Wednesday, 30 September 2009

'What's Good' ft. S.Kalibre - Hustle Pandemic (Sabotawj & Mike S) (video)

'Seize The Moment' - VA - DJ Thor (free download)

Hit up the download link for DJ Thor's latest mixtape narrated by Mystro. It features a right ol' mix up of US and UK artists such as Ramson Badbonez, Kyza, Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee, Recordkingz, Skandal, Mystro, Endemic, Mr. Scruff, SonnyJim and Roots Manuva. On the American side of things you get Slaughterhouse, Red and Meth, 50 Cent, Ghostface and MF Doom. For the full tracklisting clickedy here. If you didn't catch volume one then you can download that here and now.

'Witness' - Kerogen (single review)

Kerogen, a producer who I've featured before, has a new single due. It's called 'Witness' and is a slight departure from his usual down tempo offerings. This time a high BPM is the order of the day yet the moody atmosphere of tracks like 'Tomorrow' and 'Concrete Keys' is retained. 'Witness', whilst made to remind the artist of London whilst he travels, reminds me of late night driving on empty motorways - highly recommended and this can be your soundtrack.

'Witness' will be available on Lewis Recordings on 26th October. Kerogen's last single 'Her' is also available now with its B side 'Infinite Beggar' - two more tracks that blur the boundaries between Electronica, Dubstep, Trip-Hop and Leftfield (really it's just good music).

'Extended Play' - Lazy Habits (EP review)

Lazy Habits have dropped an interim EP to keep fans going until they drop their album. The release, entitled 'Extended Play' is a collection of their best tunes so far.

The EP launches with the excellent 'Even Out' and 'Please People' - two tracks with A LOT of individuality. 'Wagon' and 'Lazy' are more minimalist and display the band's darker side - as these are older tracks, this may be something the band are departing from. 'Lazy' has a very jazz-like chorus riff.

'Fallen' is funky with vicious raps and a very chilled chorus whereas 'Sanity For Sanctuary' is almost dubby and certainly paronoid. 'Big Top' is a live Hip Hop band version of a circus, complete with cuts, brass and raps. 'On My Way' is the EP closer - it sees the MCs experimenting with a rapidfire spoken word style which has probably been dropped for the more rhythmical Hip Hop stylings of their later material. 'Extended Play' also has one of those secret tracks - a concept rap based around initials and acronyms.

The EP is a great catch up on the evolution of the band and whilst the newer stuff is of a greater quality the older material is definitely worth a listen. There are limited copies of this so be quick. Hit them up at their website for a copy.

'Jah Guide'/'More British' - emceeKilla (single review)

emceeKilla was one of the first artists to feature on Certified Banger's 'On The Radar' series with his track 'The Guns Of Britain'. Now he is readying himself to drop an album on Dealmaker Records.

In the meantime, he's dropping a 4 track digital download bundle featuring a very nice selection of his tracks. 'The Guns Of Britain' is one of the tracks, now let me tell you about the others:

'Jah Guide' heads up proceedings with emceeKilla coming as a cross between Task Force and Jack Johnson with a less angry touch of Plan B. It's a guitar reggae track with some top lyrics on life and politics - nothing too heavy and done in a very happy-sounding way.

'More British' samples the Grange Hill theme tune and the basis is this: emceeKilla is more British than the most stereotypical British things (e.g. "More British than cooked breackfast, roast and chips"). Tis good jokes. 'Marr British' is a heavy rock workout of 'More British' performed by Marr-Head and featuring Johnny Crump - interesting, it may even gain some radio play!

'Jah Guide'/'More British' will be available to download on 12th October and his 'Mind of a Tehranist' album will follow shortly after.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Stonphace, Hexstatic, Shlomo Show Ticket Competition

To celebrate the beginning of non-Hip Hop but still UK goodness being featured on Certified Banger, I thought I'd let you know that Tru Thoughts have a pair of tickets to giveaway to Stonephace’s show with Hexstatic at Koko in London on 7th November. Go to their website to find out more and to enter.

Featuring jazz dissident Larry Stabbins on sax and flute, Portishead’s Adrian Utley on guitar and Jim Barr on bass, plus a guest appearance from virtuoso trumpeter Guy Barker as you’ve never heard him before, Stonephace create a unique universe where electronics, free jazz and Afro-tinged beats collide. Imagine a mix of Sun Ra, Fela Kuti, Pharaoh Sanders and early Soft Machine produced by Jay Dee and you might be getting close. To get a better idea of what they sound like, play the video:

'Extensions' - 4Hero

If you're Hip Hop brain gets frazzled every now and then, it's clear you need to try something fresh but not too far removed. As of now I intend to be representing UK artists who provide such relief in the form of beatsy/ electronica/ jazzy/ soulful/ funky type stuff.

