Thursday, 8 December 2011

Rhyme Pad Radio 2nd Birthday

Rhyme Pad radio recently celebrated their 2nd birthday and went in with a classic rap cypher. Its been a while since I've tuned in to a radio show and heard so many MCs spitting back to back and spitting so strong. This is defiantly not one to miss out on. Featuring MCs such as the Delegates of Culture (Skuff, Inja, Stakka, Bee109), TSK, Jimmy Danger, Danny Life, Simbad fresh and KD as well as many more.

Rhymepad 2nd birthday show by Rhyme Pad Radio

Make sure you tune in to Rhyme Pad Radio every friday from 9-11 on Cambridge 105fm - or catch up via the soundcloud page weekly.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

LATE Featuring Cuts by Jabba Tha Kut - Enter The Sector - (Produced By T...

3 UK Legends on this one,free download here

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

KRAZY, NOODLEZ & DRILLZ - The Illest (Produced By Beat Butcha)

Some more Heavy Hip Hop coming outta Bristol, from these guys who are friend's of Split Prophets.

Loving this track. Support the guys

krazy noodlez and drillz's new track filmed at the bristol zombie walk - filmed by sumo records and the track is produced by the one and only beat butcha.

Conscious Route & Werd - Nowadays E.P. (Free Download)

Conscious Route is a rapper, poet and singer-songwriter. Born in London, he grew up in Herefordshire near Cambridge before more moving to Edinburgh, where he is now based. Creating a wind range of music, whilst bringing raw energy to many stages throughout the UK, you cannot set Conscious in one category. His talents find fans in many genres of music.

Werd is one of Scotland’s most well known hip hop acts, respected throughout the local scene and also pushing towards bigger things with his high work rate and passion for new music in Scotland. Winner of Urban Recording of the year 2011 and owner of Sons of Scotland publishing located in Edinburgh. Werd lives and breathes for making music, his debut album is expected early 2012.

Intertwining rhymes and beats, we bring you the ‘Nowadays EP’ released via Sons of Scotland (SOS) and Conscious Collaboration Front (CCF) on 6th December 2011. Promotional Use Only. Production from Kieran Michael Wishart, Sea Bass, Stephen Moir + More. Features from Wardie Burns, Jordan Butler and Deeko.


Split Prophets - Graff Tip (Music Video)

Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Roots - Make My video and Undun blurb

The Roots drop their 13th studio album tomorrow. Undun is a concept album taking inspiration from a Sufjan Stevens track and charting the deteration and eventual destruction of a young mans life. That might sound like a typical hip-hop subject but the story plays out in reverse begining with our protagonist one ''Redford Stevens'' death, rewinding the downward spiral that lead to his  There are 4 short videos featuring songs from the album Sleep is the earliest in the tracklist Make My follows with Stomp and Tip the Scale nearing the close of the album and the start of the journey. You can stream the whole album [HERE] and buy it from your usual MP3 and CD stockists and follow the blueness to see more..

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Ms Tempz - Silent Storm free mixtape

1st lady of da ville and Nottz legend Tempz dropped another  free project [SILENT STORM] to end the a successfull year thats seen her release a series of quality videos, a popular radio slot, a feature on charlie sloths ''fire in the booth'' and live performances including supporting the man with the master plan and many heads GOAT Rakim. Silent Storm has a blend of genres including Dubstep, DnB and Hip-Hop. For me Tempz shines brightest in her comfort zone tearin up bangers from Premo and Kanye West while ''In the mix'' shows off her range and a couple of snippets off her EP provide some anticipation for her next proper lp hopefully arriving sometime next year.

Troop Raw - art.Illery ep - Free Download

Troop Raw and First Son Records have just made free this recent e.p.  to celebrate Troops release from prison.
Featuring LordWillin and Swann this is hardcore hip hop at its finest.
Recieving radio play from Newcastle to Denver and on to Canada this is one for the heads.

Get it on the player below.

Legit feat. Arielle - A Nigger in Northface

Got put on to this video over at MPC forums (shout to polt). Legit comes with some provocative bars   attacking the inherent racism some people just cant let go of. Approaching the subject from a new or relatively unheard angle and accompanied by a well shot video Legit gives you at least one good reason to check out his  mixtape ''Colouring Outside the Lines'' also have a look at the videos director young wonders channel for some more hi def visual dope. Find the free mixtape HERE also check out Legits website  for loads more news, music and links.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Assa - Everyday User

'Everyday User' is the debut solo release from Tactical Thinking and Primitive Form's wordsmith Assa. This long awaited album features some of the U.K's finest rappers with performances from Deadline, Derogatory, Jim Raygun, Jay Madden, Tenchoo, Lego, Leaf Dog, B.V.A and Foola. The album is held together with precise mixing and perfect production from Pete Cannon and 3 Amigos' Naive.

Assa is a born emcee with the ability to flow effortlessly over any beat. 'Showdown' featuring Foola shows he is one of the best double time rappers around at the minute, I find it hard to even find a syllable out of time. Just when I was thinking that he could rhyme fast Assa then decides to step it up a gear with what I can only describe as quadruple time spitting on 'What Do They See' featuring Derogatory and Deadline.

Don't get me wrong Assa isn't a one trick pony just rhyming double time for the sake of it. Assa demonstrates his story telling abilities and comical side on 'Super Hero'. An Eminem style story about the adventures of an ill equipped super hero.

The album also consist of a lot of hard hitting battle tracks from 'Trick Or Treat' featuring Jay Madden to 'The Firm' an 8 bar pass posse cut featuring Jim Raygun, Deadline, Derogatory, Jay Madden, Lego and Tenchoo. The track '32 Bars' his debut music video is Assa's best display of raw lyricism. This can be viewed below.

