Thursday, 31 March 2011

Verb T - Self Ish EP

I mentioned in my review of Verb T's recent album (Verb T - Serious Games (Album Review)) that he is one of the country's most consistent and hard working. Well just a couple of months after the release of that solid album, he drops another EP. Whilst this is not going to go down as some of his best work (more Spaar Zoot than Serious Games), anything with Verb's name on it is worth a listen. The stand out tracks on this entirely self produced EP are probably the Fliptrix collaboration Break Out, and the closer Start Again, which is probably the one real glimpse of Verbs at his best here.

"Only a cunt would buy my shit" << If you say so... Have a listen below, and see if it's worth your 3 quid...

Dr Syntax - Fuck You Man (free download)

A new free track from Doc Synners, bringing the self deprecating, tongue-in-cheek style that he's known for.

"I'm from a scene that has died on its arse". Tough to argue really...

Dizraeli and the Small Gods - Million Miles (free download)

Here's a free download of the first single from Dizraeli and his new band, the Small Gods. Folk-hop vibes...

Big Cakes - My Soul (video)

Slightly bizarre video here from Big Cakes, who appears to be spitting from the operating table, as various surgeons cut him open, trying to find his soul. Good luck with that. The tune is dope though...

"I believe in the route of soul before paper"

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

DarkStar - Justified (Prod. by Noize Thievery) - First Son Records

DarkStar teams up with Noize Thievery and First Son Records to drop this banger that will be featured on the joint Noize Thievery/First Son Records ep

Tragic Allies - The basics Freestyle

Tragic Allies with a video from their Track of the Week mixtape.
Download the mixtape here

Sons Phonetic - Twelve Labours (Review)

Sons Phonetic formerly known as Correkt Minds of Waterford in Ireland recently dropped 12 Labours.
The first thing that hits when you listen is the production handled throughout by the one and only Mook and its a treat to hear such a cohesive project,every beat is quality and joined up by his  M.C. partners Sammy Dozens, Tommy Tyler , Mouse Hughes and Kav they prove theyre no crew to be taken lightly.
After the intro things kick off with Isolation featuring irish hiphop legend RiRa, they drop bars about "flatscreen televisions in the ice cream van in front  my weed sellin business".
Another highlight is "Renaissance" where Tommy Tyler and Mook trade bars proving Mook is a beast on the mic to.
Once you hear the ominous bassline of "Domino Effect" you'll be hooked and will agree with the sentiment "Fuck the mainstream,we dwell where these estuaries run" cos this is grimey hiphop at its best,SP arent looking to crossover just to put out hiphop the way it should be and as they state on "Danger Danger" this sums up their mindstate perfectly "Danger,danger the kids with the bars are back, Dusty loops,scuffed kicks and baggy parker jacks".
My personal favourite was "Hands of Time" over a crazy piano loop and a sweeping string sample the quotables keep coming "i keep my friends close, my enemies closer,so if you think you know me well then our friendship is over".
RiRa makes another appearance on "Rhyme Style Stencil" but hes the only guest on the album apart from some cuts by Jimmy Penguin proving you dont need big name features to make a sick album.
At 12 (Labours) songs long its just perfect as every song is top quality with the mix of deep beats and high level lyricism and was also mastered by the UK's Chemo.
SP are no joke.
For bookings contact
Buy the album here on itunes or CD
Become a fan here and contact them for collabs or whatever.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel here

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Cyrus Malachi - Ancient Future (Review)

If you've ever heard any project that Cyrus Malachi has been involved in previously, then you already have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Ancient Future. These expectations will be lived up to immediately by the opening track, Dark Skies. Over pounding drums and atmospheric keys, Cyrus and long time collaborator M9 deliver typically gritty bars, kicking the album off in fine style.