One such group is 4Hero who have an album coming out on the 19th October. It's called 'Extensions' and is an "essential selection of re-interpretation’s of their classic tracks". The album is up for streaming on Bandcamp now and is available for pre-order here, here and here.

The album features Sonar Kollektiv Orchester, Nu Tropic, Landau Orchestra – Conceptions, Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson, Robert Mitchell 3io, Ayanna Witter-Johnson, Luke Parkhouse with The Sharkfood Orchestra, Christian Badzura & Liverpool Session Orchestra, Andre Zimma vs YE:SOLAR feat. Oezlem, Vince Vella’s Cuban Collective and The Sub Ensemble – all names you can probably check out for more non-UK Hip Hop madness.

<a href="">Universal Love - Sonar Kollektiv Orchester by 4hero</a>

Ty, Wizard, Foreign Beggars, Diversion Tactics - Links and News

Ty is featuring all over the shop these days, and his latest feature is on The Beatmonkey's 'For The People' (which you can hear here at youtube). You can also buy it here with its lovely remixes at itunes.

Check out the new Cappo and Endemic track from Endemic's 'Needle Drop' EP out soon - it's on youtube.

Someone's also whacked up a whole host of rips from Wizard's 'Ear To The Beat' (Ramson Badbonez's 'Jammin On The Street' for example) on youtube - go listen then cop the CD from Suspect Packages - it's well worth your cash. Wizard also has just dropped his 'Spare Time Remixes Vol. 2' as a free download here.

Also on the itunes front: you can now get hold of Diversion Tactics' new single 'Can't Swim'/'Back To School' which features production from J-Zone.

Also on the Suspect Packages front (support them, they support our scene more than anyone): you can pre-order 'White Noize' by Orphans of Cush, 'United Colours of Beggatron' by Foreign Beggars and 'Alphabetix Anonymous' by Alphabetix - all worth gambling on for sure. LDZ's 'The Puppa Murc EP' is now available there too. Disorda also has news of a Dubbledge mixtape coming soon called 'One Inch Punch!' - sounds good.

The Basement Sessions Podcast

Check out the Basement Sessions podcast featuring these most excellent tracks and artists:

1. J.Rawls & John Robinson f. Rashad - She's So Brilliant
2. Son Of A Queen - King
3. Krate Krusaders f. Kasha & Logic - Stronger
4. Percy Filth f. J.Sands & K.Skills - That's Why
5. Amanda Diva - Heart Strings (UK EXCLUSIVE!)
6. Sonny Jim - CrazyIllMadRowdy (Produced by Jon Phonics)
7. Wio-K f. Ty & Serocee - An Ting
8. Alphabetix - What's The Name
9. d. C. & Pennbannekar - The Come Up (UK EXCLUSIVE!)
10. Marco Polo & Torae f. Masta Ace & Sean Price - Hold Up
11. Akrobatik - AK B Nimble
12. Roots Manuva - 2 Much 2 Soon
13. Big Cakes - Soul
14. yU - Marvelous (O.G. Mix) (Produced by Kev Brown)
15. Amor Jones - Nothing Good Comes Easy
16. Art Of Fresh - Come N' Get Some
17. Kyza - Wild Orchid
18. Sleaze - Success
19. Nova Infinite - All Of My Life (UK EXCLUSIVE!)
20. IV f. Junclassic - Please Don't Go Away (UK EXCLUSIVE!)
21. FS Green - Rusty Beat

Check out The Basement Sessions on their website and on Sensei FM and stay tuned for more podcastage with the first official CErtified Banger podcast.


Bonafide Magazine are giving you the chance to win 2 x tickets to this Saturday's Tao of the Wu UK tour at Matter featuring The Rza and Raekwon with support by DJ Semtex. Click Here to enter.

There's also news of Bonafide Magazine Issue 03:

"With summer bidding us farewell and the nights drawing in, what could be better, as you make your way home on the number 80 bus, than reading a magazine that brings you a fresh perspective on hip-hop culture and simulatanously attemps to do its bit to arrest the digital mass destruction of the printed publishing world? Yup that’s right, Bonafide is back people. Right now we are working like hamsters on drugs to bring you the biggest and best version of Bonafide that the world has ever seen.

