Tuesday, 30 June 2009

'Skeen' - Skillit (video)

Ahaha, just had myself a little chuckle over this one, some proper comedy bits in it - I'll let you decide which bits you think are funny. If you're lovin' it then go download 'Talk Of The Town' - it's free!

And now for the US...

Some US Hip Hop I'm feeling now:

Blaq Poet is currently your favourite rapper's rapper and this track, 'Stretch Marks And Cigarette Burns' is representative of why. It's quite reminiscent of some Method Man material, mainly because of the beat but the expletive bleeps contribute also. Not sure I'd like to lick burns and stretch marks but, each to their own.

One of my own favourite rappers chasing dollar right now is Pugs Atomz. He featured on DJ Vadim's latest album and now he's hooked up with Wes Restless and Ill Legit to form The Gent$. Here's a track from them which seems to be called 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' - it's some pretty fun stuff and it's produced by DJ Vadim! If you do feel the boy Pugs then download solo track 'Duwayne and Whitley' too. If you liked The Gent$ collectively then I've just discovered a free album from them boys here. Big up to HHC for still knowing what's what.

Cymarshall Law is doing some nice music right now and this is his latest track with Mr. Joeker: 'King With 4 Wives'. A pretty serious message is taught here and although it could apply to women it actually goes much deeper than that - listen carefully.

On a very different note, here's Royce Da 5'9's new track 'Gun Harmonizing'. It features really big production from Emile and Royce is just so ridiculously hungry on the first leak from 'The Revival EP' which will be out on 7th July. It will include new tracks from Royce’s 'Street Hop' LP along with a new Slaughterhouse track and will be available at all major digital retailers.

ABD and Alphabetix (free downloads)

I think this may be the first example of The Stereophonics being sampled in Hip Hop: ABD's 'Maybe'. ABD, of Northern crew Alphabetix, recently won the Golden Mic Challenge (a rap competition based in Leeds which was hosted by Blade) and this track contains verses he used in the acapella round. The track is produced by 'On The Radar' artist Spee 69

You should also check the more old school sounding 'You Can Bet It's The Betix' which features all the Alphabetix MCs: ABD, I.D. and AngeleS. As individuals and as a crew they come with a different sound to most with AngeleS' female ragga raps and ABD's clear and entertaining Yorkshire flow being the key to their originality.

Check back soon for an interview with ABD.

7 UK Hip Hop Downloads...

It's been a long time, I shouldna... yeah you know it. I'm back just like all your favourite rappers everytime they bring out a new LP. Here's some dope stuff to step to:

Loudmouth Melvin's 'Summer Breeze' has a summery vibe (can you believe it?), a suitably silly chorus and some British Jay-Z type lyrics! It's taken from an E.P. he's putting out in August so watch for that.

I know I said I wasn't going to check any Jacko tributes but this is Sway, and 'The King Full Stop' is properly inspired - nice.

I'm loving the name of 'Bars on a Bass, Drum 'n' Snare' by Tempa, Shifty Spirit and Scorzayzee - it pretty much does what it says on the tin and it's nice. According to HHC it's produced by A.R. Mullah, it heads up a new compilation titled ‘CRS Entertainment’ which will drop in September featuring cats like Razor, Tayla Jade, Jah Digga and more.

A few heads on Twitter were all talking about this gem from back in the day: Marko Magik - 'Ladies Favourite' - go on have a massive chuckle!

Professor Green dropped the next track from 'The Lecture #2', it's called 'Open All Hours' and if you didn't catch it (because DMCA took down my post) then here's the first one: 'Ballers is Bouncin''.

