Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Nu-Centz - Makes You A Star ft. Gabriella Marsella

Irelands very own Nu-Centz drops a new song with a familiar sample proving yet again his song writing capabilities.
Look out for his next single featuring Lupe Fiasco and check Nuie's back catalogue here and check out this web video,Win or Lose from the recent DFI mixtape.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Prince Kong & Mad Hatter - Mad Gorillas Tea Party (Free Download)

Damn i was literally sent this 20 minutes ago, really enjoying everything about this release, and it's free so some dope hip hop for free, im seeing big things with this SERIOUSLY DOPE

Monday, 20 June 2011

International Affairs (Mixtape)

My man Johnny Mutante from Germany has had the idea of putting together a mixtape featuring 1 artist from each country in the world.

It does seem a bit of a long shot to make this but "you don't ask you don't get".

Just send your track that you wanna feature to

he's looking for artists from Scotland, England, Ireland, and Wales here so if you wanna be on this mail him right now.


Chess Move Cartel - Intricate Moves Volume 1

Holy shit is all i can really, was passed this from a friend of mine and have fallen in love with it, had it on for the past 3 hours.

Truly epic project here.

Buy It

Ceezlin - Livin' in the Dark (Official Video)


Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sleaze & Sonnyjim - What Up Now? (produced by Beat Butcha)

Sleaze and Sonnyjim drop another video from their collaborative ep,Work in Mnemonics.
The video was edited and directed by Redbeard.
Produced by the mighty Beat Butcha.
Buy the ep  here

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Freedom Of Press - Cypher ft M.A.B , Oshea , Ramson Badbonez , Blammer , Tenchoo and JabbaThaKut

Freedom Of Press let go of the first song since their "Yet To Verify" ep last year.
Featuring MAB, Oshea,Ramson Badbonez,Blammer and Tenchoo,with Jabba tha Kut on turntable duties.
Produced by Henrytha8th from Freedom Of Press,look out for the "Verified" ep dropping soon on First Son Records

Wee D & DJ Jolly Joker - Cardinal Sins (Free Download)

Wee D & DJ Jolly Joker hitting hard with the 7 deadly sins covered in depth and truly this is my fvourite release i have heard for a while with a decent concept to boot.

This partnership is immense the raw heart burning production from Jolly to the truthfully untouchable flow flow and delivery from D, makes this a must for any fan of music.

Truly enjoyed this offering and i hope to hear more from this partnership.

Bigups to you boys


Kulez - Kuda Brown E.P. .........Coming Soon

KULEZ, coming from a battle rap background, a very lyrical global phenomenon but which has become a some what rehashed and plagiarised scene. Almost used as a fashion statement or identity tool
but gives an up and coming rapper a perfect stepping stone to create a name from.
Kuda Brown E.P is a fight in a revolutionary sense towards a major corporate machine. An underground style release aiming to impact on a commercial / mass level.
Kulez portrays a lifestyle a lot of people go through good or bad and can relate to. Not just talking about using in the sense of drugs, but using in the sense of alcohol or even people. At the same time looking to inspire and influence alot of people striving for utopia.
It is experimental, a mix of genres and diverse as well as controversial at the same time. Kulez attempts to create a creative movement already having an underground base.
With singles like “Fight for the Mic” and “Memories” aiming to attract people that are like minded independently and if it has enough depth to it, it may become cooperated by the main culture.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Verb T - Day At The Beach feat. Fliptrix & Jam Baxter

Here's something new from Verbs, featuring Fliptrix and an in-from Jam Baxter. Apparently this will feature on another EP that he will be dropping via his bandcamp page; the Selfless EP, following hot on the heels of the Self-Ish EP. Verb T, the UK's hardest working? Probably.