Scheduled for release in November '09, the following name dropping should get you all in a frenzy. Bonafide issue 03 featuring exclusive interviews and features with; Raekwon the Chef, De La Soul, Task Force (by me), Jeff Jank, Village Green, Anti-Pop Consortium, Mr Lif, McKay, THE Major Lazer and Malcolm Catto. And then some."

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Stig and Syntax @ Disgracelands (photos)

Lunar C (aka Lunarc the eunuch) @ Disgracelands 3 last night

Stig of the Dump @ Disgracelands 3

Stig and Syntax - big up to Angry Nik for the photos - check all of them on facebook here.

'Dear Lily (An Open Letter To Lily Allen)' - Dan Bull (video)

Saturday, 26 September 2009

'Raw Cuts' - Figgaz Of Speech (review)

Based in Doncaster, Figgaz of Speech seems to be a crew made up of Disorderly, G. Knowledge, Nayben, Parly B and Sassysquist – Cyber Ninja is the ‘executive producer’.

The first half of ‘Raw Cuts’ is digital age homage to the big beat rap music of the 80s – this might just be the way forward; not the first time I’ve thought that. Track 6, ‘New Order’, switches things up a little with a more 90s feel with it’s looming sound. ‘Inna Dis’ brings a raga vibe to the old skoolness – a nice combination. ‘Johnson’ is not worth a listen, unless you’re just plain crude but ‘Back Again’ restores faith to finish things off.

This is a proper mixtape (it’s mixed), which at 8 tracks long does not get boring. The CD comes with two radio edits – ‘New Order’ and ‘Back Again’. Their future releases would benefit from a few EQ tweaks on the muddy vocals but other wise the quality is good. ‘Raw Cuts’ can be gotten from the Just Cause Recordings website (myspace).

Stig and Syntax Show, Bradford Tonight!

who's around the West Yorkshire area tonight? You are? Well get to the Polish club (bare Poles there for real) for some real Hip Hop from the likes of Stig of the Dump and Dr. Syntax - yup, Fatty and Specky are coming up for a cuppa Yorkshire Tea and some mic mangling. Lunar C, Wydeboi, Chief Wigz and Spida Lee will also be representing - big ups to Brutal Artistry and Don't Talk To Strangers for making this happen for us WY heads!

'Idle Minds' ft. Serocee, Kyra UK & J-Leen - Gadget

Sweet melodies, a chilled, soulful beat and some sense chatted - all coordinated by Millenium Jazz and 'On The Radar' artist Gadget. Taken from the 'Just Above The Blues' EP.

'Run 'Em Out' ft. Roots Manuva - Breakage (docu-vid)

Check out the latest track to feature Mr. Manuva's vocals. It's by Breakage. In this video we see the Breakage guy chatting about the tune. If you want to hear the whole tune then click here but it's the Benny Page D'n'B remix which is doing the rounds - probably becaused it's hype and awesome!

'Life' - Bashy (video)

Loving this tune - just something a little different. I love Bashy's clarity and the melody in the unconventional (for Grime and Hip Hop) beat. Definitely feeling this more than the last single 'Your Wish Is My Command' and the video is ten times better!

Friday, 25 September 2009

'White Noize' - Orphans Of Cush (review)

So whilst everyone who cares (apart from me) is out at the launch party for ‘White Noize’ I thought I’d join them in spirit by rocking the promo again and writing my review:

With the MCs’ words wrapping so snugly round the beats you’d be forgiven for mistaking this for an album proper. In fact ‘White Noize’ is a mixtape, or as M9 says, it’s a “project”. With beats from the likes of RZA, The Creators, Lord Finesse, Havoc and Mathematics you already know what sound to expect.

The combination of Kyza, M9, Cyrus Malachi and Masikah is successful with Kyza displaying diversity when compared to his recent ‘S.O.S.’ mixtape. An unexplainable pull is built in to the styles of the crew and if this release anything like the Triple Darkness LP, that magnetism will draw you to play the CD again and again.

Lyricism is rife, rendering the usual UK street commentary gleaming and ultimately very listenable. I’m unsure of some of the racial references and inferences, for example the title track seems to solely blame a white government for the struggles in black communities. Whilst I’m sure they play a part, and I know that it’s important for these issues to be discussed, I’m not sure this kind of attitude helps to solve problems. Whether you agree with all their viewpoints or not, there’s no denying this is dope Hip Hop that deserves the anticipation it has reaped.