However, after this same vibe is persisted with, to diminishing impact over the next couple of tracks, you could be forgiven for thinking that this album was going to add little to what you've already heard from Triple Darkness, Orphans of Cush or even M9. But you'd be wrong. As befitting a debut solo album, Cyrus Malachi uses the opportunity to create some more personal tracks, providing much needed variety in topic and tone. One example of this would be Duality, a love song, whose lyrics might seem corny in other hands. However, with his raspy delivery, and the typically solid production, it works a treat:

"As time passes, we grow closer,
Let's take a ride on life's roller coaster,
And experience it as two halves of one whole,
You're my light, I'm your dark, we share one soul"

Personal experience is also tapped into on Kemetic Love, as he discusses his family and the exceptional Black Maria, an emotive description of his trial and incarceration. The Anatomy produced track is a clear album highlight, with arguably Cyrus' strongest lyrical performance to date:

"Goons getting battered with washsocks filled with batteries,
Blood staines on the pool table - unadulterated savagery,
Her Majesty's rhapsody, brothers getting shanked and left in agony,
Screws call the cleaners, who freeze dry the blood and sweep it up casually,
Fights breaking out sporadically, tension because no one's seen their family"

The emotion poured into this song is evident in the delivery, as he wraps up the track by saying "I'm never going back again". Other notable tracks include Brave New World, which paints a hellish picture of the future, the "Black Girl Lost" style cautionary tale of Black Maria, and Cyrus Malachi's version of the history of Hip-Hop "Animal Circus"

Are there any negatives then? Only that at 20 tracks long, it could maybe be a little more streamlined. In my opinion, the tracks which could have been left out were the US collaborations, although not necessarily because they are weak tracks, far from it in a couple of cases. Strangely, Cyrus Malachi always takes the last verse on these tracks, making him seem like an afterthought on his own album. On top of that, a few of the guest verses, notably Ruste Juxx's attack on "Ugg mug bitches", seem incongruous with the prevailing mood. That said, this album hits far more frequently than it misses, with heartfelt lyrics, and extremely solid, usually piano dominated, production.


Reggiimental - Winter Wonderland

Not really relevant at this time of year, I don't really feel like thinking about winter again...

Anyway, this is nice atmospheric track from Birmingham's Reggiimental, in which he breaks down the best and worst of that time of year.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Lewis Parker - Six Feet Deep in Dirt & Dust (Video)

Absolutely one of the best producers going, Lewis Parker looks like he is going to be dropping another LP shortly, entitled Dangerous Adventures. This is following hot on the heels of his Big Game LP and the International Summers collaboration with John Robinson. This doesn't sound like a complete track, as it comes to a pretty abrupt end after one verse, but it's definitely enough to whet the appetite for another LP album.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mike-L/Mikelmatic - Diggers Anthem Live

Mike-L or Mikelmatic performs 'Diggers Anthem' from his LP The Columbo Tip . Many producers and beat makers have videos of them in the lab piecing together there latest ''hit'' I havent seen anyone bulid an entire track in one take, in realtime and make it look like such a breeze. The song is Dope too. Shouts to MPC forums and Mike-L for sharing this incredible footage there.

GV Clik - Itolism ft. Sonnyjim (Official Video)

Track taken from the new Ep - Itolism from GV Clik available here

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Bill Shakes - Light It Up (Prod. Lee Scott)

Off Bill Shakes recent ep "For Goodness Shakes"


The first leak from Troop's forthcoming "Art.illery" EP, which will be released on First Son Records and features LordWillin' and Swann and production from Enlight,Studs Ramrod and more.

Sleaze & Sonny Jim - The Long Road (Video) & The Late Checkout Mixtape

Surely one of the country's hardest working, Sonnyjim returns with yet another video... This is a soulful laidback track that will feature on Sleaze and Sonny's Work In Mnemonics EP, which is "coming soon"...

If that's not enough, Donnie Propa has put together a 43 minute Sonnyjim mix, similar to the tapes he put together for Lee Ramsey and Cappo recently. You'll be sure to recognise some of the tracks, but probably not all...

And finally... If you haven't checkout out the Purple Patch EP yet, do so...

