Saturday, 27 February 2010

'Dream Coat' - Fliptrix (video)

'Kill 'Em Wit The Flow' ft. Klashnekoff & P-Money - Skandal

Friday, 26 February 2010

Crackhouse 10 Year Anniversary Party

'The Delivery Mixtape' - Sway (free download)

Get it now over at!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Jay Electronica & Chima Anya Live in Oxford

I've just been taking it upon myself to check out Jay Electronica. I've been ignoring him on account of his wack MC name but he's to be ignored no longer. He's doing a show, as you can see, with rising UK star Chima Anya in Oxford on Sunday night - it'll be a live one. Get your tickets here now.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Chester P - DJGONE.TV Special

Whooof! Chester P gets deep and less tripped out than usual on this dope freestyle for DJ Gone.

'The Delivery Mixtape' - Sway coming soon!

Sway's 'The Delivery Mixtape' will be available soon for free at his blog/website. Check the vid above for the preview.

'Frazier Ali' - Joker Starr (review)

Frazier. Ali. The question is, is this The Fight Of The Century, The Thrilla In Manila or just the boring bout they had in between? Well, 'Frazier Ali' as EP is definitely not that interim fight - Joker's strangely roughshod delivery brings a smile to the face and his adherence to Daniel Niles' classically styled Hip Hop instrumentals is welcomed by this reviewer. The vocal clips from the two heavyweights tie things together nicely and Joker's addictive freestyle-like flows make this a must. Dark Angel's input is not to be sniffed at either - he and Starr bounce of one another playfully. Get it from itunes or for next to nothing.

'Deadly Wintaz' - Tranqill (video & free download)

As previously heard on the YNR 'Feeding Time At The Zoo' compilation (and if you haven't bought that yet - money well spent, buy it here): Tranqill's 'Deadly Wintaz'; the official video.

It's taken from 'The Hidden Treasure EP' which isn't officially out until 15 March but you can check it now via his Bandcamp page and download 'Deadly Wintaz' for free. £2 gets you all tracks and instrumentals including a Paul White remix. If you missed the very limited white label with Tranqill - Payroll (Paul White's Clean Dub) b/w Bullion - Funnybones, then you can check both vocal and instrumental versions.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

'Civil Unrest EP' - Genesis Elijah & Beezwax (review)

EPs might be the way forward - a bite size slice of music for your lunch break. Genesis Elijah and Beezwax bring a perfect snack for Hip Hop heads with their 'Civil Unrest' EP. On a Hip Hop base Beezwax lays down toppings of Dub, Reggae and Grime with mainly synth-based flavours. Each track has something in common with another making this a nice, cohesive package.

Lyrically and stylistically Genesis Elijah has matured greatly since some of his earlier material with tighter flows and a real sense of rhyme construction. With a political agenda this MC has something to say beyond the usual claptrap rap that we're used to and using traditional Reggae language and original concepts (especially 'Bellyfull') he makes this release a winner. Buy it now at itunes.

Joy Orbison, Floating Points, Eliphino, Coki @ The Faversham, Leeds

This Friday, 26th February get down to The Faversham in Leeds for New Bohemia featuring Joy Orbison. Be there at 10.00PM and stay 'til 3.00AM all for only £8 ADVANCE. It's the debut Leeds appearance from man of the moment Joy Orbison who's been selected in the BBC Sounds of 2010 poll as one of the most promising acts to look forward to in 2010. His sound is a lovingly-crafted late-night evolution of house and UK garage, with soft bass, hypnotic home-made percussion and distant chopped-up vocals. Also on the bill are Coki (DMZ), Floating Points, Brackles, P45 and Eliphino. In the other room there will be The Bash Out Presents... Ashburner & Goli b2b, Mike Freear (Alphadrive) and Loz Contreras.

Come down and say hello - I'll be the one trying to work out how to dance to all this new fangledness.

