Monday, 31 January 2011

Trellion and Sniff - Die Squirrel Die

"Die little squirrel die little squirrel die". When i first saw this album on their Bandcamp i thought it was a joke.... how wrong i was. This is a real Hip Hop lovers album. None of that commercial waste, just pure raw music.

Having never heard of these guys i was taken back by the talent. Trellion has one of the best voices i have heard in UK Hip Hop for a long time.
If your'e a fan of Children Of The Damned then these guys are not to be missed. The album hosts a heap of talented producers such as Reklews, Marshall Artist and Medison.

Only criticism is that there isn't a massive variation of concepts, but I don't really care to be honest. I could listen to this duo chat about their hatred towards squirrels all day. If something aint broke don't fix it. These guys know what they are doing and they do it better than most around.

Favourite track - What It Is.

You need this in your life. Cop it here -

Rewd Adams - Rewd Awakening (Review)

If I was ever asked by a big label, let's say Def Jam, to name an artist who I thought had a realistic chance of blowing up with the right backing (haha), I might be tempted to suggest the artist formerly known as Skandal. Not because he is a personal favourite, but because he is that relatively rare thing; an MC who makes polished sounding, reasonably accessible music, whilst actually possessing some talent. What I mean by this is that he doesn't make the sort of music that you have to be a hip-hop nerd to appreciate. You're not going to find too many dusty jazz samples here, for example. I also remember him stating in an interview that he studied the art of writing catchy hooks from 50 Cent records. This shows, even stretching to using autotune on 'Go', which may well attract some criticism. However, the bottom line is that guy can spit, and his passionate delivery is demonstrated pretty much throughout Rewd Awakening.

The album kicks off in style. The title track features the same sample as the Jay-Z classic 'Where I'm From', and Adams gets straight into it:

"Sometimes I see angels,
Sometimes I see devils wearing halos,
I see horn-tipped wings and a fake smile.
Trust me, I aint known trust in a while, I put trust in my style.
Not my brothers or my sisters,
The priests or the sisters,
The doctors or the sisters,
Your clocks or your systems.
Because where were you when I was in jail?
Writing letters, and you didn't write back
Little snake, little rat.
This is a letter for all my guardian angels I never had,
In this sin city, I'll probably never have them."

The intensity of this track is not a one-off either. On 'Wish Myself Away' he discusses previous suicidal feelings, and how he's turned his life around. The emotion poured into this track is helped by an appearance from the ever-impressive Graziella, and the piano line, courtesy of Beat Butcha. However, all of these are topped by the extremely raw 'Promise'. Adams really bares his soul on this, as he addresses a friend whose father has died. The self-analysis, and aching delivery are reminiscent of Joe Budden at his most introspective. The beat is also outstanding, as Sivey serves up some haunting keys for Adams to open up over. As that piano line fades out, this would have been the absolutely ideal finish to the album. Sadly the vibe is interrupted by the slightly pointless inclusion the Kill Em With The Flow remix, basically as a bonus track. Whilst obviously this isn't a bad tune, it was everywhere last year, and doesn't seem to be necessary here.

The production line-up is filled with heavyweights, and not just from the UK, as Australia's M-Phazes is also featured. The highly rated producer, who has worked with the likes of Masta Ace, provides an absolute banger with 'This'. Jon Phonics' drums are as crunchy as ever on 'Everyday', and Jetsun's laid-back head-nodder is perfect backdrop for Adams to get philosophical over on Questions. The only real criticism of the production is that in what is clearly a deliberate attempt to have a modern, polished, accessible sound, the synths are perhaps overdone. It works wonderfully well when combined with good samples, such as on the title track, and 'Promise', but can lend the album as slightly samey vibe musically, and leaves some tracks, such as 'Rookie' sounding a little bland. A couple of more soulful, sample-driven beats may have brought out the best in Rewd Adams' engaging delivery.

One lyrical theme that keeps coming up is Adams' attempts to prove himself to/put down any haters or naysayers. On 'Go' and 'I Know' the whole tracks are dedicated to the character assassination of individuals who have pissed him off. Generally though, the lyrical content is fairly well rounded, as many different subjects are touched on, and every track seems to have a specific focus and concept. This is just as well, as his bars are occasionally some way short of razor sharp ("Pass the remote/You're not remotely near me" & "I'm Head & Shoulders above you/My shampoo's on the top shelf"). This potential weakness is never really exposed though, as at only 13 tracks in length, the project is never left to drift, and only 'Rookie' and the 'Kill Em With The Flow' remix feel anything like filler. This is a release that should appeal to any fan of British rap music, regardless of which little niche area they prefer.

Best news of all for any hard up punters is that this album is available for free. It will be available to download from Rew Adams' bandcamp page ( on the 5th of February, which is this Saturday. Don't be thinking that this is yet another throwaway release as so many free downloads are, this is a proper album, you just don't have to pay for it. Although, I guess this means that it probably won't be getting a physical release, which is a bit of a shame.


