Tuesday, 30 August 2011

New Rhymepad Radio Show

Newest episode of Rhyme Pad. Please note this show is updated weekly so if you sleep you will miss out!

Rhymepad26 8 11 by Rhyme Pad Radio

Friday, 26 August 2011

Alpha Coda - Ill Move Sporadic & Joey Menza

Ill Move Sporadic and Joey Menza droppedf this quality album recently featuring C-Sparks,Tenchoo and Gus Pony.
All production handled by IMS duo Ben81 and Neil Cage and they cooked up some wonderful soundscapes for Joey Menza to spit his brand of in your face flow and hard metaphors.
Stream above and it can be purchased from Suspect Packages

Cyrus Malachi feat. Ray Vendetta

Cyrus Malachi drops a new banger produced by Seventh Dan and Ringz of Saturn and featuring Ray Vendetta.
Free Download here
Black Anthema ep coming soon

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Click Animosity Ft. Tragic Allies - Dust N' Bones (Video and e.p. Download)

New video from Click Animosity feat Tragic Allies.
Taken from the Charred Remnants e.p. which you can get for free here
And buy Gages solo album,The Desolate Lands here

Maffew Ragazino ft Action Bronson Jordan vs Bird prod by Digga (Free Download)

Maffew Ragazino ft Action Bronson Jordan vs Bird prod by Digga by CICORECORDS

Maffew Ragazino and Action Bronson go in on some bar for bar goodness.
Ragazino's album Rhyme Pays is lookin like its gonna be a classic

Under Da Bridge - DANNY BONES NEW 2011

Danny Bones with a Chilli Peppers dub

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Absouljah "Feel The Brother" produced by Alterbeats (Free Download)

New from Absouljah produced by Alterbeats from france.
Download the song for free here

Lunar C and Jack Flash - CALL IT - produced by Wizard

Jack Flash and Lunar C with an absolute banger produced by Wizard.

Rhymepad Radio

New rhymepad show. Two hours full of bangers here. A real good mix of UK/US tunes.

Rhymepad19. 8. 11 by Rhyme Pad Radio

Monday, 22 August 2011

Task Force - MFTC Archives vol.1

Taskforce are starting a series of albums to celebrate a decade of pioneering music. The collections feature unrealesed gems from the past 10 years or so. Know one does it or has done it like Task Force so support your local legends and follow the player or click HERE to d/l the album, at a bluey you got no excuse to sleep on this. More coming very soon.....

Sunday, 21 August 2011


New music from Cracker Jon,produced by 2Late

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Sleaze - The One (Official Video)

New video from GV Clik's very own Sleaze.
Over a laidback banger produced by Apatight,Sleaze drops some heartfelt bars.
You can check his new album here "Arkitectonics" listen for free and then buy it

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Knock Knock - Ralph Rip Shit, Zilla Rocca and Hekla Kosh

Associated Minds are readying Ralph Rip Shit's latest single 'Hold That' with P.L.O and have released 'Knock Knock' in the run up to its release. The track is a few years old and features Zilla Rocca and was produced by Hekla Kosh/Lou Hekla and is a free d/l through the above bandcamp player.

Phat Kat & Iron Braydz - Dobermans

Iron Brayds teams up with OG Detroit MC Phat Kat for more cross pond collaboration. As you'd expect from the title both MCs deliver agressive bars over Agors stuttering beat. If you like ts and sweats in the crisp video you can support Iron and cop them HERE.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Meyhem Lauren & Jay Steele "Presidential MC's"

Everything with Meyhem Laurens name on it is quality,buy his music.

Life Of Rhyme

In case you missed it on channel 4 its now availiable online. Life of Rhyme is a documentary about the UK rap scenee hosted by Akala. It features artists like Ghetto and Giggs through to people like Rodney P and Taskforce. I felt it was an enjoyable watch and a good representation of what the UK is doing at the moment in terms of the rap scene.


LordWillin feat WordSmiff (Free Download)

The latest installment from LordWillin with his "The Ski Mask Monk Chronicles" series.

Loads of bangers dropping in the build up to his First Son Records official video and project.

Get LordWillin's Ill Roc Street Album on itunes now

Download LordWillin feat. WordSmiff here

Split Prophets (Interview)

Today we got an interview with a group im sure your going to hear alot of very very soon. Their new video is out at the moment called "2 Kids"

Truly dope video, and as i couldn't find much information about the guys i thought i'd try getting intouch and asking them a few questions.

Alright Guys how you doing today?
Upfront: yeh not bad
Hi res: yea all good

Where you guys from?
SP: Bristol, both from south of the river, Bedminster ways.

