Tuesday, 22 December 2009

'Sway Against The World' - Sway

'Christmas Tracks' - DJ esSDee (free download)

There are plenty of these things around but the one that's available here is DJ esSDee's 'Christmas Tracks'. It features some of your funky favourites alongside some quirky remixes, samples and scratches and is the perfect accompaniment to any Christmas based activity over the next week.

A nice addition is the playoff between Joe and Rage - a situation we watched play out on Sunday evening - people power! Big respect for RATM giving all the proceeds to charity Shelter AND saying they're going to play a free UK gig as a result!

Christmas intro
Hanky speech
What Christmas means to me – Stevie Wonder
Jingle Bells (Dan the Automator Remix) – Dean Martin
I’ll be your Santa, baby – Rufus Thomas
The Nutcracker Suite (Baz Kuts Breaks Mix) – The Berlin Symphony Orchestra
Frosty the Snowman (Rondo Brothers Remix) – Patti Page
Hanky the Christmas poo – South Park
Wonderful Christmas time – Paul McCartney
Christmas in Hollis – Run DMC
Christmas Rap / Santa Rap – Crew X
South Park
Back Door Santa – Clarence Carter
Proper Crimbo – Bo Selecta
Christmas Rappin’ – Kurtis Blow
Santa Claus goes straight to the ghetto – James Brown
Santa Claus goes straight to the ghetto – Belle and Sebastian
Happy Birthday Guadalupe – The Killers
The Climb – Joe McElderry
Killing in the name of – Rage Against the Machine

Jack Flash 24 - Week 1

The first of 24 installments - Jack Flash goes in with his usual deep metaphors over The Clipse's 'Popular Demand'.

Mystro on Shortee Blitz and DJ MK's Show

'So Many Devils' - Mr. Drastick (album preview)

Looks like Drastick has stopped messing around pretending he's quitting rapping and made another decent mixtape. It's gonna be a free download and will be made available on 11th January. I've also noticed a little less spam from him on facebook recently - good move, spam=annoying and you don't want to annoy your fans.

Monday, 21 December 2009

'The Starter' - Scorzayzee (free download)

Man of the moment (if you haven't seen 'Le Donk and Scorzayzee' yet then watch it) Scorzayzee drops a free download, not really a mixtape, more a collection of dubs - but a better than average display of rhyme skill. Always engaging and entertaining, Scorz raps his way over a few well known beats with only one real clanger (DJ Ironik's Westlife-sampling 'Stay With Me'). He also makes a couple of this years worst Hip Hop songs more acceptable (Drake's 'Best I Ever Had' and Souljah Boy's 'Kiss Me Thru The Phone' - re-entitled as 'Diss Me On The Phone'). A must:

(For more Nottz based free music go to http://www.getnottz.co.uk/)

'No Days Off' ft. Sir Smurf Lil' & TB - Asaviour & DJ IQ (video)

Classy but comedy video from Savvy and IQ with their friend Verb T - niceness! West Yorks doin' it a bit.

'Let's Get Some' - Big Cakes (video)

Big Cakes, produced by Haka.

'Real Hip Hop Is Back' - Illskilz (free download)

According to Illskilz 'Real Hip Is Back'. Download his new beat tape and decide for yourselves:

'Zodiac: Aries' - Myke Forte (free download)

When you're a beat maker it's hard to think of names for your creations. If Myke Forte's creative track names are anything to go by (and they are), you know you're gonna get some interesting music when you hit play. I'm guessing the bracketed parts of the names are Myke's suggestions as to what type of lyrics might by spat over each beat and if that is the case, all bases are covered.

Don't really understand what I'm rabbiting on about? Just download it:

Free Downloads from Gadget, TLG, Sandpeople, $amhill, Kelakovski and The P Brothers

Few free beats and pieces here for you today - call it an early Christmas present:

Gadget (or here), the man of many talents, comes through in his DaWordsmith guise and drops this little gem: 'War Stories (A Story To Tell pt2)'. If you're not familiar with his work then get to know, he's part of the Millennium Jazz Music clique who provide really dope, positive Hip Hop to a scene that really needs just that.

He's also hooked up with B'ham's TLG and Kelkovski on 'One Life'.

Sandpeople, out of the US, Portland to be precise, have jumped on El Michels Affair's version of 'Can It All Be So Simple?' to create what effectively is a Hip Hop cover version. They take cues from the original lyrics and bring their own, more laid back vibes to the Wu-Tang classic. New classic.

