Sunday, 31 July 2011

Soul Junkies - SOUL JUNK free d/l + Cyberspace pic-vid

Soul Junkies are me (shank carvin) and Demigod we've just completed our 2nd album SOUL JUNK. The album is available for free download from our bandcamp page the album features guest verses from ill green, Loboe, TnT, Beit Nun and more. All the beats were produced by me on the MPC 2500 expect layered drums, heavy FXs and eclectic samples. Demigod has the ability to speak on a wide range of subjects with expansive vocabulary and a strong, emotive delivery. Hard copies are available upon request as explained on the bc page.You can find videos for some the album tracks on our youtube channel the latest of which is Cyberspace (below) a track that showcases inventive wordplay from Demi and up and coming Dont Flop battler Loboe. We've been working hard on this album which is why Ive been a little slack on the posts lately but rest assured this is the last shameless self promotion post for a while, Ill be back to highlighting all that is dope in the hip-hop world shortly. Click on all the blueness for more on us and all the featured artists involved.

Friday, 29 July 2011

River Nelson - Old Times (produced by Beat Thief)

UK producer Beat Thief has teamed up with US MC River Nelson on this one. The beat is laid back and the track has the reminiscing looking back on the days vibe. River flows nice over a dusty beat crafted by the UK producer who is most known for working with Manny Moscow.

River Nelson has worked along side Lewis Parker in the past and definatly shows why he is rated on both sides of the pond.

Download the track FREE here :

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Franko Fraize - Apollo Brown dub

Franko drops some knowledge over an Apollo Brown beat. The beat is called 'Black Pearls' and is taken from the Apollo Brown beat tape 'Clouds'.

Apollo Brown Dub by Franko Fraize

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

J-Roots Burnt Fingaz FREE DOWNLOAD

J-Roots hails from Norwich. He has dropped a free download to introduce himself to the game and what an introduction. The beats band hard throughout on a laid back classic 90s(esq) vibe. The project features MCs from around the Norwich area including Soldjasoulz, Franko Fraize, Lyrical T, J Karma and TSK.

Its a tidy little project with a consistant vibe throughout. I think J-Roots has got a big future ahead of him. Definatly a producer to keep watch of.

Visit bandcamp for download or stream it directly from the site here:

Kings Of the City SBTV

Little gem here from kings Of the City. Ive posted some of their stuff on here before. They recently has a big track with Klashnekoff. Im a big fan of their sound. Its like full band rap. Its decent. Anyway this is an SBTV video of their take on Wretch 32s 'Dont Go'. They flip it well. Have a butchers!

Tony D Freestyle

Maintenance Media caught up with Tony D. Here he is dropping bars and showing why he was a highly rated member of the poisonous poets crew. Personally i have always felt for punchlines there aint many a slick as Tony. 'Running thru bars like a alchi on a pub crawl' , 'leave you slumped on the corner like an injured boxer' and 'leave you feeling blue like crip love' are a few examples.

Also check Tony battling at Dont Flop events. Im hoping a release will follow soon.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Nems drops a new video,with some hearfelt bars over a nice easy production,FYL.

Follow Nems on Twitter

Maffew Ragazino 'Motley Crue' ft Steady Fam (Official Video)

Maffew Ragazino drops another video for a song done over a Youngstaz instrumental and featuring Steady Fam.
His album "Rhyme Pays" drops August 18th.
Follow him on Twtter here


Download the latest installment from Montana and Menace,with  7 hours of music and enthralling interviews including exciting news from M.O.P. about an upcoming project, a 30 minute interview with Amir Khan on the eve of his fight with Zab Judah.
Also they talk to,in my opinion one of the most important figures in hip hop,the one and only DJ Premier.
Also talking to Canibus,Wais P,Tech N9ne and more.
They also played some great music including the latest offering from my boys LordWillin' and Freedom Of Press.

Download the show here

Outlawz, Lil Cease - Bury The Hatchet

Kay Slay recently brought together Tupacs proteges Outlaws and Biggies right hand man for this track,entitled "Bury The Hatchet",im sure you can guess the sentiment.
Check the original article over on Rap Ireland

Vakill - Appetite to Kill - Official Video - Molemen Records - Armor Of God

New from Vakill,serious tune,get Armor Of God here featuring Crooked I and more.
Vakill on Twitter
Molemen Records Official Website

Troop Raw feat LordWillin and Swann " Don't Wanna Die"

A new song from Troop Raw,off his "art.Illery" e.p.
The e.p. will be released on First Son Records very soon.
This song sees him teaming up with his Boombox Saintz sparring partner,LordWillin' and canadian rapper Swann.
All proceeds from the sale of the e.p. will go to Troop's family as he is currently locked up.