‘White Noize’ is pre-orderable now at Suspect Packages and is released on October 2nd – go get yours now.

'White Noize' (Chemo Remix) - Orphans Of Cush

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

'Remixes Vol. 1' - Klimeks (free download)

Klimeks, a young UK Hip Hop producer brings you 'Remixes Vol. 1' - the first volume of remixes down by him, derr.

Tracks like 'Mr Snow Flow' (a remix of Evidence's 'Mr Slow Flow') sound tailor made for the artist. Elsewhere Klimeks matches up a tinkly piano beat to Pharoahe Monch's 'Simon Says' - dope jokes. Nas's 'Surviving The Times' gets treated to the same sample as Baby J used on Blade's '4 Walls' and Ryan Leslie's 'Diamond Girl' gets the remix treatment - diverse, no?

Dilated Peoples, Proof, Murs, Jedi Minds Tricks, Ill Bill and Smut Peddlers all have their vocals transplanted onto some nice soulful and uplifting beats.

'Up To Speed'/'Back To Scratch' - Myke Forte (free downloads)

If beats are your thing then peep Myke Forte's. He sent me links to two beat tapes of his and warned me to get ready for the release of 'Zodiac'. The Louis Den regular is a Birmingham head and his beats are all kinds of ill. There's 'Back To Scratch' and 'Up To Speed' for your delectation.

Next thing I wanna hear is these beats with MCs doing their thing over them - who's up for that? Get in touch with Myke now!

'Whutdadeal?' - Kaos (free download)

Anyone who quotes Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura (it's in 'Holla At The DJ' - spot the quote!) is probably worth listening to. Kaos of Snipers Element has just dropped 'Whutdadeal?' - his free to download EP.

20 minutes, 6 tracks, nice beats and a bit of a different voice - that's what you get and you can't complain can you? Aside from 'Rumble' the concepts aren't that original but that's something that can be worked on - especially as a result of a little kindly constructive criticism.

Bonafide Magazine Issue 1

Today I came home to issues 1 and 2 of Bonafide's most rockingest magazine. Bonafide may well just exist to sate my post-print HHC thirst for Hip Hop journalism and I salute them. Having just trialed them as on-the-bog reading material I can confirm that the results are pleasing.

Issue 1 has a green theme (just in its colour) and contains goodness concerning Mystro, Kool Keith, One Self, DJ Woody and a whole host of throwback rap in a section entitled 'The Classics'. On the non-Hip Hop side of things there is artwork from Vaughn Bode and Ehquestionmark?. There's also a load of dope articles about Lex records, dressing as 50 Cent on a budget and Nelly's "hectic schedule of putting out a different piece of floppy toss every fortnight...".

Sounds good doesn't it? If your answer is yes then get to their website and order yours quickly - there's only one box of them left! If your answer is no then, err, don't... or do; my description hasn't done it justice. Support the printed word - computer screens kill eyes.

'My Heart Beats Like a Drum' - Natural Self (album preview)

If you fancy a break from Hip Hop (and let's face it, every now and then we do) but still want to keep it real then you wouldn't be putting a foot out place by heading over to Tru Thoughts and sampling some of their fine produce.

One of their forthcoming projects is from Natural Self - an LP called' My Heart Beats Like a Drum'. The album features a nice variety of beatsy, funksy stuffsy with sweet melodies judging by this mini-mix that you can download.

It’s released October 19th on Tru-Thoughts Recordings.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

'Overload' ft. Foreign Beggars - Baron Von Alias (Review)

Over the type of futuristic, electro-y beat that usually only the likes Foreign Beggars could get away with, Baron Von Alias joins the boys for his latest single 'Overload'.

Rapid fire spits (some Geordie, some London), half time and double time beats and egotistical lyricism make for a track destined to be played loud in the club or the car - bigness.

The single isn't out until 20th October on itunes but mark that date in your diary and buy it then.

'Voices of the Voiceless' - Lowkey & Immortal Technique (Review)

Check out the new single from Lowkey and Immortal Technique. 'Voices of the Voiceless' sees the two politicking in the way they are both famed for whilst they trade bars over a dope but melancholy beat. Aside from the fact that this is a great example of a UK/US hookup it's just straight up, heart felt lyricism from two MCs who really believe in what they are saying.