Also from the US, but over a UK beat is $amhill's 'Twisted Emotions' produced by The P Brothers.

'Dusk Til Dawn' ft. Mystro & Malik - Charlies Sloth

When Charlie Sloth drops his next album, best believe it's gonna be big and it won't get bad reviews (I didn't give his debut a bad review). He's already done a track with Rodney P, now he's got Mystro and Malik on board - the TV show thing defo paid off - business man!

'Certified Celtic Connection' - VA (free download)

In collaboration with Northern Ireland's hardest working Jee4ce Certified Banger presents 'Certified Celtic Connection' (click the title to stream the album). It features varied styles of Hip Hop music from all the Celtic parts of the UK - Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The tracklist says it all really:

01. Skamma - 'Bomber' (Wales)
02. DJ Flip & Freeze ft. Richie Filth & Marc Stretch - 'On The Line' (Ireland)
03. I vs. Nature ft. Riddlah - 'Rollin'' (Scotland)
04. Mudmowth - 'Skullcrackology' - (Last Skeptik Remix) (Wales) *
05. Show N Prove ft. U-turn, Dandy, Holmes, Madhat - 'Down' (Scotland) *
06. Lunitic - 'Stacy's Story' (Ireland)
07. Ral & Gambit - Last House on the left (Wales)*
08. Mog - 'A Scum First' (Scotland)
09. Nucentz - 'Bad Man' (Ireland)
10. Ralph Rip S**t - 'Disco Louts' (Wales)
11. Jee4ce & The Riddlah - 'Never' (Father Jack Remix) (Scotland/Ireland) *
12. Werd - 'The Internet' (Scotland)
13. The RubberBandits - 'Bags Of Glue' (Ireland)
14. Dead Residents - 'Different Times' (Wales)
15. Rhymes Vital - 'Gaza' (Father Jack Remix) (Ireland) *
16. Steg G & Respek BA - 'The Show' (Scotland)
17. Jonny boy & Intox - 'Keep It Movin'' (Ireland)
18. Catchklick Emceez - 'Seek Balance' (Scotland)
19. AJ - 'Hands Up' - Produced by Sert One (Ireland)
20. Scatabrainz ft. Depths - 'We On It' (Scotland)
21. Perfect Practice - 'That's Life' (Scotland)


A big thanks goes to Jee4ce from Certified Banger and from the Hip Hop scene in aforementioned places - we need more heads like him! For more info on any of the tracks or artists on this download contact Jee4ce@gmail.com.

Mystro Investigates: Coffee

Bonafide Magazine Issue 3 Out Now!

"Bonafide is produced by people who care. It’s crafted outside of our 9-5s to create something that we’d like to read and know there are a loads of people out there who like it too. Our aim is simple; provide original coverage on where hip-hop has been, is at and where it’s heading. DaM FunK and co. are here to set our musical, artistic and fashion frequencies to 2010 and beyond.

In support of issue 03, exclusive images, interview tasters and one or two specials will be appearing online in the coming months. But with a diverse roll call of major league talent, why not head over to our online corner shop and see what the fuss is about by treating yourself to a copy?"

Make sure you do and all - you'll get to read my wonderful interview with Farma G!

'Stay Too Long' - Plan B (video + free download)

You've probably heard Plan B's latest track on the radio - I know I have. I first heard it when I got sent it and I really intended to put it on my podcast (which never happened because I never have time). Anyway, I really rate it as a track - Plan B has definitely improved with time (I wasn't a massive fan of his old, depressing music) and I actually like his radio-friendly direction (original track below). He's now also got Drum 'n' Bassers Pendulum on board with this remix - not bad.

Get over to Plan B's website for a free download of 'Welcome To Hell' taken from his forthcoming album.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

'New Day' ft. Soweto Kinch/'It's The Manner' ft. Jehst - Chima Anya

Toddle over itunes right away to download Chima Anya's most excellent new single - that's an order. 'New Day' features the wonderful Soweto Kinch and 'It's The Manner' features the UK Hip Hop legend, Jehst.

Both tracks more than deserve your digital spinnage because they're both really quite dope. Chima injects his infectious personality into everything from the carefully chosen beat to his delivery, adlibs and rhymes - it's just not possible to be glum whilst listening to 'New Day'.

Mr. Anya (the guy who donated the equally good-time 'Drinks Up' to 'OTR Vol. 5') even manages to raise a bit of a smile on the usually quite sombre Jehst on the cheeky 'It's The Manner' (even though the song makes some serious observations).

Do something for yourself today - click here to go to itunes to buy these two tracks to brighten up your jour.