If you haven't checked them out, here are videos for a couple of the tracks on the album. Firstly the Jetsun produced Questions:

And also the Jon Phonics produced, Black The Ripper featuring Everyday:

K-Nite 13 - Salute feat TB, Skillit, and Pyro Bars Official Video

We are only just one month into 2011 and already I can see its gonna be a big year for UK Rap. Here is the official video for a track thats been posted up on the blog already. The video is big, the beat is big, the bars are big and the hook is so addictive. Its good to hear a strong hook on a uk rap tune cos personally i think its the hooks that normally let the tunes down.

Anyway K-Nite is showing why is he is quickly becoming one of the UK biggest producers. Im highly anticipating the release of 'The Drawing Board LP' which drops Feb 7th. The cover art is also very impressive.

'UK Hip Hop' In The Sun

Upon reading 'The Sun' newspaper today I found a mention worth posting here. It was in the Bizarre section of the paper.

'Some of UK hip-hop's oldest stars have joined up for a one-off concert to show The Brrrap Pack how it used to be done. ROOTS MANUVA, BLACK TWANG and SKINNYMAN, who inspired TINIE TEMPAH, TINCHY STRYDER and PROFESSOR GREEN, are at the Jazz Cafe in London tonight for a charity event'

Definatly a nice bit of exposure for the world of UK Hip Hop.

The event in question is a charity event to raise money for Zain bio medical treatment charities. It features those mention as well as Klashnekoff, Rodney P and Skitz as well as a few others.

If your in London go support the cause!

Cyclonious - 'Against The Beast' FT Jay-Jay and Nate

Cyclonious is a rapper whos name has been cropping up a lot lately. I fisrt heard him on his track 'Whats a postcode' and have been impressed since. I feel he raps with a vibe thats been missing from a lot of rap lately. He brings honesty and also positivity to a gritty street narative.

Here is a new tune 'Against The Beast' taken from his new FREE DOWNLOAD called 'Escape to Reality' avalible here -

Im hoping to do a review of the download once ive listened more but for now enjoy the video. Not the highest budget video but i definatly feel Cyclonious has something about him and fits nicely into the current rap scene in this country.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Poetic Pilgrimage & Mohammad Yahya - Silence Is Consent (Video)

Some political vibes here, as Poetic Pilgrimage and Iron Braydz's former partner in rhyme Mohammad Yahya discuss the recent events in North Africa, amongst other issues.

Genesis Elijah - Battle Cry UK (Video)

Genesis Elijah brings a new video for his version of Joell Ortiz's Battle Cry. 100 angry, punchline-filled bars straight, no hook. He might not quite rip it to the level that Joell did, but this isn't a bad effort at all.

Halfabrick "Mott Aveness" ft Spicco, Absouljah. (produced by Alterbeats) + Free Download

"Revolutionary Tactics part 2" for FREE download here produced/mixed/mastered by Alterbeats, Cover by Alterprod. with guest like Absouljah, Spicco, and Dj 456, Dj modesty on the cut.
Contact Alterbeats


K-Nite 13 - Salute feat. TB, Skillit and Pyro Bars

London based producer K-Nite 13 readies his debut album 'The Drawing Board LP' for release with the leak of two tracks. 'Angel' features Skriblah of Terra Firma fam serenading over a soulfull sample and classic hip hop drums find it here. Hit the play button below to hear 'Salute' featuring TB, Skillit and Pyro (dude seems to be poppin up everywhere). Another pitched up vocal sample accompanies a bumpin drum pattern. TB delivers the hook with bags of bravado keeping you locked into the track. The Drawing Board LP will be available from feb 7th and features a host of UK Talent including Loudmouth Melvin, Black the Ripper, Scorzayzee, Tony Dangerous and many more.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Mury Poppinz 'Bruce Banner Movement' (Promo Video)

Mury Poppinz (of No Pretense) has been in a dark, dark place exorcising some demons to bring us the promo video for his track 'Bruce Banner Movement'. Produced by The Scarlet Pimpernel , 'Bruce Banner Movement' is the first leak from his forthcoming Free Download & CD album 'Corporal Mortification'.

With a strong concept running throughout the LP, Mury P is creating some seriously intense, hardcore Hip Hop! with further production coming courtesy of Brutal Artistry, Pheend Supreme, Melph, Junior Disprol, Cyber Ninja, Jack Danz, Megamouth & Jig-One. 'Corporal Mortification' will be darkening the airwaves very soon.

Friday, 28 January 2011

ZooLoop EP preview

Highly underrated producer Mr Loop, and long time collaborator Mark from the Zoo apparently have a joint EP in the works. In this admittedly extremely budget video, Mark gives you the first verse and a half from a tune called 'Cathedrals & Cobblestones'.

Overlook the basic visuals, and you'll see that the tune knocks. I'm sure that the project from these two heavily slept-on artists will be one to look out for.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tom Caruana presents: The Rough Versions Remix Series: Vol. 1, Large Pro (Free Download)

I'm not sure exactly when this dropped, but I only stumbled across it earlier this week. Prolific remixer, and one of my favourite producers, Tom Caruana has come with yet another project of remakes. Here, 13 of Large Professors tracks are given the treatment, some of which were previously available on Caruana's remixed version of Extra P's Main Source album, which is no longer available as far as I can tell. As with any TC product, the production is top draw, although I've never been the biggest fan of Large Pro's bars.