When did you first start getting into Hip Hop?
HR: I started getting into hip hop when I was about ten, eleven, when I started skatboarding. That was when I really started rinsing it.
UP: started listening to hip hop when I was at secondary school , pt gave me
a mp3 with loads of sick tunes on an I was on it from then.

How did you 2 guys meet and when did you start making music?
SP:  We met when we were 14/15
HR: I started spittin when I was around 15/16 but never really ever took it seriously. I never really thought id do something with it or people would be feelin what I was doing. Fuck noes, there was a lot of leen up bedroom freestyle sessions, but it wasn't until we met Badhabitz, one half of krate krusaders, that I thought something could happen with it.
UP: yeh I started spittin a bit after everyone else in the crew an doing it at
first was just something fun to do,meeting up and spittin new bars And
hearing new verses and beats. Meeting Badhabitz really opened my eyes to
the fact that people were feeling the vibes, which gave us a push to get
ourselves out there and make tunes.

Now your at the moment promoting your video "2 Kids" have you been getting much feedback on it?
SP: Yeah it seems we're getting some good feedback. Theres always gonna be hate and theres always gonna be haters, we just dont give a fuck about either.

Will this feature on some sort of release?
SP: Yeah we're dropping an Ep with Krate Krusaders, late September, called Scribbled Thoughts. Thats including 2kids, aint amused and a few other bangers haha. Also a couple of other artists from Bris and around the Uk.
Check out Demorus a couple of those boys are on it and some other heads.

I Have been checking the other videos on your youtube page, the other videos are upto the exact same standard and show yet more beats by Krate Krusaders, How did you get hooked up with them?
SP: Boyo! He's the hook up man. He knew Badhabitz before us and mentioned he had some mates who were getting on the barring, and got us some beats. Then we all got introduced and it went on from there. Cheers bredda.

Me and a mate were discussing your music, and came to the decision that your style is easy listening, yet still lyrical, so youve been able to make your vocals sound laid back but still been able to add some thought provoking statements, Is this a style you will continue to go for?.
HR: personally I think so, I mean theres different tracks that styles are gonna sound different on, and were gonna sound different on. Ive never really thought about our style. I think that's jus us though, we aint some hyped out kids trying to look bad as fuck and both of us are pretty conscious. It just comes how it is haha.
UP: yeh, I mean style isn't something I really worry about when I write.
I just write what comes, sometimes there is a sound we want to get but
the main thing to me is that every bar is real, so I don't need to chat about
certain things or act a way that isn't who I am, or who we are.
I think that's were our style comes from.

Ok have you been involved in many open mics, or gigs?
SP: naaa not really. Weve done a couple of little things, we did Big time festival down in Pauls, that was about six of us and that was alright, jus a little cypha track. But nothing properly organised under the name split prophets until the show with gen and stig, and a dj and soundman that actually knew what they were doing. It was joke, we got chucked out of a club we were supposed to be doing a set in cos some of us didnt have id.

10.You seemed to come at me out of nowhere witha  video into my inbox with not a great deal of information about you as a crew, and after trying my hardest in the research area, yet still not very much. One thing i did find out though that your supporting Akil The MC at The Croft in Bristol. Now they said this on the page. "Bristol Heads will know about the uprising of Split Prophets and the massacre when they supported Stig and Genesis a few months ago". Now this tells me that you absolutely killed it, How did it go for you guys?
UP: yeah was a good night, got a good reception and a nice amount of people turned up for it, personally it was good for me to get the first big set done, made me want more shows and to push to get our sound out.
HR: yeah it was heavy. Big ups to luke from Rhyme and Reason cos these nights are fucking sick. And there bringing good heads down to bris and puttin us on the map. Check it out. And as far as info about us, you guys are getting that out there for us so nice one.

What are your influences? (This can be mc's, but just anything that influences you to make the music you do)
HR: as far as Mc's go theres too many to mention. But my surroundings, mates and what I get up to are probably my main influences. Walkin around late at night getting my hands dirty haha.
UP: my biggest influences are the people around me and the things i've seen
happen, the world we live in and the life I live influences me to do what I do.

Ok before i go Dyou have any shoutouts?
SP: yeah, shouts to you guys for hooking this up,Krate Krusaders, Evermoor sound, the Se fire boys,B'tol, all the demorus heads, all the rest of the split prophets collective, Pt, Prime Mc, bill next, all the sub slags breahs, vince from south blessed, lou for putting up with us, anyone who supports us And All the real heads staying true to this. peace

Go check these guys out.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Loki (Interview)

Today folks we take some time out and have an interview with one if not the most influential Artists in the relatively small hip hop scene we have here in Scotland.