'Blast N Quit' - Quitters' Arcade

Whether you want to quit smoking or just like fun games that remind you of the 80s (considered by some to be the golden age of Hip Hop – me I prefer the decades on either side!) the Serious Quitters' Arcade website (www.quittersarcade.com) may provide you with some amount of time-killing amusement whilst you listen perhaps to ‘On The Radar Vol. 5’!

The website has been developed with the aim of raising awareness about seeking help and support from your doctor in order to quit smoking. Quitters' Arcade is the fun side of the charity QUIT who also run the www.losethesmokerinyou.co.uk website which advises a four step plan to quitting smoking. Are you a smoker who wants to quit? Do you know someone who wants to quit? Go to or point them towards these potentially life-saving websites for more information.

If you’ve not got a problem with your tobacco habits (or lack thereof) join in the inter-blog competition on ‘Blast N Quit’! Every blog’s best score is saved on the scoreboard available on quittersarcade.com – let’s be the blog with the highest score! Play the game here on Certified Banger or at the Quitters' Arcade where you can also play on the marvellously named ‘Bin Um’ and ‘Escape From Planet Smokey’! If you’re on Facebook, and let’s face it, who isn’t, you can play on ‘Blast N Quit’ there too (http://apps.facebook.com/quittersarcade/)!

Quittersarcade.com is built to leverage awareness about seeking help and support from your doctor to quit smoking. If you wish to quit smoking, please seek professional medical advice.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

'Plug One' ft. Eddie Skratch - Homeless Genius (video)

Check out the official video for 'Plug One' as heard on 'On The Radar Vol. 5'. If you've not already bought it then, don't buy it, download it for free. You can't buy it anyway.

Klashnekoff's 'Back To The Sagas' To Be Released in April

Amazon.co.uk and Play.com both have this eagerly-awaited UK Hip Hop album up for pre-order with the release date of April 12th (on Amazon). Play.com have a tracklist, although I guess this is porbably subject to some change. Anyway, it seems the album features alot of Skriblah (who stuck by Klash after the Terra Firma fallout a couple of years back), D.Ablo (who featured on Kyza's 'S.O.S.' recently), Wretch 32, Smasher, The Thirst and K9. I would love it if this is going to be as classic as some of the tracks that made up 'The Sagas...'.

Forever more (feat D.ABLO)
Piano (Feat THE THIRST)
Keep It Moving (Feat D.ABLO)
Hands Up (feat SMASHER amnd SKRIBLAH)
Ric O Chet K Lash Nek Off (Feat D.ABLO)
Tek Time (Feat SKRIBLAH and CAPITO)
Come Soon
Paper Up
Reppin Hard (Feat SKRIBLAH)
Raw (Feat CAPITO)
Cold World
Son Of Niya Pt. 2 (Feat K9)
Show Me The Way (Feat SKRIBLAH)
Get It Too
Feal Kuti (Feat SKRIBLAH and DIAM RUFF)
Somebody Tell Me (Feat WRETCH 32 and SMASHER)

Suspect Packages Xmas Bashing!

Have a UK Hip Hop Happy Christmas with Suspect Packages!

Skandal on 1Xtra

Here's a snippet from Charlie Sloth and Wretch 32 on BBC 1Xtra taking over the Friday night Semtex show - they recommend Skandal as one to watch in 2010! Just remember who was saying that this time last year by putting him on 'On The Radar Volume 1'! Check out my interview with Skandal if you already haven't!

'Underground Journeys' - Haka (free download)

Back in March I wrote the following review of an album/mixtape which you can now download for free:

Creating beats that defy logic can’t be simple but Haka makes it sound easy. The logic defied is that very musical beats can’t bang as hard as their grittier stripped back brothers. On ‘Underground Journeys’ Haka provides a range of subterranean UK MCs with instrumentals that marry the melodic (the strings and keys) and the mucky (the drums).

The more R’n’B tinged tracks really stand out here: both ‘Makes Me Say’ and ‘N.A.M.E.’ are songs about ladies and both feature rapper N/A – a name to watch, especially since Haka is producing on his forthcoming album. N/A also raps on ‘If Road’s Your Life’, a warning story of what happens when you live foul. ‘All Luv’ is all intertwined guitar and organ licks and Big Cakes, Logic and Kalldean provide fitting and positive vocals and ‘Make It’ has that 'No Woman No Cry' feel to it.