The track is available from itunes and has been shooting up their charts - go download and support the cause. At this rate Lowkey will have a whole album, or at least a mixtape, full of singles to drop on us all.

Organix Part 6: 'How You Maintain?'

Latest Organix - features these underrground heads: Diligent Fingers, Arfa Tunn, Ed-Xl, Dweller, Magic, Day Two, Stiks, Scrabble, Mal and Gadget.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Kyza, Dubbledge, Beatbox Fozzy and Metabeats Show, Oct 17th

Higher Learning, Associated Minds, Mutty Wango Party presents Kyza, Dubbledge, Metabeats, Beatbox Fozzy and Chrome Kids on Saturday 17th October @ The Globe, Cardiff - big!

Bang on over to the Chrome Kids blogspot for loads of free downloads from all the artists on the bill.

Also checkout Beatbox Fozzy and Metabeats who have been included in the BBC's A-Z of Welsh music!

'Alphabetix Anonymous' - Alphabetix (EP review)

3 MC s and 1 DJ – a good combination. When one of the MCs is a female in possession of a very unique style (Angel S), one is a classic UK Hip Hop MC with a Yorkshire twist (MrRis) and the other possesses the nicest of timbres and bouncy flows (ABD) you’ve got the ingredients for some very original Hip Hop. Sir+ provides the welcome cuts.

‘Alphabetix Anonymous’ is half an hour of high energy rap (see ‘Bounce’ and ‘You Can’t Control’ for top examples of that), thinky but funky Hip Hop (the dope West Coast-ish ‘Time Waits For No Man’ and the reggae-tinged ‘Children’), real life stuff (‘Long Day’ and ‘I Know Something You Don’t Know’) and lyrical, metaphorical bombs (the southern gospel-ish ‘Asphyxiation’).

‘Alphabetix Anonymous’ by Alphabetix is available for pre-order over at Suspect Packages (on CD) or can be gotten at 30 Tonne Slug or Crackhouse Global as a mp3 download and is being released by their own 30 Tonne Slug records - heartily recommended. Get yourself to the launch event in Leeds which features appearances by Alphabetix and The IRS on Sunday 11th October.

SonnyJim, Defenders of Style, Extra Curricular Show, Oct 30th

Come see SonnyJim, Jack Flash and Extra Curricular, Defenders of Style and resident DJs at new Leeds night The Line Up.

China Shop Bull, No Change, DJ Sinical Show, Oct 2nd

Kyza Show Saturday 14th November

Get to this show if you can: Kyza, J2K, Ramson Badbones, Rahel, D Gritty, Sarah Love, DJ MK at The Rhthym Factory on 14th November. Also be aware that Dead Prez, Klashnekoff and DJ MK are playing at KOKO on 6th November.

Friday, 18 September 2009

'Rising Styles The Album 2009' - VA (review)

The fellas in charge of Brighton's Rising Styles Festival have put together yet another dope compilation of tracks by up-and-coming UK Hip Hop artists and it's out today just in time for the actual festival.

There's the awesome future-hop of Asaviour and Apa-Tight's 'Gully', the fire of Tactical Thinking's 'TT Onslaught' and the madcap adventures of Elemental and Tom Caruana on 'Blind Bob's Vengeance'.

There's also a good representation of the UK's 'real' countrywide Hip Hop scene - watch out for a nice range of accents with London's Grit Grammar (& other Southern types), Leeds group Verbal Contact and Birmingham's Jimmy Davis.

Check out the Rising Styles website for news of the events that kick off on Thursday 1st October. Download the sampler here then get to Suspect Packages to download your copy of the Rising Styles compilation.

UK Hip Hop Artists Win BBC Funding

Congratulations to Tom Sweetman aka 1 Step (one half of Krate Krusaders) who has just won the BBC Performing Arts Fund. He's just bagged himself £10,000 to further his Hip Hop career. We all know him to be a worthy winner after bringing us bangers with Ramson Badbonez, Remus and others (check 'On The Radar' for those tracks).

Also big congratulations go to Kof, the MC from Liverpool, Illum Sphere of Manchester, battler Kulez, politcal activist Lowkey and Sensei FM's DJ Fabia for winning their bucks for the sake of Hip Hop.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

'Real Talk' - D.Gritty (video)

Humarak D. Gritty is back, this time with production by First Aid, and 'Real Talk' is a dope track - speak brother!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

'On The Radar' Artist Highlight: Delusionists Interview

"...humans aren't one dimensional, so music should reflect that."