Alright how how you doing today?
Today I'm doing ok. Tuesday is usually the day I begin to resemble something slightly more human, hence my reasoning leaving the interview till yesterday had passed. How was I doing yesterday? Yesterday was a No Way Back kind of day.

Where you from?
I'm from a little place called The Universe....and so I apologise if this encroaches on anyone's territorial issues. I was born in Glasgow and dragged up in Pollok.....a housing scheme in the South Side famous for a shopping centre called The Silverburn and the motorway slicing through the large public park directly adjacent to it. Pollok was one of many 'schemes' created in the late 18th Century to help deal with the population boom caused by the Industrial Age.

Describe your music in 3 words?
Andy Fucking Kaufman

When did you first start getting into Hip Hop?
I was about 14/15 when my friend Sammy introduced me to rap. It wasn't until my late teens I became aware that Hip Hop itself was a cultural movement. Hip Hop not only gave me a creative outlet but also a spiritual focus. Without both I'd most probably be dead... with 'Sorry for being so shallow' being my epitaph.

Ok now you've been involved in the scene now for many years, and have been an influence for many MC's up here, How does it feel to have been held in such high regard for all these years?
I'm held in high regard? I wasn't aware of that. I do hear my influence though in lots of music. People seem more politically inclined these days as they become aware that every aspect of their lives is the consequence of a political decision. Everything from what you're allowed to say to decisions about your housing benefit. I despise apathy, although I do show many symptoms of it from time to time. I try to use my influence to illustrate that hyper masculinity is actually very gay when you break it down. Real men cry....and write about crying. Apparently the chicks love it. And I hold the chicks in the highest of regard. I used to feel pressure to compete...but that was just the last remnant of the boy I used to be trying to hold on to his Ego. I am shown far more respect and appreciation outwith the Scottish Hip Hop scene and over the last year have enjoyed the opportunity to experiment not only with writing.....but other people pre-conceptions. It's a fun place to be. I once made a heckler eat a whole phone!

You've not only been involved in music you also do alot of Community work, Namely nowadays Volition. What made you come to the decision to start this off?
 Community 'work' is not a choice....it's an obligation. It can take many forms so some people are probably doing it without realising. This site is a community enterprise so on behalf of the community I would like to thank you for tending to it. I was raised during tremendously turbelent political times and so it's in my tiger blood. Economically, Pollok was the poorest data zone' in Europe....relatively speaking.....and so to live through this is to be forever altered by it. I'm just thankful I can cope with the scars I bear....and I hope those who couldn't are resting in peace. As for Volition.....(meaning of your own free will).....this was a concept I had been refining for many years. It predates my facination with rap in actual fact and it's based on addressing 3 fundamental problems with Community Arts.

1. At what point are the participants involved in the decision making process. The decision making process is lucrative indeed whereas the participants are almost always suffering some sort of deprivation. Why hasn't anyone realised that the participants themselves posses all the knowledge required to get things moving.

2. Most projects are designed to run for a specific time period. This is counter productive. The resources are available to create and sustain a project indefinitely...this infomation is being kept from the public though...in order to preserve the vast wealth and security afforded to the Arts Organisations and their subsiduaries. Some young people rely on community projects simply to sustain some quality of life.....it's cruel to end something like that so abrubtly. My view has always been......get rid of the funding monopoly's by making a strong case that young people can do most of the work themselves....they just need support and more imprtantly.....a sutained source of inspiration and encouragement.

3. It's always been a Big Society. Now seems like the perfect time to call everyone's bluff and see just how serious the soundbytes are about Communities taking responsibilty for their own affairs. We quietly go about our business and offer one another support.....because we are all deeply flawed. It's this acceptance that defines Volition. It's really about Love and Respect. Working towards shared vision will usually bring about these two things. My function in Volition is not simply to challenge the Political structure that's grown up around us....but more importantly....to challenge the Community itself. Nobody is gonna do this shit for you....so pull your socks up and let's get down to fuckin business.

Another part of your life has also been "The Being Emcee's", obviously a crew based in Glasgow that can't really be touched at the moment. Do you get alot of inspiration from Crew members?
Who is Scottish Hip Hop could claim not to be inspired by The Being. We set a new precedent....in which we are The Present Presidents. If anyone's Ego has a problem coping with that.....please report to your nearest battle to be processed.