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Joker Starr - Whole (Produced by Wizard)

I really felt this needed to be posted. I heard it today on the Camberidge based radio show 'Rhyme Pad'. Its taken from Wizards newest offering 'That Work' and reminds me of why i love UK Hip Hop. The beat is nice and Joker Starr flows perfectly over it. Definatly a big tune.

Go cop Wizard - That Work for a mere £4.99 from Suspect Packages HERE

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

CunninLynguists - stream!!!

Im sure Ads got a review in the works so I wont delve too deep into analysis, safe to say CunninLynguists live up to the promise of there previous work. Astounding beats, emotional deliveries and vivid, visual content. Anyone that claims Hip Hop has no soul or isnt an artistic artform hasnt heard CunninLynguists, no other group can deliver such inspiring and affecting soundscapes. Dont Sleep on this you'll regret it

Mr Brown - Beats For Days

Now this is dope! A new instrumental EP from Mr. Brown, dropping on Headcount records. This is some smooth, soulful boom-bap to bop your head to. It's even dropping on vinyl. A throwback in more ways than one then...

Abi.D - The Piss Tape

Looking to capitalise off Scribe Tribes underatted first LP 'G-Strings and Socks' AbiD releases his self produced project The Piss Tape. Described by the man himself as ''not a mixtape and not a pisstake'' the pisstape contains 21 short tracks available for free download at Zram Records Soundcloud page [HERE] and their Bandcamp page [HERE]. As youd probly excpect with so many tracks theres a couple of clangers on there but most tracks bump; the prince, gold, money, life list, D walk, Dad, cant remember and smoking are all a perfect combination of crunchy drums, simple chops and creative wordplay. AbiD has some inspired rhymes and takes a leftfield approach to social observations and his own experiances he also has some fantasy and concept songs to add to the mix. Entertaining and stacks of imagination make this free d/l worth your time....dont sleep.

AbiD ThePissTape by ZramRecords

Monday, 21 March 2011

Cyrus Malachi - Native Son (video) & The Isis Papers 2 (free download)

Here's the first video from Cyrus Malachi's Ancient Future album that will drop on the 11th of April. If you've ever seen anything from Cyrus, Triple Darkness, M9, Orphans of Cush, etc previously, then you know full well what to expect. Black and white vid, thumping drums, and dark tales of society's ills. The album, by the way, is excellent, and is comfortably to best material that Cyrus Malachi has been involved with to date, so cop that when it drops. Full review soon come...

On top of this, he has dropped part 2 of his Isis Papers mixtape, to build anticipation for the album. I haven't checked this volume out yet, but I'm sure it'll be worth a listen, because:

1. Part 1 was decent,
2. The album is excellent,
3. It's free,

So get your DL on:


1) LDN Mentlity (Ft M9)
2)Scavengers Daughter (Ft Solar Black & Black prohet)
3) The Wars Of Gods And Men
4) The Colour Of Water (Ft RayVendetta & Tesla's Ghost)
5) Kamikaze (Ft Blasphemy & M9)
6) Redemption 2 (Ft neter roots & Crown Nectar)
7) 1000 Cut Torture 2 (Ft Tesla's Ghost)
8) Thugs Prayer Freestyle (Ft RayVendetta & Blasphemy)
9) Tiberian Sun (Ft VA, Blasphemy & black Prophet)
10) Abattoir (Ft M9)
11) Black Skin, White Mask
12) Snow Freestyle (Blaspemy solo)
13)Arsenic (Ft Solar Black & Black prophet)
14)Paradise Lost
15) Who Cried For The Little Boy

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Morning Starz/Tone Liv - Take The Cake (Directed By Mr. Farricker)

Morning Starz and Tone Liv team up for this banger.
Produced by Basement Unit of Germany.

