the funkier loops on display, this track is a clear high point. Another highlight is one of the few Badbonez solo tracks, 'Black Smog', which closes out the tape. The break, memorably used by Havoc on The Infamous is blessed with another dark portrayal of the capital city. Half the fun of this tape is trying to work out exactly where you've heard all the loops before, and it's refreshing to hear them in an unadulterated form. It's probably a good thing that the music keeps things interesting, because it disguises a few generic verses, that although they're not weak, Badbonez probably rustled them up in 3 minutes flat.

DJ IQ's efforts, along with the long and varied guest list elevates this above the usual mediocre mixtape fare. Give Badbonez A Break is an entertaining outing that will keep fans ticking over, presumably until the next mixtape in a couple months… But the question remians, where is your album?


Give Badbonez A Break is available now, on download from King Kong Holding Company's bandcamp page:

Or… there is CD version (apparently limited to 150 copies) available from Suspect Packages:

If you missed it when it dropped a couple of weeks ago, here's a sort-of-video for the Jehst featuring Back Wit Da Heat:

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Sleaze ft Lee Scott - Arkitectoniks (Leaf Dog Remix)

GV Clik member Sleaze remix by Leaf Doc. The original is produced by Reklews and taken from Sleaze's forthcoming album Arkitectoniks. Also featuring a heavy verse from Lee Scott.

Terawrizt - Wanders In Graveyards(Mahoney Remix)

Dublin emcee Terawrizt (Class A'z) releases a song from the depths of his harddrive and UK producer Tony Mahoney gives it the treatment as only he can.
You can find out more about Terawrizt here and more about Tony Mahoney here

SciFi Stu 'From the Heaviest Heart To The Coldest Soul' (Album Sampler)

SciFi Stu, a jazz, hip hop and soul producer from Edinburgh in Scotland comes with a release that wouldnt of been out of place as a Delicious Vinyl release,it has that soulful,jazzy feel to it but with a modern edge. I heard him recently on american website the hip hop head dot net and i was shocked to find out he was scottish,i assumed he was american,its pleasing to know scotland represents once again.
Anyway the album features Vast Aire,Count Bass D and Remarkable Mayor(you'll be hearing a lot from them soon,well worth checking out) and many more. You can download the sampler here and trust me then you'll want to go straight to iTunes and get it.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Soul Junkies - He Spoke in Riddles feat. ill green

Southampton group Soul Junkies (MC Demigod/Demi and producer Shank Carvin) upped a new track from there forthcoming 2nd LP 'Soul Junk' which will be available for free sometime next year. He Spoke in Riddles features talented puerto rican New York rhymer and producer ill green, check out his Swamp Water Plague EP it was one of the dopest free D/L's I copped this year. Soul Junk will feature collaborations with a range of artists from the UK, Greece and the US lookout for it next year. You can download the track for free on the above player you can also listen and download (for FREE) the Soul Junkies 1st album Twilight Chorus on their bandcamp page.....HERE

Baron Samedi - Hip-Hop

Here's a new 'official leak' from Baron Samedi. (I guess that's what a single is called these days, seeing as virtually nobody actually releases singles anymore...)

Samedi produced the whole of Grit Grammar's Life Music album from earlier this year, and has a new album of his own, entitled Wanderland, dropping on the 24th of Jan, which will include this joint. Whilst this is hardly covering new ground (just how many tracks are there called Hip-Hop?...) the production is of the standard that you would expect if you've heard Life Music.

Overall then, a pretty decent re-introduction to Baron Samedi, who's last album was several years ago now. I'm sure it'll be worth checking, for the beats if nothing else.

Download here:

Murs & 9th Wonder - I Used To Love Her (Again) - Video

Hip-hop has never really gone in for cover versions, which to be honest is no bad thing overall. Maybe the genre is still a bit young?...

Anyway, this is great. Common's original is as indisputable a classic as you could find, yet Murs manages to do it justice here. The track is taken from Murs & 9th's typically excellent Fornever album that dropped way back in April.