32 Bars Video

'Everyday User' is a well accomplished debut project with production that keeps your head nodding from start to finish. My only qualms with 'Everyday User' are that some of the concepts and lyrical content are a bit generic and overused throughout the album. I would like to hear a few personal from the heart tracks by Assa as I believe he has alot more to give. The lack of solo tracks on the album is disappointing as on most of the tracks he is the stand out emcee.

Overall a great album which I think is only just a sign of more things to come for this extremely gifted emcee.

Stand out track 'My Boss' produced by Naive featuring Leaf Dog. Leaf Dog steals the show.

OUT NOW and available to download from

Subscribe to Assa T.V

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Mog & ZA - Bonded In Bombs EP

Bonded in Bonds is the uncompromising new release that promises to take Scottish hip-hop to a new plateau.  The unique collaboration pits Mog’s Glaswegian story-telling rhymes against the genre-hopping soundscape of Edinburgh’s Zambian Astronaut.

Kicking off with the dull, throbbing beats of ‘Ze Money’, Bonded In Bombs is a six-track tour de force that shows why Scottish hip-hop is one of the last bastions of free expression.  The accents might be regional, but the music and the message refuse to be constrained by manmade frontiers: love, alienation and red machetes are universal themes.

Mog scatters lyrics like paint on a Jackson Pollock, spattering tracks with the sort of imagery that would keep war veterans up at night.  Along the way, the Mog-ZA juggernaut stops briefly to pick up Becca Starr and Adam Holmes to provide consonant vocals on ‘No, No, No’.  Becca Starr also appears on ‘Straight From The Soul’, while Nostal guests on the disturbing ‘Whatever, Fuck You’.  Edinburgh is also represented on the EP by Werd, who provides bars on the Skip James-indebted ‘Killin Floor’.

Bonded In Bombs is defined by hypnotic beats, effortless lyricism and a smattering of naggingly-insistent hooks that counterbalance the EP’s more psychotic moments.

Lead single ‘Ze Money’ is accompanied by a gritty, film noir video that will leave the viewer sleeping with the lights on and the curtains drawn.

The EP can be downloaded on Amazon or Itunes

Or Streamed via Bandcamp

Check Zambian Astronaut's website out too -

The White Shadow Of Norway - Conspiracy Of Silence(Vinnie Paz, Genoc...

What a banger! Taken from The White Shadow's new album Savage which along with Vinnie Paz also features Chino XL, Celph Titled, Masta Ace, Edo G, Ruste Juxx, Sha Stimuli and many more.
With White Shadows excellent production throughout this is one for the people who think Hip Hop has gone soft.
White Shadow gathers a mixture of upcoming emcees and legends together for this project.
Check the track with Masta Ace, Edo G and more below.



Sunday, 27 November 2011


Friday, 25 November 2011


Caxton Press are set to smash things judging by this video,Global Faction on the visuals.

Telemachus feat. Jehst - The Sheltering Sky

Telemachus (chemo) releases a new 12" featuring Jehst through Kilamanjaro. With visuals looking like someone left the Discovery Channel on mute youd be more than a little confused if it wasnt for Jehst vivid imagery. The track kind of reminded me of Lewis Parkers Masquerades album but as youd expect the beats got big bass and eclectic percussion sounds. I saw Jehst last night in Southampton with Kwake, Louis slipperz, Jazz T and Parky the set was amazing he dropped a couple old tracks and most of good tracks from Dragon... if hes touring in your area get down there, it was probly the best gig I been to this year

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sonnyjim - Tall Poppy Syndrome (video)

Is Sonnyjim the UK's hardest working? I know I've given that title to Verb T in the past, but Jim is pretty relentless with his releases these days... Fresh on the heels of The Psychonaut remix project is the Tall Poppy Syndrome EP, which drops on the 25/11. Here is a video to the title track from that release. It's on a zoned out vibe, with a slurrier delivery than you'd usually hear from Jim, but as ever, his verses are always worth at least a couple of spins.

"Rappers nowadays? No penmanship. You liked how I kept it real? Don't mention it."

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Reveal - The Lost Tapes Vol. 1 Poison & Other Toxins (free download)

Now listening to this took me back a few years... Back when I was 16, Double P were pretty much the dopest thing imaginable, and I was always disappointed that the group disbanded before their huge potential was anywhere near being fulfilled.

Here, Reveal does his bit for memory lane by dropping a 28 track (!!) lost tapes project. Many of these tunes have been released before, so you may recognise a fair amount of the material here. That said, there is still quite a lot of material that is new to me, and I was a pretty avid PP fan.

I will freely admit that some of the old tracks don't sound quite as good now as they did in GCSE days, but the amount of talent that was in the group is undeniable. Apparently Reveal has new material on the way, which I will definitely be checking for, but in the meantime get clued up on some Poisonous Poets history...

Reveal : Lost Tapes Vol.1 : Poison and Other Toxins by RevealPoison

Yungun - Jack The World (free download)

At long last, some new material from Mr YG. This mixtape has been a long time coming, as he's been mentioning it, on and off, for about the last 4 years. He describes this as unreleased material, with a few tasters of things to come. Plenty of niceness on here, Time To Rearrange in particular is classic Yungun, especially for a freebie. The format is pretty original as well. Structured as an old style cassette tape, each 'side' is a distinct mix from long time collaborator Mr. Thing.

At the end, he even mentions that his long, long awaited album 'The Middle Man' is still 'coming soon'... So maybe that too will see the light of day at some point...

J-Live - The Authentic (video)

All 3 J-Lives (MC, Producer & DJ) feature in this new video for the Marco Polo produced track, The Authentic. I've not yet got round to checking his latest album, S.P.T.A, and I will need to rectify this situation soon...

Demigodaz Is Back!

