Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Mog & ZA - Bonded In Bombs EP

Bonded in Bonds is the uncompromising new release that promises to take Scottish hip-hop to a new plateau.  The unique collaboration pits Mog’s Glaswegian story-telling rhymes against the genre-hopping soundscape of Edinburgh’s Zambian Astronaut.

Kicking off with the dull, throbbing beats of ‘Ze Money’, Bonded In Bombs is a six-track tour de force that shows why Scottish hip-hop is one of the last bastions of free expression.  The accents might be regional, but the music and the message refuse to be constrained by manmade frontiers: love, alienation and red machetes are universal themes.

Mog scatters lyrics like paint on a Jackson Pollock, spattering tracks with the sort of imagery that would keep war veterans up at night.  Along the way, the Mog-ZA juggernaut stops briefly to pick up Becca Starr and Adam Holmes to provide consonant vocals on ‘No, No, No’.  Becca Starr also appears on ‘Straight From The Soul’, while Nostal guests on the disturbing ‘Whatever, Fuck You’.  Edinburgh is also represented on the EP by Werd, who provides bars on the Skip James-indebted ‘Killin Floor’.

Bonded In Bombs is defined by hypnotic beats, effortless lyricism and a smattering of naggingly-insistent hooks that counterbalance the EP’s more psychotic moments.

Lead single ‘Ze Money’ is accompanied by a gritty, film noir video that will leave the viewer sleeping with the lights on and the curtains drawn.

The EP can be downloaded on Amazon or Itunes

Or Streamed via Bandcamp

Check Zambian Astronaut's website out too -

The White Shadow Of Norway - Conspiracy Of Silence(Vinnie Paz, Genoc...

What a banger! Taken from The White Shadow's new album Savage which along with Vinnie Paz also features Chino XL, Celph Titled, Masta Ace, Edo G, Ruste Juxx, Sha Stimuli and many more.
With White Shadows excellent production throughout this is one for the people who think Hip Hop has gone soft.
White Shadow gathers a mixture of upcoming emcees and legends together for this project.
Check the track with Masta Ace, Edo G and more below.



Sunday, 27 November 2011


Friday, 25 November 2011


Caxton Press are set to smash things judging by this video,Global Faction on the visuals.

Telemachus feat. Jehst - The Sheltering Sky

Telemachus (chemo) releases a new 12" featuring Jehst through Kilamanjaro. With visuals looking like someone left the Discovery Channel on mute youd be more than a little confused if it wasnt for Jehst vivid imagery. The track kind of reminded me of Lewis Parkers Masquerades album but as youd expect the beats got big bass and eclectic percussion sounds. I saw Jehst last night in Southampton with Kwake, Louis slipperz, Jazz T and Parky the set was amazing he dropped a couple old tracks and most of good tracks from Dragon... if hes touring in your area get down there, it was probly the best gig I been to this year

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sonnyjim - Tall Poppy Syndrome (video)

Is Sonnyjim the UK's hardest working? I know I've given that title to Verb T in the past, but Jim is pretty relentless with his releases these days... Fresh on the heels of The Psychonaut remix project is the Tall Poppy Syndrome EP, which drops on the 25/11. Here is a video to the title track from that release. It's on a zoned out vibe, with a slurrier delivery than you'd usually hear from Jim, but as ever, his verses are always worth at least a couple of spins.

"Rappers nowadays? No penmanship. You liked how I kept it real? Don't mention it."

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Reveal - The Lost Tapes Vol. 1 Poison & Other Toxins (free download)

Now listening to this took me back a few years... Back when I was 16, Double P were pretty much the dopest thing imaginable, and I was always disappointed that the group disbanded before their huge potential was anywhere near being fulfilled.

Here, Reveal does his bit for memory lane by dropping a 28 track (!!) lost tapes project. Many of these tunes have been released before, so you may recognise a fair amount of the material here. That said, there is still quite a lot of material that is new to me, and I was a pretty avid PP fan.

I will freely admit that some of the old tracks don't sound quite as good now as they did in GCSE days, but the amount of talent that was in the group is undeniable. Apparently Reveal has new material on the way, which I will definitely be checking for, but in the meantime get clued up on some Poisonous Poets history...

Reveal : Lost Tapes Vol.1 : Poison and Other Toxins by RevealPoison

Yungun - Jack The World (free download)

At long last, some new material from Mr YG. This mixtape has been a long time coming, as he's been mentioning it, on and off, for about the last 4 years. He describes this as unreleased material, with a few tasters of things to come. Plenty of niceness on here, Time To Rearrange in particular is classic Yungun, especially for a freebie. The format is pretty original as well. Structured as an old style cassette tape, each 'side' is a distinct mix from long time collaborator Mr. Thing.

At the end, he even mentions that his long, long awaited album 'The Middle Man' is still 'coming soon'... So maybe that too will see the light of day at some point...

J-Live - The Authentic (video)

All 3 J-Lives (MC, Producer & DJ) feature in this new video for the Marco Polo produced track, The Authentic. I've not yet got round to checking his latest album, S.P.T.A, and I will need to rectify this situation soon...

Demigodaz Is Back!