After initially impressing me with their debut EP (which then went on to get a good review in HHC), then serving up a hot exclusive for 'On The Radar Vol. 4' and just generally having something going for themselves I had to get the inside info on this fresh UK Hip Hop duo:

Certified Banger: Can you tell us your necessary background details so we can build on basics for the rest of the interview? For example: who you are, projects you have worked on, people you have worked with.

Ben Black: Ben Black aka Beanz aka that rapper/producer out of Delusionists. We dropped our debut EP 'The Prolusion' earlier this year, which was a strictly in-house production. Off the strength of that we're starting to link with some other heads so we've got a few remixes and collabos bubbling beneath the surface... Some of it has come off the back of being on OTR4 so big up to Certified Banger for that!

Click here to read the rest of the interview.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

'Free: AM/ To: AM' - Obba Supa (review)

If you like your UK Hip Hop jazzy, offbeat and leftfield then check out Obba Supa's epic 'Free: AM/To: AM'. Hey! Zeus and Teknical Development are the producer and MC behind this LP.

Coming across like a spaced out version of Jehst's earlier work, 'Free: AM/To:AM' will get you wondering - what's it all about? Abstract is the order of the day here. Even if this doesn't sound like your thing rest assured there is some dope production and deep lyrics here - enough for any serious UK Hip Hop head to get their teeth into. The beat tape style will also appeal to the likes of Dilla fans.

You can get yourself a copy here, grab one, sit back and chilllll.

'What I've Got To Say'/'Conspiracy Theorist' - Cross Bone T (free download)

Cross Bone T has dropped this free to download double sided (even though it's a download) single and you might like it.

'What I've Got To Say' sees the MC come across as a big ol' conspiracy theorist and then 'Conspiracy Theorist' confims that in fact, 'they' label him as a conspiracy theorist. Personally, I don't believe that most of the things he questions are lies, I'm not given to believe in even crazier theories than the ones that are common knowledge. Cross Bone T does get me thinking though and it thrills me that these things could be unknown quantities.

With a likeable timbre and some nice production you're sure to feel the sound and be intrigues by his ideas about Bob Marley, Microchips, 9/11 and the rest:

'Kill It With Love' - Son Of A Queen (free download)

UK Hip Hop with a message - something I'm down with. Not exactly down with everything SOAQ has to say but he does chat alot of sense about our society. His album 'Kill It With Love' is available to download for free now so you can see if you align with his thoughts.

Whatever your state of agreement you'll be nodding your head to dope beats and being impressed by his flow and lyrical ability. This is a really competent set from an MC who came out of nowhere - if you're into the last 20 years of UK Hip Hop then you'll defo get this:

'N To Tha Izzo' - Supar Novar (free download)

Novar, over Hova's best beats (sorry couldn't resist the rhyme), brings you the first in his Dubplate Sagas series - 'N To Tha Izzo'. Obviously he too plays on the fact that Novar sounds like Hova as is evident on 'They Call Me Novs' and 'N.O.V.A.' but this doesn't come across as a cheese-fest - remember Supar Novar has some deep UK Hip Hop credentials.

Naturally you're gonna search through to find your favourite Jay-Z beat and that's the Novar track you're gonna like too and at 26 tracks deep it's almost guaranteed that your tune is there. 'Big Drinkin'', 'Dead Presidents Freestyle', 'N To Tha Izzo', 'Dynasty Intro Freestyle' and 'Can I Live Freestyle' all do it for me although I'd like to have heard more Black Album beats.

Monday, 14 September 2009

'Tell 'Em' - Skillit & Mentalist (video)

'Alphabet Assassin' ft. Faith SFX - Lowkey (video)

I hear all the youtubers saying this concept is played out but peep it pea poles - Faith SFX does the whole beatboxed beat and Lowkey resurrects his ol' 'Alphabet Assassin' lyrics - now it's his. The track is out on itunes on October 26th.

Jaisu Beat Tape #5 (video)

Bare old I know but as far as I can remember I didn't feature this at the time.

Bonafide Magazine

Just discovered this really dope-looking magazine - Bonafide. The current issue (pictured above) has features on Neon Neon, Large Professor, Peanut Butter Wolf, Kid Acne, Kidkanevil, Flying Lotus, Ben Eine, Best Joined Up, Gareth Bayliss, Mo’ Wax records and more so you know Certified Banger is giving up props.