Elsewhere the competent cast of MCs, who sound better on a closer, second listen, rap about the standard fare. Most of the tracks here work well as stand alone tracks and as a collection of tunes that’s OK. A little more focus on compilation and a few more original lyrical concepts will see this producer go far – his beats are very high quality, some of the best on the UK Hip Hop scene.

'Tonka Truck' - Edison (video)

Here's an awesome video of Edison playing his song 'Tonka Truck' (from his new LP 'All the Information at Hand') on the Monome (64 button beat machine) made from a converted lunchbox. All one shot sounds. No loops running. 64 buttons. 64 noises. Shot on 2 HD cameras, 720p, 1 live take with audio captured right to camera.

For an advanced copy of Edison's album go here: http://www.kidwithoutradio.com/store/

Monday, 7 December 2009

'I Am Galaktus' - Galaktus (Kashmere)

This is a raw unmixed track taken from the forthcoming Galaktus (Kashmere) LP 'The Power Cosmic', set for release on Boot Records in 2010. Produced by Boot Productions (Jazz T & Zygote). The album features Ramson Badbonez, The Chubby Alcoholic, Dramacide, Severe, Jehst and Micall Parknsun.

'Pass That' - Millionaires by Morning (video)

Check out this live footage of Hip Hop band Millionaires by Morning. You may recognise the track and the MC - it's 'Pass That' by Truth, a track taken from his free 'Procrastinat(K)ing' album. The album track features Kosyne. Looking forward to hearing more live UK Hip Hop music from this talented bunch!

'Blow Your Mind' - Dweller

Check out Dweller of Simple Samples and Organix as he rides Dre's beat and chats about his 10 part-deep project Organix. If you've missed out on any get yourself to the youtube page to catch up!

'F.D.T.' - Mystro (EP review)

Whether he’s spitting limerick-based autobiographies (‘Live and U Learn’) or discussing religion and world affairs (‘Aquarius’) Mystro’s always doing something a little bit different. Even if he wasn’t original, the quality of his music is head, shoulders and top hat above the rest.

Mystro’s ‘F.D.T.’ EP is a prime example of why an MC who has yet to drop an album proper has so much respect on the UK Hip Hop scene. With ‘The Truth’ flawlessly displaying the kind of multi-syllabic rhymes that seem to come so easily to Mys, you know what to expect right from the very beginning.

Mysdiggi’s trademark wit is deeply engrained in this set, so much so that it’s not always obvious (although it’s clearly there in the three skits). ‘Banishment’ is a solid warning to all those willing to cross Mystro that, despite the cartoon descriptions of violence, could be menacing to those who it’s meant for. ‘Thorish’ also sees Mys get playful over a slow-burning beat as he battle-rhymes his way to the end without a hook in sight. ‘F.D.T.’s serious feeling continues as Mystro bewails the state of the music scene on the noisy ‘Maintain’ before finishing with ‘The Urge’ – a sombre track (“I ain’t a killer but I do get the urge”) that leaves the listener wondering – what will the album be like? Will it be like Mystro’s old material or will it be like this?

The 'F.D.T.' EP will be available through all major digital stores from December 14th 2009 on Don't Bizznizz.

'93' - Mowgli (album review)

At a total running time of way too long this album is impossible to describe in a snapshot and too lengthy (25 tracks) to run through track by track. It’s not that the tracks lack quality but UK Hip Hop MC Mowgli could have got a couple of LPs out of this one and we wouldn't have had to find an hour and seventeen minutes to listen to the whole thing!

What can be said is that Mowgli takes a personal and fairly unique approach to Hip Hop with producers Platitas, Miss Moss, Chris Fader, Jimmy Whagwarn and Fred Fades serving up beats, some of which can hardly be described as ‘Hip Hop’ – and that’s not a bad thing. Tracks like ‘The One’ and Oliver-sampling ‘Tax’ are more conventional Rap tunes. The sometimes Jazzy, sometimes Electro-ish productions will no doubt keep you surprised without ever sounding too leftfield making for a mind-altering, perception-changing journey.

Lyrically Mowgli has a lot to say although he says it all cryptically meaning listening to, not just hearing, this is essential – your brain must engage with his words. The medium of profound but sick rhymes allows Political and Social issues to be addressed and assessed in a way that even the most ign’ant rap fan could appreciate.

‘93’ is out now on Dodeca Records and is available from http://www.mowglihiphop.com/.

'Shouting At The Wind' - Eaters (album review)

Think Beastie Boys beats and Vast Aire vocals and you’ll have some idea of how Eaters’ new album ‘Shouting At The Wind’ sounds. Factor in the detail that they’re Scottish and I’m pretty sure you’ll get a clear sound picture in your head of what to expect.