If you missed that last one then your probably missed this too: Mystro's version of Drake's 'Best I Ever Had' entitled 'Mess I Ever Had'.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

'Self Harmonic' ft. Cage - No Pretense (free download)

From the good good folk at Don't Talk To Strangers:

"To promote the release of No Pretense 'Self-Harmonic' ft Cage on 7" green vinyl, available at http://www.suspectpackages.com/ we are giving away a free download of the original version of the track! We're hoping that peeps who feel the joint will then consider buying the lovely zombie green vinyl version which features the dope Supreme Dust remix by Pheend Supreme"

Don't forget to buy the lovely 7" and whilst you're at that myspace page grab a free more decent mp3s for yourself.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

‘Ever So Calm’/’Soul Crunk’ - Mancini & the Creepers (single review)

Bristol is known for producing some of the cream of UK music and Mancini & the Creepers are no exception. Their new single ‘Ever So Calm’/’Soul Crunk’ is full of musical passion and rhythm. With Jazz, Soul and Funk being the obvious influences on their brand of UK Hip Hop, Tommy Tempa, Frank Laws and Mancini have created a delicious foretaste of what’s to come.

‘Ever So Calm’ is a cocky but laid back statement of intention and Mancini’s almost spoken word flow is just cool. ‘Soul Crunk’ is a dusty and more lyrical effort that gets a little spacey in the chorus – it also has that swing that’s so fashionable right now – lovely stuff.

‘Ever So Calm’/’Soul Crunk’ is out now on Lula’s Kitchen. Get it and then, like me, you can look forward to more from these guys.

Beastie Boys Reveal Tracklist for 'Hot Sauce Committee Part 1'

The new Beastie Boys feature length LP entitled 'HOT SAUCE COMMITTEE PART 1' is unleashed on the 15th of September and it features Nas! Here's the tracklisting:

1. Tadlock's Glasses
2. B-Boys In The Cut
3. Make Some Noise
4. Nonstop Disco Powerpack
5. OK
6. Too Many Rappers (featuring NAS)
7. Say It
8. The Bill Harper Collection
9. Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win (featuring Santigold)
10. Long Burn The Fire
11. Bundt Cake
12. Funky Donkey
13. Lee Majors Come Again
14. Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament
15. Pop Your Balloon
16. Crazy Ass S**t
17. Here's A Little Something For Ya

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Klashnekoff To Drop Free Mixtape!

Klashnekoff, on Twitter, just now: "jus made 1 sick tune for my mix tape 'P.O.P' free give away ting I'm gonna drop this 1 this wk".

'P.O.P' - very similar to 'S.O.S.', the name of Kyza's new mixtape. Is there still beef? What might 'P.O.P.' stand for? Whatever, I'm looking forward to hearing some new Klash material and you can rest assured you'll be able to find the download (both the single track and the mixtape) here when he drops it.

Go here for his swanky myspace which also has handy links to his blog, facebook and his twitter!

'Mercedes Benz' - Sway (official viral video)

Monday, 22 June 2009

'The Dave EP' - Dan Lambert (free download)

Check out this EP from UK MC Dan Lambert. Rapped and recorded entirely over Dre beats from '2001' Dan gets into the mind of a guy named Dave and verbalises the thoughts of a reclusive, violent weirdo whose dead cat is now used as a doormat.

Dan displays a knack for storytelling on the slightly gruesome 'Murder' and psychotherapy on 'The End'. Dave is a pretty convincing character - in fact, we probably all know a Dave so this is a compelling and often comical listen. Dan shows his lyrical aptitude making sure that your keep your ears peeled for more from this young MC.

Hip Hop Connection Online

Hip Hop Connection's online outlet is now in full effect with a whole host of non-magazine articles and interviews. They've got interviews with Brad Strut, Ramson Badbonez and Khujo Goodie (of Willie Isz). They've got ?uestlove speaking on Karriem Wiggins and Immortal Technique giving Drake careers advice and also something about the heavily-lauded-by-MCs-you-love Blaq Poet and DJ Premier. Well, what are you waiting for?

Calling All Rising UK Hip Hop Artists!

These compilation CDs are always quality so make sure you're coming with your A-game with this one. OTRers, I expect you lot to be submitting your stuff but be quick, the deadline is 10th July!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

'The Most High EP' - ROTLA (free download)

Some real chilled out and super-positive UK Hip Hop here for you folks. Raiders of the Lost Arts (ROTLA) and it featurs vocals from LeeN (NLT Productions), Gadget (Millenium Jazz Music), Kyra UK, US MC Klarity and B-Val. All the beats are by B-Val and LeeN.