Telemachus - Scarecrows feat. Roc Marciano (Video)

Telemachus, bka Chemo, will be dropping a 7" on YNR soon, and this track will be the A-side. NY underground veteran Roc Marciano is recruited to provide typically gritty verses, over the atmospheric production.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Oddisee - Different Now feat. Toine (Video & Free Download)

US underground production heavyweight drops a nice vid for this collaboration with Toine of DTMD, showing that he is nice on the mic as well. This is some grown man business, right here...

If you're feeling the tune, it's available for free download:

Nutso-Street Corner f. Panchi/Torae/Punchline (Dir. by Ali Charlemagne)

Lovin this! Nutso,Panchi,Torae and Punchline produced by one of the UK's finest Pete Cannon


40 Dash 1 from Providence,RI drops a free song in anticipation of his next project "Word is Bond" coming soon on First Son Records.
"I AM" produced by Kelakovski and with cuts from DJ 456,this song displays the lyrical skill that helped 40 win the Anno Domini Beats song contest 2 years ago beating the likes of Big Left and Outerspace.
Anyway download the song here and check the page for loads more free downloads

Chapter And Verse - Stanza & Dead Man Walkn (Free Download)

Been meaning to post this for a while.
M.C. Stanza and producer Dead Man Walkn dropped this free download recentlyb and it doesnt disappoint from the opener "On My Way" with its heavy beat,Stanza shows her lyrical skill and proves she can spit as good if not better than anyone around and the song its self is a statement of intent.
Up next is "Still Hope" and this is a real summer time,playing footy in the park type song if you get me.
Every song is a banger though,not to mention the appearances of UK Heavyweights Genesis Elijah,Wordsmiff and Terra Slim.
"Battleground" featuring Words and Terra is another stand-out track on a project full of them.
Also Genesis Elijah goes in on his verse on "First Blood"
I think we will definetely be hearing a lot more from the 2 of these in the future and look forward to it.


Apathy - East Coast Rapist

Apathy drops this self produced banger in anticipation of his album,Honkey Kong.
Become a fan here to keep up to date.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

M-Dot - More Doubters Over Thinking (REVIEW + FREE DOWNLOAD)

Yes M-Dot is back with another mixtape in his acronym series,this time its Making Doubters Over Think.
Featuring Appearances by: Scoop Deville, Jo Jo Pellegrino, Virtuoso, Big Shug (Gang Starr Foundation), King Magnetic (A.O.T.P), Trademarc (East Coast Avengers), Singapore Kane, N.B.S., Red Eye (The Closers), Gene Stovall, Bad Boy, Kid Frost, B.E.N.E.F.I.T, EMS and Production by: Scoop Deville, Snowgoons, DC the Midi Alien, White Shadow, Weirdo, DJ Doom, Explizit One, AleGory, Pauly Fingaz, Kenshin, Gajos, Ayden, DJ Aquatic, Rockstaar and more.
Hosted by DJ Stress (Fire Set Radio) & mixed by EMS Productions' own, DJ D-Rek.
Some of the highlights for me were "How can i pretend" produced by Rockstaar and "Little By Little" produced by Kenshin.
Also the White Shadow remix of "No Money Down" is worth checking.
DOWNLOAD HERE and see the tracklist below

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Verb T - Bounce With Me (Video)

Here's an (admittedly rather budget) vid for one of the highlights of Verb's Serious Games album that dropped at the end of last year. The outrageously smooth baseline of Bounce With Me features the vocals of Graziella, and the excellent production is courtesy of JJ Malone and Jon Phonics.

This is the 2nd video from Serious Games after Tearing The Sky Down, and apparently there are set to be another couple.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Dirty Dike - Constant Dikestar (Review)

This album has quite a lot to live up to. High Focus records were responsible for 2 of the best albums of last year, the most recent of which being the excellent debut set from Dike's partner in rhyme, Jam Baxter. Would this run of form extend to the Cambridge man's second solo LP?