I know you been missin them Demigodz dry your little peepers babies cos the DGZ collective is back. The most prolific and longest standing members Apathy and Celph Titled call on regular collaborator Ryu and roll heat over a dope flip of the Rocky theme (courtesy of Ap) on The Demigodz Is Back. Apathy also tweeted an album will be out next year and will feature the whole crew including Esoteric, Blacastan and Motive expect features from other AOTP affiliates and more. With the success and acclaim of Honkey Kong and Celphs Buckwild collab you can bet this project will be worth the wait.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Razor - Closer (Official Video) + Free Mixtape

Get the new mixtape from London artist Razor here,where he hops from genre to genre from hip hop to grime to rock and more.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sons Phonetic - Casino (Official Music Video)

New video from one of the sickest groups in Ireland.
Sons Phonetic have been making a name for themselves lately with live shows all over Ireland,Dont Sleep on this.
Sons phonetic album on itunes
Sons Phonetic on facebook

Saturday, 19 November 2011


New NEMS video,dont sleep.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Cappo - Gusto Grizwold:International Vacation

 Your favourite fresh faced nottz based true school rapper Cappo's back after a short hyiatus with a LP/Mixtape. Cappo cites Gusto Grizwold as his most diverse project yet and having morphed from the Iron Condor into the Isotope Flow Glider hes coming at the mic from new heights. The album features a mix a bootlegged loops and the usual sampled MPC business youd expect from the Attic Man. Gusto.. is released on digi pack cd and digital d/l from Cappos own Under The Cap LTD label cop it for a 5er in either incarnation HERE or through the player below. Caps will be releasing another album proper next year so keep em peeled fuckers.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


New free ep from J-Roots and Reds,dont sleep.

Monday, 14 November 2011

The Four Owls - Not Like Before (video)

Ok, this is now starting to make some sense... If you had clocked some the hype for a crew called "The Owls", who have an album upcoming on High Focus records, and like me were thinking something like "who the fuck are these nobodies I've never heard of?"... then you should check out this lead video for the album. It turns out that The Four Owls is in fact High Focus representatives Fliptrix, Leaf Dog, BVA MC and the omnipresent Verb T. So now you, and I, know...

The album, dropping soon, will surely be sick. Not convinced by the masks though...

Antiheroes - Flows For the Contemporary Urban Gentleman Vol. 2 (free download)

This seemed to drop with little or no fanfare a couple of weeks back, so I hope you can excuse me the late pass... The latest from Lee Scott and Salar, this is an 8 track project which is available for free download from the front page of

If you have any Blah releases before, then you will instantly recognise the staccato flows and dark, moody instrumentals. If envelope pushing is your thing, you won't find too much of that onboard here, however there is plenty to bop your head to. Particularly the rugged Thought Criminal. Try and give this a spin all the way through without pulling a screw-face... I'm not sure if it's possible...

Genesis Elijah - Reign of Fire (video)

Another video here from Genesis Elijah. This is taken from his free EP 'I Ain't Even Charging Bruv', that dropped earlier this year (and can be downloaded here: )

I've always liked Genesis Elijah, and thought he was a bit slept on. Always seems to spit from the heart, and is pretty skilled with it as well. The free EP is not his best work, but is still worth a listen (being free and all that...).

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Murs - S-K-I-B-E-A-T-Z feat. Locksmith (Video)

Here's a third video from Murs' recent Love & Rockets Vol. 1 album. Solid, of course. Possibly Skibeatz' dopest production of the whole LP as well...

"Rap is easy, career - that's the hard part/N!ggas starting out this year, and think they're Mozart"

Fdot1 - So Grimey (Official Video)

Fdot1 - So Grimey on MUZU.

Buy on iTunes here

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wyld Bunch - Unstoppable - Prod. by Kyo Itachi (Free Download)

Wyld Bunch teams up with Kyo Itachi for his new single,DJ Djaz on the cuts,shit is heavy!

Lethal Dialect - Keep It Real (Official Video)

New video from Dublin MC Lethal Dialect,look out for LD50 Part 2 coming soon.
In the meantime check out LD50 Part 1 below.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Spider Jaroo - Who's that? (official video)

Disciple AKA Spider Jaroo drops his new video,song produced by Pro P.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Lewis Parker - SHARK

Ya man with the golden sound is back with a new 12 The Puzzle episode 2 The Glass Ceiling. Shark is the usual SP dustyness you'd expect from Parker complete with cuts and that irrepressable delivery. Keep locked on King Underground for pre-orders of the new vinyl available in 2 forms one limited version on blue vinyl with a free EP poster and the other as standard black vinyl.

Ray Vendetta feat. Cyrus Malachi, Melanin 9 & Teknical Development - Whistle stop

Im not too familiar with Ray Vendetta Ive heard of him on a couple of features before but this is the 1st solo stuff Ive heard. Coming from the Chakra Sounds stable hes got some established support so expect more from him soon. With the addition of a top UK guestlist on this one track the forthcoming projects should good too. Cop Whistle Stop and Warp Speed Ahead for free through the above player.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

LordWillin and Swann - " Shark Attack"

Prod. by Fuso
from LordWillin & Swann's upcoming Ill Roc Records E.P.!

OMERTA ft Miss Emmy - Evol

A new banger from Omerta & Miss Emmy,be on the look out for Miss Emmys ep coming soon.

OMERTA Evol ft Miss Emmy by Miss Emmy

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Common - Blue Sky (video)

The news that Common's next album (The Dreamer, The Believer) was going to feature exclusively No ID production could help to get any fan of his old work excited. This single seems to suggest that he is over whatever brain-fart produced Universal Mind Control, so the signs are that the LP (which is scheduled to drop in December) could see a welcome return to top form for Common.

Prose - Real Talk (Video)

Prose are set to drop their second album, The Dark Side Of The Boom, in a couple of weeks. I'm definitely looking forward to that, as last 2010's Force of Habit was excellent. This first single/video shows they haven't slowed down, so expect the new LP to be a late contender for UK album of the year...