That’s the way the album establishes itself with ‘Propaganda’ and ‘Burn’ but obviously, it doesn’t all fit into such idle comparisons – ‘Enjoy The Ride’ for example is more of a spoken word affair with rapper Laughing Gear coming like Baz Luhrmann or Scroobius Pip on the wise advice tip. ‘Encoded In Raindroplets’ sees some really tight rhymes over a Rage-like beat and Watchmaker’s remix of ‘Burn’ is spacey but pacey and entirely different to the original.

It’s not often I do an album review based on comparisons – take that how you will. If it does sound like your kind of thing get to www.eatersmusic.co.uk to get yourself a copy.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

More Free UK Hip Hop from Krystatic, Nugget, DJ Slademan, Jeye Severe, Krate Krusaders, Elemental, Cross Bone T and Yogi & Shade 1

I found these two remixes on a forum but don’t know who is behind them. The remixes are of DJ MK’s ‘It’s All Live’ featuring Jehst and Supa T and the other is of Jehst’s Nightime Vultures’. If you are the producer or know who did these then let me know, thanks.

There’s a new MC on his way out of Wolverhampton. It’s Krystatic with his track ‘The Taste’ which is produced by Dezert Rhino. Apparently he “will make it with his music” and “you can do anything you set your mid to in this world” – not sure about that.

An MC named Nugget from Ireland got in touch with his track ‘8 Million Bars’. Nugget vents his Irish anger over a nice head nod beat. Thankfully there aren’t as many rhymes as the title suggests – that would just be too many!

British producer DJ Slademan has been working with US MC Big Test to bring you these two tracks: ‘Hip Hop’ and ‘Be Patient’. Slademan has also been working with the UK’s Jeye Severe – the result being 'They Just Don't Know' (this track is labelled incorrectly as a Gensis Elijah track - don't ask me why!).

Jeye Severe has also been working with producer Chat One on their reggae influenced track ‘Money’ and this hectic beast of a tune for you – ‘Yes Blood’ – turn it up loud and get hype.

Another transatlantic collaboration that works well is the track Krate Krusaders have done with Dominique Larue – love beats like this - 'That Ain't My Style'.

‘Player Hater’ is a pretty funny track from Elemental about football – something I can totally relate to, being a non-football fan myself.

Cross Bone T’s latest track is ‘Say I Believe’. T’s conscious lyrics are a little less paranoid than on his last single as he brings a fairly positive message to his listeners.

Yogi and Shade 1 dropped this one via Twitter ( a very valuable resource for getting free music directly from the artists) - Puddycat. UK West Coast type stuff.

Free UK Hip Hop from Black The Ripper, Loudmouth Melvin, Py-Ro, Genesis Elijah, Jabba The Kut and Iron Braydz

First up is ‘Just A Dream’ by Black The Ripper. It features Pierre and Loudmouth Melvin and you may remember I posted up the video for this a few weeks ago.

Loudmouth Melvin is busy because he’s also produced this track by Py-Ro – ‘It’s Not Long’ (you might remember this one from the video too).

Track here from Genesis Elijah – ‘I’m Doing It’.

Jabba Tha Kut has an album in the pipeline and here’s a little taster of what’s to come – ‘Get Ya Live-O’ featuring MAB on vocal duties.

Iron Braydz also has an album on the way. ‘Devil May Cry’ will be out sometime next year. In the meantime here’s his track ‘Golden Legacy’.

Lastly, remember the Wio-K track featuring Kyza? Well there’s a dub remix of it for you now.

UK Dubs and Freestyles from Kasha, Grimlok, Joker Starr, Cobane and Double H (free downloads)

Grimlok (pictured) sent over a couple of dubs – one over Lupe’s ‘Dumb it Down’ and the other of Jay-Z’s ‘Run This Town’.

Speaking of Jay-Z Kasha has done a version of ‘Empire State of Mind’ and called it the ‘England Remix’.

Here’s a Joker Starr freestyle over Wu-Tang’s ‘C.R.E.A.M.’.

Double H, a rapper I know little about, sent me a few ‘freestyles’. He takes on The Roots’ ‘Ain’t Sayin’ Nuthin’, a version of ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ and ‘Hottest in the Hood’ by Red CafĂ©.

Cobane has done a version of a track which I don’t know – I also can’t really work out what his version of the unknown track is called! Anyway, have a little listen to this Dubstep-ish number.