The press release states that Dirty Dike is the nastiest rapper in the world. That's quite a claim, there are quite a few pretty fucked up MCs out there… On occasions, it even seems like proving this statement true is the primary objective. Average Wank Fam is a case in point. The concept behind the lyrics seems to be: think of entirely random, messed up stuff ("shag your rancid Nan with a shandy can"). All a little bit year 7, and not really the recipe for a strong track that you're going to bump on the regular. The chorus of Act Like A Freak is another attempt to make sure that we are all fully aware of his don't give a fuck attitude: "If you have an opinion, I'm glad that you see/Just how deep down I couldn't give a fuck/Cos I'm me", I guess that's just as well, really… The formula works rather better on a track like Hi I'm James, as Dike comes across somewhat more tongue in cheek, and less forced.

There is a well stocked guest list onboard. The ever consistent Skuff shows up on the autobiographical The Agitated:

"When I was born, I never did cry, I think I might have yawned,
Bright eyes, shining wide at all the sights before,
By the time they cut the cord, I was a handful,
And as soon as I could walk I was a vandal.
I hit the ground running, and by the time I was 8 or 9,
I'd spend my playtime stepping through my state of mind.
I was a strange brainy child, but a thoughtless kid,
Me and my mates were naughty shits, and teachers thought us thick.
The first time a mic was held, I was age 12,
I swear to God I raised hell, plus the angels fell.
I slay brain cells with weed, and my teenage life,
Was our curriculum, trying to slay our creative drive.
But I refuse to lose.
Cartoons, ill tunes and garms is all I wanted,
So that's all I did, and still do."

This track also sees one of the best beats on the album, as Mr Constant, who produced the whole thing, meshes some horns with a plodding baseline, to great effect. In fact, the production is very solid throughout, with Constant serving up mid-tempo, sample-based boom bap of good quality. The mixing is also of high quality, as all tracks sound smooth when dropping from the speakers or headphones, sadly not always a given with UK releases. The flute, and bass guitar of Morph Into Any Shape stand out as another highlight musically.

Other guests include a Contact Play reunion on What D'You Expect, where Baxter steals the show, and the immense posse cut, From The Future, that features no less than 8 guest verses. To their credit, the MCs manage to keep the track entertaining despite it being over 7 minutes long… This is part of a strong finish to the album, as the preceding track, the dark Never Seen A Reason is probably Dike's strongest, lyrical performance.

Overall, this album ends up being quite hit and miss. Clearly Dike is a capable rhymer, but would be better off avoiding slipping into self-parody, whilst attempting to prove he is "the world's filthiest rapper". Perhaps that character appeals to some, I don't know... The production stands out as the complete opposite of the vocals, solid throughout, occasionally managing to keep otherwise lackluster tracks interesting.


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Atmosphere - Just For Show (Video)

Atmosphere have now dropped a video for the track Just For Show, which was posted a couple of weeks back. This is the first single of their upcoming album The Family Sign, which drops in April.

The video is quite an original take on the song's subject matter...

Pharoahe Monch - Clap (One Day) (video)

Pharoahe Monch really pulls out all the stops for the first video from his W.A.R. album that drops in a couple of weeks. At over 10 minutes long, it is rather pretentiously called a 'short-film', but I'll let him get away with it as it's pretty dope, although the song itself is constantly being interrupted...

I believe that this track was produced by Australia's M-Phazes, who has worked with many UK artists recently.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

R.A. the Rugged Man - A Star Is Born (music video)

RA back with a hilarious video for a classic song

DFI 7 - Rawsoul Vs Jambo

The recent grudge match from the irish battle league featuring 2 well known rappers in the irish scene.
Subscribe to the DFI channel here

Monday, 7 March 2011

Troop Raw - " Kick It Live" (Free Download)

check out the free Troop Raw promo track " Kick It Live" produced by Studs Ramrod. Download it here for free

Troop Raw's debut E.P. " art.Illery" will be droppin soon on First Son Records!