The project is available to download from the Tea Sea Records website:

As you will see from that link, there are another 4 volumes planned in this series of remix LPs, featuring the vocals of MF DOOM, Brand Nubian, J-Live & D.I.T.C. Should be dope!

Aaaand as if that wasn't enough, there is another remix project in the pipeline as well, which will see MCs from the Okayplayer camp remixed using Bollywood samples. Sounds odd, but anyone who checked the Wu vs Beatles project from last year will have to be confident that Caruana will pull it off...

Stealf Feat Nu Jerzey Devil ‘Rain Bring Pain’ (De Facto Records) Review

Stealf Feat Nu Jerzey Devil ‘Rain Bring Pain’ (De Facto Records) Review

After producing tracks for a number of UK artists, Stealf ‘The Producer’ unleashes the first track from his forthcoming debut album. Here he provides an anthemic beat for Blackwall Street producer/DJ/rapper Nu Jerzey Devil. The beat is really well produced and helps the crossover potential of this song. I like this track and I’m very intrigued to hear what the rest of the album will be like. ‘I Am Stealf’ which features the likes of Jadakiss, Ruste Juxx, Joell Ortiz and Wordsmith and a string of superb UK emcee’s including Konny Kon, Deeze, Dap-C and Wolftown Recordings artist LATE. Stealf has already proved he is a producer making moves but this single is his best work to date.

Support real artists and purchase Stealf Feat Nu Jerzey Devil ‘Rain Bring Pain’ on MP3 from this direct iTunes link for only 79p! 

If you are an artist needing beats or wanting to work with Stealf please connect at the links below….

Seasoned prose by Northern Structure Records (Review by Tom Clements)

The brainchild of Blackpool emcee Disciple (a.k.a. Spider Jaroo), Northern Structure Records deals in unadulterated, gimmick-free Northern hip hop and the collective’s latest EP is no exception to that founding principle. Produced entirely by Manchester-based Pro P, "Seasoned Prose" is about as hard-nosed and Northern as it gets in the UK hip hop scene, with Disciple, Evileyz and Amos (all out of Blackpool) plus J-Toker from Preston imparting a great mix of friendly, blithesome Northern wit, candour and straight talk. Production wise, Pro P aces a style characterised by boom baps and claps reminiscent of the mid-90's, old-school samples punctuated with masterful cuts, scratches and some skilled turntablism; it's certainly a heady and intoxicating mix overall.
For the sake of brevity, here's a track-by-track synopsis of the EP:

"Seasoned Prose" is the EP’s first and eponymous track. From the outset, it’s a plain and concentrated statement of the group’s intent and sets the EP’s tone suitably. Musical call-and-response and straight lyricism are the key features of this track;  "I quickly react like fire to magnesium".

"Keeping it Fresh" is the EP's posse cut. The track is stirred by a wistful, introspective acoustic guitar loop over which are some quick-fire double-time vocals from all except Evileyz who chants the chorus. A great display of syllabic range and variation from the emcees.

"Spider Jaroo" is Disciple's solo track and provides a temporary foray for the listener into the emcee’s slightly brooding personality; featuring some darker, more twisted lyrical imagery and stirrings of working-class discontent.

"Heavy as Ever" seamlessly fuses brassy 60's Ska samples with heavily rhythmic, boom-bap hip hop syncopations and it's definitely a track you can vibe, dance and even relax to. Indeed, Evileyz’s relaxed style suits this track most combined with his comedic bars and descriptions of Blackpool being "the best resort for skets and whores". Amos has a choppier staccato delivery that provides a natty contrast to Evileyz, plus it’s clear the two have a real natural chemistry on tracks (as well as in battles).

"How I Get Down" is Evileyz’s solo track and really displays his excellent syllable placement, intonation and enunciation. The track in terms of technical ability is the EP's tightest package with a solid hook, tight rhyme schemes and musical structure.

“Northern Slang", with quotables like “we’ve go that Northern slang like 'Ee bah gum!' is an explicit assertion of the group's staunch regional pride and identity without coming across as gimmicky or exploitative of that fact. Refreshing and honest.

"Cryptology" is J-Toker's solo track and from the outset, it's typically heavy on creative wordplay, similes, metaphors and hyperbole;  "fuck beef, devour a cow when I sit down for dinner". There are slight shades of horrorcore without becoming crass or sophomoric and it's definitely a welcome digression in style from the blasé wit of Evileyz and Amos and the more harsher tones of Disciple.

"Thoughtful Kombat" is laced with seriously skuzzy, edgy and dissonant synthy sounds, heavy boom baps and claps and is a stand out track on the EP. Amos’ somewhat jerky vocal trembles and hasty delivery are a perfect fit for this particular track.

"Ode to the Realest" is a more reflective but equally hard-edged assertion of the collective’s loyal values to their North of England roots and to hip hop itself, with Disciple standing out as a passionate spokesman for the group as well as a decent wordsmith in his own right with a clear statement of purpose. There are also some more sobering undertones betrayed by the emcees, plus a general tinge of bitterness about the dire state of a hip hop industry full of fakery.

"Miss You" is a bit of a take or it leave it, mawkish and sentimental rap with high-pitched, sped-up soul vocals which I felt didn't really fit in with the CD's overall vibe and was a bit of a limp ending to an otherwise raw and emphatic EP. Amos is quite a decent storyteller himself but his talents go slightly by the wayside on this particular track.