It features four tracks of high quality, laid back rap with some good messages (if you take time to listen properly) and apparently they'll be putting out one of these every week or two which is even better. More of this can't be bad.

'Procrastinat(K)ing' - Truth (free download)

Copped this free download fresh last night and here it is now for you. Truth is the man behind the big Rapsploitation sessions (the best UK Hip Hop artists rockin' in Ipswich!) and this time it's his turn to drop a few bars on you.

Over a nice selection of heavy and varied beats (each from a different producer) Truth does what he does in the way he knows how and this 9 tracker turns out to be pretty dope.

A few guests drop by to kick a verse - Eat Good guy Kosyne spits on 'Pass That' (on a re-listen, it's not your average weed track, more like an anti-weed track!), The Colony's Grimlok voices his desires on 'Wannadoo' and SonnyJim and Conflix rap on the foreign-sounding 'Heavyweight'.

'Rap By Numbers' and 'Take Time' (produced by Sivey) are favourites of mine although I could bump this half hour set from beginning to end more than a few times. Think I will.

Friday, 19 June 2009

'Compatible' - Up Hygh (free download)

Just remembered this track that Kidkanevil played at Homecut's Leeds album launch party. I recognised the track and have just found it on a Tru Thoughts compilation. Their album 'The Venus Album' was released by Zebra Traffic in the UK, hence the Tru Thoughts connection. Apparently these dudes are actually Swedish - no further comments. Anyway this is a banger so check it:

Thursday, 18 June 2009

'Acceleration' - Million Dan (video)

'Blood Diamonds' - 10Shott (video)

Krate Krusaders and Ramson Badbonez on 1Xtra!

Certified Banger/'On The Radar' favourites Krate Krusaders are featured on Ras Kwame's latest Homegrown podcast. Their track 'Incredible' featuring Ramson Badbonez, which was featured on Certified Banger's 'On The Radar Vol. 3', has been handpicked by UK scene tastemaker Ras and played on 1Xtra - a big look for the boys.

If you haven't heard it yet you can download the track for free by downloading 'On The Radar Vol. 3'. To hear their track with Farma G's lad Remus, then download 'On The Radar Vol. 2 here.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

'Georgiavania' - Willie Isz (album review)

OK so I’m not gonna jump on the ‘Georgiavania’-is-the-best-thing-since-sliced-Outkast bandwagon but I will say there are some top tunes on this album by Jneiro Jarel and Khujo Goodie who are collectively, Willie Isz.

I’m not a fan of the singy songs but there are a few cuts on here that stand out immensely: ‘Blast Off’, ‘Georgiavania’ and top track ‘The Grussle’ – the first sea-shanty crunk banger? ‘Closer ‘In The Red’ is mellow excellence (it also conveys some beautifully idealistic views – if only…) and ‘I Didn’t Mean To…’ is nice musically - the one sung song that I enjoy on here. The rest is a bit too lefty for my sheltered ears; for some, it’s evidently what makes this album.

If you like something a bit different i.e. really indie-electro southern rap, then grab this album quicker than you’d grab something you really wanted. If not, get yersen on itunes and download the tracks I mentioned earlier.

'Big Man Talk' - Dynamite MC (free download)

Found this the other day on Dynamite MC's twitter. It's a free mixtape called 'Big Man Talk' (originally released in 2006) and the genre-jumping rapper comes heavy as you would (probably) expect. Dynamite is a seriously underrated MC and there are a ton of tracks on here that I'm really feeling.

On 'Big Man Talk' the sound sticks to Hip Hop although there are a load of versatile influences - just check 'Any Riddim' for proof! Get your download on for 20 free tracks!

Fliptrix, Verb T, Reps, Rup Live Tonight!

Fancy some 'Urban' music tonight? Get to this show with Fliptrix, Frontlinerz, Reps, Rup, Verb T and Kulez - a nicely varied lineup there for your listening and possible wall-playing enjoyment. Wah Blow @ Trinity Bar, Harrow, London. 9-2am, £3 before 10.30!