Merk Ya Man ft. Tha Soloist, Klive Kraven, La Dog & LT. Mana

UK producer Billy Whizz recently dropped this banger with a fine line up of some of the most vicious lyricists on the underground at the moment.
This is the first taste of Billy's production album "UniVersatile" and shows off his unique style of production.
Keep up to date with Billy Whizz here or to enquire abourt beats and check the music here

Enlish - Come On (Prod. Wizard) Free Download

Hailing from about as south of the UK as you can get before dropping off of Land's End (literally), Enlish (AKA Big Dave) left the shores of Cornwall for the shores of Brighton after smashing up the local Hip Hop scene after six or so years of killing shows on the circuit as both an MC and a DJ. 5 years in Brighton, 3 mixtapes, an EP (all received to critical acclaim), numerous guest appearances with the likes of his crew - mates Dr Syntax & Stig Of The Dump on their debut albums and a trip around the world later, Enlish is finally ready to drop his debut single 'Arrogance Is Bliss' on F.U. Music. Produced by Ido and featuring Sean Price (Boot Camp Click), Stig Of The Dump (Lewis Recordings/F.U. Music) and DJ Manipulate (Nausecorps/G.O.D.) on the cuts, the song does exactly what it says on the tin. The imminent release of this single will be quickly followed up with not one, but two LPs dropping simultaneously, 'Cold Lazarus' and 'Rap Ain't Real, My Life Is Real'.

Having been recognised initially for his quick wit, comedic raps and freestyle ability that has seen him blaze trails through opponents in rhyme battles since 1999 right up to the present day, plus a natural charisma that has resulted in his hosting many renowned and successful Hip Hop nights, it was simply a matter of time before Enlish made the transition from live performance and battling to the release of a full length, original project. Having shared stages with many luminaries from the world of Hip Hop, beginning at the age of 15 with Cutmaster Swift, the list includes names such as Jehst, Rodney P & Skitz, Taskforce, Phi Life Cypher, Klashnekoff, Foreign Beggars, Tim Westwood, DJ Format, DJ Yoda, People Under The Stairs, Akil (Jurassic 5), Supernatural, Guru (Gangstarr, RIP), Raekwon (Wu Tang Clan), Inspectah Deck (Wu Tang Clan) and The Clipse to name but a few.

More recently you may have seen or heard of him tearing shows up and down the country as a proud member of TEAM HATE, acting as hype man for Stig Of The Dump with DJ Manipulate controlling things behind the decks.

Now, however, is the time for Enlish's music to speak for itself. Both LPs still retain the comedic essence, hard hitting punchlines and braggadocios, substance abusing capers that dedicated listeners already know and love, but with an added twist, with certain tracks showcasing Enlish's deeper, more reflective and introspective views on life.

Also known for writing a popular blog that is gaining new followers day by day, you can keep up to date on all of Enlish's comings and goings, opinions, hangovers, fashion tips, drunken anecdotes and of course music by visiting For all previous releases, available for free download or preview, please visit

'Arrogance Is Bliss, followed by 'Cold Lazarus' and 'Rap Ain't Real, My Life Is Real' will be available very soon on F.U. Music. Please contact for any further information.

Listen and download here

Heaven Razah feat. Gage - God's Gift produced by Shroom

Brand new banger from Heaven Razah featuring Gage of Click Animosity stream it here

Beyond The Interface Vol​.​1 by Noize Thievery (Free Download)

Belfast producer Noize Thievery drops a new project full of his trademark bangers and featuring himself on mic duties.
With soulful samples and hard drums this is one for the real heads,my personal favourite had to be Divided Kingdom with its soaring strings.
Its a free download from his bandcamp page and hard copies are available from the man himself for £5.
Mixed and mastered by hiphop production heavyweight Chemo, its obvious we'll be hearing more from Noize Thievery including production on Cyrus Malachi's up coming album.
Download here 
Contact Noize Thievery here to purchase beats etc.
And become a fan here

Tom Caruana - Okayplayer The Bollywood Remake (free download)

Even more freeness from Tom Caruana, and this is probably the best of the lot. Only Bollywood samples are used as he remixes a whole bunch of classics:

As if all of that wasn't enough, there is also a "Deleted Scenes" release, which features another 20 odd remixes that didn't make the cut, including tracks like Lupe's Kick Push, and The Roots' Get Busy. Aaaaaand, the instrumentals are available as well. And it's free. Can't say fairer than that.