Stanley Odd - The Oddyssey (Video & Free Download)

New video from Scotland's Stanley Odd. Basically bringing some Rap-Up style lyrics about the year that has just passed, over a trademark electric guitar and bass backing track. The video is little pedestrian, but the tune is dope. I wonder whether Mystro will be able to top it when he drops the UK 2010 Rap Up...

If you're feeling the track, download it for free from their Bandcamp page:

Scotland Standup Mixtape Volume 3

This mixtape was released a while back for free download and is still doing the rounds, the last in the series of mixtapes and in my opinion the best one, featuring a whole host of talent from Scotland.

Get It Here

Wardie Burns & UV Beatz

Taken from the full length album OOR WARDIE available: Here

One if the most anticipated albums in the History of Scottish Hip Hop and sure to gain recognition from across the globe, it's the debut long player from Wardie Burns and UvBeatz - Oor Wardie.
The album will take you through the many facets of Wardie's lyrical dexterity showcasing a wide variety of styles and subject matter, all complemented by UvBeatz stunning production. From the very clever skits that will have you laughing out loud to the typical raw lyrics and heavy delivery, this one is not to be missed for hip hop fans.
The album is 21 tracks deep and features artists such as Werd, Madhat McGore, Steg G, Blasfima Sinna and Becca Starr. The albums topics range from hardcore tracks like Burgh Murderer to the heartfelt like Mummys Boy, taking the listeners deep into the mind of Oor Wardie aka Wardie Burns. Sometimes pushing the boundaries of political correctness and what should be said on records, to putting his true inner out there for all to see.

Get It Folks

BlackBerry 6 Ad Featuring DJ Swerve & Mystro

It's Dope

PS. 2010 UK Rap Up soon come!!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Scribe Tribe - G Strings & Socks

Scribe Tribe_G-Strings & Socks by ZramRecords

Scribe Tribe released their Debut album G Strings & Socks on December the 10th on Scribe Tribe founder Marzs' Zram Records. The group hailing from Brighton consist of producers Marz, Abi D, Kendal and MC Teejan. Although Teejan only rhymes all the other members share duties on the mic and production this provides the collective with a great variety of styles and sounds to tear up and show off. Dusty beats, heartfelt deliveries and inventive concepts give G-Strings everything you could hope to hear from a UK Hip Hop group. Well thought and placed collabs keep things interesting, always taking time to incorporating each artists into the rich tapestry and not sounding like the guest was 'phoned in' Scribe Tribe have crafted an exceptional piece of music. I have very little negative points to pick out, possibly Nasty Boy was a bit too busy, but I didnt hit the skip button filler all killer bwahaha!
Available for download for a mere £3.99 at Amazon and (prolly on iTunes too but I dont eff with that Mac bizness) its worth every penny. You can also stream and buy it from the Sound Cloud player above, my favourite at the moment is It Wont Be Long the sample is beautifull and haunting, the rhymes carry that mood all the way to its close. To be fair its changed daily since I first heard it so check the others too.

"My Song" by Pace Won and Mr. Green featuring Rival

Pace Won and Mr. Green are back with a new single from their next album "The Only Number That Matters is Won" which will feature Snoop Dogg and Lee Scratch Perry.
You can buy the single on itunes now

Rite Hook - Smash Em (Free Download)

Boston rapper Rite Hook is back with a new song,Smash em produced by Germz.The song is featured on Leedz Edutainments new mixtape The Write Off Volume 2 featuring Amadeus the Stampede,Vast Aire,Copywrite,The Camp and many more.
Download it here

Bill Shakes - Smoked Out

Listen to the first leak from Bill Shakes EP  For Goodness Shakes coming soon on Blah Records.
Smoked Out produced by Reklews.
Keep up to date with the Blah camp here

Ramson Badbonez ft Kyza Smirnoff - Paperhunt

the latest song from Ramson Badbones "Give Badbonez A Break" featuring Kyza Smirnoff. You can get it here and its chopped and looped by DJ GONE and DJ IQ.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Blueprint - Radio-Inactive

Rhymesayers' Blueprint drops the first video off his forthcoming album Adventures In Counter-Culture. The press blurb says that he's been "experimenting with synths", as the production on this track proves, and to be perfectly honest I'm not really sure how much I'm feeling it. However, as it's Blueprint you can rest assured that this is no simple attempt to pander to a fad, as he explains in his ever-captivating lyrics.