CRS Studios Ready To Blow (free downloads)

Nottingham is about to blow again on the UK Hip Hop scene. CRS studios has been working overtime with a bunch of talented MCs who have muchos material ready to drop on your ears. I have some of said music to drop on yo domes right now:

First up is the excellent Scorzayzee freestyle of Dre’s ‘The Watcher’ – it’s Scorz on top form rapping all the way through with loads of chuckle inducing and seemingly effortless rhymes.

Then there’s Jah Digga (not to be confused with Busta’s one time right hand woman). He did a track for Black History Month which was back in Octber entitled ‘Black And Proud’. It’s produced by Kirk Spencer (as heard on ‘OTR Vol. 5’) and it sees Digga get live as he discusses slavery and other black history based topics. Not sure what he considers to be “modern day slavery” though.

Then there’s Jay Eye, a young MC with his track ‘Warning’ which is produced by Nick Stez.

There’s also a free EP from Miz Red which features 7 tracks of poppy R'n'Bish sing song type stuff.

Look out for more from the likes of the above MCs, Shifty and Tempa on the 'Travelling True Time' compilation CD (out soon). Check out their youtube account for loads of videos of them doing their thing.

'The Boombap Bootleg Volume 2' - Prose (review)

Downtempo, cheese-free beats worthy of the album’s name and honest organic rhymes make up Prose’s latest release ‘The Boombap Bootleg Vol. 2’. The cover claims that these are ‘demos, rarities and treats’ and the last is certainly true. MC Efeks and Producer/DJ Steady bring the realness as described on ‘Built To Last (First Quest)’ and Efeks’ belief that he was “conceived in a lab, by die hard Hip Hop fans trying to rekindle the essence of the dead culture” may explain why their music is authentic Hip Hop.

‘Know(the)ledge’ stands out with its appealing guitar melodies and its successor is ‘Personal Efeks’ – a familiar and almost medieval sounding slice of wise lyricism. Here are ten tracks of pretty positive and intelligent Hip Hop for all those hankering after some decent listening.

The album can be bought from the venerable Bandcamp for a minimum ‘donation’ of £2- well worth it – what else can you buy with that anyway? Go stream the album there to try before you buy.

Friday, 4 December 2009

'Family' ft. Mr. J - Skill Mega (video)

Skandal Interview

"...curb your ego, listen to criticism and take it on board, especially if its one of your peers or someone you rate."

Man of the moment Skandal has just dropped a mixtape which had the honour of being The Independent's album of the week. CB wanted to show support for an original 'On The Radar' artist so we got this interview done:

Certified Banger: What’s up Skandal? How are things with you?

Skandal: Things are s**t bruv - my macbook just died on me! Imma jump off a building in a minute, I may have lost near 3 years of work and rough songs.

CB: Man that's bad - hope you revive it, then you can get a PC and transfer all the files! You’ve just dropped your mixtape ‘Hunger Pains’ with the mighty DJ MK. How well is that being received?

S: It's doing really well, to be honest. I knew it was a solid release due to the work we put in but it's done well; it got album of the week in The Independent newspaper!

CB: High praise indeed! Tell us a bit about it – is it a collection of stuff you’ve been working on over a short or long period of time? Are there original beats or dubs? How would you describe its overall sound?

Click here to read on.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

'Remixes From The Edge' - Ghost (free download)

UK Hip Hop producer Ghost has been on a musical journey with his last album 'Freedom of Thought' being more focused on the instrumental beauty of non-looped beats. His latest project is a remix album entitled 'Remixes from the Edge' on which he remixes artists as diverse as Dabyre and Bonobo, The Heavy and Coldcut aswell as some UK Hip Hop mainstays (Foreign Beggars and Kashmere).

Many of the original tracks were unfamiliar to me but this neither helped nor hindered my listening. The album is a mix of quality music of different styles bound to expand the horizons of the average Hip Hop listener.

The album costs as much as you want to pay - whether that be £0.00 or £10.00, it's your choice. For the purpose of knowing which track was by who originally and for the purpose of relabelling your tracks once you've downloaded them here's a useful tracklist:

1. Foreign Beggars - No More ft. Jehst & Kashmere (Ghost remix)
2. P Money - Everything (Ghost remix)
3. Coldcut - Sound Mirrors (Ghost remix)
4. Bonobo - If You Stayed Over (Ghost remix)
5. Dabyre - Air (Ghost remix)
6. The Heavy - No Time (Ghost remix)
7. Foreign Beggars - No Holes Barred Ghost remix
8. AT Jazz - Together Ghost remix
9. Kashmere - Poison (Ghost remix)
10. The Heavy - How You like Me Now (Ghost remix)

'Warning' ft. Dynamite MC - DJ Primecuts (free download)

DJ Primecuts produced Dubstep with real reggae dub and lyrics from the ever-versatile Dynamite MC - what's there not to like? 'Warning' is free from Bandcamp now.