Overall, "Seasoned Prose" is a massively enjoyable listen. The combination of soulful, masterfully crafted beats from Pro P laced with those gravelly Northern vocal inflections and hard-nosed street poetics will be simply irresistible to any underground hip hop fan. Although it's an EP, "Seasoned Prose" practically has the finesse of an album and for just £4, you can't really complain.

Purchase “Seasoned Prose” from

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told (Video)

Two questions persist with Saigon. Firstly, will he ever actually release his album? He's been talking about for at least 6 years now!... Secondly, if and when it does drop, will he be able to convert his obvious talent into a decent LP? Clearly he can rhyme with the best, but last years Warning Shots 2 wasn't really any good to be honest...

This, however, is a good start. Sai sounds fully focussed over a Just Blaze produced banger, none of the previous attempted crossover moves in sight. Enjoy. The album is scheduled to be released in the middle of Feb. Who knows, we might actually see it this time...

Reks - 25th Hour (Video)

Here's the first track off Reks' upcoming album R.E.K.S. After hearing that this joint is produced by Primo, you shouldn't need any more persuading to hit that play button!

In fact, the album (released in March) has a serious cast of producers including Pete Rock, Nottz, Statik Selektah, The Alchemist, Hi-Tek & Fizzy Womack as well as DJ Premier. Sounds like it should be worth checking for...

Jon Clark - Odd Jobs (Video)

This has to be one of the best videos I've seen in a long time. So often music videos are so uninspired that they add little or nothing to track in question. The same can't be said of this lego stop motion effort, that must have been pretty painstaking to put together...

I can't claim to know anything about Brighton's Jon Clark, and his flow is occasionally a little awkward here. This track is produced by Evil Sun, who done some top work with Dr Syntax in the past.

If this has caught your imagination, then the album that this track is taken from is available on Jon Clark's bandcamp:

Mentalist - Make you Proud

I took a while to get round to listening to this release which in hindsight was defiantly my loss. The release is free (much like most music output nowadays) but defiantly doesn’t have a throw away vibe to it. This is a fully finished full sounding project. Its always difficult to know what to call a ‘free download’ but for arguments sake and for how it made me feel Im going to refer to this as an album and a decent album at that.

From the start to the finish the beats are real strong. This is normally something that lets a lot of rappers down in my opinion. They have the bars and flows but the beat choice just doesn’t do them justice (like a lot of Nas tracks). However the beats don’t fail to impress on this. Production duties are split between Loudmouth Melvin and Knite 13 and Mentalist suits everything he rhymes over and brings interesting and thought evoking rhymes.

This is defiantly the UK rap that speaks to me. It’s not glorifying anything stupid; it’s not all crazy metaphors about death and the darkest most imaginative way to skin a cat and most importantly of all its honest. This is the way I think UK rap should be made. An honest narrative with wisdom without being preachy. That combined by some nice bravado and some concept tunes.

Pyro barz, Loudmouth and Skillit provide impressive guest verses and numerous singers show up on the hooks. If I have to make a criticism id have to say the hooks do sometimes let the songs down. Mentalist comes so strong I feel some of the hooks are a little disappointing. Perhaps he should have handled some himself. However saying that some of the sung hooks are very decent and carry the track well such as the uplifting track ‘Sacrifice’.

Basically this is a very solid release, a solid sounding album and well worth the minimal effort of clicking a link to download it. I feel this is the type of release that wont age with the current music trends and I could go back in a year or two and still find enjoyment in listening to. The hand 2 mouth camp is looking as strong as ever lately and if you have been sleeping on Mentalist (like I was) then wake up and download this.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Copywrite - Confessional (Video)

Copywrite comes with the umpteenth video off his recent album 'The Life and Times of Peter Nelson'. As the title might suggest, he comes through with some very personal rhymes here.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Talib Kweli - Cold Rain (Video)

Ok, you might be wondering why I'm bothering to throw a Kweli video onto what is essentially a UK site, but the shit is dope, so I don't care.

In a sign of the times, and the state of hip-hop in general, Kweli's forthcoming album, Gutter Rainbows, is going to be a digital only release in North America! It's a problem when someone of his stature doesn't see fit to have a physical release of their music. That said, I believe that it will be seeing a CD release in Europe...

Rewd Adams - Spaceship (Video)

New video for this track which was on Rewd Adams' mixtape Hunger Pains (back when he was called Skandal...).

Aaaand, a reminder that his latest project, Rewd Awakening, will drop on the 5th of Feb as a free download.

Mudmowth & Metabeats - Let It Breathe (Free Download)

New tune to check here from the Associated Minds camp. This is the second single to be taken from Mudmowth & Metabeats' forthcoming album Sledgehammer Kisses. If you don't remember, the first was the Sonnyjim & Skamma featuring Maaad Tight.

Here, Metabeats brings a dark, bassline dominated track, that Mudmowth rips into in his usual fashion. Download with the downwards arrow on the Soundcloud player below:

MUDMOWTH & METABEATS - Let It Breathe (Dirty) by AssociatedMinds

The album is scheduled to drop on the 28th Feb...