Mr HighSpeed - Late at Night

Just came across this,Mr. HighSpeed,great song and video,he produced the beat to,and this shows how diverse the music coming out of Ireland is at the moment.
Mr. HighSpeed on Facebook


Cella Dwellas are back with this banger produced by Nick Wiz

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Defenders of Style - Fish in a Barrel (Free Downloads)

Just recently got put on to these fellas and im annoyed ive missed out up till now.
You can get all their releases here 2 for free and one for £3.50,get them all,not just the free ones.


Ruthless drops this banger off The Archive Amnesty Takeover,where he jumps on some beats by my man Dead Man Walkn.

Download it here
Ruthless also has a lot more projects on the way including "The Archaeology Takeover" with Redskull coming August 2011, a solo project,a collaboration project and an album with Dead Man Walkn.

Speaking of which........
The man himself,Dead Man Walkn,the go to producer for Genesis Elijah, Wordsmiff and Terra Slim releases some new/old instrumentals again,this is the third in the series,i posted the others before,check them out.

Download here

To contact Ruthless Facebook or Twitter

To contact Dead Man Walkn Facebook or Twitter

Support the real

Friday, 22 July 2011

Paul White - Trust feat. Guilty Simpson

Paul Whites ''Rapping with Paul White'' will be released on the 22nd of August and boasts a line up of rappers most beatmakers can only dream about including Jehst, Danny Brown and Marv Won and of course the droll lynguistics of Guilty Simpson on Trust. Personally Im looking forward to hearing label mate Tranqill on "Rotten Apples". The single is on Pauls bandcamp page for free d/l with the instrumental and album track The Doldrums. Check out One Handed Music for more from one of the UKs most acclaimed and prolific producers and the other artists on OHM.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Doc Brown - Blighty feat. Natalie Williams (Video)

This was a bit unexpected... After suddenly quitting the rap game a few years back (leaving an unreleased album behind), Doc Brown has gone onto bigger and better things in comedy. This was one of the tracks from that unreleased album, and appeared on a couple of mixtapes. About 4 years later, a video appears... I don't know whether this means that the album will also be surfacing at some point, or not. Either way, it's good to this soulful joint get a bit more exposure.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Kevlaar 7 - Boulevard Article OFFICIAL VIDEO

New video from Kevlaar 7,produced by the man himself,off his e.p. "Who Got The Camera?"

Gage The Conqueror - Deadly Friends Feat. Karniege, Access Immortal, Mig...

The new single from my man Gage out in the bloody bean, Free Download here
Taken from his solo album "The Desolate Lands" which is dropping soon on Metal Barz/Def Jam Records.
The album can be pre-ordered here
Dont sleep!

Rich Mahogany - It Gotta Be (Rich Mahogany) Prod. By OLAF

Rich Mahogany drops another song from his "Most Slept On Nightmare" album coming soon on GoldMinded Records.
Produced by Olaf.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Apathy - Check To Check (Video)

Featuring a classic Outkast sample and production from Evidence of Dilated Peoples, Apathy makes a very strong comeback with Check to Check, the first single from his forthcoming Honkey Kong album.

I'm certainly looking forward to this one, as I had his highly slept-on Eastern Philosophy set from a few years back on heavy rotation when it dropped. Ap is very under-rated, maybe this time people will realise...

Monday, 18 July 2011

Copywrite ft Jay Notes, Loudmouth Melvin and Skillit - PYT U.K Remix

Courtesy of Man Bites Dog Records and Urban Elite PR, Hip-Hop Kings is pleased to share an exclusive brand new track from Copywrite, featuring Jay Notes, Loudmouth Melvin and Skillit called "PYT U.K Remix". Following the release of Copywrite's "Life and Times of Peter Nelson", this is the start of a promotional campaign for Copywrite's forthcoming album "God Save The Queen"

You can check the recent Copywrite interview on Hip-Hop kings site here and be sure to check the rest of their site.
Shoutout to Ryan of HHK as always.

Saigon, Rite Hook, JoJo Pellegrino - Lock Eyes On The Enemy (Produced by...

Rite Hook teams up with Saigon and JoJo Pellegrino for this banger from his latest album,Draw You In.
This joint is produced by Falside who has recently worked with Action Bronson among others and is a long time collaborator of Hook's.
Download the album here
Also featuring Planet Asia and Copywrite and production from Falside,Matty Trump,Teddy Roxpin and more.