'Mercedes Benz' - Sway

Courtesy of the Grimecall blog is this radio rip of Sway's latest thing - 'Mercedes Benz'. Welcome back to 'The 900 Number'! OK so it's not the best Sway's done and it seems he's chasing the charts a little more than usual a la 'Wearing My Rolex'/'Keys To My Bentley' but I just thought you might like to hear it.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

HHC Digital 003 - Out Tomorrow!

HHC Digital 003 will be out tomorrow. It'll feature stuff about Hip Hop I think. No really: Detroit, Black Milk and co, Kyza, Mash Out Posse, Tanya Morgan, 20 free mp3s from the likes of The Freestyle Master, Kyza, M.O.P. and Brad Strut and a review of Eminem’s latest album done by 5 UK artists - sounds like Hip Hop to me! Join me in downloading and perusing.

If you're reading this and it's Wednesday - click this link to read!

'Grown Man Bizness' - DRS (free sampler)

DRS of Broke 'N' £nglish has just launched a sneak move on us. Konny Kon (officially in charge of B 'N' E blogging duties) has just dropped a little taster of some tracks from DRS's forthcoming mixtape 'Grown Man Bizness'.

I'm really feeling the second track on there which I suppose to be 'Self Belief' (but I may be wrong) and the rest sounds pretty good too. DRS's plain-talking is appealing and S.C.I.'s productions are nice on the whole - defo one I'll be checking for when it drops.

Evil Ed, K-Delight & The Colony Live in Austria Too!

If you were thinking of going to the last show I posted about (in Vienna, Austria) then you might wanna consider making a weekend of it!

Art Bakery is putting on a UK special of their Urban Legends night featuring Evil Ed, K-Delight, Conspicuous, Cobane, Sir Smurf Lil and Grimlok.

This show is at Cafe Leopold and is on 26th June. Click here for the back of the flyer for more info. Also you can click on the flyer to the left for a bigger image.

Eat Good Artists Live in Austria!

For some of you international UK Hip Hop heads out there, especially the ones in the right part of Austria, here's a treat for you: UK Takeover, a Birmingham Hip Hop special featuring SonnyJim and Kosyne and others from the Eat Good Recrods roster all ready to go down at B72, Hernalser Gurtel, 1080 Wein (have no idea what any of that means). If you happen to be around there on June 28th then you know what to do now.

Monday, 15 June 2009

'Shots Of Smirnoff' - Kyza (mixtape review)

If this is the standard of the mixtape, how good will the album be? Kyza is true MC and his versatility is the key. He’s got the stories fiction (‘Freddy’) and non-fiction (‘My Soul’ and the heart wrenching ‘Wild Orchid’), the gritty observations (‘Sin City’), the braggadocio (‘The King’, bouncy ‘The Dirtiest’ and more), the club heaters (‘Go’ and ‘Dirty’) and everything else in-between.

Whatever Kyza has to say, he says it with excellence - nothing but fine lyricism here. Mr. Sayso also displays his creativity with flows and rhyme schemes; ‘My Soul’ is written as a list of events in a 24 hour period written in note form – a direct contrast to his double-time shenanigans on ‘Go’. He also premiers his ear for a tune on the self-sung hooks on ‘Zonin’’, ‘My Soul’ and ‘Wild Orchid’ – not at all bad for a rapper!

Kyza does his thing on the 18 tracks over a fine selection of specially-produced and jacked beats as Foreign Beggars’ DJ Nonames does a quality job of blending throughout (oh, and he doesn’t do annoying Kay Slay style shout outs). Original production comes from Chemo (and D.Ablo on guitar), Ghosttown and Bless Beats.

‘Shots Of Smirnoff’ (aka 'S.O.S.')is the mixtape that you need in your life right now and it’s out on Dented Records as of today. Kyza is still doing it, and better lyrically and conceptually than most rappers out there.

Klash Is Back! And On The Blog!

The latest rapper to start blogging is none other than Klashnekoff and he's got new for you over at http://www.wattheblogclart.blogspot.com/.

Here's some knowledge: "the album was meant to come out last year"... "most of it was recorded from last year, but the studio got robbed"... "Smasher began rebuilding the beats from scratch (big up Smash Man m.b.k) and since then it’s been nothing but back and forth beef wid the management, label, and people in the game who owe me money"... "the album is gonna be called Back to the Sagas"... "the album's about 4 weeks away from being completed and mixed now that the issues have been ironed out with the label"...

