Sunday, 30 October 2011

Common - Blue Sky (video)

The news that Common's next album (The Dreamer, The Believer) was going to feature exclusively No ID production could help to get any fan of his old work excited. This single seems to suggest that he is over whatever brain-fart produced Universal Mind Control, so the signs are that the LP (which is scheduled to drop in December) could see a welcome return to top form for Common.

Prose - Real Talk (Video)

Prose are set to drop their second album, The Dark Side Of The Boom, in a couple of weeks. I'm definitely looking forward to that, as last 2010's Force of Habit was excellent. This first single/video shows they haven't slowed down, so expect the new LP to be a late contender for UK album of the year...

Friday, 28 October 2011

Jack Flash & Wizard - Four Letter F Word (Video)

New Jack Flash video right here, from his forthcoming collaborative album with Wizard. Flash goes in for 3 minutes without a chorus, using a pretty original concept lyrically... Niceness, as usual.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Omerta - Pyramid Diss (0FFICIAL VIDEO) - HB.TV

New video from my brother Omerta.
Debut album dropping soon on Haji's Yard/First Son Records
Produced by DJisGOD
Video by HB.TV

Monday, 24 October 2011

Instance - The Superegular (Review)

After an 18 month hiatus it’s fair to say West Yorkshire hiphop artist Instance is back with a boom proving the time taken away from the scene certainly hasn’t been wasted. With the independent release of his second LP ‘The Superegular’ and an impressive debut battle at Don’t Flop it would seem the self assured wordsmith is one underground artist to keep a close eye on. With an impressive roster of collaborations and one of the most distinctive voices in the scene, all eyes are on his latest release.

From the outset, the bass heavy and abstract ‘Haiku’, and the smooth RnB vibes of ‘Swerve That’, are a refreshing break from the predictable sounds and concepts that many hiphop artists seem all so willing to revisit. It’s a project densely packed with descriptive songs like ‘I’m Trouble’ and ‘Ghost’, but also the puzzle like lyrics in ‘Parodox’ and ‘Lucid Dreams’ are reminiscent of old skool hiphop whilst being firmly set in 2011 and beyond. As a complete piece of work The Superegular initially seems to be fragmented, but after a repeat listen it blends together as modern and intelligent.

The simple vividness of tracks like ‘Favourite Mistake’ and ‘Passenger’ help create a lo-fi and smoky world which instance crafts with deadly effect. However, the album isn’t entirely consistent with ‘Don’t Get it Twisted’ seeming like a bit of an afterthought, and two interludes that unnecessarily break the album into 3 parts. Featured artists on the album are used sparingly including a collaboration with Jack Flash who appears on the upbeat ‘Keys Open Doors’.  

One thing that resonates throughout the album is the dark and sombre emotions that bleed through the songs and give the album a conceptual feel. Instance uses different flows with catchy hooks and the sung choruses on tracks like ‘Passenger’ prove he is an effective song writer as well as lyrically assertive. Production comes from the likes of UK heavyweights Sonar Cousin and Wizard, lesser known producers such as Organised Mess and Makes Van from Russia also make important contributions. The production whilst not completely polished is consistently captivating and interesting.  Intriguing production is perhaps best shown on the beautiful and gloomy ‘Ghost’ which describes a sex and drug fuelled 24hrs with a girl.

Whilst the album has almost no light moments or let up in heavy themes, apart from a comical appearance from Sonnyjim on the title track, listeners should not be put off, as the candour is delivered with taste and a touch of mystery. Within the down tempo feel of the album and bleakness of the subject matter, there is a welcome lack of vulgarity or gangster bravado which so often compensates for lack of creativity.

In conclusion, there is a level of maturity in the music and a willingness to experiment outside the box. It is the subtle and suggestive danger within The Superegular and the coolness in which it is delivered which make it so successful and at times sinister. Where lyrical comparisons could be drawn with other artists, instance’s gravelly tone sets him apart in a scene littered with carbon copy MC’s. For an independent release by an unsigned artist, The Superegular is a cold and slickly delivered statement of intent. Even by standards set by commercial releases which often fall short of expectations, it is a unique record which delivers something fresh. It goes up there with ‘Ghostpoet - Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam’ for one my favourite discoveries of the year.

