Wednesday, 31 March 2010

'Bring Your Army' - Prose (free download)

Reminding me of M9, Cyrus Malachi et al is Prose's latest track 'Bring Your Army'. It's available as a free download at Bandcamp. The track is featured on The People's Army 'General Salute Mix CD Vol. 1' which is available here for a very reasonable price.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

'The Big Band Theory' - Tough Touch Productions (review)

Making the best use of the most cheerful and lively samples from the Big Band Jazz and Swing genre Tough Touch Productions present a tight and focussed (and best of all, short) set of tracks.

The nature of the beats means that MCs Social Conscience, Reggie Million$ and Kali Mist get live and basically have a load of fun over the 8 tunes on offer. That’s not to say that they get ignorant – in an amusing way issues are addressed. Production comes from Kali Mist, Nicky Beats, Matchstick and Fresh

Tough Touch are an example of how underground artists can come out with something fresh and appealing without sounding like the rest of the UK Hip Hop scene or resorting to the kind of thing that litters the radio waves nowadays.

‘The Big Band Theory’ is available at the Tough Touch blog right now:

'Slow Down' (acoustic version) - Jack Flash (video)

'The Sound Of Colours' (acoustic version) - Jack Flash (video)

Monday, 29 March 2010

'Struggla' ft. Rodney P/'Born Inna System' ft. Buggsy - Skitz (video)

Skitz ft. Rodney P & Buggsy from Studio JK:AK on Vimeo.

'Struggla' ft. Rodney P, Kardinal Offishal & Skibadee - Skitz (free download)

A couple of weeks ago we dropped the info on the new Skitz album. Well, now there are leaks so you can actually check out some of the big tracks yourself:

'Born Inna System' featuring Buggsy has been knocking around for a few days (and has been officially leaked now) and there's also a Prime Cuts Remix that you can get too.

The latest to drop (and I might just be the first to leak it) is 'Struggla' featuring Rodney P, Kardinal Offishal and Skibadee. Along with that there is an Engine-Earz remix. I'm a big fan of anything Rodney P's on and this one doesn't disappoint as he gets back with his old partner in crime and two fellow patois-spitting MCs. Nice up.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

'Aquarius' - Mystro (video)

Great track taken from Mystro's 'F.D.T.' EP which can be bought now on itunes.

Mystro Investigates: Clay Pigeon Shooting

'Obamanation' - Lowkey (video)

"Is it Obama's nation? Or an abomination? Doesn't make a difference when they bomb your nation"

Whilst I don't agree with all Lowkey's politics, and often am just unsure on what I do think, he writes great lyrics that get people thinking. Check this.

'Gilgamesh II' - Cappo (video)

'Kill 'Em Wit The Flow' ft. Black The Ripper & Little Dee - Skandal (video)

I only really like Skandal's verse on this but the video is pretty entertaining anyway.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

'Retro Luv' - Kasha (free download)

'On The Radar' artist Kasha has never been one for conformity. His latest mixtape 'Retro Luv' confirms to nothing or no one. Its subtitle is 'Reinventing the Mixtape' and he really has.

'Retro Luv' features tracks by Kool and the Gang, The Brooklyn, Bronx And Queen
Band, Ralph Tresvant, Anita Baker, En Vogue, Tevin Campbell, Joyce Sims and Dr. Hook amongst others. Kasha takes cues from the originals and lets loose lyrically although he does let each track air out meaning that you get to hear a fair chunk of each of these classic, upbeat (and sometimes slightly cheesy) tunes. This mixtape will make you want more Kasha and it also should inspire you to check out some of the original tracks.

'Trips on a 303' - Tha 4orce (free download)

Entirely produced on the Boss Dr. Sample SP-303 is Tha 4orce's third and latest LP 'Trips on a 303'. They've decided to make the clean version available for free on the wonderful Bandcamp (can you tell I've been trawling it this morning?). Again, its official release seems to be somewhere in the future - 20th April to be precise.

The album is an honest picture of the inside of Tha 4orce's head and the beats range from high octane crunch to ballad-like swing via classical Baroque. The LP is pretty upbeat extending to rowdy in places - get live to this salute to old school Hip Hop.

'Scratches' - DJ Slademan & Skriblah Dangogh (free download)

Not sure what the deal is with this but the Bandcamp release date is two days away?!