Vast Aire - The Verdict remix feat. Guilty Simpson and Haze

Vasts Ox 2010 : A Street Odyssey is proving to be one of the best releases from the US this year. This remix of The Verdict features a guest verse from Eurogangs Haze the beat is dope too cop (most of) the album if you havent already. Vast will be touring Europe early next year and releasing a EP in the next couple months.

Beginning of The End - DarkStar :The Last (Free Download)

Reklews and DarkStar let go of a free 5-song project in anticipation of their collaborative album.
Download here and if you want the Wav files theres a small charge.
Be on the look out for a video dropping soon and of course the album.
Reklews on Facebook for any collaboration enquiries with him or DarkStar.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Soul Junkies - Levitate Space teaser

Soul Junkies are myself (Shank Carvin) and Demigod we're putting the finishing touches to our 2nd LP SOUL JUNK. The album features artists from around the UK, Greece and America and will be available for free download on the 30th of July, free hard copies will also be available upon request. Levitate Space was produced by me and the rhymes were performed and written by Demi he explores the infleunces and powers that could control our everyday lives. Checkout our youtube and bandcamp for the last album "Twilight Chorus" and more videos.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Nity Gritz - Hip Hop (Single)

Yes Folk's Nity Gritz has just released a new track, entitled "Hip Hop", which will be on his "Why Change EP" due to be released in a few weeks.

A nice little introduction to the EP if i do say so myself, Production comes from Toni Smoke.

Heres The Tracklist:
1. hip hop
2. why change
3. internationally know ft Johnny Storm
4. take a stand
5. uppercut ft Kayce One + Chronicle
6. reminiscing

Good Looks Nity

Nity Gritz Interview - if your interested?

NITYS HIP HOP INTRELUDE- FINAL MIX - Output - Stereo Out by Nity Gritz

Street Literature - Products of the Environment (Free Download)

Street Literature was formed in Dublin in 2008 by former Urban Intelligence members Lunitic and 4Real along with Costello and G.I (2 local emcees). The album Products Of The Environment was recorded in early 2009. Unfortunately due to the untimely passing of Daniel McDonnell (Lunitic) the album was postponed. it has now been remastered and is been given out for free, both physical copies and downloads. Featuring production from G.I, John Doe, Moschops, Teknikal and Lunitic and appearances from Lethal Dialect, Jambo, Fly and D'n'D this is one of the most groundbreaking HipHop albums of the summer.
Mixed and mastered by Jonnyboy.
Stream the album here

Download it here

Become a fan of Street Literature

Check the website here

You can also check  out the Workin Class Army on Irelands very own Boss TV here
Calvin - Boss Verses
Costello - Boss Verses
4Real - Boss Verses
G.I. - Boss Verses
Lethal Dialect - Boss Verses

Stay tuned for more music from the lads including Costello - Illosophical,Lethal Dialect & Costello - Soul Literature and much more.

Monday, 11 July 2011

DOOM/STARKS - Victory Laps *bootleg + the red tape

Mf Doom & Ghostface Killah - Victory Laps (Exclusive) by

After what seems like light years the DOOM/Ghostface project appears to be on the horizon Nature Sounds is currently shipping a limited edition red cassette tape and a 12" Serato vinyl featuring instrumentals. Victory Laps was produced by Madvillian so you know what to expect from the beat. Feel a bit bad since this is a bootleg but had to share. Listen while its still available and cop the hard copy shiz from HERE

The IRS - Speaks Volumes leaks...

The IRS have leaked 5 tracks off their Speaks Volumes LP. The album will be available soon in the meantime you can stream these tracks featuring Rewd Adams and guest production from Pete Cannon and Wizard. Watch out for the bass! There will be an album release party on 5/8/2011 at Vibe bar like the faceache page to keep updated and the the page itself for more info HERE.

Lazy Habits - Starting Fires (Video)

One of many hip-hop bands who have emerged in the last few years, Lazy Habits come through with another up-tempo, sax driven track. Not sure it's possible not to nod your head to this one...

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Cool Kids - Roll Call feat. Asher Roth, Chip the Ripper and Body James

The Cool Kids featuring Asher Roth, Chip Tha Ripper, Boldy James - Roll Call by Hypetrak

Cool Kids release there 2nd album When Fish Ride Bicycles on tuesday. Roll Call features a slew of popular underground MCs on top form the Kids dont stray far from there usually steeze dusty drums and lazy deliveries run riot on Roll Call while the hook will have you at the very least nodding along. You Can stream the entire new album HERE and d/l it on the 12th.