DFI 7 - Nugget Vs Dotzy (promo)

One of Irelands best known hip hop artists and battlers, Nugget takes on Dotzy in what most be the first of its kind,battling a cartoon!
Subscribe to the DFI channel here

UK HIP HOP SHOW with Sinista & Stark Note - Friday 17th June

 Sinista and Stark Note have a bag full of heavy tracks for you to soak up the sun to. 100% freshness from the likes of Tenchoo, Genesis Elijah, Redeye and many more. 
Have a listen here


00:00 Intro
00:32 The Highs and The Lows - Nameless Faces
04:40 Pay Day - 2 Planets
09:59 Sinista & Stark Note Talking
16:30 2003 - Tenchoo

                                                                      20:40 Musical Masochist - Tenchoo
                                                                      24:24 Sinista & Stark Note Talking
                                                                     26:53 Battle Cry UK - Genesis Elijah
                                                                     31:52 The Silkmaker - Gunshot
                                                                     36:16 Sinista & Stark Note Talking
                                                                     39:12 For Ya D
ome Piece - Dilligance Ft Reds
                                                                     43:31 Levels Of 
 Fresh - Black Grass ft Koaste

                                                                     49:17 Sinista & Stark Note Talking
                                                                     51:23 UK Flash Back - Jabba Tha Kut ft Oliver Twist
                                                                     54:38 Sinista & Stark Note Talking
                                                                     57:00 The Wall - Pete Bush ft Scizzahz
                                                                     60:45 Finish

S Kalibre - Say Peace feat Kashmere, D Gritty, Sonny Jim & Genesis Elijah (Prod by Slap Up Mill)


Available on iTunes soon with remixes by Soul Theory, Krate Krusaders & Charlie Phillips!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Kashmere - Galaktus; The Remix 45

Here are a couple of remixes from Kashmere's Galaktus album from last year. The Chakra Sounds cohorts, Evil Ed & Hey Zeus, bring remixes of Out For The Cash and standout track The Corporation. These 2 tracks are going to be featured on a limited edition of 200 45s, which drops in July. Apparently a full remix of the Galaktus album will follow in autumn. I'm not really sure I've ever seen the point of remix albums, but these two tracks are actually pretty good, so you never know...

Jack Flash - Stars

Here's a new joint from Jack Flash, who it is always good to hear from, spitting on his usual uplifting vibe. Apparently this is over a track by Cut Copy...

Chris Leese - Everybody Hates Chris coming soon....

Chris Leese of Innit Records just uploaded this funny video as a trailer to his upcoming album Everybody Hates Chris. Look out for the giant chicken!...Having been impressed by the few bits Ive heard from Chris Leese and seeing this curious trailer Im looking forward to hearing what the album has to offer it will be available soon...

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

BSBD Noir + Violent

San Francisco production duo Blue Sky Black Death realesed their 3rd LP NOIR in april this year. Violet is a free NOIR remix project they've put together screwing the album down to a lower pace providing a new spin on the more upbeat original. BSBD craft cinematic soundscapes and add some dope drums to keep the listener guessing and interested. D/L Violet for free from the above link. Shouts to Kevin Nottingham who primiered the album last week.

Cappo & Styly Cee - The Fallout (review)

"Hip-Hop is over here, catch a glimpse"

After waiting years for a follow up to Spaz The World, Cappo has waited only a year after the release of Genghis to drop The Fallout, this time bringing Styly Cee along for the ride. If you have heard either Genghis, or this pair's H-Bomb EP, you will know what to expect here. No guests, and absolutely no compromise. Cappo assaulting the boom-bap with rapid-fire, almost stream of consciousness lyricism, in that unmistakable Nottingham accent. It's also worth noting that this is the 50th release for veteran label, Son Records. In the UK scene, this is significant longevity.

Possessing so strong a formula proves to be both a gift and curse on The Fallout. When everything gells together though, the results can't be argued with. This is definitively the case on opening track Throwdown, where Styly's hectic drum patterns provide the perfect backdrop for Cappo to lay down what the press release describes as "weapons grade" lyricism. In fact, the drums are something of a feature of this LP, with both Styly and his father popping up to provide live drums on a couple of the tracks, keeping the energy levels high in the process.

It is therefore very noticeable when the standard of production dips, as it does on 'Yo Ass', where the very sparse drums seem to attempt to recapture a mid-80s sound. This track isn't helped by a rather irritating scratched chorus either. When this is immediately followed by another disappointing effort in 'Regenerate', which features a beat already heard on Genghis, the drawback of Capps and Styly's formula becomes apparent. When not firing on all cylinders, the combination of minimalist beats and the lack of variety in Capp's delivery and cadence can come up with tracks that are somewhat bland musically. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that the subject matter rarely deviates from coming up with (admittedly usually fairly creative) ways of describing how far ahead of the comp you are.