DJ Slademan has put together a mix of all Terra Firma's most underrated best verses and tracks. Skriblah Dangogh's verses from tracks by M9, Micall Parknsun, Triple Darkness and Terra Firma are brought together to prove that this MC has more than just a few skills. Solo tracks also crop up - mainly ones which have not seen a full release.

Go here to download it now for free.

'Loyalty'/'Gilgamesh II' - Cappo (single review)

Waiting for your copy of Cappo's 'Genghis' to arrive (you should be)? Well why not at least go to Bandcamp and stream the first two tracks to be released from it: 'Loyalty' and 'Gilgamesh II'? If you do fancy splashing out then it's only £1.50 for these two heavy tracks that represent the kind of music you can expect from the 'Genghis' LP - a perfect taster.

If you have not yet ordered the double vinyl LP then time is running out - there were only 200 made and 2 days ago there were only 20 copies left! You can order it here or at Suspect Packages.

Worry not if you miss out, don't like vinyl or are devoid of a turntable; the LP will drop in April as a download, a CD or on a USB stick!

'Before N After' - Blak Twang (free download)

Head over to Bandcamp to download Blak Twang's latest track 'Before N After'. Blak Twang muses over the changes in the music scene, particularly with regards to the internet. Interesting and heavy! Thanks to for this tune.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

'My Baby' - Tough Touch (free download)

Go to the Tough Touch Productions Bandcamp page to download 'My Baby' for free. 'My Baby' is track 1 on their latest project 'The Big Band Theory' which will be out soon!

'Altered Beasties' - Vulcan (free download)

Fan of the Beastie Boys? Want to know what UK rapper Kashmere is upto at the moment? Go to Bandcamp and download 'Altered Beasties' by Vulcan.

Kashmere is working under his latest alias Vulcan as a producer and the results are dope and these 5 tracks will give you a taste of what this MC turned producer is capable of.

His next foray into remixing the music of famous folks is 'VulcanDoom' which I'm sure you can work out means he'll be remixing the work of MF Doom.

'Special Kind Of Fool' - Ty (album review)

Thursday, 18 March 2010

'Death' - Chima Anya (video trailer)

This is the video for the last track on Chima Anya's 'New Day' album. It's one of the two really deep, thoughtful tracks that round up the proceedings and it probably speaks for a lot of people out there. The video looks really well made so it'll be good to see the final product.

'New Day' - Chima Anya (album review)

Proving that Hip Hop can be pushed forward without resorting to corny gimmicks, ringtone beats and zero-content is Chima Anya’s debut solo LP ‘New Day’. Chima also demonstrates that forward thinking can be inspired by reminiscing about ‘the good old days’. With more charisma than most of the UK’s MCs put together, a love of Hip Hop classics and more than a clue of what makes a good track Mr. Anya brings what will be one of the Hip Hop releases of the year.

Kicking things off properly is ‘Spell It Out’ a fast paced funk fuelled B.E.A.S.T which features Chima just illing out, saying how good he is and absolutely proving it – entertainment. Hot on it’s heels is ‘The Realness’; a squelchy, slow head nodder containing Chima’s lyrical manifesto whereas ‘I Choose You’ is a straight up honest, love song with absolutely no cringe-factor whatsoever.

‘Hey’ is a minimalistic, percussion led track (like Busta Rhymes’ ‘Touch It’ but with more variety and just way better) which once again sees Chima’s cheeky ego taking centre stage with much aplomb. Title track ‘New Day’ is as upbeat as things come and Soweto Kinch does nothing but add to the feel of the album. Jehst pops up on ‘It’s The Manner’ – another quality track. ‘Paid For’ sees the release turn a corner – this is as serious as the other tracks are fun. Chima’s experience as a doctor comes though powerfully on this one.

‘New Day’ represents more than just that, it symbolizes new hope; fresh optimism for the Hip Hop scene. It’s out on 10th May, which I know is a while away, on Phoenix Down. You have to buy it.

Chima supported Brother Ali at London’s Cargo last night and will be hosting the release party for this album at Camden’s Barfly on 9th April! Get to that and you just get your hands on the album sooner than you think!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

'Cuttin' It Fine' - DJ Roast (review)

Hip Hop with scratching? Yes please. Not only does DJ Roast get down behind the boards on ‘Cuttin’ It Fine’, he also gets loose on the cuts – something we should hear more of on UK releases. Roast’s production is in the classic sampled loop-based dust-fest vein with added grit and East Coast style funk. There isn’t a bad beat on here – all of them hit hard.

