Monday, 23 August 2010

'I in Team' - Jimmy Screech (video)

Download some free Jimmy Screech stuff at his website.

'Duppy Writer' - Roots Manuva & WrongTom (review)

When remixing an artist with a heavy cult following one has to be careful. WrongTom has been careful and the result is 'Duppy Writer' - a collection songs truly worthy of being called a Roots Manuva LP.

The typically sparse production of your average Roots Manuva track has been stripped away and replaced by the most delicious dubby Reggae and in most cases each track is better than the original! You see, WrongTom hasn't tackled the biggest and bestest Roots Manuva tracks (I'm not accounting for personal tastes here), he's generally taken the tunes which took the back seat the first time round and put his sunny spin on them.

The album kicks of with 'Butterfly Crab Walk' featuring Riddla which is a re-imagining of 'Hol' It Up' from 'Run Come Save Me' - the original had that old Bontempi feel to it whereas WrongTom's is "Tropical". 'Chin High' from 'Awfully Deep' was never going to be as easy to swallow as the album's title track or the single 'Too Cold' but the version available here on 'Duppy Writer' brings a little more melody to the mix and renders it to have more appeal.

'Duppy Writer', the third track, is the only reference to Manuva's pièce de résistance 'Witness (1 Hope)' before the secret track from 'Awfully Deep' gets a remaking - 'This World Is Mine' becomes 'Worl' A Mine' and WrongTom really makes the most of a great chorus. 'Big Tings Gwidarn' featuring Seanie T is probably equal to its original - not one of the best remixes here.

'Jah Warriors' featuring Ricky Ranking is the album's first single and is a brand new collaboration - a very great track, hopefully WrongTom will produce more new material for forthcoming Roots Manuva releases. 'Proper Tings Juggled' is a great track but is probably the one track on here that doesn't live up to the original.

Three tracks from 'Slime and Reason' receive new production - 'Lick Up Your Foot', 'Rebuff' and 'Son Of Bodda'. Each track fits in with the original aesthetics of 'Slime and Reason' with 'Rebuff' being a vast improvement on the original and 'Lick Up Your Foot' being a great alternative version. 'Motion 82' sounds authentically old school reggae, sounding nothing like 'Motion 5000', which is an awesome track - this isn't a case of which is best - both are good.

The Rub Hip Hop History Downloads

Now, many of you may have come across these before but the 1979 version came on shuffle on my ipod whilst I was hoovering this afternoon and I thought why not whack it up here?

The 1979 edition can be downloaded here and it features Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, Kurtis Blow, The Sequence, Funky 4+1 and more classics from the year that is widely recognised as the first time Hip Hop was committed to wax.

What struck me so much about this mix is how much from those formative years has been reused and recycled over the last 30 years. Educate yo'self.

Then you can download a mix for every year from 1979 to 1999 as well as a 90s mix. Do it. You can also take some time to snoop around The Rub's website to find out what DJ Ayers and DJ Eleven get upto (check the mp3s for the mashups and remixes).

'Gypsy' - Alex Blood & The Diggers ('Frisky' Parody/Remix)

Free mp3 available here.

'Hang'/'L's Formation'/'Death Machine' - Iron Braydz (video)

Sunday, 22 August 2010

'Jazzy Ways'/'Life' - Megaformz (free download)

For some traditional sounding but fresh and free UK Hip Hop hop over to the Megaformz Bandcamp site for a couple of downloads.

'Jazzy Ways' samples THAT quote from Slick Rick (the most succesful UK rapper ever? (just a thought)) and the beat is by Funky DL. Otee, Abacus, Dreadmaster Flex, Sharlene and Dan Dappa all have some creative input on this one - good to hear both male and female vocals together on a track.

'Life' features Hafiza and Icykal and is produced by DJ Wickstar - it's just some real soulful, gritty boom bap Hip Hop with no frills - I also love the first bars relating to childbirth - excellent.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

'The Nuts' - Red (album review)

Whilst nursing the newborn to sleep on my chest this afternoon I flicked through my 'Albums to Review' ipod playlist and found this absolute gem - perfect for the occasion.

Some of you may remember Red from the videos of him creating music live using various pieces of equipment and now he's signed to First Word Records and has this album out for you to buy: 'The Nuts'.

Lovingly crafted in a sibling mould to Hip Hop this is instrumental music that goes places most beat-based tunes don't. Reminding me of Aim, albeit with a few up-to-date, modern twists, Red's music is for those moments when you can really tune in to what he's created. Having said this, if background music is what's needed you couldn't go far wrong either and I dare say this would sound fresh playing loud through your finest hifi system.