If you missed out on his free EP from a couple of months ago, Blueprint Who (exclusively sampling The Who) can be downloaded here:

Shad - We, Myself & I (Video)

Third video taken from Shad's excellent TSOL album. The Canadian MC's LP got a long overdue UK release a couple of weeks ago, and comes highly recommended.

Spuggy Fits - Slowly Turning (Video & Free Download)

Just came across this video from Newcastle's Spuggy Fits for his tune Slowly Turning. Can't say I know much about the artist, other than he's co-signed by Dialect. This track is pretty dope though, if you're feeling it, download for free from the bandcamp page:

Rediculus - Off Kilter (Free Download)

The first single from chicago based producer Rediculus which is released the 21st of december through Island/Def Jam.
Walking Down Broken Paths is an instrumental album but also look out for Rediculus Masters of Conversation series featuring emcees from the U.S. and the U.K.
Download Off Kilter here and look out for the album on itunes to

Klashnekoff - Brand New Day - Produced by DJ Whoo Kid and Red Spyda

Klashnekoff killin this whoo kid beat,i saw online that some "fans" werent happy when they heard this was gonna happen but no-one can deny the results,this track is a monster.
Stream it right here and become a fan here

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Diligent Fingers - Busy Digits - The Production Album (Free Download)

Diligent fingers production album was released at the end of november and seems to have been a bit slept on i think. The production is top quality and even though you can hear a heavy 90's influence (this is a good thing!) every song sounds fresh,featuring MAB,Ben B,Dweller,Ed XL,Rick Mal and many more.
Get it now from bandcamp for free from S?ynal Records and Abnoxshuz entertainment

Sketch Nine - King (Produced by Father Jack)

New music from Northern Ireland's 'Melted Music' label. Sketch Nine is a young MC from Belfast, check out his track 'King' which is starting to make a bit of noise locally.

"Belfast rapper Sketch Nine introduces himself to the masses confidently over label mate Father Jack's production. 'King' takes elements from both old and new school hip hop with a good dose of old fashioned MC bravado thrown in for good measure."

Check out more from the 'Melted Music' camp over at

Freepoint Crew - Three Amigos (Free Download)

A couple of days ago, I posted the video by the Finish group Freepoint Crew for their excellent track FIN. The album that that track is taken from has now been released, and is available to download for free. Three Amigos is the name of the joint, and I can assure you that it is well worth checking out. The MC, Maz comes with honest, down to earth lyrics throughout, covering topics such as cooking, travel and his upbringing in rural Finland.

However, it is the other two amigos, producers JMA and Mathias who really shine on this LP, bringing some genuinely soulful, sample heavy boombap to the table.

As with the Soul Khan album I posted a couple of days ago, the fact that this is available for free is no reflection on the quality of the music. Don't expect any recycled beats, or so called freestyles, and with a slimline tracklist of 11, the crew stick firmly to GZA's 'half-short, twice strong' mantra.

If you missed the video for FIN, that I posted a couple of days ago, check it out here:

Saturday, 18 December 2010

TenchoO Spit BarZ.

TenchoO gives a quick freestyle proving he is one of the sickest lyricists in the UK at the moment,be on the lookout for his album Scary Movie coming soon on Hajisyard productions

Capital R - The Curse (feat. Jimmy Jitsu & Mr Flex) (Cuts by DJ 456) [Pr...

Capital R returns after his recent e.p. The Enigma with this Anno Domini produced banger featuring Jimmy Jitsu and Mr. Flex.DJ 456 on the cuts. Download here

Troop Raw - " T.G.I.F."

Providence RI, rapper Troop Raw comes with an ode to the
start of the weekend,i guess im a day late but anyway!
One half of rap duo Boombox Saintz with LordWillin' you can
download there 3 previous mixtapes on bandcamp and also
pick up Enter The Boombox for $7 there

Morning Starz - Three Little Indians Prod. by Chris Francis Directed by ...