They're currently running their show online and in print - no mean feat. Get yourself over to their shop and buy yourself issues 1 and 2 (and also some mean Nike kicks if they take your fancy!) - this is worth your support.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Certified Banger Podcast Pilot (free download)

Here is the first podcast from Certified Banger! The aim was to give you a taster of some forthcoming UK Hip Hop all in the space of an hour - hopefully I succeeded. Let me know your thoughts and ideas for the official #1 episode. Go here to subscribe in your itunes and other similar applications. If you just want to download the mp3 then right click here.


Famslam ft. Task Force Family - Skuff & Inja
Back Home - Yosh
Mic Check - One Wish & Stereotype
You Lot - Freyed Knot
In Due Time - J-Treole
Jamaica (Original) - Jimmy Screech
They Dont Know (Original) - J Simple
Sunday Service - Chief Wigz
Higher Higher - Juice Aleem
A.L.P.H.A. - Alphabetix
The London Convention ft. Funky DL, MCD, Skinnyman, Blak Twang, ESP, TY, Phoebe One, Kwes - London Allstars
Family Name - Bombadeal
It's Not Relevant - LDZ
Do Wah - Tactical Thinking
It's So Different Here - Tom Caruana
Sunnicide -Skuff & Inja

Certified Banger Podcast Pilot by Certifiedbanger on Mixcloud

'MoreFire' - Freyed Knot (album review)

'MoreFire' aka 'The Best Album You Can Get For a Quid... Ever!' is the sophomore album from Bradford Hip Hop band Freyed Knot.

Featuring real live instruments, two MCs and often a healthy smattering of beatboxing and cutting Freyed Knot combine Funk and Rock to a Hip Hop effect. Each track on 'MoreFire' contains a bag load of quotables and a whole host of good time feelings.

'SM58s' heads things up by way of introduction and 'Who Got The Funk' will have you singing along as ExP and JND continue to ensure you know what they're all about. 'FK! Charges For Photographs' is a hilarious and original concept summed up here: "I cahrge for my image if you charge for the pictures". 'You Lot' is probably my favourite track on the album - another sing-a-long extravaganza.

'Wild West Yorkshire' and 'Shires Of York' are sequenced perfectly to make sure you know where on the map the band are coming from. 'What We're About', 'Will To Live' and 'T'Urban' serve to pinpoint where they're coming from philosphically - the second track being a comedic take on the 'urban' music scene. 'British Blues' is "Freyed Knot minus the band" and sees ExP and JND drop sense about this country of ours. Dr.Dot's 'Discolexia' featuring the Freyed Knot MCs finishes things off on a high.

With 40 minutes of music 'MoreFire' is a fast and furious and thoroughly enjoyable disc and at only £1 (£1.50 delivered) you'd be raving mad not to get a copy. It's out now on Sinoptic Music - get yours here. Check out 'You Lot' now on the Certified Banger Podcast.

'Harmony & Discord' - The Forcefield Kids (EP review)

"...jazzy, bass driven... lo-fi and alternative rock stylings" - possibly. What is definite is that The Forcefield Kids do things their way whilst factoring in a load of musical influences.

'Harmony & Discord' is a depressing, emo-ish affair (the first track is called 'Razorblades' for crying out loud!) - if you want a laugh or a dance, don't reach for this. However, if you do need someone to empathise with your gloom then The Forcefield Kids are there for you - especially if you've just split broken up with a partner; pretty much the whole EP revolves around a break up.

'Harmony & Discord' will be out on DFNT Records on 2nd November.

'A Day In The Life' - One Wish & Stereotype (review)

Recorded in 7 days - a track a day, 'A Day In The Life' is just that. One Wish and Stereotype are the Cambridgians behind it; MC and producer respectively.

Maybe it was their focused approach to the project or maybe they're just a couple of dope dudes, but whichever statement is the explanation the fact remains that this release is good stuff. To quote One Wish, the duo make "...the most playful Hip Hop" and everyone needs a bit of that.

I could name each track and write about its merits but all I'll say is that the range of upbeat production and the lighthearted approach to lyricism is a breath of fresh air - the type of music I'm always in the mood for.

'A Day In The Life' is out on November 5th and will be available from itunes - go get it then. Check out 'Mic Chek' right now on the Certified Banger Podcast.