With a supporting cast of rappers Teef, Nemesis & Arrogance, Triggs Vega, Phoenix da Icefire, Cyrus Malachi, Genesis Ellijah, Stig & Syntax, Skandal, Brad Strut and Ramson Badbonez most UK Hip Hop fans will know what to expect from this line up of new school (but old school influenced) MCs.

Teef’s contributions really stand out – this guy is a really entertaining spitter with unconventional flows and a whole load of witticisms – check ‘News Flash’ and ‘Paper Mache’ for his solo tracks. ‘Vagina Monologue Two’ featuring Cyrus Malachi and D21 gets the skip button from me – I just don’t want to hear details of another guy’s sexual exploits. Surprisingly, I can’t really get with Stig and Syntax’s ‘Wasters Inc’ – maybe ‘cause I just can’t relate to what they’re saying (even if it is slightly tongue in cheek?) – some of you will be able to so it’ll probably become your anthem. ‘Trading Darts’ (also featuring Cyrus) sounds as fresh as it did on ‘On The Radar Vol. 5’ where it was debuted and tracks like ‘Ghostown’ and ‘2012’ provide social commentary. ‘Playtime’s Over’ is a intimidating and broody triple threat from Skandal, Brad Strut and Ramson Badbonez.

‘Cuttin’ It Fine’ is must-have for UK Hip Hop heads who are already fans of the guest MCs. It’s available now from Suspect Packages for only £4.99. Go to the amazing Bandcamp website now to hear the whole thing!

Mystro Interview

"If you do constantly write you end up saying the same thing and that’s what you hear from people who claim they write all the time."

On Saturday night Mystro graced Leeds with his presence as he performed at the Golden Mic Challenge's first round. With a less than adequate sound system (no monitors) Mystro rocked the stage, the crowd and everything else with a set combining old and new material (really dope new material) and afterwards agreed to do an interview with Certified Banger:

Certified Banger: Ok, we don’t need the basics; everyone on the site should know who you are already.

Mystro: Hopefully!

CB: You’ve just come back from Australia and New Zealand. What’ve you been doing there?

Mystro: Just causing more trouble really man. I had to do a festival called Splore in NZ and around that we managed to hook up a few more gigs in Auckland, Wellington. We flew to Australia to do Sydney, Brisbourne and Melbourne just to make it more of a trip. You go all that way, man, it’s gotta be done. I did a bit of writing too but I was just thinking of you lot in the snow really! I went there and did a tour, promoted the ‘F.D.T.’ EP and it went well man. I got some interest for future releases later on in the year to get out in NZ and Oz in terms of distribution and licensing so I’m definitely happy about that.

'The Best Of... On The Radar' - Coming Soon!

Some of you will know, some of you who are a little newer to Certified Banger, may not.

'On The Radar' was a series of free-to-download compilations that Certified Banger put together within the space of one year. The idea was to get the music of fairly unknown UK Hip Hop artists in the ears of those who care about real, underground music. The series gained in popularity and 'On The Radar' snowballed. Volume 5 was officially the last release in the series...until now.

'The Best Of... On The Radar' will be the conclusion of the series. It will take all the best tracks, mix, blend, juggle and scratch them into a real mixtape style format. What we want to know is; which are your favourite tracks? Email me, comment on this wherever you are reading it and let us know which tracks you want to see on there.

If you've not yet downloaded the series - get cracking. All the pictures above will take you to the download links. A quick search on the internet will turn up alternative links too for those struggling with rapidshare.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

'Something Big! Vol. 1' - Ty (free download)

For those of you who aren't privileged to have heard Ty's latest album 'Special Kind Of Fool' he's kindly put together a mixtape with DJ Bounce to keep you going until the album drops on 19th April 2010. It's a 26 track mix of mainly features - Ty gets about for sure! There's loads of stuff here that you probably didn't even realise was out there - and it's all for free. Click here to download it now! (or here!)

The other thing you can do to bide time between now and the album release date (I'll be posting a link to my review of this album very soon) is buy the single 'Emotions' (read my review of that here). Buy 'Emotions' at itunes or head over to Bandcamp to check it out.

Mystro Investigates: Ghosts

I had a good old natter with mighty Mys on Saturday night, we touched on his series 'Mystro Investigates' although he couldn't reveal too much. Here's the latest episode - 'Ghosts'.