I know you been missin them Demigodz dry your little peepers babies cos the DGZ collective is back. The most prolific and longest standing members Apathy and Celph Titled call on regular collaborator Ryu and roll heat over a dope flip of the Rocky theme (courtesy of Ap) on The Demigodz Is Back. Apathy also tweeted an album will be out next year and will feature the whole crew including Esoteric, Blacastan and Motive expect features from other AOTP affiliates and more. With the success and acclaim of Honkey Kong and Celphs Buckwild collab you can bet this project will be worth the wait.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Razor - Closer (Official Video) + Free Mixtape

Get the new mixtape from London artist Razor here,where he hops from genre to genre from hip hop to grime to rock and more.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sons Phonetic - Casino (Official Music Video)

New video from one of the sickest groups in Ireland.
Sons Phonetic have been making a name for themselves lately with live shows all over Ireland,Dont Sleep on this.
Sons phonetic album on itunes
Sons Phonetic on facebook

Saturday, 19 November 2011


New NEMS video,dont sleep.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Cappo - Gusto Grizwold:International Vacation

 Your favourite fresh faced nottz based true school rapper Cappo's back after a short hyiatus with a LP/Mixtape. Cappo cites Gusto Grizwold as his most diverse project yet and having morphed from the Iron Condor into the Isotope Flow Glider hes coming at the mic from new heights. The album features a mix a bootlegged loops and the usual sampled MPC business youd expect from the Attic Man. Gusto.. is released on digi pack cd and digital d/l from Cappos own Under The Cap LTD label cop it for a 5er in either incarnation HERE or through the player below. Caps will be releasing another album proper next year so keep em peeled fuckers.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


New free ep from J-Roots and Reds,dont sleep.

Monday, 14 November 2011

The Four Owls - Not Like Before (video)

Ok, this is now starting to make some sense... If you had clocked some the hype for a crew called "The Owls", who have an album upcoming on High Focus records, and like me were thinking something like "who the fuck are these nobodies I've never heard of?"... then you should check out this lead video for the album. It turns out that The Four Owls is in fact High Focus representatives Fliptrix, Leaf Dog, BVA MC and the omnipresent Verb T. So now you, and I, know...

The album, dropping soon, will surely be sick. Not convinced by the masks though...

Antiheroes - Flows For the Contemporary Urban Gentleman Vol. 2 (free download)

This seemed to drop with little or no fanfare a couple of weeks back, so I hope you can excuse me the late pass... The latest from Lee Scott and Salar, this is an 8 track project which is available for free download from the front page of

If you have any Blah releases before, then you will instantly recognise the staccato flows and dark, moody instrumentals. If envelope pushing is your thing, you won't find too much of that onboard here, however there is plenty to bop your head to. Particularly the rugged Thought Criminal. Try and give this a spin all the way through without pulling a screw-face... I'm not sure if it's possible...

Genesis Elijah - Reign of Fire (video)

Another video here from Genesis Elijah. This is taken from his free EP 'I Ain't Even Charging Bruv', that dropped earlier this year (and can be downloaded here: )

I've always liked Genesis Elijah, and thought he was a bit slept on. Always seems to spit from the heart, and is pretty skilled with it as well. The free EP is not his best work, but is still worth a listen (being free and all that...).

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Murs - S-K-I-B-E-A-T-Z feat. Locksmith (Video)

Here's a third video from Murs' recent Love & Rockets Vol. 1 album. Solid, of course. Possibly Skibeatz' dopest production of the whole LP as well...

"Rap is easy, career - that's the hard part/N!ggas starting out this year, and think they're Mozart"

Fdot1 - So Grimey (Official Video)

Fdot1 - So Grimey on MUZU.

Buy on iTunes here

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wyld Bunch - Unstoppable - Prod. by Kyo Itachi (Free Download)

Wyld Bunch teams up with Kyo Itachi for his new single,DJ Djaz on the cuts,shit is heavy!

Lethal Dialect - Keep It Real (Official Video)

New video from Dublin MC Lethal Dialect,look out for LD50 Part 2 coming soon.
In the meantime check out LD50 Part 1 below.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Spider Jaroo - Who's that? (official video)

Disciple AKA Spider Jaroo drops his new video,song produced by Pro P.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lewis Parker - SHARK

Ya man with the golden sound is back with a new 12 The Puzzle episode 2 The Glass Ceiling. Shark is the usual SP dustyness you'd expect from Parker complete with cuts and that irrepressable delivery. Keep locked on King Underground for pre-orders of the new vinyl available in 2 forms one limited version on blue vinyl with a free EP poster and the other as standard black vinyl.

Ray Vendetta feat. Cyrus Malachi, Melanin 9 & Teknical Development - Whistle stop

Im not too familiar with Ray Vendetta Ive heard of him on a couple of features before but this is the 1st solo stuff Ive heard. Coming from the Chakra Sounds stable hes got some established support so expect more from him soon. With the addition of a top UK guestlist on this one track the forthcoming projects should good too. Cop Whistle Stop and Warp Speed Ahead for free through the above player.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

LordWillin and Swann - " Shark Attack"

Prod. by Fuso
from LordWillin & Swann's upcoming Ill Roc Records E.P.!

OMERTA ft Miss Emmy - Evol

A new banger from Omerta & Miss Emmy,be on the look out for Miss Emmys ep coming soon.

OMERTA Evol ft Miss Emmy by Miss Emmy