Now you recently re-released the Do Not Disturbed project, with over 40 minutes of extra material. How did this come about?
 I wrote Do Not Disturbed to help launch the Volition club night. Now a year has passed....I feel it's time to share the album with everyone else. I'm proud of that piece of work. It's me at my most honest.....therefore dangerous. The best feeback Ive had has been from Poets and Comedians. Most women enjoy it too.....albiet those of a joyless feminist persuasion have perhaps misunderstood the sentiment of some songs. I was attempting to depict the downward spiral induced by a loving relationship falling apart through alcohlism. For me that's ironic.....because I have always written about being the vitim of such a relationship.....but this time round....I have become the perpetrator. It's about denial. Hence all the songs with me claiming to be the best rapper in Scotland. I hope you all enjoy...or at least appreciate it.

What acts have you supported so far?
Asian Dub Foundation, The Pharcyde, Rahzel (fat wank that he is), Royce DA 5'9, D12, Blade, The Girobabies.....god....there's been a lot more....but I can't remember to be honest. Lot's of great acts have supported me. It's been a pleasure watching them grow. Louie's on the cusp of becoming the perfect artist. Once he hits that stride....everyone will have to shut up....watch and learn. Trust me.

Out at the moment you have the "Remind Me EP" with Bill Breaks, what kind of feedback have you been getting from this.
 As for 'Remind Me'.....feebacks been positive. We made that project in a day. It has a distinct 'Breaksian' feel to it....which definitely brought out a more reflective mellow side to my performance on it. AT 23 minutes long.....you have no excuse for not checking it.

What are your influences? (This can be mc's/producers, but just anything that influences you to make the music you do)
Influences? Production wise my crew is mostly in house so we're spoiled a lot. I think because of this we can be inward looking....which may come accross like we don't listen to other people. The truth is though.....we have such diversity at close quarters so we're always going through creative shifts whether it be writing, delivery, production, performance, battling etc etc. For me....Mog and Louie are not only a continued source of inspiration....but also a reminder to me about the type of writer I am. They remind me of how I should be sounding.....how I used to sound.....how I will sound in future. These days I don't listen to that much Scottish Rap. It has to be original to catch my ear....and originality only comes with experience. We're going through the 4th wave of Scottish Rap now....so naturally.....many of the artists are young and still figuring out who they are. Sometimes though this isn't present in the music. I'm drawn to vulnerability.....not braggadocia. I show my love and respect for scottish hip hop by dedicating my life to an intitution called Volition....not by downloading every rar file posted on the forum. Remember.....you're not a rapper.....you're a writer. Take on 'writer' as your sense of identity and the rapper will animate itself! Do it the other way about and I will probably fall asleep

Ok before i go Dyou have any shoutouts?
Shout outs go to everyone I know and who knows me. Shout outs to all the followers of the music. Product you can hold in your hand is coming....I promise. Thanks for your patience. And a big shout to Raymond Simpson. We think about you every day mate. x

Thanks to Loki as always for taking the time out to do this.

You can get a hold of the Remind Me EP with Bill Breaks and the extended Do Not Disturbed project below.

Remind Me EP
 Remind Me EP by BilL Breaks

Do Not Disturbed
 Loki Do Not Disturbed Album (Plead the Sheridan EDITION) by volitionglasgow

Mystro On BBC Breakfast

More riot related posting here. It seems the UK Rap scene has been embraced in a big way in regards to the troubles. Mystro comes accross very well.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Ghost 67 (Interview)

Today we done an interview with Ghost from England who talks to us about his life and music.

Check It Out

Alright Man, how how you doing today?
I’m good thanks, a little tired but good. I got a lil tipsy at the weekend for my boy’s wedding so I’m feeling tender.

Where you from?
I’m from Stratford On Avon, a small town in the Midlands, UK. It’s the birthplace of Shakespeare so we get mad tourists every day of every damn month. I like it though, I don’t get on well with crowded city life.

Describe your music in 3 words?
Deep. Honest. Funny.

When did you first start getting into Hip Hop?
I got into it when I was at high school. I started listening to Ice-T and just couldn’t believe some of the shit he was saying. I absolutely loved that he could put his rawest thoughts on a record and actually get it heard... and make money from it. Then I heard Cypress Hill and it pretty much went from there. The more I listened, the more I fell in love.

How did you first start getting into making music?
I started writing verses as a way of expressing myself. After a while I figured I’d see what the recording game was like so I went to a basement studio and laid down 7 tracks. They were awful!! The production was great (because I had no part of that) but my flow was horrendous. I remember I didn’t write any choruses because I literally had no idea how to, I had no idea how important the hook or chorus was in a song so I just left them out! After that I reassessed everything but mainly focused on my flow. As far as beat making, I’ve never had any part of that, aside from the back-of-the-room comments I throw at producers now and then.