Monday, 15 March 2010

'Week 13' - Jack Flash

I've been slack on posting these, lets face it you don't need me to remind you of it every week. This time Jack Flash raps over TQ's 'Westside' and makes it sound better than it ever did. Check out his youtube channel for more.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Come Say 'Hi!' To Me At...

...The Golden Mic Challenge in Leeds on Saturday night! All sorts of Hip Hop good times will go down - Leeds knows how to have fun with its Hip Hop that's for sure! It's only 4 or 5 squid entry and Mystro will be there doing his thing as well as all the battling, DJs and stuff.

I'm also gonna be doing a swift interview with Mystro and Mr. Ris (of Alphabetix), Raphael Attar (Paper Tiger), Sage and Tongue Tied (of DS Fam/Defenders of Style) will all be competing on the night - good luck boys!

Check the website for more info:

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

And Now For Something A Little Different...

It might surprise you to know that I don't always listen to Hip Hop. Some people even send me some different kinds of music so I thought I'd give some of it some shine:

I've been noticing Nneka's name for a few months now and I got the chance to check her track 'Walking'. DJ Farhot, the track's producer, has taken a Curtis Mayfield composition ('Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um (Curious Mind)' as sung by Major Lance) and made it into fat slice of headnod Neo Soul with a hint of the old Negro spirituals. Nneka's voice is sweet and her message is positive, also with a hint of the old Negro spirituals. Lovely stuff.

I've also got possibly the strangest thing Stones Throw will ever release. 'The Minimal Wave Tapes: Vol. 1' is a compilation of Minimal Wave - an 80s genre of "underground DIY electronic music". Some tracks are more minimal than others, some sound like the soundtrack old school computer games (but with real singing voices) and some really remind me of the old school cinema infomercials. Whatever your preferred genre, this will certainly expand your mind! Personal favourites are Linear Movement's 'Way Out Of Living' and 'Blurred' by Turquoise Days. It's out on 15th March.

Next up is The Last Skeptik's latest project. It's a remix album on which he does nothing like he's ever done before. There are no dusty samples only original electrofied compositions. Some of the tracks he tackles are unfamiliar to me so I can't comment on whether he's done them justice or not - Marina and the Diamonds, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Daniel Merriweather, Hong Kong in the 60s, and David's Lyre all get unconventionally remixed in a way that requires loud playback. These particular remixes made me wonder whether I would keep listening if they came on the radio or whether I only like them because of a knowledge of the artist behind them - hmmm, thought provoking. The rest of the remixes are more in the Hip Hop vein with Loudmouth Melvin, Joe Budden, The Streets, Brad Strut, Lowkey, Mudmowth and Eslam Jawaad all getting reworked with varying degrees of electro-funk. That's going to be available for free on 5th April but you can go here to check out many of the tracks.

Finally, Distiller Records sent me an interesting thing: 'Flush' by Losers. It features feisty female MC Envy alongside Riz MC on a dance floor shaker all about falling out with ones other half. It won't be to everyone's taste (including mine) but Skism's dubstep remix is exceedingly heavy as is Sukh Knight's meaning that it might just appeal to those into that kind of thing. 'Flush' is out on 5th April.

'Sometimes' - Maverick Sabre (video)

With a commercial edge that doesn't resort to europop type synthy slush Maverick Sabre gives you 'Sometimes'. This track by 20 year old rapper/singer (think Plan B/Natty) is available to buy at for Only 79p.

'I Love Women Pt. 2' - Skillit (video)

Skillit keeps things nice and clean and absolutely hilarious on his video for part of 'I Love Women'!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Knew Jeru'slum Album Launch + Sherwin Gardner

Sherwin Gardner and WizKid join Knew Jeru'slum for their album launch at Verse UK on Friday 7th May. If you're around Huddersfield then, then this is one to get to.

El Da Sensei Live in the UK!

El Da Sensei from the legendary Artifacts is here in the UK for theses two special dates on his European tour.

20th of March -LONDON @ The Rhythm Factory
21st of March -MANCHESTER @ Moho Live

EL DA SENSEI has teamed up with THE RETURNERS Poland's super dope producer duo to put out a steady stream of music over the past few years on Polishes biggest independent record label ASFALT. This team bring the boop-bap back with their live shows bringing the neck-snap and energy to the stage.