'The Cornerstone EP' - Crucifix & The Krate Krusaders (review)

If you're a Certified Banger regular then you'll know of The Krate Krusaders and their excellent production. If you aren't and you don't, check out this release because it showcases their sound and style perfectly. Crucifix drops the kind of rhymes that are best described as poetic; displaying intelligence with the ability to uplift without a cliché in sight.

'The Majestic' featuring Vex is the only track that is out of place on this release... and its mainly Vex's "old getting stabbed in the head" rhymes that makes this the case - I'll be skipping that one despite its dope beat. 'Restorations' menacing synths are coupled with a heartfelt sung vocal sample - a strange marriage but a beautiful one. A great EP from the UK Hip Hop scene - get to know. Buy it at Amazon or itunes.

'No Fire Without Smoke' ft. SkinnyMan & Thr3

Those of you who remember DJ Moodie's 'Construction Skills' mixtape will welcome his return. The fact that he's returning with SkinnyMan makes this absolutely essential. The track is taken from the forthcoming LP 'Built From Scratch' which will also feature Lee Scratch Perry, Roots Manuva, Task Force, Graziella, Foreign Beggars, Plan B, Inja and Skrein. 'No Fire Without Smoke will be out on March 22nd on Our Time Records.

Salomon Freeski

Monday, 22 February 2010

'Not Like You' ft. Farma G & Black The Ripper - Charlie Sloth (video)

Track taken from the 'Black Book' CD which is available for free download from 1st March 2010 from WWW.CHARLIESLOTH.COM.

'Half Past Calm 2' - Jon Phonics Coming Soon!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Mystro & Golden Mic Challenge Live In Leeds

The Golden Mic Challenge, a successful event last year, consists of a total of 8 MCs who battle it out to be on top. There can only be one winner so we present you with a total of 3 intense club nights. Round one takes place on the 13th of March with a special guest named Mystro.

'Cuttin It Fine' - DJ Roast (Out Soon)

Be sure to head back here for a review and more news on 'On The Radar' artist DJ Roast's forthcoming LP. Head over to Disorda's blog to hear the first track from the album 'Cuttin it Fine' featuring Teef, Nemesis, Triggs Vega & Arrogance(and to download it) and check out 'On The Radar Vol. 5' for his track 'Trading Darts' with Cyrus Malachi.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Gen Interview

"I’d do a track with Alexandra Burke, she’s soulful enough to get a good track out of me."

Certified Banger: Whatup Gen – this has been a long time coming – apologies for that!

GEN: I know man everyone’s making moves though, ennit?!

CB: You’re as yet, relatively unknown on the scene – introduce us to yourself and give us all that us Hip Hop heads need to know:

GEN: My names Gen, or Gen Uchiha. Born in Huddersfield, Raised in Wolverhampton, I’m a Hip Hop Poet, and Artist/Animator. I’m into anything everyone isn’t.

CB: Why the name Gen?

GEN: Got the name when I’d taken a break from recording music and thought it was time to reconstruct myself. As I was doing it I was reading about meanings for Japanese different words and different symbols and came across “Gen” which is “Foundation” like a beginning for many different words and meanings.

Read on here.

Monday, 15 February 2010

'The Rest Of...' - Mystro & DJ Ames (free download)

New Mystro mixtape from the good man himself and big-in-the-mixtape-game DJ Ames - 'The Rest Of Mystro'. The mix features some real classics such as 'The Word's Out' featuring Skinnyman and Jargon - named in HHC in their top 100 UK Hip Hop tracks. It also features collaborations from the Yes King album and some of his Australian connections. For a guaranteed quality listen get this downloaded for yourself.

Support the man by buying his 'F.D.T.' EP from itunes and look forward to his debut LP 'Mystrogen' coming soon!