Now at the moment your promoting your new debut album "Footsteps of an Angel of Sin" , What can we expect from this man?
Man, this album is pretty much my life. The album as a whole is based on a 2 year period in my life that I really struggled through. I think there’s only one song on there, it’s called Regular Guys and features Blade, which was written before the 2 year period started. Footsteps represents the period in someone’s life when they are completely lost, they don’t have the answers for how they’re feeling and they turn to thing’s they normally wouldn’t in order to get them through a tough situation. I listen to a lot of music and some of the stuff I was hearing was so focused on trying to impress the listener that I felt the artist lost the honesty that I was so used to hearing. So I based my approach on that honesty, I sat and started writing down exactly how I felt; be it happy, sad, aggressive, suicidal or whatever. I made a promise to myself that I’d write the album like I was writing a book, like a diary of fucked up events throughout the 2 years. I would say to anyone wanting to listen to the album, you can expect to feel like you’re gonna know me a lot better after listening to it than you did before. Honesty is my thing man, I’ve tried to keep everything as honest and straight up as I can, without upsetting those close to me. It’s been tough writing some of the stuff that you know your parents and loved ones would definitely not wanna hear... But I made that promise to myself and so they have to hear it; they always listen to a new track first though so they can prepare for what others are about to hear. There’s a mixture of songs on the album, some very funny, some very sad, some very angry and some just very chilled. It’s my life man.

And when roughly were you hoping on putting it out?
It was meant to be out the start of 2011 but I’m still putting the final touches to it. I’m waiting on one more verse to be sent to me and then it’s a wrap. The first single, Angel of Sin was released about 2 weeks ago and is available to buy on all major online stores (iTunes, Amazon, Tesco etc)> I’m hoping for an autumn drop at the moment. The second single which is called Land of the Lost and features Celph Titled is the next focus and then it’s the album itself.

Ok have you been involved in many open mics, or gigs?
No. I’ve had many opportunities to perform but in all honesty, I hate the attention. I don’t get a buzz from it whatsoever and figure I couldn’t give the fans 110% if I didn’t enjoy it. So I stick mainly to studio work. I set up studio tours where I’ll fly to NY and Detroit and work with new artists... But I leave the stage stuff for those who really enjoy it. The studio is my home, that’s the place I feel most understood.

Do you feel you may be missing out on some new fans, as you don't do live shows?
Yeah definitely. It was something I weighed up quite seriously in my head but at the time that decision was made I was playing rugby every weekend and training most nights, as well as writing music, recording, working and trying to have a personal life. I did originally start off with a view to do live stuff but the deeper I got involved with rugby and music, the more I ignored the important people in my life. The girl I had at the time, I felt was constantly being let down by me because I was either playing rugby, weight training or writing and recording music. The music itself could never be replaced and nor could the training and rugby so I evaluated it all and figured I would just never do the live thing, that way atleast I was at home with my family and friends instead of on stage somewhere with a bunch of strangers infront of me. I do travel and I have no issues with performing for people or meeting new emcee's and working with them, infact I literally this second just got off the phone with an airline to book up another trip to Detroit to record with my boy Solystic (check him out, very talented).... it's just I enjoy leaving the studio and shutting off, walking around my home town where everyone knows me as Chris and living a quiet life. It's a big weigh up but at the moment the reclusive lifestyle suits me very well.

What acts have you worked with so far?
I have collaborated with many talented artists. On the Footsteps of an Angel of Sin album you can expect to hear Celph Titled, Nightwalker, Blade of Mark B & Blade, Face of So Solid Crew, Mr CRF, Wordsmiff and a great singer called Sophie Sheppard. I’ve also worked with a bunch of others but you can check them out on my website. I’m in talks with 2 or 3 very good emcee’s at the moment about featuring on the next album and everything is very positive right now so hopefully the next project will be equally solid!

What are your influences? (This can be mc's/producers, but just anything that influences you to make the music you do)
Musically, my influences are very widespread. Pink Floyd, John Denver, Mike Oldfield, Led Zeppelin, Blade, Ice-T, Cypress Hill, Public Enemy, Springsteen. Life wise, my influences are my family and friends. I take friendship extremely seriously and only surround myself with people I feel I can be completely comfortable around. Once I feel comfortable I generally talk a bunch of shit to see what makes people laugh, cry etc.... I then use those reactions to help with what I write about. It sounds deep but it’s not, I basically say offensive dumb shit and if people laugh then I know it’s gonna work in a song. If it offends people then I know I have to dumb it down a little so the average human doesn’t start hating on me.