Friday, 28 October 2011

Jack Flash & Wizard - Four Letter F Word (Video)

New Jack Flash video right here, from his forthcoming collaborative album with Wizard. Flash goes in for 3 minutes without a chorus, using a pretty original concept lyrically... Niceness, as usual.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Omerta - Pyramid Diss (0FFICIAL VIDEO) - HB.TV

New video from my brother Omerta.
Debut album dropping soon on Haji's Yard/First Son Records
Produced by DJisGOD
Video by HB.TV

Monday, 24 October 2011

Instance - The Superegular (Review)

After an 18 month hiatus it’s fair to say West Yorkshire hiphop artist Instance is back with a boom proving the time taken away from the scene certainly hasn’t been wasted. With the independent release of his second LP ‘The Superegular’ and an impressive debut battle at Don’t Flop it would seem the self assured wordsmith is one underground artist to keep a close eye on. With an impressive roster of collaborations and one of the most distinctive voices in the scene, all eyes are on his latest release.

From the outset, the bass heavy and abstract ‘Haiku’, and the smooth RnB vibes of ‘Swerve That’, are a refreshing break from the predictable sounds and concepts that many hiphop artists seem all so willing to revisit. It’s a project densely packed with descriptive songs like ‘I’m Trouble’ and ‘Ghost’, but also the puzzle like lyrics in ‘Parodox’ and ‘Lucid Dreams’ are reminiscent of old skool hiphop whilst being firmly set in 2011 and beyond. As a complete piece of work The Superegular initially seems to be fragmented, but after a repeat listen it blends together as modern and intelligent.

The simple vividness of tracks like ‘Favourite Mistake’ and ‘Passenger’ help create a lo-fi and smoky world which instance crafts with deadly effect. However, the album isn’t entirely consistent with ‘Don’t Get it Twisted’ seeming like a bit of an afterthought, and two interludes that unnecessarily break the album into 3 parts. Featured artists on the album are used sparingly including a collaboration with Jack Flash who appears on the upbeat ‘Keys Open Doors’.  

One thing that resonates throughout the album is the dark and sombre emotions that bleed through the songs and give the album a conceptual feel. Instance uses different flows with catchy hooks and the sung choruses on tracks like ‘Passenger’ prove he is an effective song writer as well as lyrically assertive. Production comes from the likes of UK heavyweights Sonar Cousin and Wizard, lesser known producers such as Organised Mess and Makes Van from Russia also make important contributions. The production whilst not completely polished is consistently captivating and interesting.  Intriguing production is perhaps best shown on the beautiful and gloomy ‘Ghost’ which describes a sex and drug fuelled 24hrs with a girl.

Whilst the album has almost no light moments or let up in heavy themes, apart from a comical appearance from Sonnyjim on the title track, listeners should not be put off, as the candour is delivered with taste and a touch of mystery. Within the down tempo feel of the album and bleakness of the subject matter, there is a welcome lack of vulgarity or gangster bravado which so often compensates for lack of creativity.

In conclusion, there is a level of maturity in the music and a willingness to experiment outside the box. It is the subtle and suggestive danger within The Superegular and the coolness in which it is delivered which make it so successful and at times sinister. Where lyrical comparisons could be drawn with other artists, instance’s gravelly tone sets him apart in a scene littered with carbon copy MC’s. For an independent release by an unsigned artist, The Superegular is a cold and slickly delivered statement of intent. Even by standards set by commercial releases which often fall short of expectations, it is a unique record which delivers something fresh. It goes up there with ‘Ghostpoet - Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam’ for one my favourite discoveries of the year.

Download for free:

Review by Ruby Khan

Twitter: @rubyrubykhan

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Braille - Feel Hirolla Remix + comp

Feel It Remix Contest by braillehiphop

Glasto producer Hirolla got at me a couple weeks back about his entry into a Braille remix contest I only just got round to checkin it out and hes probly got the best flip on the final 5. Have alisten above Hirollas beat is #5 (the first on the playlist) and if you dug it or preffered any of the others get your vote on HERE and reward your favourite producer.

New Rhymepad Radio Show feat TSK

Rhymepadtsk show by Rhyme Pad Radio

A big show as always. A wide selection of the best new UK and US tunes. This week special guest is TSK promoting his new ep 'The Bad Situation' availiable for free download here -

Monday, 10 October 2011

Rapper Tag UK - Mystro ---> Ramson ---> Tony D?...

Mystro's imported 3hree6ixty's Austrailian born 'Rapper Tag' concept to the UKs shores. Personally I wasnt aware of the phenomenon till I saw Mystro's video that kick starts the a virtual game of tag between MCs. The concept is (as Mys-diggy explains in the 1st video) a MC spits a verse or freestyle to camera and ends their bars by calling out another MC who intern responds with their bars and calls out the next name and so on. Mystro calls on fellow london stalwart Ransom Badbonez who calls out Tony D. As viewers we're encouraged to pester the next MC to up his video so go get your troll on at if you got Tony Ds fb or twitter ( I cant find one :( ) Both editions have been good so far and with the support of the community this series has the potential to bulid into a showcase for the UK heads and give the aussies a run for their money. Check out part one above and part 2 below hopefully Tony D will be through with part 3 soon....where you at? Keep updated at the officail site brought to you by Hoochinoo HERE

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Steal Everything - SonnyJim & Tony Broke (Prod. by Reklews & Lee Scott) Free DL

An Exclusive over on HIPHOP is AWOL listen on the player below & get it here

Configa - "We On Fire" (ft. Jaz Kahina)

New video from Configa.
Buy his album here

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ragz Sweet Jones & Tony Mahoney - Shark Fin Soup / Zombies Cant... D/L

Tony Mahoney and Ragz Sweet Jones team up again for another free project 'Zombies Cant Live by Flesh Alone'.check out the video for 'Shark Fin Soup' above. The duo return to that raw, traditional they delivered on their slept on 1st project 'No Budget Hip Hop'. After a spell inside Ragz hasnt lost any of his ability to roll through Mahoneys emotive beats the pair also keep up the varied vox FX and heavy adlibing giving a more personal presence not your typical uninventive drone-athon. Ragz' never fails to stir some dark imagery through his graphic content and delivery. Having also recently upped a new Big Ben video 'F.Y.I'  I was glad to see he passed through with some bars on the new project 'The Blues'. UK Overstood did good with the visusals on both tracks you can also find the instrumentals on Tonys Youtube Channel. Download 'Zombies Cant....' HERE for free right now and 'No Budget...' through the blueness above.