Here are some myspaces and facebooks to check out: www.myspace.com/dstylerecs, www.facebook.com/dmindsuk, www.myspace.com/djeddiekuk, www.myspace.com/djprimecuts, www.myspace.com/dynamiteuk.

Eddie K and D*Minds provide Dubstep and Drum 'n' Bass remixes at the cost of £1 each.

'East is in the House' - VA - 456 (free download)

Pitching East Coast Hip Hop from the United States against British soundalikes 456 has created a gritty mix worth bumping on whichever side of the Atlantic you reside.

M.O.P., Cormega, Fat Lip, Nutrageous, Sha Stimuli and Reks nestle alongside the hardest of current UK tracks from Orphans of Cush, Endemic and Cappo, Iron Braydz, Mr. Flex, Micall Parknsun, Jehst and The IRS.

This free download has a purpose - to prepare you for forthcoming music from 456!

Here at Certified Banger we have another taster from 456 and Chosen Spokesmen MC Mr. Flex (who featured on volumes 4 and 5 of 'On The Radar'). The track is called 'Dark Days' and whilst the original production was done by Risk (also a featured artist on 'On The Radar Vol. 5'), 456 has had a go at remixing it - see what you think (click to download the remix and click here to download the original).

MOG All Access Launched!

As a fan of music I was pretty excited (for real) to get the email today that brought me this news:

"Today MOG launched MOG All Access, a revolutionary new online music listening service unrivaled in quality and ease-of-use.

MOG All Access is the extraordinary music listening service we full-time music fans have always wanted. You can listen to just about every album and song you can imagine (about 6 million songs), all-you-can-eat and on-demand for just 5 bucks a month. Yeah, pretty much all the music you can get at your nearest record store, for the cost of parking. And no, we are not pulling your leg!

In a cybersea overpopulated with subpar machinery, MOG is your state-of-the-art periscope to the sublime. On-demand music is just the beginning of the MOG paradigm. We're creating a league of our own with features like:

- Personalized radio capabilities that put other online radio & satellite radio to shame
- Easy playlist creation and cool tools for discovery and sharing
- Sky-high quality streaming at 320 kbps…the highest sound quality in the industry"

If you go here and watch the introductory video, you will be as amazed as I was for sure. I just hope there's loads of dope Hip Hop on there! Also, for a review go to Techcrunch.com.

'On The Radar Vol. 5' Artist Profile - DJ Roast (+ free download)

Name: DJ Roast

Age: 29

From: London to Cornwall to Brighton to Australia to London now Bournemouth

Track on ‘On The Radar’: 'Trading Darts' feat Cyrus Malachi

Tell us the story behind the track: I DJ for Phoenix Da Icefire, Triple Darkness and Orphans of Cush. Cyrus is the first guy I linked with from the cliques. Him and his daughter were at my yard and I played him the track. He said it reminded him of that battle rap boom bap ish and he said he had something for it. A week laterr it was laced. He’s my favourite MC in the UK alongside Phoenix right now.

Record label: Cuttin Fine Records (my label)

Who you roll with: Triple Darkness/Phoenix da Icefire/OOC/Triggs Vega

Favourite album: Pharcyde - 'Bizarre ride to the Pharcyde' or Diamond D - 'Stunts, Blunts 'n' Hip Hop'

Describe your style in three words: Funk, scratch, random.

Past/Present/Future projects: Phoenix da Icefire 'Baptism Under Fire', 'Cuttin It Fine' (debut album), a project with producer Cheebo and an EP with Triggs Vega and a mix-tape with M9 - look out 2010!

Download all of 'On The Radar Vol. 5' here and now!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Skandal Gets The Independent's Album of the Week

A big CB round of applause goes to Skandal (who featured on the first 'On The Radar'!) who last week had The Independent's album of the week. If you've not already bought this then read my review, read these quotes from other people in the know and then follow the links to buy it for yourself:

"Album Of The Week" - The Independent
"Brilliant..." - Huw Stephens - Radio One
"Promises to satisfy those starving for some straight up spittage" Rwd Mag
"Forward thinking" - Time Out Magazine
"Superb" [MONEY SHOT] 4/5 - DJ Mag
"Skandal eats up each riddim with ease" - IDJ
"Remember the name..." ATM
"Im a fan" - Shortee Blitz - Kiss
"If you wanna know how to spit, take a listen to my boy" - DJ 279 - Choice FM

Download now at iTunes, Amazon.co.uk or Play.com. The physical CD can be bought at UK Record Shop or http://www.suspect-packages.com/.