Jaz Kahina feat. Agallah - Gone prod. by DJ Slademan

More cross atlantic collabs from UK producer DJ Slademan this time he laces Jaz Kahina and Agallah with a soulful banger. Im not too familiar with Jaz but she has a powerful delivery and rhymes that range from insightful to aggressive she also has major backing so has heen praised by the usual crowd (1Xtra,Kiss, Semtax etc) keep 'em peeled for more from Jaz.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Scotland Standup 2nd Year Anniversary Featuring "Rhyme Asylum" (Edinburgh)


LATE doesn't really need any introduction as he is one of the most consistent rappers in the UK! Now he returns with this brand new twelve track street album entitled produced by Tricksta. This collection of underground tracks, unreleased material, collaborations and exclusive remixes features Iron Braydz, Genesis Elijah, Supar Novar, Jai Boo, TBear, K9, Creamo, Streetz and Serocee. It sees LATE continue to talk on real life issues with his unique style of social commentary, as well as reminding us why his fanbase is so international. This project is released on the well respected UK Runnings brand and is available for a free download for a limited time until it is released on iTunes in July. Make sure you check out the You Tube promotional video to the track 'Scientific Wordplay'.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Styly Cee & Cappo - Fallout/Crazy Freaks (Video)

Here's a video for 2 of the strongest tracks off The Fallout LP. A step in budget from some of Cap's previous vids, nice to see.

"What I'm throwing down is them crow-bars"

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

DarkStar: The Last - End of the Road

DarkStar and Reklews drop this banger off theyre eagerly anticipated joint LP.
Listen here
And if you need beats get at Reklews on Facebook hes got some deals now but they wont last long.

Sleaze - Kates Hill Movement/Winter Breeze ft Jman & Amy Hatswell (Offic...

GV Clik and Sleaze are back with another great video,following on from the recent Sleaze and Sonny Jim E.P.
The Greasy Vinyl main man returns with this offering off the forthcoming "Arkitetectonics" LP.
Get the single here and stay tuned for more.
Become a fan here
Check the website here

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Producer Spot : Myke Forte

I stumbled on Mykes music over at MPC Forums the birmingham producers beats are original and inventive. Getting the most out of his humble current setup Myke blends deep bass, 8bit, dusty snares and punchy kicks to great effect on MagnetismLove. You can feel the same vibe running through Mykes music, which you can find on his site, soundcloud and youtube .

er, not sure why the soundcloud player looks so dodgey? should play fine tho enyoy...

Skriblah Dangogh - Belly of the East (they live)

Skriblahs building momentum for the release of ''Little White Dot'' his first solo album proper. Global Faction provide another inspiring, stunningly shot paranoia infleunced video while Smasher delivers a more overground backdrop for Skribs to tear up. This track might not be the best youve heard from the former TF lyricist but itll keep you tied over till the album drops if you havent been there yet get over to one of the deepest hip hop sites Ive seen for a bit.

Phoenix Da Icefire & DJ Roast - Terminal Velocity E.P. (News)

Phoenix da Icefire and DJ Roast have just dropped a new project "Terminal Velocity" an 8 track e.p. featuring Cyrus Malachi,Iron Braydz and Scripture.
With a varied selection of styles showcased from the raw underground bangers to "Ghetto Isis" where the duo show theyre respect for the finer sex,they show that their previous work was far from a fluke and showcase why they are a hiphop duo in the classic sense.
Check the video for "Five Jewels" here
And get the e.p. on itunes,amazon etc.
If you inbox your email to Phoenix on Facebook he will send you something special.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Rob Kelly - Half Mast Flag

Rob Kelly drops another banger from the "Blak Irish" project.
Listen here
This track has already been played by DJ Eclipse on the world famous Halftime Show.
Produced by Danny Diggs,cuts by DJ Mayhem and mixed by Terawrizt.

BRIGHT LIGHTS - TWIZZY FT. M.A.B (Free Download e.p.)

Twizzy drops a video for this tune off his recent project which you can download here
This track features the one and only M.A.B.
Dont sleep on this!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Verb T - Self Less EP

Another new EP from the prolific Verb T. This is probably better than the Self Ish EP that dropped a couple of months ago, and as the title suggests, is on a more positive vibe. Entirely self-produced, this EP showcases just how far Verbs has come behind the boards. I'll say it again, one of the UK's most consistent.