The first official video from NJ group Morning Starz.
Pryme Prolifik and Mr. Farricker have been constantly grinding putting on shows,
releasing music and theyre about to take the underground by storm.
and keep up to date on facebook

Tor Cesay - Different Place free Mixtape and Min Doc.

Tor Cesay closes the year with a free mixtape featuring some of her best material from the past 12 months. On Different Place Tor rips through original production from the likes of Jamal Hadaway (of Chasing Pluto...epic pop business...DONT SLEEP) and Rashad Smith and was mixed by Show and Prove. Much like its star the mixtape is relatively short, aggressive and to the point. Sans the Pow freestyle every track had something I enjoyed if it wasnt Tors impeccable flow it was her creative wordplay. Having been on the 'scene' for a long time Tor knows her beats and how to utilise her diverse abilities; double time, pop hooks and aggressive show-off bars are all catered for with a expert ear. The short skits between most tracks and the above short mini doc by Can Anthony provide you with a insight into what Tor has been upto over the past year and what to expect from her next year.

Download it for free from

Snow remix - Roc Marciano feat. Sean Price

I know snow is probly the last thing you wanna see more of but i couldnt keep this to myself. New York heavyweight Sean Price guests on the remix of one of my favourite burners of the year Snow by Roc Marciano. Roc Marci is not to be slept on check his album 'Marcberg' and if you can find a copy of U N or U Out (if you havent heard it WAKE UP!!!!) by the UN snap it up itll be the best thing you did this year, trust me.

Loudmouth Melvin & Pyro Barz-The Freestyle Sessions (Free Download)

Loudmouth Melvin is back after the great 5 E.P. project he dropped earlier this year.
Him and Pyro Barz drop this collection of freestyles before they come with their albums.
Download The Freestyle Sessions here and the "1,2,3,4" project here .

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Friday, 17 December 2010

Supar Novar ft. Big Ben - Boring Me (prod. by Show N Prove)

First single from Nova's forthcoming free "Man On Fire" Mixtape which will feature artists such as Big Ben, Ragz Sweet Jones, Charlie Sloth, Wordplay, MCD, Mystro, Rich Kidd, Pyro Barz & Dead Set Gemini...

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Warning: No Drums!...Ramson and Jehst

Ever the oddball Ramson Badbonez leaves the drums at home on Back Wit Da Heat. Ramson and Jehst provide the outlandish rhymes, its always good to hear a new Jehst verse and he doesnt let you down here. Ramson also brings his best bars delivered in his instantly recognisable and original style. Boot Records has put together a free download featuring tracks off his latest mixtape The Official Vol.2. You can download Da Jugganaut produced by Farma G and Knock Knock produced by Jazz T and Zygote HERE the d/l features instrumentals and clean cuts. Check out the moody video for Knock Knock HERE, produced by Rob Smith on a tight budget the concept and atmosphere is captured perfectly. Ramson will be releasing 'Give Badbonez a Break' with DJ IQ and DJ Gone sometime next year on King Kong Holding Co so keep 'em peeled, in the meantime cop both Official mixtapes from Suspect Packages or Boot Records or hunt them down in some music shops.

M.A.B - A Piece Of Mind PROMO VIDEO

 M.A.B - A Piece Of Mind Coming Soon!!! Feat. Big Deal, Charlie Mac, Cranky Phatso, Damien, Diligence, Diligent Fingers, Gadget, Jabba Tha Kut, J.C.A. Mitch Emcee, Prevent & Ramson Badbonez

Arkaic - Epic Barz

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Blessed House - Debt Collector

This video is great really funny video and followed by great rapping from the Blessed House crew.

Is it me or does the debt collecter at the end (When talking about the cheese) look like The penguin From Batman Returns in that scene. (SOME SCARY SHIT).