Links to check?
I’m also on facebook but you can just google me for that.

Ok before i go Dyou have any shoutouts?
Big props to everyone who bought the Angel of Sin single, I really appreciate you spending that hard earned money on my song. I really do, I feel blessed that you’d spend the time to do that. All the fans I’ve picked up along the way that stay true, make videos for me, plug my music, spread the word and do their bit to keep me moving. The handful of artists that I am very close to and speak to for advice – thankyou! Oh and strippers.... I wanna thank every stripper that’s entertained me! Mad love and big peace!

I wanna give a big shout to Ghost for taking time out to do this, Big Up to him

And go check for his music people, believe me it's dope.

Greasy Plates Vol. 1 - GV Clik (Free Download)

New mixtape mixed by DJisGod featuring the whole GV Clik including Sleaze,J Man and more.
Get it now and check the recent releases from Sleaze to,all quality

Download here

Reveal - I Predict A Riot

Reveal is a name you should be familiar with if your a fan of UK Rap. He established himself a few eyars back as part of 'Poisonous Poets' alongside Stylah, Tony D, Lowkey and Doc Brown. Having been quiet for a few years it was a nice suprise to see him pop up on NewsNight to discuss the London Riots (as previously posted on the blog). Following that appearance ReveAl jumped on a Nutty P beat and brought his views and opinions on the current events. Its nice to see the numbers doing so well
on this track.

Perhaps this means Revel is back in the game?

I Predict a Riot 2011 by RevealPoison

Rhymepad Show

Newest Rhyme Pad Radio Show. If you dont know about this show yet you need waking up!

Rhymepad12.8.11 stakka and slaughta b2b by Rhyme Pad Radio

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Tabanacle - The Whole World In His Hands (Free Download)

As if he wasnt killing it with the Street Deciple videos lately,Tabanacle drops a new mixtape for free download.
Featuring the likes of Rewd Adams,Charlie Sloth and more,dont sleep on this.

Free Download here

Check the Street Deciple videos here

Follow on twitter here

Friday, 12 August 2011

Skriblah DanGogh - Riot Freestyle 2011

With all of the focus on the riots accross the UK Skriblah gives us his opinions on the whole saga. With a fitting video to match Skriblah raises some very valid points:

Skriblah 'Little White Dot' album coming soon!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

LordWillin - " Ride Low" Official Video

My brother from another LordWillin' teams up with UK producer Cypriot Vibez for this banger.
Is it dubstep? i dunno i only listen to dusty boom bap,it goes hard though.
Look out for his Ill Roc Records street CD on itunes this week.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Reveal Poison and Yohan Scarlett on BBC Newsnight, 9 August 2011

Reveal  (Poisonous Poets) and student Yohan Scarlett discussing the London Riots on Newsnight.
They got some points across and held their own while getting ranted at by the rest of the panel.
Love the way Yohan brought attention to the editing of the clip played before the discussion.

Follow Reveal on twitter 

Monday, 8 August 2011

DEEZE - This Is Gotham EP (FREE Download)

Wolftown affiliate Deeze drops a new EP for free. The EP is titled 'This Is Gotham' and the Batman theme runs throughout with samples taken from the film. Deeze compares inner city UK life to that of Gotham city making this a sort of concept EP.

Production is handled by Tricksta, Stealf and Leinad 410.

Download links:



Latest Rhyme Pad Radio Show

Rhymepad olitwist xidus pain show by Rhyme Pad Radio

This week features a mix of tracks from artists like Nappy roots, Jay rock, Roc Marciano + gangrene, Kyza, Bioviolences remix of Rodney p feat Skuff + inja, Ransom Badbones, Enlish Feat jokerstarr + Dabbla, Willie the kid, Ruck and Rock, Rah digga and more...

Special guests are Oliver Twist with an interview and live bars with Cambridge mc Genesiz joining them in the cypher.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

CuCullen - Rapture

CuCullen drops a new video,handling the production himself.
Check his ep sampler here to

Ghostface Killah, Raekwon Sheek Louch, Jadakiss & Styles P "Wu Block" (P...

Yea......this is a dream come through,i would of been hesitant but they pull it off

Friday, 5 August 2011

Vast Aire - Cannon of Samus remix

VAST AIRE - The Cannon of Samus Remix - ft Kenyattah Black & Contex MC(Clean) by urbanelitepr

Context MC gets mic time on one of the best beats from Vast Aires OX 2010. Im not too familiar with Context but hes got some high profile fans and has been putting alot of work in over the last few years, check out his site HERE for more. Brownsvilles Kenyattah Black also features on the Are Why produced head nodder. Cop the original on Vasts LP or d/l the remix from the player above.