Jee4ce - Monster Remix

Northern Ireland's biggest export since George Best goes in over
'Kanye West - Monster'

More from Jee4ce @

Jee4ce - Monster Remix by jee4ce

Sunday, 23 January 2011

M.A.B - Nail In Ya Coffin' (Feat.Johnny Darko) ***Exclusive Video*** Free Download

M.A.B - Nail In Ya Coffin' (Feat.Johnny Darko) ***Exclusive Video*** Filmed & Edited By J.C.A.
M.A.B - Abnoxshuz From U.K To U.S Vol.1 Available For FREE Download Here

Clarity - Over The Great Divide (Free Download)

Now here's some freeness you really should take advantage of. Barely 6 months after it was released on CD, Clarity has made his latest album, Over The Great Divide, available to download for free. Produced by Bad Habitz, who is one half of The Krate Krusaders, Clarity brings some paranoid, esoteric lyrics with a relentless flow throughout.

This only narrowly missed a spot on my 2010 UK Albums Of The Year list, so you'd be well advised to get your download on, here:

Or try before you buy(?) with the bandcamp player below:

In related news, Clarity and fellow Krate Krusaders collaborator Crucifix have a joint album coming soon, entitled Self Assembled Messiah, which promises to be well worth checking out when it drops.

Phi-Life Cypher - 2,3 Break (video)

New video here from UK veterans Phi-Life Cypher. Exactly what you'd expect here, an energetic beat from Nappa, and rapid fire lyrics from Life and Si-Philli.

Apparently this is taken from a forthcoming album from the group called The Professionals. No date announced yet for what would be their first group album since Higher Forces in 2005...


Sonnyjim - Dunbars Number, produced by 184
Bonus track taken from "Trading Standards remixes"
directed by carlos campbell
edited by redbeard
twitter - sonnyjim01

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Genocide Presents: The Sleeper Cellz Mixtape - Free Download

Genocide drops this free mixtape to show some love to all the people hes worked with, mixed by DJ Trickalome.
Beast1333 [USA]
Abu Nurah [USA]
Kehnzo [France]
FourD [Chile]
Beba Duh [Bosnia/Denmark]
Tyson Tyler [New Zealand]
+ Many More!
Download it here


Ready to Diet is the second release from Dublin rapper and battle mc Nugget, possibly one of the best known battlers from ireland, battling in the UK several times. Combining his humour with serious topics, he comes with an album featuring Terawrizt,Redzer and many more and production from Noize Thievery, Tony Mahoney, Pro P, Danny Diggs and Jee4ce this is not to be missed.
You can buy it here and be sure to check out some of his battles here and the album sampler here.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Genesis Elijah - Interview

Genesis Elijah speaks on his come up in the industry and explains some of the reasons behind his content and approach to his work. Giving some insight into his background and how he hopes to question the powers that be from a laymens perspective. Codeemphasis provided the visuals for this candid interview shot in South London.

Mystro 2010 Rap Up Official Video

I know the track was posted here before but this one is the official video. A little later than many would have hoped but a nice video to fit a nice concept which looks like it might become a regular thing.

Swiss - Bad Boys Remix

This is the remix of the Swiss track - Bad Boys. If you havent heard the origional then its worth checking on youtube. Its definatly a good tune. Anyway here is the the remix featuring the cream of the current UK rap scene.

This features Black Twang, Klashnekoff, Black The Ripper, Akala, Lowkey and AKS.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Brand New PaceWon and Mr. Green song "Can You Hear Me"... FREE DOWNLOAD

Pacewon and Mr. Green are back with a free song download it here

Sean Price - Untitled prod. by Black Milk

Been a a bit slack on the post front this month...what can I say I aint heard nothin worth postin that aint already up....Anyway Im here with a minute of dusty dopeness from a alround awesome MC and production coupling. Sean Price of Heltah Skeltah and Duck Down Records family sent this short verse to Nah Right. Production comes courtesy of Black Milk, further escalating expections for their next release as part of the unbelievable 'super' group Random Axe (Guilty Simpson, Black Milk and Sean Price). Black Milk recently confirmed the project has been mastered so with any luck the yet untitled LP will see release within the next few months. Follow the embedded player above to Hulkshare to download the ever so short but effortlessly sweet teaser. Also check out Monster Babies and Run from the LP and Guilty Simpsons Ode to the Ghetto respectively.

Father Jack - Free Instrumentals

For those who haven't been paying attention Northern Ireland's Father Jack has been dropping a free instrumental every month for rappers to get busy on. Get your ears around these! Any rappers wanting to work with Father Jack contact him through

Free Beats For Rappers by Father Jack Music

Enlish - So Massive volume 1 - 3 (Free Download)

Enlish AKA Big Dave recently posted these on his bandcamp page,you can grab em all here and contact him here for Features,shows etc. on twitter

BVA Mc - First Look ((EXCLUSIVE))

The new single from BVA Mc of 3 Amigos off his EP which is dropping 25th of Feb. and can be got here and also buy the 3 Amigos album there if you havent already

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Rebel Ronin; Lt. Mana, La Dog, Matt Maddox - Music Box [Prod. RhythmMons...