Support comes from the man like Reps. One of UK's rinsing talents who has made a name for himself with his debut album 'The Saga Of A Peaceful Man' out on Flash Fry Records in the UK and Asfalt in Poland. He rips up the stage the Flash Fry Fam Rup and Nozeeny.

'Getting Older' - Untitled (video)

'Relatives Abroad' - Nas & Bob Marley (free download)

Nas and Bob Marley - a high-class mash-up to whet your whistle for Nas' forthcoming collaboration album with Damien Marley.

100 Akres has done the honours, sampling Bob's music, creating beats then matching them to Nas acapellas - a nice thing. The Reggae rhythms really switch up Nas' flows, transforming them into really bouncy, upbeat tracks a world away from the originals.

'Living My Life' ft. Kaptin and Ree Ree - (video)

Souls Of Mischief UK Tour

The Souls of Mischief are back from across the pond for a string of UK & European Tour Dates and a brand new box set product both in collaboration with Carhartt!

This rare deluxe edition of the Montezuma's Revenge album, includes the full CD with special edition artwork, a special SOM/Carhartt designed collabo shirt, SOM/Carhartt sew on patches, stickers and more.

There will a special in-store launch at the Carhartt store [Neal Street London] on the 15th March 2010, where SOM will also be appearing for a meet & greet signing session of this fantastic new release as part of their official series of dates. This event will include FREE DRINKS provided by Meantime brewer and other great DJs like 279 and Mr Thing.

If you're around Leeds on Friday night then check SOM out at The Well.

'Black Rhyme' - Kasha (video)

3 (Years Old) Is The Magic Number!

It was on the 10th anniversary of Christopher Wallace's death that I first got cracking on the keyboard and created Certified Banger. That was coincidental and it probably bears no significance whatsoever.

I'd like this opportunity to say a big thank you to all who have read this blog and to all who saw potential in it and started sending me your music.

Certified Banger - 3 years old today!

Monday, 8 March 2010

'Normalized' - Vee Kay (free download)

Today I got the official go ahead to post Vee Kay's latest little project the 'Normalized' EP. It features remixes and a mashup and demonstrates what Vee Kay can do. The tracklist features Ghostface Killah, Daft Punk, Mos Def, Dizzee Rascal, Dialect, Copywrite, Jamie Lidell, Delusionists, Rapskallions and Yosh.

Grab this freshness from the Sweatbox studio and anticipate Mr Loop's forthcoming 'Music From The Tanhauser Gate'. You should also check their back catalogue for previous releases from Vee Kay, Yosh, Rapskallions and Mr. Loop - it's a real nice stable, yo.

If you would like a remix by Vee Kay, please contact or call 07904128378

'Sticksman' - Skitz Coming Soon!

Scant details but enough for the salivating - May 3rd is the release date for the long-awaited Skitz album 'Sticksman'. Here's the tracklist:

1. 'Intro' ft. IYE 95 Produced by Skitz. Co-produced by The Sea
2. 'Struggla' ft. Rodney P, Kardinal Offishal, Skibbadee. Produced by Skitz. Co-produced by The Sea
3. 'Slaves' ft. Harry Shotta, Iron Braydz, Brotherman. Produced by Skitz. Co-produced by The Sea
4. 'Born Inna System' ft. Buggsy. Cuts by DJ Skully. Produced by Skitz. Co-produced by The Sea
5. 'Don’t Cry' ft. Deadly Hunta. Produced by Skitz. Co-produced by The Sea and Prashant Engine-Earz Mistry
6. 'Rumble' ft. Dynamite MC. Produced by Skitz. Co-produced by Prashant Engine-Earz Mistry.
7. 'Rebel Stand' ft. Mr Ti2bs. Cuts by DJ First Aid. Produced by Skitz. Co-produced by The Sea
8. 'Left' ft. Rodney P. Cuts by DJ Manipulate. Produced by Skitz. Co-produced by The Sea
9. 'Rainy Day Science' ft. Taskforce and Juni. Produced by Skitz. Co-produced by The Sea
10. 'Requiem of the Gods' ft. Orifice Vulgatron, Mr Ti2bs, Dynamite MC, Harry Shotta. Produced by Skitz. Co-produced by The Sea
11. 'Diamonds and Gold' ft. L Dot Man. Produced by Skitz. Co-produced by The Sea
12. 'Never' ft. Rodney P. Produced by Skitz. Co-produced by Prashant Engine-Earz Mistry
13. 'Music is my Life' ft. Darrison. Produced by Skitz. Co-produced by Prashant Engine-Earz Mistry and The Sea
14. 'Set you free' ft. Masta Ace and Wordsworth and Nathan Flutebox Lee. Produced by Skitz. Co produced by The Sea.
15. 'Plain Oats' ft. Deadly Hunta and My Sis. Produced by Skitz. Co-produced by The Sea