Visit the link to read his whole post! Welcome back!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

'Po Drodze Do Nieba' - O.S.T.R. (video)

Here's O.S.T.R., a Polish MC (who Reps rolls with) on Asfalt Records. The track is 'Po Drodze Do Nieba' which, according to googles translation means 'On the way to Heaven'. It's a dope sample flipped with some crunch and swing and even though I don't understand it - I like it alot.

'Malaria EP' - Virus Syndicate (EP review)

If the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian Guide recommend something then it's got to be good, right? Well I wouldn't trust their opinions on this sort of thing but they may just be right this time.

The 'Malaria EP' (second in the three part 'Break Out Trilogy') is a full-on assault as Nika D, JSD and Goldfinger spit boldly over hyped up, bass ridden productions from both Kromestar and MRK 1. Hip Hop? Grime? Bassline? I dunno, it might just be Dance music. Whatever it is, Manchester boys Virus Syndicate do it better than most – their rapid-fire delivery is clear for a start. 'Anything' and 'Hijak' are both in the same vein – straight up bragging. On 'B**ch' they chat about guys (not girls) who, basically, just annoy them.

The 'Malaria EP' is out on Contagious Music on 6th July but you can buy it here, soon.

'Cool'/'Big Bad City' - Steg G And The Freestyle Master (single review)

Steg G and The Freestyle Master are Scottish. Steg G produces and The Freestyle Master does Scottish rapping. Their latest single 'Cool'/'Big Bad City' is a sample-free affair, well, apart from the Family Guy sample that heads up 'Cool'. The electronic and computery production backs up the what-is-and-what's-not-cool theme – "ipod don't make you cool".

Oh yeah, there's another sample too – Beats International's 'Dub Be Good To Me' – y'know the "Tank fly boss walk jam nitty-gritty, you're listening to the boy from the big bad city" bit. The Freestyle Master raps comprehensibly about all walks of city life - the better track.

This isn't a bad little single although it's not overwhelming. The pair definitely have skills although the subject matter is a bit, um, cheesy! 'Cool'/'Big Bad City' will be released on Powercut Productions on 6th July.

Read a good interview with The Freestyle Master here.

Mystro, Ramson Badbonez, Salvo & DJ Gone @ Rapsploitation Sessions

'All 4 Hip Hop'/'Still Here' - Micall Parknsun (single review)

YNR's good year continues and they've chosen to kick of Q3 with the release of Micall Parknsun's M-Phazes produced 'All 4 Hip Hop'. For all the good old fashioned rap fans out there, this one's for you. Lively and triumphant soul with horn harmonies backs Parky's bold lyricism as he pledges his allegiance to and declares his love for Hip Hop. Jehst switches things up somewhat on the remix with his version having a menacing edge to it.

'Still Here' is the B-side and whilst Apa-Tight retains the triumph, things err on the electronic side of sound as the drums bang – the electric guitar sound is a bit dodgy but I can't complain, track is a beast! Chemo's uber-percussive version of 'Still Here' is ridiculous, sounding nothing like the original it's something different for Hip Hop.

This single is the perfect package; 2 tracks, 2 remixes and all from some of the best doing it right now. If there's one single you buy this year, make it this one! 'All 4 Hip Hop' is out on 6th July on YNR recordings.

'Sin City'/'Go' - Kyza (single review)

Kyza the lyricist is truly back. 'Sin City' (download free courtesy of HHC) is the latest single to be lifted off the excellent 'Shots Of Smirnoff' mix CD. Reminiscent of his Terra Firma days, Kyza paints a stark portrayal of any given metropolis with the finest street poetry. Chemo provides the ominous production complete with screaming guitar solos.

'Go' is entirely different; crafted for the club and the grimier heads by Bless Beats (of 'Wearing My Rolex' fame). Kyza spits double time can't-test-me rhymes to match the frantic synth strings – not my usual cup of tea but Kyza pulls it off with style and quality. Bar9 provide a nasty (in a good way) dubstep remix.