If you are thinking that this sounds a bit gimicky, and you're not going to bother, think again. TC is nice with the beats, and this isn't some cheap-as-chips blends mash-up. Download here:

While you're at it, download his recent 5 part remix series, Rough Versions as well:

Sonny Jim - The Purple Patch (Part 4) & The Purple Patch EP

Sonny Jim drops the final instalment of his Purple Patch series. You should know the deal by now, no hook straight rhyming. This time Jim goes in over Apatight's headnodder for 4 and a half minutes.

All 4 parts are now available to download from Jim's bandcamp page. Slightly pointlessly, the release contains dirty and clean versions of the 4 tracks. I'd thought that the instrumentals were going to be included, but apparently not... Anyway, this is dope, several hundered bars (probably), 4 banging beats, go cop...

Left Step Band

Left Step Band - Leave It by Nikolai Jones

London group Left Step Band are readying themeselves for a big promo push this year that will hopefully earn them some mainstream success and critical acclaim. The group consists of Producer Nikolai, MC Eff le Ref, Bassist Zac and DJ Dev who is also Radio 1's early morning DJ. Drawing from years of experiance and a left field approach to the typical hip hop formula LSB deliver a sound unlike anything youve heard before; soulfull hooks collide with ska riffs and hood vernaculer. LSB have a couple of tracks on their soundcloud you can visit them HERE and some videos on their youtube channel HERE capturing the groups eclectic sounds and boisterous live performance. While I have little news on the bands forthcoming releases you can get a good idea of what to expect from the promising quartet. You can buy there digital EP 'Rebels Of The Frontline' from itunes, Amazon and many other digital retailers.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Pharoahe Monch - Black Hand Side feat. Styles P & Phonte (audio)

Smoothed out track taken from Monch's highly anticipated W.A.R. album, that is dropping soon. This is produced by Mike Loe, and features a verse from Styles P, but sadly just a hook from Phonte, has he given up spitting completely these days?

I was underwhelmed by Monch's last album, and felt it wasn't really worth all the pushbacks, and pre-release hype. This is an early indication that he is hopefully about to set the record straight.

Pharoahe Monch "Black Hand Side" feat. Styles P & Phonte' by duckdown

BVA MC - EP, out now.

BVA MC of the Three Amigos has dropped his debut solo EP, imaginatively titled "EP"... All bar one track is produced by Naive, who leaves lots of crackle in some of the samples. Both the download, and CD versions are now available for a fiver.

Wretch 32 - Unorthodox (video)

The Stone Roses sample on this track is near on guaranteed to get stuck in your head, with the hook not too far behind... No doubt this was made with airplay in mind, but that doesn't have to mean a tune can't be enjoyable.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tenchoo vs Big Kannon Dont Flop BITW 4

watch this battle.....its dope. More of Blood In The Water part 4 coming the trailer HERE for more clips.

Cons - Pain And Misery

New track here from 'The Colony' member Conspicuous The Coroner who now goes under the name 'Cons'.

The track is called Pain and Misery and is taken from his up coming 3rd EP called 'June Bug' set to be released June 6.

I'm feeling this one a lot. The beat is very nice and Cons drops intelligent grown man bars. Big shout to Shears on production.

Big K.R.I.T. - Dreamin (free download)

First single from Big K.R.I.T.'s upcoming album. Many in the know have suggested that the Mississippi native is 'the next big thing' from the other side of the pond. Definitely not the ignorant southern MC of stereotype, K.R.I.T. is nice with the beats and rhymes, and this track is as smooth as they come.