'F64' - Mystro Freestyle

Saturday, 13 February 2010

‘Is Wot It Is… But It Ain’t Wot It Woz’ - Dubbledge Coming Soon (free downloads)

‘Is Wot It Is… But It Ain’t Wot It Woz’ - the forthcoming album from Dubbledge. 'The Trilogy' (produced by DJ IQ) and 'Choices Choices' (produced by GhosTTown) - tracks from said album. Snaffle them up for free - they're the clean versions but I'm sure you'll get the picture. The video below also features 'Don't Get Involved' (produced by Formula):

'Theory of Rhyme' - Fliptrix (free downloads)

Look out for Fliptrix's second album 'Theory Of Rhyme' because it's coming soon and it's jam packed with quality beats and more rhymes than you could shake a long, long barge pole at. The kind folks over at Grindstone Promo have uploaded a lovely selection of clean edits of tracks from the release. There's opener 'Monday To Sunday' (produced by Runone), Chemo produced 'Madness' featuring the one and only Kashmere, 'My Soul' (produced by 184), 'Get Involved' produced and featuring the mighty Jehst and 'You'll Never Change (produced by Runone and Toots Brown). There's also a Jon Phonics remix.

With all those freebies it'd be rude not to buy a copy when it drops on 22nd March on High Focus Records.

30 Tonne Slug's New Website

Check out 30 Tonne Slug's new website. Having been lauded by myself, Disorda at Suspect Packages and now Basement Sessions and Hip Hop Hype Dog it's about time that you sat up and took notice. The label's two groups are Verbal Contact and Alphabetix - two quality crews from Leeds. If you missed them, then why not check out the reviews of their EPs - Verbal Contact's 'Literary Vices' and Alphabetix's 'Alphabetix Anonymous'. Once you've read them and realised how good they are head over to to buy the releases in their own shop and to read more about them. Quality Hip Hop.

If you want to hear both crews head to head then check out the track 'Slug Life' on the Headspace Mixtape from Hip Hop Hype Dog and Basement Sessions.

'Headspace Mixtape' - VA (free download)

Download the 32 track mixtape for FREE here:

part 1 of 2
part 2 of 2:

The Headspace mixtape series is a collaboration of minds between the Basement Sessions podcasts and online Hip Hop community and the Hip Hop Hype Dog blog alongside UK Hip Hop Mixtapes. The idea of Headspace was to create a project that mixes well known names with up and coming talent. All of the artists involved represent the positive and united UK Hip Hop scene that both Basement Sessions and Hype Dog are working towards.

In addition, the mixtape was also created to celebrate one year of the Basement Sessions podcasts. the first show being an interview with London based Dj Venom on the 5th February 2009. So one year on, February 2010 sees the show going from strength to strength, with incredible collaborations building all the time, most importantly with Hip Hop Hype Dog, one of the most important UK Hip Hop blogs to date.

Basement Sessions and Hype Dog are also lucky enough to be supported by Soap Box, a unique and incredibly talented design team and clothing company based in Birmingham, UK. All of the artwork for Headspace are designed courtesy of Soap Box. Please be sure to check them out and look out for future collaborations and new clothing lines coming in 2010.