Beit Nun - A Reintroduction

Beit Nun of innit records and up north upped a video for his single A Reintroduction recently (above). The track is the first from his next compilation album and the 2nd volume of  'Where the Art is' will be available soon. Check out Innit Records bandcamp page for more from the up and coming label.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Three Kings High - Tell Em Lies (video)

Something a little different now... Here's a vid from a band fronted by Chattabox of Dialect. The hip-hop/funk/soul band is probably nearer a cliche than a novelty by now, but if you can nod your head to the tunes, then so what...

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Random Axe - Chewbacca feat. Roc Marciano

Random Axe upped a new video from there self titled album from earlier this year. Join Chewy on his rampage to crash the Rock the Bells stage and steal the show. The album is dope and still gets heavy rotation cop it or even just this song from your favourite MP3 shotta.

Rob Kelly Interview with HIPHOP is AWOL

Recently I interviewed Rob Kelly where he talked about missing deadlines,new projects and more.
Check it out over on HIPHOP is AWOL

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Gadget Presents The Dirty Thumbs Project

My man Gadget just dropped this collection of self produced head nod fodder. The man from Millenium Jazz ropes in a few of his usual collaborators such as Louis Unseen, Jabba tha Kut, EdXL, Emma Louise and Dan Bull as well as Beit Nun, 777, Joey Gzus and many others. Gadgets displays a range of styles but never strays too far from his typical jazz infleunced, dusty steeze being a MPC head you know hes got that classic boom bap edge to his production. Thats how its goin down, Sinners, Its not a good look and Light years stood out on my first listen. The project is well worth the £5 thisll set you back. Listen on the bandcamp player below and follow the links to support UK and buy the project.

The Modern Age

Ive been listening to the latest edition of Task Forces MFTC Archives (vol. 2) and Ive had The Modern Age on at least once a day (normally alot more than that) since I downloaded both collections. In a time where youth are driven to ever desperate means to keep up with the modern age, those in power are abusing their excessive salaries and lifestyles, Simon Cowell openly lines his pockets with the pipe dreams of vulnerable (if a bit naive) people and wars are waged for monatery gain in the name of freedom not many other MCs have articulated the problems and heartache with such skill and emotion. MFTC vol 4's 3 Fingers is one of my favourite Task Force songs it was good to hear another track that had that same haunting, provocative wordplay and poetic social commentry that worked so well on 3 fingers. Cop the track from the above player or both collections from the bandcamp page.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Silvertongue - Nikes On My Feet Remix

New track from Edinburgh rapper Silvertongue. Be on the look out for Chronsoon Season.

Monday, 26 September 2011




Loki, Panda, Freestyle Master, Louie, Mr Mackenzie, Gasp, Profanity, R.I.P.
(all battles drawn on the night)


Featuring: Flying JalapeƱos - Glasgow City Breakers,Laser City Crew (LCC), Heavy Smokers, Floor Freaks, Skywalkers, Cannabratz, Down Warriors, Pro Styles + MORE

Beatbox - BIGG TAJ



£6 at door - all profits go to Yorkhill Sick Kids Charity


Thanks to all the sponsors: 


This is a quote from B-Boy ChazB "All I'm saying is that we need to forget about the cash prizes or the reputation we'll gain by going to an event and doing ____. It's actually all about understanding that this event will be a literal timeline of Scottish breaking; from the era of Glasgow City Breakers and LCC, all the way through to Flyin' Jalapenos and Heavy Smokers. Understanding the history of something ALWAYS changes your mind about the topic, you perceive it in a different but effective light. I'm just saying that if you think you know Hip Hop, or think you are Hip Hop, you need to come down and pay your dues to those that came before you...:)"

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


New/old unreleased track from my brother M9.
Posted originally on HIPHOP is AWOL
You can get it free right here
Check it on youtube below.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Murs - Remember To Forget (Video)

Here's the first single of Murs' upcoming album Love & Rockets. He gets his emo love song on again, but Murs does that better than most. The whole album is produced by Ski Beatz, so it should be one not to overlook.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Stop What Your Doin - Apathy feat. Celph Titled prod. by Premo

Apathy adds visuals to his Premier produced, Celph Titled featuring track Stop What Ya Doin. The videos good from the kids party to the bridge jumping and hot tattooed chicks. Classic Hip-Hop from the whole crew you can cop Apathys new album Honkey Kong right now from your favourite music site/store. The albums sounding pretty good and features a wide range of guests and producers.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Rodney P feat Peoples Army - Live Up

Rodney is in fine form here over a reggae-hip hop beat that he is often associated with. Along side the peoples army and garage legend Mighty Moe from Heartless Crew. Some big bars here and a few rappers you may not be familiar with. Definatly worth a watch!

Klashnekoff - Cold World

New video from Klashnekoff.

Rhyme Pad Radio

Becoming a regular weekly post. Newest offering from the Rhyme Pad gang. Another big show!!!

Rhymepad 2.9.11 by Rhyme Pad Radio

Saturday, 3 September 2011

DJ Scuba Steve - Scotland Standup Mixtape 4

The Scotland Standup Mixtape is back again folks featuring some of Scotland's finest talent.