It doesn't take the LP much time to get back on track though. The previously mentioned live drums raise the temperature on 'Music Makers Revenge' and 'Market Square' (titled in homage to the centrepoint of Nottingham's city centre), and Styly successfully brings a more electronic sound than might have been expected from him on 'Crunch Time' and 'Thought Apache'. I would also recommend that you search the bandcamp page for the free 4 Minute Warning EP, that dropped as a warm up for this LP. The 2 tracks featured would have been very welcome inclusions here, particularly the soulful vocal sample of The Drifter, which would have provided a welcome change of pace somewhere in the middle of this album, and it's a shame that it didn't make the cut.

Overall, The Fallout delivers what is expected of it. Some gimmick-free music to snap your neck to, from a veteran 1 MC/1 producer team. I would only temper that by saying that Genghis covered very similar ground, and in my opinion is the stronger album of the two.


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Mcabre Brothers - Gonzo Lyricism

With a somewhat more lowkey release than planned, here is a new full length project from Lee Scott & Monster Under The Bed, aka The Mcabre Brothers. Apparently this was meant to see a full physical release, but due to 'unforseen bullshit', Gonzo Lyricism is dropped on the masses in digi form only. Not too many surprises onboard here, deep baselines, minor piano keys, staccato flows and 'gonzo' lyricism with mainly narcotic subject matter...

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Blamz, YTV, Rowdya - Saturday Cypher (Video)

Blamz and Rowdya continue their weekly saturday cyphers,this time featuring YTV of Freedom Of Press.
Check all the previous installments here
And be on the look out for the Freedom Of Press e.p. Verified,dropping soon and then projects from Blamz and Rowdya.

Dead Set Gemini - Get Wrecked (Music Video)

Most 'Urban' videos set in a club environment these days incorporate 'Bling Culture' with hired models, champagne flowing and a general sense of falseness that is frankly fooling no one. For 'Dead Set Gemini' the video 'Get Wrecked' documents a night out on the town Cinéma vérité style, or in their case consuming lots of alcohol and turned up at a club with a camera and proceeding to consume lots more alcohol, this is the result...

'Get Wrecked' is taken from the free EP 'Music For Spaceships' produced by Show N Prove. The EP version of the track also features a guest verse from Big Dada artist 'Bang On!' who wasn't available for the video as he was in Ibiza getting wrecked.
Download 'Music For Spaceships' for free at

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Cappo - Loyalty (video)

Cappo dropped a new album this week, then drops a new vid for a track off his previous album... Never mind the odd timing though, Loyalty is probably my favourite track of the Genghis album, with its addictive piano loop. Enjoy.

'Infinite Love' - Sway ft. Talib Kweli

Infinite Love - Sway feat. Talib Kweli by HipHopConnect

Not a bad pairing eh? Taken from the forthcoming 'Beat The World. The Original Soundtrack'.

"Beat the World, written and directed by Robert Adetuyi (Stomp the Yard), is an engaging drama about top international dance crews coming from around the world to Detroit to compete in the International Hip Hop Dance Competition."

The soundtrack also features Ziggy Marley, K'Naan, Les Nubians, KRS One and Shad.

Vagabonds In Space

The long awaited return of the Vagabonds (Werd & Wardie Burns) right here with their new release entirely produced by Zambian Astronaut.

This is incredibly dope and expect high quality proffesional sounds and a bit of an experimental side of the vagabonds In Space.

You can download this directly Here or Stream below.


DJ Scuba Steve

While your here

Loosely Speakin Beat Battles - Part 1

Loki - Sinister Ft Mog & Becca Starr (Prod By Zambian Astronaut) (Music Video)

Madhat & Jimmy Snooks - City 2 City

div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">

Track taken from upcoming MCFR & Mudfam Regime 10 track LP Release.