01. JVF Clique – Headspace Intro
02. K.I.N.E.T.I.K. – It Ain’t Hard To See f. Jamieson
03. Asaviour & IQ – No Days Off f. Sir Smurf Lil (Akira Kiteshi Remix) (Headspace Exclusive)
04. Fallacy – Rap folly 2 f.Aggi Dukes
05. Lowkey – I’m Back (Dyson Remix)
06. Stig Of The Dump – Braindead f. RA The Rugged Man (Jehst Remix)
07. Skandal – Gluttony (Headspace Exclusive)
08. d.C. & Pennjamin- Fast Cars (Headspace Exclusive) DONE
09. Ben Black of The Delusionists – Supa Lyrical Excursion pt.2
10. Remus – Brap Brap f. Farma G
11. Brotherman & DJ Flipz – Born in the Ghetto
12. Yarah Bravo – Freedom Fighters
13. DJ IQ & Joker Starr – Sunshine
14. Oliver Sudden – C.C. for Life (Headspace Exclusive)
15. Tactical Thinking f. 3 Amigos, Jay Madden & Mic Dyson – Stampede (Lord Balrog Remix) (Headspace Exclusive)
16. Norrin Radd – Do You Understand f. Booda French (Mixed by Cross Bone T)
17. Juice Aleem – Hologram (Si Beggs Lost In The Hologram Mix) (Headspace Exclusive)
18. Obba Supa – Wet Dreams Over Nightmares (Headspace Exclusive)
19. Alphabetix – Slug Life f. Verbal Contact (Produced by Fidgit, mixed by Vice) (Headspace Exclusive)
20. Prose – Go On… (Headspace Exclusive)
21. JVF Clique – Flow Nutters (Headspace Exclusive)
22. Figment – Floor By Floor
23. Ty – Don’t Cry (Headspace Exclusive)
24. London Zoo – Piece of Mind (Jed Mix) (Headspace Exclusive)
25. Jack Flash – Harass The City (Headspace Exclusive)
26. Chima Anya – KOS (remix) (Cuts by DJ Slipdisc) (Headspace Exclusive)
27. Redbeard – Sick On My Jumpa f. Sonny Jim & Kosyne (Wizard Remix) (Headspace Exclusive)
28. Blacksmith & Jagos – Edge of Breakthrough (Headspace Exclusive)
29. Mystro – Maintain (Produced by Earth Hip Hop)
30. Genesis Elijah – I’m Doin It
30. Skuff & Inja – Sunnicide
31. Just Muz – Soulful Stuff

Ty Making 'Emotions' On MPC3000

Here's Ty creating the beat to his forthcoming single 'Emotions'. Someone has uploaded the track to youtube:

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

'Something Wonderful' - Lowkey (video)

The new single 'Something Wonderful' taken from Lowkey's forthcoming album 'Soundtrack To The Struggle'. This will be available for purchase from iTunes and Amazon from Monday the 1st of March onwards. Lowkey leaves the politicking alone with this one and raps about women and his mum - just in time for Mother's Day. If you want some more mother-respecting, then Lowkey's mate Stylah has his 'Gaberlunzie' project available for free download. Don't ask me what the whole concept is but he does mention his ma a few times on there.

'Diamond Shining' - Diamond Ruff (video)

Nice video here from Petersborough repper and rapper Diamond Ruff. 'Diamond Shining' is produced by Slademan. The track is fairly laid back despite the battle-ish lyrics - a strange combination but it works... just about.

'Psychological Warfare' - Cappo (free download)

A free from track from Cappo: 'Psychological Warfare'. Check this legendary Notts MC coming like an un-offensive British Wu-Tang member - I can get with this. Produced by Cappo himself.

'Cupid's Nest' - Chima Anya (video)

Chima Anya says "With Valentines day fast approaching, I reflect upon what it means to fall in love in the 21st century. Taken from my upcoming 'New Day' Album."

Monday, 1 February 2010

Diversion Tactics Interview

"We make hip hop, it’s not local and the drums smack."

If you hadn't heard, Diversion Tactics are back with their album 'Careful on the Way Up'. Zygote, Jazz T and Chubby took time to answer my questions about the LP, the label and life:

Certified Banger: Whasup? Let’s begin with introductions: Who are you all and what part do you play in the Diversion Tactics machine?

Chubby: Frontman. Emcee. Recovering alcoholic.

Jazz T: Deejay. Producer. Promoter

Zygote: Producer, Engineer, Deejay

CB: Tell us about your new album. How would you compare it to your first album? What did you want to achieve with this release?

Jazz T: We toured hard off the first album so it was time to drop the new ish. Some of the tracks were performed live over the years anyway. As me and Zy had done our solo projects we all wanted to create another D.T. classic.

Chubby: It's a testament to keep doing your thing, making music your way and staying true to the culture. A little nudge to those that were full of it and ahead of themselves when we came up and ain't about no more. We got to remind people we still here in spite of all the Boot releases from the last eight years. We grown up. The music grown up. And still we proceed.

Zygote: The first album was sort of 15 years in the making; it was a lot of stuff we had to get off our chests. The new album has hints of the style of the first but also hints of maybe where we are going as well as where we are from.

Click here to read the rest