Thursday, 8 December 2011

Rhyme Pad Radio 2nd Birthday

Rhyme Pad radio recently celebrated their 2nd birthday and went in with a classic rap cypher. Its been a while since I've tuned in to a radio show and heard so many MCs spitting back to back and spitting so strong. This is defiantly not one to miss out on. Featuring MCs such as the Delegates of Culture (Skuff, Inja, Stakka, Bee109), TSK, Jimmy Danger, Danny Life, Simbad fresh and KD as well as many more.

Rhymepad 2nd birthday show by Rhyme Pad Radio

Make sure you tune in to Rhyme Pad Radio every friday from 9-11 on Cambridge 105fm - or catch up via the soundcloud page weekly.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

LATE Featuring Cuts by Jabba Tha Kut - Enter The Sector - (Produced By T...

3 UK Legends on this one,free download here

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

KRAZY, NOODLEZ & DRILLZ - The Illest (Produced By Beat Butcha)

Some more Heavy Hip Hop coming outta Bristol, from these guys who are friend's of Split Prophets.

Loving this track. Support the guys

krazy noodlez and drillz's new track filmed at the bristol zombie walk - filmed by sumo records and the track is produced by the one and only beat butcha.

Conscious Route & Werd - Nowadays E.P. (Free Download)

Conscious Route is a rapper, poet and singer-songwriter. Born in London, he grew up in Herefordshire near Cambridge before more moving to Edinburgh, where he is now based. Creating a wind range of music, whilst bringing raw energy to many stages throughout the UK, you cannot set Conscious in one category. His talents find fans in many genres of music.

Werd is one of Scotland’s most well known hip hop acts, respected throughout the local scene and also pushing towards bigger things with his high work rate and passion for new music in Scotland. Winner of Urban Recording of the year 2011 and owner of Sons of Scotland publishing located in Edinburgh. Werd lives and breathes for making music, his debut album is expected early 2012.

Intertwining rhymes and beats, we bring you the ‘Nowadays EP’ released via Sons of Scotland (SOS) and Conscious Collaboration Front (CCF) on 6th December 2011. Promotional Use Only. Production from Kieran Michael Wishart, Sea Bass, Stephen Moir + More. Features from Wardie Burns, Jordan Butler and Deeko.


Split Prophets - Graff Tip (Music Video)

Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Roots - Make My video and Undun blurb

The Roots drop their 13th studio album tomorrow. Undun is a concept album taking inspiration from a Sufjan Stevens track and charting the deteration and eventual destruction of a young mans life. That might sound like a typical hip-hop subject but the story plays out in reverse begining with our protagonist one ''Redford Stevens'' death, rewinding the downward spiral that lead to his  There are 4 short videos featuring songs from the album Sleep is the earliest in the tracklist Make My follows with Stomp and Tip the Scale nearing the close of the album and the start of the journey. You can stream the whole album [HERE] and buy it from your usual MP3 and CD stockists and follow the blueness to see more..

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Ms Tempz - Silent Storm free mixtape

1st lady of da ville and Nottz legend Tempz dropped another  free project [SILENT STORM] to end the a successfull year thats seen her release a series of quality videos, a popular radio slot, a feature on charlie sloths ''fire in the booth'' and live performances including supporting the man with the master plan and many heads GOAT Rakim. Silent Storm has a blend of genres including Dubstep, DnB and Hip-Hop. For me Tempz shines brightest in her comfort zone tearin up bangers from Premo and Kanye West while ''In the mix'' shows off her range and a couple of snippets off her EP provide some anticipation for her next proper lp hopefully arriving sometime next year.

Troop Raw - art.Illery ep - Free Download

Troop Raw and First Son Records have just made free this recent e.p.  to celebrate Troops release from prison.
Featuring LordWillin and Swann this is hardcore hip hop at its finest.
Recieving radio play from Newcastle to Denver and on to Canada this is one for the heads.

Get it on the player below.

Legit feat. Arielle - A Nigger in Northface

Got put on to this video over at MPC forums (shout to polt). Legit comes with some provocative bars   attacking the inherent racism some people just cant let go of. Approaching the subject from a new or relatively unheard angle and accompanied by a well shot video Legit gives you at least one good reason to check out his  mixtape ''Colouring Outside the Lines'' also have a look at the videos director young wonders channel for some more hi def visual dope. Find the free mixtape HERE also check out Legits website  for loads more news, music and links.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Assa - Everyday User

'Everyday User' is the debut solo release from Tactical Thinking and Primitive Form's wordsmith Assa. This long awaited album features some of the U.K's finest rappers with performances from Deadline, Derogatory, Jim Raygun, Jay Madden, Tenchoo, Lego, Leaf Dog, B.V.A and Foola. The album is held together with precise mixing and perfect production from Pete Cannon and 3 Amigos' Naive.

Assa is a born emcee with the ability to flow effortlessly over any beat. 'Showdown' featuring Foola shows he is one of the best double time rappers around at the minute, I find it hard to even find a syllable out of time. Just when I was thinking that he could rhyme fast Assa then decides to step it up a gear with what I can only describe as quadruple time spitting on 'What Do They See' featuring Derogatory and Deadline.

Don't get me wrong Assa isn't a one trick pony just rhyming double time for the sake of it. Assa demonstrates his story telling abilities and comical side on 'Super Hero'. An Eminem style story about the adventures of an ill equipped super hero.

The album also consist of a lot of hard hitting battle tracks from 'Trick Or Treat' featuring Jay Madden to 'The Firm' an 8 bar pass posse cut featuring Jim Raygun, Deadline, Derogatory, Jay Madden, Lego and Tenchoo. The track '32 Bars' his debut music video is Assa's best display of raw lyricism. This can be viewed below.

32 Bars Video

'Everyday User' is a well accomplished debut project with production that keeps your head nodding from start to finish. My only qualms with 'Everyday User' are that some of the concepts and lyrical content are a bit generic and overused throughout the album. I would like to hear a few personal from the heart tracks by Assa as I believe he has alot more to give. The lack of solo tracks on the album is disappointing as on most of the tracks he is the stand out emcee.

Overall a great album which I think is only just a sign of more things to come for this extremely gifted emcee.

Stand out track 'My Boss' produced by Naive featuring Leaf Dog. Leaf Dog steals the show.

OUT NOW and available to download from

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