Madhat & Jimmy Snookz - City2City LP


Melody Melz
Maffiella & Queen Ice Cream
D Millz

More Info on this release is available Here

Urbanscot Raw Present's Klashnekoff

Scotland Standup Battles: Edinburgh

Divine Rights - The Blue Tape (Review + Free Download) by Tom Clements

Divine Rights are an enthusiastic, fresh-faced hip-hop crew out of South East London. Formed in early 2010, they have asserted that their collective aim as a group is to produce a sound that is firmly rooted in mid-90′s Golden-Era (and typically sample-heavy) hip-hop production techniques, whilst lacing their beats with heavy, expressive lyrics that are culturally and linguistically specific to London. The three man crew will probably be unfamiliar to many of you, including those who affiliate with even the most esoteric of UK underground hip-hop circles; however, the group have been working tirelessly over the past year (and especially the last few months) to get their name out there and established. Most recently, they performed their debut show at the popular Brixton venue Jamm, where they shared the bill with UK hip-hop heavyweight Kyza, and also proved they were more than able to please a crowd with their own unique brand of hip-hop. The Blue Tape is the crew’s first CD release, and is available now for free download at Bandcamp

Upon listening, you’ll find that the CD’s tracks themselves are (quite predictably) a bit of a grab bag, and this is by no means a cohesive, front-to-back effort; it is however, a showcasing of some fabulous new emceeing and beatmaking talent spanning the UK, right the way across mainland Europe. The CD’s certain retromodern charm is reinforced musically by its fine balance of complex, synth-driven beats as well as simpler instrumental loops, which make this a pretty credible and weighty affair as opposed to a shaky and uncertain debut. In terms of production, the songs are characterized by repeated and heavy snare hits, as well as edgy and crescendoing instrumental and vocal samples; indeed, the beatmaking does — at least for the most part — hit the spot, and is sure to please those who like their hip-hop raw and uncompromising. One of the CD’s highlights is a track entitled ‘Fish Hop’ produced by Dirty Stanz and guest-featuring DJ Mileage of We Are Dubists. The track is fused with his characteristically energetic DJing style and is overall, the CD’s most musically cohesive joint, in addition to being an exciting compendium of London’s myriad urban styles. Another dope stand-out is  ‘Show Up’ featuring Iron Dread, which exudes blissed-out, nonchalant vibes combined with a beautiful, woozily sung chorus which effectively help mellow the heavy boom-baps and claps on tracks like the seriously skuzzy, sitar-spun ‘Bodybag’ (released as a free single a few months prior to The Blue Tape).

Indeed, the CD is unique among other UK hip-hop releases in that it prominently features some of Europe’s upcoming underground beatsmith talent including Rico Beat out of Italy, Manu Beats from Spain and internationally-esteemed German beatmaker crew, The Cratez from Germany. All in all, the beats are a tad hit-and-miss and often lack the required drive and energy, settling for an occasionally lacklustre sound. But despite the imperfections and production flaws, the crew’s three members Bamalam, Cystic and Dirty Stanz (all London born-and-bred and all proud hip-hop enthusiasts) have evidently hit upon a compelling and potent formula, and are henceforth, carving out a real niche for themselves. Just like the production, the three MC’s have opted for an old-school bombastic approach when crafting their lyrics, which contain an artful blending of hard (but realistic) bragadocious street poetics as well as dreamy drug-induced introspection (with references aplenty to marijuana). Indeed, as a crew they clearly have their knuckle deep on the pulse of hip-hop fans who want something gritty and hardcore, but still inventive.

What the mixtape lacks in gravitas and overall finesse, it more than makes up for with its enthusiasm and promise. Also, you’re not just getting great music from The Blue Tape, but also an authentic voice of hip-hop youth in the UK streets, and not your vacuous grime caricatures  which have been a scourge to London’s image over the last decade or so. Overall, a solid effort from the young South Londoners.


Divine Rights Website


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Beit Nun - Words feat. Sonny Jim and Ramson Badbonez

Beit Nun's got the heavies in on Words; cuts by Jabba the Kut, beat by Wizard and verses from Ramson Badbonez and Sonny Jim. The song bangs from beggining to end. Innit Records, who released this video, have a free D/L from there bandcamp page, cop it for more from RedEye, Dan Bull, 777 and many more.