These mixtapes are promotional tools to gain a bit more exposure for the very small but thriving Scottish scene we have up here.

Featuring artists from all over the country this will be a great insight into the music up here if you haven't heard much of it before.

So go check it out and download it.

Free and all that as usual.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Supar Novar - Done It All Before

New video from Supar Novar taken from the self produced album 'No Favours' available now on I-Tunes.

Franko Fraize - Watch How Im Moving

New track here from Franko Fraize. Franko goes in with the flow he is best known for over a laid back 150bpm beat. The beat was originally vocalled by Freddie Gibbs, Bun B, Chip Tha Ripper and Chuck Inglish for the track 'Oil Money'. Franko shows how a UK mc can really suit that dirty south type vibe.

Franko Fraize - Watch How I'm Moving by Franko Fraize

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

New Rhymepad Radio Show

Newest episode of Rhyme Pad. Please note this show is updated weekly so if you sleep you will miss out!

Rhymepad26 8 11 by Rhyme Pad Radio

Friday, 26 August 2011

Alpha Coda - Ill Move Sporadic & Joey Menza

Ill Move Sporadic and Joey Menza droppedf this quality album recently featuring C-Sparks,Tenchoo and Gus Pony.
All production handled by IMS duo Ben81 and Neil Cage and they cooked up some wonderful soundscapes for Joey Menza to spit his brand of in your face flow and hard metaphors.
Stream above and it can be purchased from Suspect Packages

Cyrus Malachi feat. Ray Vendetta

Cyrus Malachi drops a new banger produced by Seventh Dan and Ringz of Saturn and featuring Ray Vendetta.
Free Download here
Black Anthema ep coming soon

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Click Animosity Ft. Tragic Allies - Dust N' Bones (Video and e.p. Download)

New video from Click Animosity feat Tragic Allies.
Taken from the Charred Remnants e.p. which you can get for free here
And buy Gages solo album,The Desolate Lands here

Maffew Ragazino ft Action Bronson Jordan vs Bird prod by Digga (Free Download)

Maffew Ragazino ft Action Bronson Jordan vs Bird prod by Digga by CICORECORDS

Maffew Ragazino and Action Bronson go in on some bar for bar goodness.
Ragazino's album Rhyme Pays is lookin like its gonna be a classic

Under Da Bridge - DANNY BONES NEW 2011

Danny Bones with a Chilli Peppers dub

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Absouljah "Feel The Brother" produced by Alterbeats (Free Download)

New from Absouljah produced by Alterbeats from france.
Download the song for free here

Lunar C and Jack Flash - CALL IT - produced by Wizard

Jack Flash and Lunar C with an absolute banger produced by Wizard.

Rhymepad Radio

New rhymepad show. Two hours full of bangers here. A real good mix of UK/US tunes.

Rhymepad19. 8. 11 by Rhyme Pad Radio

Monday, 22 August 2011

Task Force - MFTC Archives vol.1

Taskforce are starting a series of albums to celebrate a decade of pioneering music. The collections feature unrealesed gems from the past 10 years or so. Know one does it or has done it like Task Force so support your local legends and follow the player or click HERE to d/l the album, at a bluey you got no excuse to sleep on this. More coming very soon.....

Sunday, 21 August 2011


New music from Cracker Jon,produced by 2Late

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Sleaze - The One (Official Video)

New video from GV Clik's very own Sleaze.
Over a laidback banger produced by Apatight,Sleaze drops some heartfelt bars.
You can check his new album here "Arkitectonics" listen for free and then buy it

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Knock Knock - Ralph Rip Shit, Zilla Rocca and Hekla Kosh

Associated Minds are readying Ralph Rip Shit's latest single 'Hold That' with P.L.O and have released 'Knock Knock' in the run up to its release. The track is a few years old and features Zilla Rocca and was produced by Hekla Kosh/Lou Hekla and is a free d/l through the above bandcamp player.

Phat Kat & Iron Braydz - Dobermans

Iron Brayds teams up with OG Detroit MC Phat Kat for more cross pond collaboration. As you'd expect from the title both MCs deliver agressive bars over Agors stuttering beat. If you like ts and sweats in the crisp video you can support Iron and cop them HERE.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Meyhem Lauren & Jay Steele "Presidential MC's"

Everything with Meyhem Laurens name on it is quality,buy his music.

Life Of Rhyme

In case you missed it on channel 4 its now availiable online. Life of Rhyme is a documentary about the UK rap scenee hosted by Akala. It features artists like Ghetto and Giggs through to people like Rodney P and Taskforce. I felt it was an enjoyable watch and a good representation of what the UK is doing at the moment in terms of the rap scene.

LordWillin feat WordSmiff (Free Download)

The latest installment from LordWillin with his "The Ski Mask Monk Chronicles" series.

Loads of bangers dropping in the build up to his First Son Records official video and project.

Get LordWillin's Ill Roc Street Album on itunes now

Download LordWillin feat. WordSmiff here

Split Prophets (Interview)

Today we got an interview with a group im sure your going to hear alot of very very soon. Their new video is out at the moment called "2 Kids"

Truly dope video, and as i couldn't find much information about the guys i thought i'd try getting intouch and asking them a few questions.

Alright Guys how you doing today?
Upfront: yeh not bad
Hi res: yea all good

Where you guys from?
SP: Bristol, both from south of the river, Bedminster ways.

When did you first start getting into Hip Hop?
HR: I started getting into hip hop when I was about ten, eleven, when I started skatboarding. That was when I really started rinsing it.
UP: started listening to hip hop when I was at secondary school , pt gave me
a mp3 with loads of sick tunes on an I was on it from then.