Anyway check out their latest E.P Available Here


Spida Lee - Original Soundtrack (Review)

This is a quick review of Spida Lee's E.P. By the name of Original Soundtrack, First off theres a kind of intro track thats only on for a short time but gives you a quick sample of what to expect from Spida's rhymestyle, delivery and beat choice. Excellent Boom bap style beat and some nice lines which really gets you all set up for the next track.

Back in the game gives you an insight into what he's been doing and that he's well "Back in the game" im really lovin these beats. The beat is dead in your face and a real deep gritty feel to it, which only compliments the track as a whole.

Street life then lowers the tone beat wise into a slower tempo and more laid back than the previous grittyness of Back In The Game. He talks about a subject that i have heard time and time again and im sorry to say that i expect most people have heard alot. There is on the second verse though a bit of a story about his mate which i would have loved to hear him go on with in a bit more depth, butt enjoyed it all the same, i always like to hear a bit of storytelling in a track otherwise covered in the usual council estate of mind esque Lyrics.

Take over kicks back intO the up-tempo vibes, some clever wordplay and was loving his flair here, kicks in dope, it's "exceedingly good like Mr Kipling" (Direct quote) and nothing can be further from the truth here, passing back and forward betwwen different rhymestyles shows his abilities, this is my favorite track of the E.P.

Damn Tell Em This breaks straight into a double time scheme, and is really impressive, yet another show of abilities.

A quick summary, this E.P. May not be a conceptual story or anything but has succeeded in showacasing his abilities of different rhyme schemes and i really enjoyed the beat choices, Brutal Artistry is the producer of the E.P. so props to him. Overall it's a great Introductory E.P. Well worth the purchase folks. You will be available to get this on 20th December 2010 on CD format and on Digital Download 24th December 2010. Here


Skilf - Alter Egos Review

During 2010 Skilf has been polishing off Alter Egos, his latest mixtape plays on its title showcasing the London to Brighton MCs range. As you will discover Skilf began as a UKG MC moving on to DnB and finally Hip Hop via Bob Dylan. As the mixtape plays genres are switched up and torn up by a variety of guests including Genesis Ellijah, Deep Blak, Supar Novar, LJ, Baraka and more. Unfortunately his beat selection is a little dated and doesnt have the longevity it might have with more recent beats, Overnight, So Fuckin Lean and K-Hole Digger are easy on the ears but lack impact and become boring quite quickly, more imagination on the hooks would have kept me more entertained and felt less like hearing some one play on Def Jam Rapstar. Having said that England, Fire Starter, Current Affairs, Self-Perception and the nostalgic UKG are excellent examples of Skilfs extensive range and ear for a good beat. With the mixtape title in mind at all times Skilf has compiled a schitzophrenic selection of music, you might not like it all but he'll definitely suprise you with his versitile flow and eclectic taste. Alter Egos will be available from on boxing day.

Akala, Lowkey, Saul Williams In Conversation - Inspiration Season

Akala, Lowkey and Saul Williams discuss the current state of hip-hop

Gage-One (Click Animosity) Free Downloads

Download the song Blood Lust and the song Paint Pictures and theres some other downloads on the reverbnation page and you can get Dead Angel/The Gospel E.P. here featuring Holocaust,Ripshop,Rhetoric and more with production from DJ Extremidiz,Prophet-One and the UK's very own Aslan.

Q-Unique "Mr. Lopez" Official Video from Between Heaven and Hell

Q-Unique of legendary rap group The Arsonists with his latest video off Between Heaven and Hell. Get it on itunes

Avalanche The Architech - Let Me Show You Ft Bubba Sean & Swann

Exclusive track from the up and coming mixtape "Build Or Destroy"
Coming Soon 2011. First time ive heard Avalanche but Swann has been killing everything lately.

Tricksta & Deeze 'Big Tingz'

The brand new leak from the forthcoming 'Late Nights Early Mornings EP' from Wolftown Recordings producer Tricksta and talented Midland's emcee Deeze. You can keep up to date with everything right here

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Soul Khan - Soul Like Khan (Free Download)

After Sensa's debut EP was posted up a couple of days back, here is the free album of his recent Don't Flop opponent, Soul Khan. This was released a couple of weeks ago, to little or no fanfare on this side of the pond. However, that shouldn't discourage you from checking this out, especially as it is free...