'Taurus' - Myke Forte (free download)

More than just another beat tape is Myke Forte's next instalment in the Zodiac series: 'Taurus'. OK, so it is a selection of just beats devoid of any vocals but that's all it needs to be. Mr. Forte creates beats so alluring and powerful that you'll be going into a trance over your washing-up.

Things kick off with 'Layers (Beautiful)' which in itself made me want to ensure that the whole lot was listened to. With his typical wonky new style sound blazing the way the challenge is: rap to this if you can. Although I love these compositions in their won right (and I may have said this before) I urge the UK's high calibre MCs to sit up, take notice and pay this guy to produce your next LP - yes, your whole album. Dopeness - serious.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

'Dear Auntie' - Dan Bull

Dan Bull's latest letter - download it here.

'Solitary Confinement' - Rhyme Asylum Coming Soon

Check out Rhyme Asylum's myspace (remember that?) for tracks from their forthcoming LP 'Solitary Confinement'.

'Back To The Sagas' - Klashnekoff (Preview)

Head over to Juno to hear a fair chunk of Klashnekoff's new album 'Back To The Sagas'. Each of the 15 tracks has a two minute preview so you can get a pretty good idea of whether or not you want to invest in this (you will want to).

On 'Back To The Saga (intro)' Klash lays bare the goings on surrounding his last album 'Lionheart: Tussle With The Beast' (which, 3 years ago on 13th March was the first review I wrote on Certified Banger). Hopefully he'll be happy with this release, as I've already said, I'm sure his fans will be.

He's also been up early this morning spreading links to this and a new track that he only made yesterday. I'm not sure of the title of the track but it appears to feature K9 and Ric and it's over a really chilled beat. Download it for yourself now.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

'Devil May Cry' - IronBraydz (review)

With legendary DJ Marley Marl getting really excited about this, ALL you fans of Hip Hop should be sitting up to listen. The 'this' I refer to is IronBraydz's debut solo LP 'Devil May Cry'.

It's fairly different in sound and style to his group Blind Alphabetz's 'Luvolution' which had a very summery, jazzy vibe to it. This release features darker, grittier production and the seriousness dial has been turned up a few notches. Religious ideas and socioeconomic concerns meld to provide subject matter perfect for fans of those who he rolls with - M9 and Cyrus Malachi, for example, who both feature on this release.

'Savin Artillery' features the mighty Guilty Simpson and Sav Killz over a suitably Detroit-ish wonky production from Proppa. 'Death Machine' utilises Lewis Parker's 'Rooftop Drama' (from his 'Sniper Beats' CD) and for that reason alone it's totally dope. The self-produced 'Feelings From The Heart' brings the dusty jazziness as Braydz reminisces about his father - a beautiful thing.

'Land of the Lost' - No-Change (free download)

From its moving orchestral introduction to its positive advisory closing ‘Land of the Lost’ is worth every penny of the price of an LP. The only thing is, Crackhouse have made the surprising decision to let this one go for free for the purposes of profile building. I had to double check with the management on this shocking decision – this is absolute quality for absolutely nothing!

Don’t be fooled by No-Change’s laid back, sing song rap style – he’s not soft. He’s been through things many will never experience and his music is a heartfelt reflection of his life. The production (from Mike D – probably one of the UK’s most versatile and unrestrained producers) combines sparse electro drums with live piano and guitar licks and solos whereas elsewhere Rhodes organs, synths lean up against Dirty South-esque drum patterns.

'With Out You' is a deeply honest song on which No-Change raps about the mistakes of history and how they impact us now. 'Let's Go' featuring Aiwan is a lively pastiche of reggae, those old Neptunes-style guitar strums and percussive rhythms - hotness.

Despite the subject matter (drugs, mistakes, love, life) ‘Land of the Lost’ has a real good time vibe which is always reflected in a live No-Change show. He’s supporting Gift Of Gab in his native Leeds on Tuesday 9th March. Download this now and then get to the show if you can!

For an interview with the man head over to my man Analogue's blog Straight Out Leodis.