How did you 2 guys meet and when did you start making music?
SP:  We met when we were 14/15
HR: I started spittin when I was around 15/16 but never really ever took it seriously. I never really thought id do something with it or people would be feelin what I was doing. Fuck noes, there was a lot of leen up bedroom freestyle sessions, but it wasn't until we met Badhabitz, one half of krate krusaders, that I thought something could happen with it.
UP: yeh I started spittin a bit after everyone else in the crew an doing it at
first was just something fun to do,meeting up and spittin new bars And
hearing new verses and beats. Meeting Badhabitz really opened my eyes to
the fact that people were feeling the vibes, which gave us a push to get
ourselves out there and make tunes.

Now your at the moment promoting your video "2 Kids" have you been getting much feedback on it?
SP: Yeah it seems we're getting some good feedback. Theres always gonna be hate and theres always gonna be haters, we just dont give a fuck about either.

Will this feature on some sort of release?
SP: Yeah we're dropping an Ep with Krate Krusaders, late September, called Scribbled Thoughts. Thats including 2kids, aint amused and a few other bangers haha. Also a couple of other artists from Bris and around the Uk.
Check out Demorus a couple of those boys are on it and some other heads.

I Have been checking the other videos on your youtube page, the other videos are upto the exact same standard and show yet more beats by Krate Krusaders, How did you get hooked up with them?
SP: Boyo! He's the hook up man. He knew Badhabitz before us and mentioned he had some mates who were getting on the barring, and got us some beats. Then we all got introduced and it went on from there. Cheers bredda.

Me and a mate were discussing your music, and came to the decision that your style is easy listening, yet still lyrical, so youve been able to make your vocals sound laid back but still been able to add some thought provoking statements, Is this a style you will continue to go for?.
HR: personally I think so, I mean theres different tracks that styles are gonna sound different on, and were gonna sound different on. Ive never really thought about our style. I think that's jus us though, we aint some hyped out kids trying to look bad as fuck and both of us are pretty conscious. It just comes how it is haha.
UP: yeh, I mean style isn't something I really worry about when I write.
I just write what comes, sometimes there is a sound we want to get but
the main thing to me is that every bar is real, so I don't need to chat about
certain things or act a way that isn't who I am, or who we are.
I think that's were our style comes from.

Ok have you been involved in many open mics, or gigs?
SP: naaa not really. Weve done a couple of little things, we did Big time festival down in Pauls, that was about six of us and that was alright, jus a little cypha track. But nothing properly organised under the name split prophets until the show with gen and stig, and a dj and soundman that actually knew what they were doing. It was joke, we got chucked out of a club we were supposed to be doing a set in cos some of us didnt have id.

10.You seemed to come at me out of nowhere witha  video into my inbox with not a great deal of information about you as a crew, and after trying my hardest in the research area, yet still not very much. One thing i did find out though that your supporting Akil The MC at The Croft in Bristol. Now they said this on the page. "Bristol Heads will know about the uprising of Split Prophets and the massacre when they supported Stig and Genesis a few months ago". Now this tells me that you absolutely killed it, How did it go for you guys?
UP: yeah was a good night, got a good reception and a nice amount of people turned up for it, personally it was good for me to get the first big set done, made me want more shows and to push to get our sound out.
HR: yeah it was heavy. Big ups to luke from Rhyme and Reason cos these nights are fucking sick. And there bringing good heads down to bris and puttin us on the map. Check it out. And as far as info about us, you guys are getting that out there for us so nice one.

What are your influences? (This can be mc's, but just anything that influences you to make the music you do)
HR: as far as Mc's go theres too many to mention. But my surroundings, mates and what I get up to are probably my main influences. Walkin around late at night getting my hands dirty haha.
UP: my biggest influences are the people around me and the things i've seen
happen, the world we live in and the life I live influences me to do what I do.

Ok before i go Dyou have any shoutouts?
SP: yeah, shouts to you guys for hooking this up,Krate Krusaders, Evermoor sound, the Se fire boys,B'tol, all the demorus heads, all the rest of the split prophets collective, Pt, Prime Mc, bill next, all the sub slags breahs, vince from south blessed, lou for putting up with us, anyone who supports us And All the real heads staying true to this. peace

Go check these guys out.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Loki (Interview)

Today folks we take some time out and have an interview with one if not the most influential Artists in the relatively small hip hop scene we have here in Scotland.


Alright how how you doing today?
Today I'm doing ok. Tuesday is usually the day I begin to resemble something slightly more human, hence my reasoning leaving the interview till yesterday had passed. How was I doing yesterday? Yesterday was a No Way Back kind of day.

Where you from?
I'm from a little place called The Universe....and so I apologise if this encroaches on anyone's territorial issues. I was born in Glasgow and dragged up in Pollok.....a housing scheme in the South Side famous for a shopping centre called The Silverburn and the motorway slicing through the large public park directly adjacent to it. Pollok was one of many 'schemes' created in the late 18th Century to help deal with the population boom caused by the Industrial Age.

Describe your music in 3 words?
Andy Fucking Kaufman

When did you first start getting into Hip Hop?
I was about 14/15 when my friend Sammy introduced me to rap. It wasn't until my late teens I became aware that Hip Hop itself was a cultural movement. Hip Hop not only gave me a creative outlet but also a spiritual focus. Without both I'd most probably be dead... with 'Sorry for being so shallow' being my epitaph.

Ok now you've been involved in the scene now for many years, and have been an influence for many MC's up here, How does it feel to have been held in such high regard for all these years?
I'm held in high regard? I wasn't aware of that. I do hear my influence though in lots of music. People seem more politically inclined these days as they become aware that every aspect of their lives is the consequence of a political decision. Everything from what you're allowed to say to decisions about your housing benefit. I despise apathy, although I do show many symptoms of it from time to time. I try to use my influence to illustrate that hyper masculinity is actually very gay when you break it down. Real men cry....and write about crying. Apparently the chicks love it. And I hold the chicks in the highest of regard. I used to feel pressure to compete...but that was just the last remnant of the boy I used to be trying to hold on to his Ego. I am shown far more respect and appreciation outwith the Scottish Hip Hop scene and over the last year have enjoyed the opportunity to experiment not only with writing.....but other people pre-conceptions. It's a fun place to be. I once made a heckler eat a whole phone!