This is a track from the upcoming compilation, "Weapons of Mass Awareness" dropping on
RedPhone Records in 2011. "Music Box" features the three original members of Rebel
Ronin, a hip hop group originally based out of Hawaii. The track is produced by
RhythmMonster and the release cover art is done by Tha Soloist.

Rebel Ronin myspace
RedPhone ☎ Records - Facebook

Kulez Reviews - Fight For The Mic + Memories by Tom Clements

In 2008, with the UK hip hop scene burgeoning, Kulez was riding the same train from Norwich to London along with fellow rap hopefuls Arkaic and Eurgh, climaxing in his minor underground hit, “Welcome To Africa”.  This Zimbabwean-born MC was making his name heard around the battle scene, competing overseas in Scribble Jam as well as supporting major artists such as R.A. The Ruggedman, Jehst, and even dubstep pioneer Rusko.  However, in 2009, he seemed to fall off the face of the map, not releasing much more than a few myspace freestyles and losing a major-profile battle against American artist Madness by a large margin.  However, now it is 2011, and he is back with two new tracks, Fight For The Mic and Memories.

Kulez – Fight For The Mic

This begins with Kulez reminding the producer to have “no intro”, over a brooding guitar loop.  Then, the drum kicks in and Kulez begins hungrily, with complex syllable structures that sound like he has had some time to think about life, and now he is back to tell everyone else about it.  The beat is refreshingly simple (if slightly underdeveloped), with just guitar, drums, and a smatter of keyboards in between, focusing the attention on the rapper himself.  His message is delivered early and repeatedly, spitting at the start of the song: “As I stroll, what fate shows me/ To try and reach where the sky meets/ The high peaks/ And you need to inhale slowly”. Kulez really delivers his message with aplomb and his metaphors are well developed as is his story in which he creates images of himself pondering but inevitably coming to the conclusion that he and his crew are the best at rap. One area where Kulez really excels is syllable placement, seemingly putting emphasis every time the important chords roll around, or even in between them, which gives a bit of an offsetting effect.  There are a lot of good things coming from this track, however, it’s seeming lack of completion in terms of production lets its overall impact dissipate somewhat. Still, this is one of the best songs I've heard from Kulez in a while and it's a real sign of promise from the young emcee.
Score: 8/10

Kulez – Memories

Although, Fight For The Mic was not perfect, it showed genuine promise and as the next track, Memories, came on, I eagerly readied myself for what Kulez would do.  Again, it's a decent start with a stirring, if a little repetitive DJ Premier-sounding piano loop providing a solid backbone to his vocal work. Vocally, Kulez completely changes his style both in terms of flow and content; he speaks about growing up in the slums, grinding inner-city poverty and also proves himself as an able storyteller whilst a brutally honest narrative to impart to his listeners. Kulez begins this track talking about an Andy and a Chiniqua and how she has 6 babies now, and you just wish that the Kulez from the last track would tell himself to stop with the silly intro bars. Still, the lyricism that follows makes up for this and I particularly liked Kulez's laid back, off-kilter style which is genuinely unique and unlike anything I've heard from a UK emcee. It may seem as though Kulez has a sugar deficiency problem, because he sounds a little sleepy here but this is definitely deliberate and it works surprisingly well as a means of unabashed storytelling. However, the chorus is as half-hearted as you can get, with him just repeating (a common theme, isn’t it) “Bring back/ Bring back the memories”. Sadly, there are also certain production flaws such as the ridiculous cartoon sound ad lib effects throughout his verses that don’t fit the rest of the production and detract from the overall message of the song, acting as the quasi-punchlines that aren’t there and don't need to be such is the nature of the song. One of the main redeeming features of this song's production however, is the nice electric guitar that accentuates his bars from time to time, even if it does sound suspiciously like something I recently heard it on Kanye West’s album.  All in all, this is a good effort marred by unnescessarily sloppy blemishes in its production.
Score: 6/10

Kulez’s Myspace


Evil Dead (Rheto) Greatest Hitz...ever (Free Download)

Free download of this Boston classic from Diablo and Rhetoric (Click Animosity) featuring Jus Allah, Ripshop and many more.

Download it here

Click Animosity Charred Remnants Ep (Free Download)

Click Animosity (Gage,Trust,Rhetoric) are back after the success of last years Feeders of the Flames album,with these songs that didnt make it for various reasons. Featuring Ripshop,Shabazz the Disciple,Holocaust, Tragic Allies and more.
Download it here now and look out for the rest of the Clicks solo albums coming soon on Metal Barz Records and get more free music here

Cyrus Malachi Ancient Future (News)

Cyrus Malachi burst onto the Uk hip hop scene with his crew -  Triple Darkness, releasing their 2008 debut album 'Anathema', now in April 2011, after numerous group and guest apperances Malachi will release his debut album "Ancient Future" via No Cure Records. The album will set a new standard for lyricism in the UK.
"I have always been fascinated with language and words at different stages in my life, I have really immersed myself in literature" says Cyrus who promises "Ancient Future" to be a breathtaking album with intricate, emotive and thought provoking lyrics. Production comes from Diplimat, 7th Dan, Beat Butcha, Endemic, Chemo & more.
"The album is an epic twenty track opus. It features Ruste Juxx, Bronze nazareth, Kevlaar 7, Killa Sha, Darkim Be Allah, M9, Kyza, Iron Braydz & more. The title “Ancient Future” encapsulates everything I’m about" Malachi represents the essence, skill & respect for the art form, and above all, genuine love for this powerful music.