Download for free:

Review by Ruby Khan

Twitter: @rubyrubykhan

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Braille - Feel Hirolla Remix + comp

Feel It Remix Contest by braillehiphop

Glasto producer Hirolla got at me a couple weeks back about his entry into a Braille remix contest I only just got round to checkin it out and hes probly got the best flip on the final 5. Have alisten above Hirollas beat is #5 (the first on the playlist) and if you dug it or preffered any of the others get your vote on HERE and reward your favourite producer.

New Rhymepad Radio Show feat TSK

Rhymepadtsk show by Rhyme Pad Radio

A big show as always. A wide selection of the best new UK and US tunes. This week special guest is TSK promoting his new ep 'The Bad Situation' availiable for free download here -

Monday, 10 October 2011

Rapper Tag UK - Mystro ---> Ramson ---> Tony D?...

Mystro's imported 3hree6ixty's Austrailian born 'Rapper Tag' concept to the UKs shores. Personally I wasnt aware of the phenomenon till I saw Mystro's video that kick starts the a virtual game of tag between MCs. The concept is (as Mys-diggy explains in the 1st video) a MC spits a verse or freestyle to camera and ends their bars by calling out another MC who intern responds with their bars and calls out the next name and so on. Mystro calls on fellow london stalwart Ransom Badbonez who calls out Tony D. As viewers we're encouraged to pester the next MC to up his video so go get your troll on at if you got Tony Ds fb or twitter ( I cant find one :( ) Both editions have been good so far and with the support of the community this series has the potential to bulid into a showcase for the UK heads and give the aussies a run for their money. Check out part one above and part 2 below hopefully Tony D will be through with part 3 soon....where you at? Keep updated at the officail site brought to you by Hoochinoo HERE

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Steal Everything - SonnyJim & Tony Broke (Prod. by Reklews & Lee Scott) Free DL

An Exclusive over on HIPHOP is AWOL listen on the player below & get it here

Configa - "We On Fire" (ft. Jaz Kahina)

New video from Configa.
Buy his album here

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ragz Sweet Jones & Tony Mahoney - Shark Fin Soup / Zombies Cant... D/L

Tony Mahoney and Ragz Sweet Jones team up again for another free project 'Zombies Cant Live by Flesh Alone'.check out the video for 'Shark Fin Soup' above. The duo return to that raw, traditional they delivered on their slept on 1st project 'No Budget Hip Hop'. After a spell inside Ragz hasnt lost any of his ability to roll through Mahoneys emotive beats the pair also keep up the varied vox FX and heavy adlibing giving a more personal presence not your typical uninventive drone-athon. Ragz' never fails to stir some dark imagery through his graphic content and delivery. Having also recently upped a new Big Ben video 'F.Y.I'  I was glad to see he passed through with some bars on the new project 'The Blues'. UK Overstood did good with the visusals on both tracks you can also find the instrumentals on Tonys Youtube Channel. Download 'Zombies Cant....' HERE for free right now and 'No Budget...' through the blueness above.

Beit Nun - A Reintroduction

Beit Nun of innit records and up north upped a video for his single A Reintroduction recently (above). The track is the first from his next compilation album and the 2nd volume of  'Where the Art is' will be available soon. Check out Innit Records bandcamp page for more from the up and coming label.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Three Kings High - Tell Em Lies (video)

Something a little different now... Here's a vid from a band fronted by Chattabox of Dialect. The hip-hop/funk/soul band is probably nearer a cliche than a novelty by now, but if you can nod your head to the tunes, then so what...

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Random Axe - Chewbacca feat. Roc Marciano

Random Axe upped a new video from there self titled album from earlier this year. Join Chewy on his rampage to crash the Rock the Bells stage and steal the show. The album is dope and still gets heavy rotation cop it or even just this song from your favourite MP3 shotta.

Rob Kelly Interview with HIPHOP is AWOL

Recently I interviewed Rob Kelly where he talked about missing deadlines,new projects and more.
Check it out over on HIPHOP is AWOL