Phoenix Da Icefire Launch Party Next Monday

When: Monday, December 7, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Carhartt is hosting a special one off event at its Neal Street store in Covent Garden, London.

Alongside an exclusive performance from the man himself Phoenix Da Icefire will be: Triple Darkness and The IRS plus extra special guests Cappo & Endemic - performing tracks from their 'Needle Drop' E.P! Charlee Brown and ('On The Radar Vol. 5' artist) DJ Roast will spin and Kingpin will host.

** Free Drinks will be provided by Mean Time Brewery **

Bristol's Finest - Skateboarding + Hip Hop

Sidewalk magazine are featuring the best of skaters from the Bristol area in the December edition. The magazine will come with a FREE DVD of footage with the accompanied by a soundtrack of Bristol music artists. Artists included are Stig of the Dump, Tough Touch Productions, Lowercase, Jon Kennedy, Se Fire, K*Ners, Sir Beans O.B.E and Malakai. There will be 53,000 cover-mounted copies available with December’s edition of Sidewalk Magazine (the U.K’s leading Skate-culture magazine).

You should be able to pick up your copy from all good newsagents, 50-50 stores and Skate Cafes Nationwide. To order your copy on-line: http://sidewalkmag.com

Showing at the Watershed – Bristol – 12th December 2009

Bristol’s Finest a scene DVD from Fifty-Fifty, Bristol in Bloom and Skate cafe is premiering at Bristol’s Watershed Cinema on Saturday December 12th. With footage from Matt ‘Boyo’ Williams, Andy Makepeace, Nicky Howells, Korahn Gayle and many more from Bristol.

'On The Radar Vol. 5' Artist Profile - Mr. Flex (+ free download)

Name: Mr Flex AKA Lyrical Agent

Age: Unknown

From: Vulcan via Wembley

Track on ‘On The Radar’: ‘Nothing to Prove’ featuring Sophie Rose Harper and produced by Beat Butcha

Tell us the story behind the track: Got the beat over a year ago. Came up with lyrics and concept pretty much straight away. As it was my first solo joint, I wanted to tell my story, and give people an introduction to myself. Been rapping for years now, doing open mics and reaching everything and anything Hip Hop related in London. I live this Hip Hop ting, and I hope this track portrays this. Originally I was going to try and sing the hook myself but after a few attempts I decided I’m no singer! For the hook I was looking for a certain sound, and tried a few singers, but it just never sounded right. So I put an ad on gumtree, and that’s how I found Sophie Rose Harper. (www.myspace.com/sophieroseharper) Checked out her myspace, and really liked what I heard. I gave her an idea of what I wanted the hook to say, and she took that on board and came up with a heavy hook. Such a beautiful voice and she was very professional too. I plan to shoot a video for it in 2010 and I hear the track is no 1 on the Vulcan music charts at the moment! Live long and prosper!

Record label: none

Who you roll with: Chosen Spokesmen (Blick Kid, Danger da Sergeant, Modulation, Gadget Boy) Risk Beats, 10 Foot, DJ 456 Urban Flex Show. Kashmere always show me love too.

Favourite album: OC - ‘Jewelz’

Describe your style in three words: Ruff, Rugged and Raw.

Past/Present/Future projects:
Past: ‘Mad Real’ Produced by Chemo which was on OTR 4.
Present: Just applying the finishing touches to my EP untitled as yet.
Future: Chosen Spokesmen Mix Tape/album, just started recording for this, got beats from Kelakovski at the moment. Look out for a track called ‘More Money’ ft. Blick Kid coming early in 2010.

Much Love Mr Flex

Download all of 'On The Radar Vol. 5' here and now!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Knew Jeru'slum feature on Coast 2 Coast mixtape!

Look who features alongside Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Wale, Snoop Dogg and more - it's West Yorkshire's very own Knew Jeru'slum with their track 'Non-apologetix' featuring Manchild. The mixtape is hosted by Wale and features fresh US Hip Hop with the Jerus' track being the only UK track on there this month. Good one boys! Proud of ya!

You can download it for free now. Look out for more features from the Don't Talk To Strangers camp on this mixtape series soon.