With a large and colourful palette of samples Red brings together found sounds with expertly played synths and perfectly programmed drums to produce some truly memorable and returnable-to music.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

'Life Is A Blessing/'$0 Bars' - Tempa (video)

Not many MCs sound as good as Tempa, let alone female MCs. If you watch these and like what you're hearing then you should download Tempa's 'Barzology' mixtape for free.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

'Digmund Freud EP' - Mystro (review)

Having heard a great deal of Mystro's back catalogue, his latest single 'Around My Way', some of his new tracks live and having interviewed him about his forthcoming material I was suitably excited about this release - the 'Digmund Freud EP'. I haven't been disappointed.

The aforementioned 'Around My Way' produced by DJ Swerve kicks things off in fine, comedic style - Mystro being the king of laid back punchlines and all. DJ Flip (most notably known in the UK scene for producing Skinnyman's 'Council Estate of Mind') takes over on production for the next 6 tracks. To quote Mystro himself on this EP would probably be best, 'cause he ain't lying: "I've got a track called 'Don’t Worry' – that's probably the track that got it going with the style of what I wanted to do. The chorus is like 'If it ain't life or death, don't worry about it'. – that's the message of the whole ‘Digmund Freud’ thing." The rest of the EP really does fit around this in style so a happy, relaxed and positive time is to be had by all with this release.

The track that lyrically blew me away when I heard it live was the closing tune 'Blue Planet' produced by Jehst. Mystro demonstrates his knowledge of sea life whilst socially commenting on the way we're living here in Britain - this is concept rap done to perfection.

The 'Digmund Freud EP' will be released on Self Destruct Music/Don't Bizznizz on 13th Septemeber 2010. Look out for it - another cracking release from Mystro.

'EP 1' - Loudmouth Melvin (free download)

I've been supporting Loudmouth Melvin since the first 'On The Radar' release in 2008, back when he was just Loudmouth. He's appeared on tracks with Professor Green, Charlie Sloth, Skandal, Black The Ripper, Skillit and America's Saukrates and now he's dropped the first of four free EPs.

The simply named 'EP 1' has a simple concept - bona fide wordplay. Loudmouth Melvin, you see, is a real lyricist who has the knack of turning punchlines and tongue twisters into full conceptual tracks.

Each of the 5 tracks on offer lacks compromise and to prove his confidence in his product the especially heavy 'Fill The Air' featuring Mentalist, Mystro and Skandal comes last. He knows you'll listen through to this point without switching off - saving the best 'til last is something not a lot of artists can do.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

'Hey' ft. Sincere - Chima Anya

Easily my favourite track from Chima Anya's 'New Day' album (which is a cracker by the way - seriously good LP), 'Hey' has been chosen as the next single and this time it features Sincere - another MC who is pretty underrated, actually. Buy the album here.

Friday, 6 August 2010

'Butterfly Crab Walk' ft. Riddla - Roots Manuva & WrongTom

Just found a cheeky little free download from the forthcoming Roots Manuva meets WrongTom LP 'Duppy Writer'. I mentioned the 'Jah Warrior' single which will be out on 30th August here and 'Butterfly Crab Walk' is every bit as cool.

The track features Riddla and is a big fat slice of dubby Reggae which I totally love. You can go download this for free at RCRD LBL.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

'Run Warez' - Invisible Links


'Chasing Clouds' - B'Tol & Chris Lucas (video & free download)

Download this track for free at Soudcloud.

'I'm So 90s' - Conspicuous (video)

Can see this one being popular - look out for remixes galore!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Lewis Parker and John Robinson Live Shows

No matter where you are, you need to make it across to Leeds on 14th of August for this. Apart from the UK legend Lewis Parker being in full effect with John Robinson (and if you've not checked out the 'International Summers' LP yet, then do) you get a whole host of top notch artists from the thriving West Yorkshire Hip Hop scene including DMC 2010 set from Mike L, live shows from J Bravo, Defenders of Style, Verbal Contact and Brutal Artistry. There will be live Art from The Beat Inspection Scribblers and the whole thing will be hosted with much energy by Mr Ris of Alphabetix. DJ Prolific with Kockee K and Sir Snaff (How We Do) will also be holding things down. Tickets are only £5 from, Crash Records, Jumbo Records or The Elbow Room.

The tour also takes in Ipswich on 11th of August, London on the 12th and Milton Keynes on the 13th.