You've not only been involved in music you also do alot of Community work, Namely nowadays Volition. What made you come to the decision to start this off?
 Community 'work' is not a's an obligation. It can take many forms so some people are probably doing it without realising. This site is a community enterprise so on behalf of the community I would like to thank you for tending to it. I was raised during tremendously turbelent political times and so it's in my tiger blood. Economically, Pollok was the poorest data zone' in Europe....relatively speaking.....and so to live through this is to be forever altered by it. I'm just thankful I can cope with the scars I bear....and I hope those who couldn't are resting in peace. As for Volition.....(meaning of your own free will).....this was a concept I had been refining for many years. It predates my facination with rap in actual fact and it's based on addressing 3 fundamental problems with Community Arts.

1. At what point are the participants involved in the decision making process. The decision making process is lucrative indeed whereas the participants are almost always suffering some sort of deprivation. Why hasn't anyone realised that the participants themselves posses all the knowledge required to get things moving.

2. Most projects are designed to run for a specific time period. This is counter productive. The resources are available to create and sustain a project indefinitely...this infomation is being kept from the public order to preserve the vast wealth and security afforded to the Arts Organisations and their subsiduaries. Some young people rely on community projects simply to sustain some quality of's cruel to end something like that so abrubtly. My view has always been......get rid of the funding monopoly's by making a strong case that young people can do most of the work themselves....they just need support and more imprtantly.....a sutained source of inspiration and encouragement.

3. It's always been a Big Society. Now seems like the perfect time to call everyone's bluff and see just how serious the soundbytes are about Communities taking responsibilty for their own affairs. We quietly go about our business and offer one another support.....because we are all deeply flawed. It's this acceptance that defines Volition. It's really about Love and Respect. Working towards shared vision will usually bring about these two things. My function in Volition is not simply to challenge the Political structure that's grown up around us....but more challenge the Community itself. Nobody is gonna do this shit for pull your socks up and let's get down to fuckin business.

Another part of your life has also been "The Being Emcee's", obviously a crew based in Glasgow that can't really be touched at the moment. Do you get alot of inspiration from Crew members?
Who is Scottish Hip Hop could claim not to be inspired by The Being. We set a new which we are The Present Presidents. If anyone's Ego has a problem coping with that.....please report to your nearest battle to be processed.

Now you recently re-released the Do Not Disturbed project, with over 40 minutes of extra material. How did this come about?
 I wrote Do Not Disturbed to help launch the Volition club night. Now a year has passed....I feel it's time to share the album with everyone else. I'm proud of that piece of work. It's me at my most honest.....therefore dangerous. The best feeback Ive had has been from Poets and Comedians. Most women enjoy it too.....albiet those of a joyless feminist persuasion have perhaps misunderstood the sentiment of some songs. I was attempting to depict the downward spiral induced by a loving relationship falling apart through alcohlism. For me that's ironic.....because I have always written about being the vitim of such a relationship.....but this time round....I have become the perpetrator. It's about denial. Hence all the songs with me claiming to be the best rapper in Scotland. I hope you all enjoy...or at least appreciate it.

What acts have you supported so far?
Asian Dub Foundation, The Pharcyde, Rahzel (fat wank that he is), Royce DA 5'9, D12, Blade, The Girobabies.....god....there's been a lot more....but I can't remember to be honest. Lot's of great acts have supported me. It's been a pleasure watching them grow. Louie's on the cusp of becoming the perfect artist. Once he hits that stride....everyone will have to shut and learn. Trust me.

Out at the moment you have the "Remind Me EP" with Bill Breaks, what kind of feedback have you been getting from this.
 As for 'Remind Me'.....feebacks been positive. We made that project in a day. It has a distinct 'Breaksian' feel to it....which definitely brought out a more reflective mellow side to my performance on it. AT 23 minutes have no excuse for not checking it.

What are your influences? (This can be mc's/producers, but just anything that influences you to make the music you do)
Influences? Production wise my crew is mostly in house so we're spoiled a lot. I think because of this we can be inward looking....which may come accross like we don't listen to other people. The truth is though.....we have such diversity at close quarters so we're always going through creative shifts whether it be writing, delivery, production, performance, battling etc etc. For me....Mog and Louie are not only a continued source of inspiration....but also a reminder to me about the type of writer I am. They remind me of how I should be I used to I will sound in future. These days I don't listen to that much Scottish Rap. It has to be original to catch my ear....and originality only comes with experience. We're going through the 4th wave of Scottish Rap naturally.....many of the artists are young and still figuring out who they are. Sometimes though this isn't present in the music. I'm drawn to vulnerability.....not braggadocia. I show my love and respect for scottish hip hop by dedicating my life to an intitution called Volition....not by downloading every rar file posted on the forum.'re not a're a writer. Take on 'writer' as your sense of identity and the rapper will animate itself! Do it the other way about and I will probably fall asleep

Ok before i go Dyou have any shoutouts?
Shout outs go to everyone I know and who knows me. Shout outs to all the followers of the music. Product you can hold in your hand is coming....I promise. Thanks for your patience. And a big shout to Raymond Simpson. We think about you every day mate. x

Thanks to Loki as always for taking the time out to do this.

You can get a hold of the Remind Me EP with Bill Breaks and the extended Do Not Disturbed project below.

Remind Me EP
 Remind Me EP by BilL Breaks

Do Not Disturbed
 Loki Do Not Disturbed Album (Plead the Sheridan EDITION) by volitionglasgow