Soul Khan is clearly a pretty smart breh, that much is obvious from the thoughtful lyrics of his throughout this album. He also has a pretty passionate delivery, which reminded me a bit of Brother Ali, never a bad thing in my book. Don't think that this is the usual free release, with recycled beats, and tracks that sound unfinished. Soul refers to this as his debut solo album, and it has the quality to fit the description.

Also, if anyone is interested, here is the recent Soul Khan vs Sensa match up from Don't Flop:

Verb T - Serious Games (Album Review)

Consistent is probably the best word to describe Verb T. In a recording career now nearly 10 years old, he has certainly dropped new releases more consistently than your average UK artist. Whilst Serious Games is only his second truly solo, full length album, and first on the ever-impressive YNR records, there have been collaborative LPs with producers Juice, Harry Love and The Last Skeptik, and the 'double-EP' with Kashmere on Low Life that really launched his career. When you add to that the Invisible Inc project, the somewhat throwaway Spaar Zoot mixtape, a string of guest verses and a few (rather unsuccessful) Don't Flop battles, you get the picture that Verbs is one of the hardest working MCs in the country.

It's fair to say that the music has been of a consistent standard as well. With an instantly recognisable flow, albeit occasionally slightly monotone, you know you are rarely going to get a weak verse from Verbs. Production has never been an issue either. The beat on his first single, Showbitchness, was from Harry Love, and those on the first EP, Backhand Slap Talk, were handled by Braintax, and since then he has worked with virtully everyone who is anyone in terms of UK beatsmiths. As you would expect from an established artist, the production credits and guest list on 'Serious Games' is a similarly heavyweight lineup of the usual YNR suspects. On the beats, there is Chemo and Jon Phonics, whilst on the rhymes you have Kashmere, Jehst, Kyza and Fliptrix amongst others.

Lyrically, and musically, Verbs provides a healthy mix of styles throughout. On the beats, there is a greater use of synths than you might expect judging from the production that has featured on previous Verb T albums, however, in this case it is no bad thing. In fact, one of the albums highlights is the smoothed out back-to-back of Bounce With Me and Closer, where the beats seem the perfect backdrop for Verb's typically laidback delivery. That's not to say that he can't keep up over more energetic production though. In fact, the electronic snap of Life Is… provides the canvas for what is possibly Verb's best verse of the album:

"Some want the easy life, wanna cruise by,
Other want to take, take, take and abuse lives,
With hidden agendas, we gotta find them out,
And life is? Life is as deep as the mind allows"

This Kyza and Dubbledge featuring joint follows on from the equally energetic, Chemo produced Sound The Alarm, with Kashmere guesting this time. So whilst his strength may lie in drifting over smooth, chilled-out instrumentals, this vibe doesn't dominate, and it is a stronger, more-rounded album as a result. Other tracks that stand out from the others are the slightly 'emo' love song, Let Me Stay, that is becoming something of a trademark for Verb T (See Just Let Me, or Frozen In Time off Ghost's Freedom Of Thought Album) and Tearing The Sky Down, a trip into sci-fi. The latter inevitably features another guest verse from Kashmere, who in the liner notes is described as "The Best Rapper In The World".

Overall though, I feel that Verb T has really found his own style on this album, perhaps predictably considering that most of his previous LPs have been collaborative efforts. As fitting a solo project, the beats have been chosen to fit with Verbs' flow, and the result is an album that is entirely Verb T's. The one theme that is continued from his previous work is the consistency. Very few weak beats or rhymes to be found here, (although I wouldn't have bothered with yet another Dick Trusay skit) and another solid release to add to his ever growing catalogue.

8/10 (Score is not meant to be definitive, just for interest/fun/discussion. I reserve the right the change my mind whenever I want to, as the number I've just come up with was probably affected by my mood on the day, the weather, how Reading did at the weekend, etc, etc. You get the point...)

The album was released a couple of weeks ago, and is available on CD and download at most, if not all, of the usual spots.