Split Prophets - 2 Kids (Music Video)

Kulez (Interview)

Standup Worldwide were lucky enough to catch up with Kulez about his latest EP, available now to get your hands on.

He's also on tour at the moment too, links are in the interview to check it all out.

SUW - What's Happenin Kulez, Good to see were finally gettin this interview done (All My Fault) but were doin it now, can you introduce yourself to the people that may not have heard of you?

Kulez - do ur research, I have a heap of battles I won and lost. 2 mixtapes deap, on da stand vol 1, vol 2 and a recent e.p out under the alias Kuda brown. That's the official shit, check the freestyles and remixes aswell. I do it all myself, from the management to the bookings to the promotion to the graphics to the press write ups (a hint of journalism there) to some of the production to some extent. Looking to start doing some videos soon. I'm currently going on tour, don't think that's some agency, that's me. 9 U.K dates confirmed, 2 in Europe, looking for more!

SUW - That sounds dope man, so do you feel it's better taking a stand and doing your own thing rather than letting someone take care of your shit?

Kulez - Yeah, I like to see every thing, have full control. I'm currently booking pusha t from clipse for a date in the uk on the 24th of September. I have a p.r and press company working on his p.r for the next 3 months but I still want to screen every thing and work with them closely rather than hand over the links and let them do their magic.

SUW - Ok now how did you first start off in the hip hop scene, did you just start by battling?

Kulez - As dumb as it sounds no. I started making music at like 14 in a crew called empire then moved to a duo called v.o.t.e standing for voice of the east, east being east anglia. Before that I attempted the guitar, played piano, my older brother schooled me on the drum kit and my mum made me sing in church. - it sucked that's y I don't go no more.

SUW - Dyou still work with the guys, and do you plan on using your instrumental skills on making your own backing music?

Kulez - Yeah, I wanna make all kinds of music, not just underground hip hop, that's why I have Kuda brown for my most sincere fan base.

SUW - What happened during 2009 and 2011, you kind went off the radar a bit?

Kulez - How did I go off the radar in that period? I got off the battle radar. I did alot of dubstep hosting at major raves in London. My live P.A show count was over a 100, fully paid events. I dropped a Mixtape sponsored by shmack clothing, had RA the Rugged man live at the vibe bar, t shirt printing, stickers, building the following, a bunch of festivals, not to mention the 10 bags from the BBC. Started getting featured on BBC Introducing Norfolk which led to some air play. Broke twice as many laws and didn't get caught. Freestyled enough verses to last 66 albums. I branched off into loads of other things like events promotion, built up my skills up as a producer, a lot of planing and thinking stuff through and picked up on other technics. Just all round growing up as well, which is always good outside the limelight - come on I was classed one of the top uk freestylers by the age of 16. And that's what turned into reality, alot of plans do fall through in this industry alot of money gets lost, it's not about the losses it's about how you overcome them...

SUW - Now the whole Scribble Jam thing musta filled you with high hopes cos it's a great thing how did you think you would get on at the time?

Kulez - Yeah i won the uk qualifiers 5days after not winning a single battle in the world rap championships. Got put on national radio, loads of press, and got flown out to america to try winning 5000 dollars to insult people. I'd love to go back and do it properly. I flew out the day they had terrorist scares in London, all fights where delayed, had no sleep, missed my transfer from Detroit but the weed I smuggled in my aerosol cap made the touch down in ohio so much better! shame it's stopped, iv always dreamt of resurrecting it in the U.K or something similar.

SUW - Now there was only one video i could find from you time at Scribble Jam, which was you and Deuce Leader, Mad slept on in this battle man there was very little to no crowd reaction on this, What's your thoughts on it?

Kulez - Yeah I wish I won and went further. Reef the lost cause was battling, I wanted in! They had the 1st 3 way battle at scribble that year. Plus illmaculate, thesaurus, nocando. Brother Ali did a live P.A. Iron soloman tlking about he is about to battle Jin. The pizzas...american portions! And ur changing pounds 2 dollars - 06 scribble was big! Check the parking lot battles vs big mox, ikon the mic king was around, the BBQ the next day, where I battled a few heads, tryna find a strib club in cinncinati, the marble bathroom floors in the hotel! Zoop! Zoop!

SUW - Your new EP, you got any surprises in store for us?