Download Cyrus Malachi - The Isis Papers for free

Wardie Burns - 12 Ways To Kill A Man (Video)

Taken from "Oor Wardie" (2010 Powercut Productions) Available on iTunes now.

More info Below:
Steg G & Powercut Productions

Video production by ZA Productions

UvBeatz - Beatmaker

Recorded by Werd at Sons Of Scotland © 2011 ZA Productions Edinburgh MMXI

Monday, 17 January 2011

Stanley Odd - Pure Anti-hero Material

'Pure Antihero Material' will be the first of 3 EPs to be released in by Stanley Odd this year, and will be available as a limited edition CD as well as a digital download.

You can listen to the EP Here

Or Pre-order your Limited Edition CD Here

February Tour Dates
Wed 16 GLASGOW, Captain's Rest - Tickets
Thu 17 ABERDEEN, Snafu  
Fri 18 INVERNESS, Hootannany's
Sat 19 STORNOWAY, The Jager Rooms
Sun 20 EDINBURGH, Sneaky Pete's - Tickets

 More dates are still to be announced, keep checking the official Stanley Odd
site for the latest info.


Instance - Keys Open Doors ft. Jack Flash (Free Download)

New single from ma man Instance, you can check an interview i done with him Here.

Featuring none other than Jack Flash, shits big folks, Check It.

You can also download the Fly EP by instance on the same bandcamp page.

New record label Original Dope re-release some classic UK material.

Andy Cowan, the old editor of the legendary Hip-Hop magazine ‘Hip-Hop Connection/HHC’ has started a brand new label to house some classic late eighties/early nineties UK Rap albums. All CD’s are digitally re-mastered with lavish packaging, exclusive liner notes, original photography and super rare bonus beats. They have kicked off the label with three great releases; Ruthless Rap Assassins ‘Killer Album’, Blade ‘The Lion Goes From Strength To Strength’ and MC Duke ‘Organized Rhyme’. This collection is a must for aging B-Boys and younger UK Hip-Hop heads who might want to check the history.

Check them out at…
Cherry Red

UK Runnings enter their tenth year with a brand new website

One of the UK’s longest running (if not THE longest running) strictly UK Rap mixtape series, UK Runnings enters its tenth year with a brand new website hosting all of their 38 mixtapes. Starting life out in 2001 and founded by Tricksta from Wolftown Recordings and Park Street PR, UK Runnings have released mixtapes hosted by a selection of talented UK artists such as Iron Braydz, Supar Novar, LATE, Big Narstie, M9, Big Cakes, Deeze, TBear and more, as well as selection of successful mixtape collections such as UK Rap Chronicles, Digital Revolution and Grimewatch UK.

It’s mad to think that these mixtapes have been supporting UK Rap now for a whole decade. In 2011 UK Runnings have already announced that they will be dropping mixtapes from new mixtapes in January from Supar Novar, H.O.O.D Fellaz and Milton Keynes crew Spit Venom Records, as well as just completing UK Rap Chronicles Chapter 3 and now working on Chapter 4 and a new mixtape from Deeze.

Check out their brand new website at and if you are a UK Hip-Hop or Grime act wanting to get on their mixtapes then simply send your MP3’s to UK Runnings is sponsored by

Trackside Burners - WHOLETRAIN - London Screening - Jan 18th

This year sees the return of the Boombap! Trackside Burners & Count on Earl bring a visual soundscape for hip hop, reggae, soul & beyond! With live music from Prose, The Estimators and a screening of Graffitti film WHOLETRAIN. This is truly a night covering all CULTURE.
Being an opening DJ for numerous acts including: The Perceptionists (Def Jux), Non Phixion (Uncle Howie), Atmosphere (Rhymesayers), DJ Ca$h Money (DMC), The High and the Mighty (Eastern Conference), Big Smoke Magazine, DJ PHILLY represents a true appreciation of hip hop via his radio show Trackside Burners.
Trackside Burners are honoured to present to you WHOLETRAIN a film by Florian Gaag aka AERO ONE (writer/director/producer) bringing grassroots graffiti to the screen, and the essence of where it all started! The film soundtrack features Tame One and El Da Sensei (Artifacts), KRS-One, Planet Asia, Afu-Ra and many more musicians who have original graffiti foundations and a love of the culture. It is a cutting edge, emotionally gripping drama and critically acclaimed award winning film. Edgy editing and grandiloquent camera work, a pulsating soundtrack and an excellent ensemble of actors, make WHOLETRAIN a film experience not to be missed.
7pm-2am, Tuesday 18th January, Notting Hill Arts Club. London. W11 3JQ.
Free before 8, 5 after, 7 quid after 11. CAPACITY: 218
For the early birds - Last tubes
For the daywalkers - Nightbus
Feel free to blog it, share it and spread the word.
Official facebook invite
Press/media/reservations or any other information needed

Deeze ‘The Re-Birth’ (Review + Free Download)

This Wolverhampton emcee has been making noise on the underground for the last couple of months. He seems to have picked up on the ‘hard work ethic’ displayed by fellow Wolftown Hip-Hopper Tricksta as he has recorded and released three mixtapes in three months, as well as recording a Tricksta produced EP for Wolftown Recordings. ‘The Re-Birth’ is a mixtape of all jacked beats with no guests apart from guest singers which include indie singer Ed Davies, girl group Never 2 Late and reggae singer Early B. This twelve track excursion shows great diversity and sees him come up with some killer bars and punch-lines. Deeze is a name to look out for in 2011 as he plans to release more mixtapes as well as working on a debut album.