'Sin City'/'Go' was released on Dented Records on 1st June.

Check out the HHC website for their little chat with Kyza about drinking, Terra Firma, Violence, UK Hip Hop and the Old Skool.

Friday, 12 June 2009

'We Are To Answer' - Ancient Astronauts (album review)

Nice packaging and artwork always set things off well and Ancient Astronauts made a good impression before I even played 'We Are To Answer'. Music transcends language barriers and the fact that these Germans invited along some British speaking guests helps.

The album opens with a couple of quality musical Hip Hop instrumentals before The Pharcyde stake their claim on the big-drummed, be-fluted 'Classic'. Things get hectic quick on the D'n'B/Breakscore 'Dark Green Rod' and then change tack on the Shadow-esque soul of 'A Hole To Swallow Us' which features Phat Old Mamas on the sings. 'Risin' High' (click for free download) reeks of 90s rap and Raashan Ahmad brings some energised lyrics - a banger.

The ride continues with tracks dissimilar to the one before it yet each contributing to what is a very solid, coherent and enjoyable LP. Eastern vibes, reggae tones with Tippa Irie and Bajka, funk flavours, spaced-out beats and more Hip Hop with Zeph and Azeem all have their place within the cogs of this machine.

If you're looking something with a little diversity and few boundaries then seek out a copy of this album which is out now on ESL Music/Switchstance Recordings.

'More' - Resin Dogs (album review)

Australian band (but not a band in its traditional sense, they'd have us know) Resin Dogs released their album 'More' this month. It's a Hip Hop affair featuring voices from the US, the UK and Australia – a fact that keeps each track fresh and different.

Haiku D'etat (Aceyalone, Mikah 9 and Abstract Rude) do the opening honours with 'Coming With The Sound' and they set things off on a very good foot – headnods and singalongability. Oneself MC BluRum 13 follows up with 'End Game' with a cool, calm and collected manifesto. Disco beats abound on 'Definition' (click for free download) as Mystro, Hau and Abstract Rude opine on what makes a real MC, none disappoint although UK favourite Mystro does stand out.

More quality Hip Hop follows with a trinity of tracks with more serious musings – but don't worry things are still upbeat (which I'm all for). Yungun chats about the business of life and Abstract Rude discusses how people treat money. Trendy sounding, bashmenty 'Peace & Love' (the albums first single) features Demoliton Man and is just a bit too try hard and out of place. '2 Sides' featuring JSD and MC Wrec uses the reggae influence to better effect. Yungun returns to rightfully brag about his style on 'Nasty' – gotta love this boy's rhymes. Mystro makes some great observations on 'Sex Cells' although some of Abstract Rude's rhymes are just a bit, erm, rude! The album finishes with a 10 minute long Beastie Boys style funk jam session reminiscent of 'The In Sound From Way Out'.

This album has been on rotation in the CB lair, which is fairly unusual – it's a really listenable LP and now I'll be checking for the Resin Dogs back catalogue. I'd advise you buy a copy soon! It's out now on Hydrofunk Records.

'Hi Haters' - Phi Life Cypher (video)

Bradford Hip Hop Night - Disgracelands 2

The next Disgracelands, Bradford's newest and bestest Hip Hop night, looks to be a good do. Jack Flash is headlining and beatboxers Megamouth and BallZee, Sinoptic Records main men ExP and JND and Jason Ellis are all also on the bill! It's only £3 in and the beer's pretty cheap too. Be there.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

'Run Everything' ft. Rodney P & Killa Benz - Charlie Sloth

Didn't think I'd see these two together but obviously it's happened - Charlie Sloth is becoming an influential man! Just gotta love his bounce and sense of having a good time...

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Suspect Packages Goes Live!

The almighty Suspect Packages is going live this year! 19th of June is the date, Vibe Live in Brick Lane is the place. Ramson Badbonez, Skandal and DJ Gone are all performing and expect some awesome records to be spun by Disorda himself.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

'Da Real Sho' - Nemesis and Arrogance (album review)

Inspired by their radio show on Itch FM, Nemesis and Arrogance bring you ‘Da Real Sho’, their follow-up to 2007’s excellent ‘Lend Me Your Ears’.