The Prosoulytes feat. Yungun - Mix Shake Stir (video)

Yungun is back! Well, in 'feat. Yungun' form anyway... European production duo the prosoulytes hook up a funky, jazzy, piano-driven number, and YG laces it in his usual smooth style. Essa has been AWOL for far too long now, a new project from him is much needed!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Vakil - I Came 4 U

Vakill's Armor of God is out early next month I Came 4 U is straight off the LP. Vakill attacks the haunting keys and banging drums with aggressive and intricate bars. Sense Hernandez' grim narrative visuals keep you locked in Vakills intense rhymes and Paniks dark atmosphere. Molemen have a great site [HERE] with loads of new music,videos and news from Molemen and the artists on their label.

Syaman - My Pen

DJ Mentat drops some heat on Syaman's My Pen. With a new take on a tried and tested 'ode to my pen/pad' concept Syaman boosts his reputation as a skilled and experianced rhymer. Hes currently producing and rhyming with E&J and Efstar under the group name Freekings. Rep Dat did the visuals and provided a good backdrop for Syamans concept and rhymes to shine.

R.A The Rugged Man (Interview)

R.A. The Rugged Man Interview by Scotland Stand Up Blog

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Longevity - 'Tantrum/Posse Cut' (single review)

Now, Longevity is not a name I know, but then, I've not been taking much notice of late. Apparently he's a producer and rapper who has not until now unleashed the latter on the public. Now we all know the outcome of that course of action is not a foregone conclusion - some are good, some are bad.

Longevity is good. He comes with so much confidence and finesse that you'd be forgiven if you thought you were listening to a veteran of the game - seriously.

'Tantrum' is designed as an anthem and it pretty much hits the mark. It contains elements of the old school (the drum break and James Brown's guttural noises) as well as some new school type bass (not a bass line as such) and some Indian sounding stringed instrument.

'Tantrum' is great track, not that keen on 'Posse Cut' featuring Aceyalone amongst others although the production is good.

'Tantrum' is released on Decon on 11th July 2011.

Pusha T - 'My God' (single review)

With Malice becoming a Christian you'd expect this track, from the title at least, to be coming from him. But it's not, this is Pusha T's offering, the latest in his string of 'god' branded releases. On closer listen (and after a cheeky inspection of the lyrics) it's clear that Pusha T isn't referring to God, but to himself, or at least his flow, as god: "There be no waiting, I have no patience, This is the end of all my unrecognized greatness, I’m here now n-gger pardon my lateness, You can hear in every bar and every cadence, Yeah, it’s the new God flow aint it?".

Pretty good lyrics actually. But the bars of the track have to be "I got a voodoo doll, every time I pin the verse, Not only do they say they feel it but they say it hurts". Ouch. I don't usually liken rap to poetry but the whole track is pretty poetical in that it's not explicit; it's written in street code and Pusha T's confident, laid back but forceful flow emphasis every single word.

A far as I can tell, you can get this for free at Pusha T's website, so you might as well, eh? It's official release date is 4th July 2011 on Decon.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Scotland Stand-Up Battles - Mako Vs Snow

Yes folks finally we got the start of the video uploads on the go.

Also check the video for info on how to win a free Scotstyle T-Shirt.


DJ Scuba Steve

Associated Minds & EatGood Records - The Highball EP (free download)

I haven't actually listened to this yet (I will tomorrow) but thought I might as well put it up anyway. Look at the line-up, it's hardly going to be bad!... I also didn't realise that this was going to be a freebie, which considering that it has tracks from the cream of two of the UK's hottest labels makes this an absolute steal.

Masta Ace - I Refuse (video)

New Masta Ace! Had to post this the second I checked it. Very dope it is of course. Don't know if this is off a new Ace album, a new EMC project (it features Wordsworth) or something from Marco Polo who produced it... but none of that matters, the track is great.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


The first leak from The Vaccination,produced by Sicknature and with cuts from Redphone Records TMB.
The Vaccination will be released on Ill Roc Records.

Thors Hammer - Vast Aire feat. Raekwon and Vordul Mega

Vast Aires 3rd studio album Ox 2010 : A Street Odyssey was released this week. Thors Hammer features Raekwon and Vordul Mega and was produced by P.O.V, one of 9 different producers on Ox 2010 making for a more varied long player. Vasts content can be confusing at times but he knows how to flow over almost anything and has a good ear for a beats and guests, on this album hes called on Cappadonna, Double A.B, Guilty Simpson and more.