Free Download

Cyclonious ‘Escape To Reality’ (Review + Free Download)

East London rapper Cyclonious is a name to look out for this year I reckon. He has impressed before with some good singles and a mixtape with DJ Ames, but this new release is probably his best work to date. It’s got some killer tracks on there such as ‘Guard Your Grill’, ‘Verbal Affairs’ and ‘Against The Beast’ as well as features from Big Cakes, TBear, Omega, Nate, JayJay, Duby and more. This is positive UK Hip-Hop that is lyrical and conceptually inspiring. It’s very well produced and has enough different styles on there to keep you interested throughout its eighteen track audio journey. Make sure you grab this hefty piece of UK Rap!

Free Download 

Contact Cyclonious 
His website

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Kev Brown - Allways (SertOne Remix)

Northern Ireland's SertOne is steadily making a name for himself with some of the sickest production to come from these isles in a long time. This effort sees him remixing the Kev Brown track Allways and he's even thrown the instrumental out there for all you MC's.

Look out for SertOne's EP 'The View From Above' available from the 21st Of Febuary digitally along with a limited run of Cd's on 'Melted Music'

Allways (SertOne Remix) - Kev Brown by SertOneMusic

Allways (SertOne Remix) - Kev Brown (Instrumental) by SertOneMusic

Saturday, 15 January 2011

40 Dash 1 - T.O.T.C.D. (Free Download)

 The Ones That Collected Dust is basically a compilation of older tracks that had been lying around,so 40 decided to let them go before he released any new projects. A previous winner of the Anno Domini Song Contest he displays the lyrical skills throughout that helped him win that accolade.
Anyway listen or download here and check the other music here

Friday, 14 January 2011

Spee 69 - T.W.O.K. (Mixtape) (Review)

I reviewed this a while ago for another blog i do.


This is still on the go and if i do say so myself it is a great mixtape. Below is my thoughts on a few tracks and an over all summary of the mixtape as a whole.

Now im not going to go into all the tracks as it would take ages because i like to delve deep into the track and put alot of analysis on them so ima pick out 5 standout tracks which appealed to me the most.

Track 3 - How Can The Best Thing

An old skool west coast vibe specifically stolen from Ice Cube, and some battle based bars for you to sink your teeth into great track

Track 10 - In My Arms She Fell

I Loved this track and i will go as far as saying this is my favourite track, this track focuses on how he met his girlfriend and totally encapsulates the feeling and exact moods he was going through at the time, and then hits you with this "and by the way shes's got a massive rack" and continues on haha excellent. After all the feeling put into this track i listened to the nicely put together hook then waited for the next verse, it didn't appear but yet i didn't care because the beat was so good, i think the reason the verse wasn't there was to showcase the beat as its a banger.

that's why this is my favourite track from the whole mixtape

Track 18 - Something Different

havent heard spee doing this sort of thing before but he sticks to the beat like glue and it sounds good, adds his own flavour to it which i appreciate fully.

Ekoic jumps on the second part of this and i think suits the beat more, but overall a good track if maybe for a breather and different style.

Track 5 - I Make Moves

What can i say about this track, produced by Krate Krusaders one of my favourite beatmakers in the U.K at the moment mixed with spee lyrics that i enjoy greatly, he evens flips a little bitta spanish up in there too (if i knew what he said i would tell you).

overall the beat is banging and im sure a its a track that everyone can enjoy

Track 9 - A Little Bit Of Soul

Production by DJ Format one of Spee's close friends with a little introduction to the track this is a banger people and fuck it heres the video decide for yourself.

The Mixtape as a whole is a momentous effort by Spee and should be congratulated with at least a fiver (In my opinion and you have that option), luckily the cd is on sale for £3 (brilliant how things work out eh)

get it here.

King Grubb - Stay Put (No Picnics)

King Grubb is back with another banger produced by Reklews and with cuts from DJ LSG proving the Blah Records onslaught of quality hiphop is not gonna let up anytime soon.
Listen here and contact King Grubb on Facebook for features etc.

Baron Samedi – Wanderland (Eleven Eleven Records) - Review

Due for release on Jan 24th this new album from London producer/rapper Baron Samedi is something that I am sure is going to get the UK Hip-Hop community talking. You may know the name as this is indeed the man who produced Grit Grammar’s last album. The title track ‘Wanderland’ I knew I was in for a treat! The album continues to impress with loads of quality future thinking production with a selection of good bars and top notch production. Grit Grammar features on ‘Child At Heart’ which has a real 70’s funk feel to it. This is a well rounded album that is full of great tracks making this a must for any real UK Rap fan.