On only 4 of the tracks here do N & A go it alone, many guests from the UK Hip Hop and Grime scenes grace the other tracks. F.L.I.P (Supar Novar, Big Ben and Rapper Ragz) crowd the booth on the urgent ‘Spit Something’, ‘Don’t Shoot Me’ features Wretch 32 (although this track is a little limp) and Mr. Ti2bs appears on ‘Listen To Your Heart’ - one of the stand out tracks here. Mr. Drastick rocks up on the synthy (but heavy) ‘Let Go’ and star of their last album, SkinnyMan, does his thing on the stripped back ‘North London Pt. 2’ – another top tune from Nemesis, Arrogance and SkinnyMan. Faith SFX also does his best impression of drums and basses as the boys go in with some braggadocio bars.

At 20 full tracks long, a little whittling would have been useful here - together, at 1 hour and 20 minutes long and segmented with radio style shout outs and dialogue, the impact of the great tracks is lost somewhat.

‘Da Real Sho’ will be released on 15th June on Real Records. Get it now from their myspace page for a fiver!

'No Freedom Without Sacrifice' - Homecut (review)

‘No Freedom Without Sacrifice’: never has a more beautiful flower sprung up from the dirt of UK Hip Hop.

The album opens slowly over the course of three tracks and by the end of the opening trilogy the flower is in full bloom. Homecut’s debut album is one to set aside an hour for – sit back and relax… and listen. This LP is relaxing and calming in a way that only instrumental Hip Hop achieves, although there are exceptions – ‘Innovators’ is funky and ‘Night At The Fair’ has a rock edge to it. Homecut sings and raps his way through 14 tracks and is joined by many talented musicians along the way. And that’s what this album is; musical – these are proper songs.

Jazz, funk and disco all provide an influence for Homecut’s production and ‘No Freedom Without Sacrifice’ is a melting pot of musical styles. Homecut (AKA Testament) is an accomplished rapper with a laidback style and introspective lyrics – prepare for your thoughts to be provoked on subjects such as mixed-race relationships, modern escapism, financial woes and crime. But don’t prepare to be depressed – that’s just not Homecut’s style – positivity is the way. Listen out for Homecut’s playful lyricism (“I breath in the analogue and breath out the digital” or “I appreciate the feedback…”).

‘No Freedom Without Sacrifice’ is out now on First Word Records and is available at itunes, Amazon and First Word's shop.

Nemesis and Arrogance Launch 'Da Real Sho'

Nemesis & Arrogance, whose latest project is ‘Da Real Sho’, are holding a launch party at the Carhartt Warehouse in Hackney (18 Ellingfort Rd, Hackney, E8 3PA) this Thursday 11th June between 18:00pm – 21:30pm.

The night will showcase music from the mixtape with performances from some of those featured alongside the boys: Mr Ti2bs, Jelluzz, F.L.I.P [Supar Novar / Big Ben / Rapper Ragz] and live Hip Hop band Lazy Habits! Form and Charlee Brown will be DJing and there will be free drinks courtesy of Meantime Brewery.

Da Real Show mixtape is out now and features: Sincere / Wretch 32 / Faith SFX / Bashy / Mr Drastick / Skinnyman & others...

Monday, 8 June 2009

'From The City' - Terra Slim (free download)

For four tracks of timely politics and street commentary download Terra Slim's 'From The City'. Police tactics, Slavery, the BNP, Margaret Thatcher and an honest attitude to money are all discussed over some reggae-tinged beats.

The production is by Beezwax who also have an album 'Sting Operation' out which features Stylah, Klashnekoff, Skriblah, Supar Novar, Yungun, Kyza and Kasha. I've not checked it yet but on the strength of this I might just have to.

Terra Slim is super-competent and he spits with clarity and authority. He touches on series issues and pulls it off without sounding self-righteous or the opposite; clueless.