Kulez - It's an alias. Kuda brown. I wanted to always have a raw underground avenue to put stuff out even if I do decide to make other kinds of music in the future. The E.P is just an introduction, there is more to come from Kuda brown, as well as more to come from Kulez. Kuda brown is based on the completely stereotypical underground rapper at rock bottom.

SUW - Where can we get a hold of your new EP?

Kulez - Http://www.kudabrown.tk but it is currently sold out! Moved a lot of units in the 1st week. No digital copies, didn't want it to be a this one time at band camp story, it's some underground raw shit which u can only get on compact disc. Nearly put it out on tape only...catch me on tour or make an order and you will probably get it 2 months late!

SUW -You Got any shoutouts for people?

Kulez - My DJ holding it down on tour! My dealer who Kuda brown owes a tick to.

Big thanks to Kulez for doing this interview with me, its taken a while to be put on the internet but it's here and that's the main thing.

Go get the Kuda Brown LP, from his site, it's dope


Standup Worldwide

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Supar Novar - Falling to Pieces

The beat is produced by Dead Man Walkn. Novar goes in on a personal narrative of life as a young rapper in the days when the UKHH scene was thriving. Its nice to hear the thoughts of someone who was part of making the scene refecting ont he scene itself. A very honest track.

Supar Novar - Falling To Pieces (Prod. Dead Man Walkn) by Dead Man Walkn

Rhyme Pad Radio Show

The latest Rhyme Pad radio show is now on soundcloud. This is easily the best rap show being mad ein the UK. Hosted by Cambridge dons Delegates Of Culture. Tune in!

Rhymepad29,7.11 by Rhyme Pad Radio

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Manorlogz - Cipher Friday Part 1 & 2

Blak Twang, Dubbledge and Durrty Goodz spit bars while Big Ted loops up a hypnotic riddim Teds more active on the beats on the 2nd part [HERE] This is just the first 2 parts!....look at all the heavy weights waitin for mic time...sleep at your peril.

Kyza - Freestyle Season mixed by No Special

Kyza aka B.L.A.C.K A.D.A.M Freestyle Season mixed and engineered by No One Special by No One Special

Freestyle Season aka B.L.A.C.K.A.D.A.M is a free d/l of fire from former TF member Kyza whos on form on practically every beat. Theres a good selection of beats on the mixtape allowing Kyza to show off his range; double-time to crooning and everything inbetween. The content is equally as versatile love, hate, road, family its all there. Cop the full mixtape HERE or individual tracks on the above player.

DJ House Shoes - Rapping with Paul White Mix

Rapping With Paul White - The DJ House Shoes Mixtape by alexchase

Paul Whites Rapping with Paul White will is nearing release the Ds DJ House shoes mixes a selection of the album tracks featuring vocals by Guilty Simpson, Visionairies and Trangill as well as other beats and remixes of classic cuts including ATCQ, Nas, Talib Kweli and more. Youcan D/L the mix and pre-order the album HERE or through the above player. Make sure you checkout the album out on 22nd of August.

Slaine - Trail of Blood and Free Mixtape

Slaine drops a new mixtape with Statik Selektah entitled "State Of Grace",featuring Action Bronson,Ill Bill and more.
This is just a taster to the release this month of his album "A World With No Skies 2.0" which you can pre-order here
Download State Of Grace here

Copywrite ft Sam Khan - Stop Remix

Here is another Hip-Hop Kings exclusive and this time from Copywrite and U.K Hip-Hop artist Sam Khan called "Stop Remix". Copywrite is currently preparing to release his forthcoming E.P "God Save The Queen" which will feature a number of U.K Hip-Hop artists, and Sam Khan features on the single "Stop Remix". Hip-Hop Kings previously released "PYT U.K Remix" which features Copywrite, Jay Notes, Loudmouth Melvin and Skillit, and fans can prepare for a number of other promotional singles and videos ahead of the E.P.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Rob Kelly - Half Mast Flag (Official Music Video)

New video from Rob Kelly,directed by Ovie.
This is off the upcoming project "The Black Irish Rogues" and its produced by Danny Diggs with cuts by DJ Mayhem and also featuring irish boxer Oisin Fagan.

Rum Committee - Boozetown

Rum Committee drop their long awaited album, "Boozetown",you can probably guess by the title that these fellas enjoy the occasional beverage.
You can stream and buy it here
The discs come with a poster and the chance to get some future exclusives.
The production is varied throughout and shows influences of reggae,dub and more and sonically it always hits hard.
All the M.C.s are more than accomplished and you can catch three of them (Prince Kong,Gizmo and TC) participating in the Dont Flop battle league.

Prince Kong on Facebook
Gizmo on Facebook
Rum Committee on Facebook