Sarah Love Hip Hop M1x Show

Tune into Sarah Love's latest show 'Hip Hop M1x' on iplayer. It features a couple ton of hot Hip Hop from both the UK and the US. Representing these shows are Orphans of Cush (who have the highlight this week), Micall Parknsun, Professor Green, Kyza, Kosyne, MCM, Skandal (who drops exclusive '9 2 5' with Brad Strut), Jyager, Ben Grymm and SonnyJim.

Go on and support someone who is supporting our scene on a major level - big up to Sarah Love.

Friday, 11 September 2009

'Voices of the Voiceless' - Lowkey & Immortal Technique (snippet video)

'Cookout' (M-Phazes) - Nine High (video)

Thursday, 10 September 2009

'Strength To Strength' - Jack Flash New Track!

Here's a new Jack Flash track, produced by the boy who gets everywhere - Wizard. 'The Sound Of Colours', Jack's EP, is just around the corner.

Ricky Gervais in 50 Cent Video!

Yup, whilst 50 takes shots at Jay, Ricky cheekily pops up! Here's the video.

'Spinnin'' - Speech Debelle (single review)

Now seems as good a time as ever to stick up a review of Mercury winner Speech Debelle's latest single 'Spinnin'' taken from her 'Speech Therapy' LP on Big Dada.

I'm really into the live Hip Hop sound right now and Speech's poppy version of that is just the light hearted jam I need at the end of a day. This, I can guarantee, is going to be all on the radio now and it deserves to be. I know some heads will hate, but I don't get what's to hate - MCs like this have formed Hip Hop's history and Speech is only continuing that tradition.

Remixes come courtesy of Donae'o (Bashment version - not that inspiring), DVA (Dubstep which once it kicks off is pretty heavy) and Jammer (sounds a bit like that Lloyds TSB advert and features Camelot - quite silly but fun).

'Spinnin'' is available now on the album or soon as a single with its remixes.

'Jamaica'/'Fly Away' - Jimmy Screech (review)

Jimmy Screech dropped his single 'Jamaica'/'Fly Away' this week and it's a bit of a banger.

Combining Hip Hop, Reggae and even the new obsession for Pop-orientated Bassline (but don't think this is bad) into one track 'Jamaica' will have you wishing for a holiday as Jimmy compares his London life to the beaches of his parents land - a real feel good track with the possibility of appealing to the masses.

'Fly Away' continues the vibe and whilst being the weaker of the two tracks (it's a little too Sean Paul) it's still a pretty big party track - I'd rather get down to this on a Friday night than the new Black Eyed Peas track.

I'd recommend a download - I did it so you should too. Listen to 'Jamaica' now on the Certified Banger Podcast.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Free Willo Wispa, Black Milk, Yogi, Shade 1, Mr. Drastick, Squid Ninjaz Tracks

Some UK heat for y'alls:

New Black Milk dub by Willo Wispa - these two seem to be made for each other and the track 'Panda Pops' is just eased brilliance. Can't tell you much I'm looking forward to his forthcoming recorded and released output.

Yogi and Shade 1 have dropped 'We Aint Ya Typical', some west coast sounding ishmish, via Twitter - good stuff.

Mr. Drastick sent over a new track 'Nothing To Lose' which is labelled as a Sade remix - now that I can't vouch for (although I recognise her voice on the chorus) because I struggle to be a fan of hers - one of my Dad's favourites that I couldnt get with. Anyways, Drastick's track is pretty dope so sample it for yourself.

Chrome Kids dropped a load of Squid Ninjaz tings - a Stagga remix of Joe Blow's 'Hour Glass' and two Cervantis tracks - 'Supa Human' and 'Yellow Rocks'.

That's all for now thanks.

Sway Features

Couple of new Sway features here, not really feeling either to be honest. Both tracks are on a similar theme - disfunctional relationships. The first track is 'Red Handed' by Dzham and the second is 'He Said She Said' by Kobi Onyame:

RZA's UK Tour Dates

RZA hits these shores pretty soon - get yourself along to one of these venues to catch the Wu legend:


Tuesday 29 - 02 Academy, Liverpool (+ Shavo (System Of A Down) + Gravediggaz)


Saturday 3 - Matter, London (+ Raekwon)
Monday 5 - The Duchess, York (+ DJ Sinical + Jed 104 + Joe Lung)
Tuesday 6 - Rainbow Warehouse, Birmingham
Wednesday 7 - Stylus, Leeds
Thursday 8 - Button Factory, Dublin
Friday 9 - 02 Academy, Bristol (+ Kners + Frilla + Buggsy)
Saturday 10 - 02 Academy, Oxford