'Come Together' ft. Leon Rhymes & Source - DJ Redline (free download)

Forget that giant ghettoblaster Leon Rhymes is stood with and tune into his new track with bandmate Source and DJ Redline. You may remember this guy from last year's Queens English album and now he's back with a strange (but good) reggae/dubstep/bassline house hybrid thing - 'Come Together'. He wants you all to listen to it and vibe to it so he's instructed me to distribute this Friday-night-out tune via my blog:

'Take It Back Again' - Farma G + J Dilla (free download)

The ever busy Farma G has dropped a little free freestyle over a J Dilla beat: 'Take It Back Again'. You can download it from his bandcamp page and bump it to your hearts content. If you didn't already get his 'It's A Funny Old Game' mixtape from bandcamp, you should. It costs the price of a minimum donation of £5 and is really rather good. There's also his free 'Farma Dilla' track over at that spot too.

Kyza 'Shots Of Smirnoff' Launch and Free Download

Friday 12th June sees Kyza's long awaited project 'Shots Of Smirnoff' launched at London's prestigous Jazz Cafe, 3 Parkway London, NW1. Kyza will be there, Foreign Beggars will be too. Will you?

If you're not sure then download this sampler of 'Shots Of Smirnoff' to see if it's your flavour:

Skitz Album Launch and Birthday Party!

That's right Skitz's album 'Sticksman' will son be out and to celebrate he's having a party! It's at Cargo on 13th July and he's got loadsa musical friends to come to bring some goodness, look at the flyer above and if you can't read it, click to enlarge! You can rest assured that I'll be reviewing the album so come back here for that!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

'Sunday Service' - Chief Wigz Coming Soon

Leeds rapper Chief Wigz (or Chief Wiggum), who features on J-Simple's 'Breath Control', is about to release 'Sunday Service' on the Don't Talk To Strangers imprint.

Production will be by Brutal Artistry and it'll be out on a 12" vinyl and digital download sometime in July

It's his debut solo 12" on DTTS and is taken from the forthcoming self titled album produced entirely by Brutal Artistry.

DJ Gone.net Exclusive Freestyles - Mystro, Kyza, Reveal

Here's Reveal's (from Poisonous Poets) exclusive freestyle for DJ Gone. DJ Gone released his 'Sin City' mix CD now and if you aint got it yet then get over to his website and buy it for cheap. He's also got a few more of these for you over at youtube, including raps from Mystro and Kyza.

'All 4 Hip Hop' - Micall Parknsun (video)

This is defo one of the UK Hip Hop anthems of the year, wait for its release - awesome remix and awesome B-side with awesome remix! This is the first single off Micall Parknsun's highly anticipated second album "First Second Time Around" available on YNR Productions.

This video was shot live at the Jazz Cafe in Camden as part of YNR's regular late night sessions. Do not miss the next jam which is Parky's album launch on 24th July 2009.

Friday, 5 June 2009

'Classic' ft. Dominique Larue - 1 Step (video and single review)

Check out the psychedelia on offer from Krate Krusaders producer 1 Step and Ohio repper Dominique Larue. It's the video for their track 'Classic' and the UK producer/US (female) MC thing works a treat. Larue is one of the better femcees around and she doesn't have an annoying voice - bonus! 1 Step's production is some trumpety jerkiness and Larue rides it nicely. Might not go down as a classic but it certainly is classy.

Buy it now!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Being Charlie Sloth #32

Yeah I know I'm really late on Charlie Sloth's videos but now I'm on it OK? Check this one out anyway, you get to see Prof Green's big ol' neck slash - ouch.

New Juice Aleem Show and Free Track!

Just checking out a new banger from the UK's Juice Aleem (formerly of New Flesh) which is taken from his forthcoming album 'Jerusalaam Come'. The track is called 'You Shut The ____ Up' and Juice chats truth from his elder perspective. You're allowed to download it too and I know you're going to enjoy it. So go ahead...

As I'm sure you know (cos there's a dirty big flyer to the left) he's playing Gash! this Friday at The Macbeth in Shoreditch. There's going to be free Sambucca before 10pm and Stevie Nudist (Real Gold, Will (Off Modern), William Trill (The A Team/ VICE), Skill Wizard, Tiger (This Is Music), PWBC and Pure Filth (GASH!/VICE) are all lined up to do their thing as well. Be there at 8 'til late.

Facebook them here
Myspace them here