Monday, 28 February 2011

Illus & The Krate Krusaders - The Mask (video)

The Krate Krusaders team up with Illus from CT, who uses the opportunity to get his 'Kick-Ass' on in this highly entertaining video. If you didn't know how tough it can be juggling a relationship with your superhero-ing career, you do now...

Aaaaand, in case you missed it, the Krate Krusaders dropped a free remix project a couple of weeks ago. Bootlegs & Beat Tapes features remixes of various UK artists, including a few absolute classic tracks. Check it out here:

F-T - Deep Times (video)

This is very fresh. F-T is an artist from Milton Keynes, and to be honest I'd never heard of before this tune. Deep Times, as the title suggests, tells of a few tales of harsh reality, over a refreshingly subtle, piano-laced beat. The only negative is that the chorus is somewhat reminiscent of Jay-Z's classic Song Cry, although I guess this could be intentional...

Tom Caruana presents The Rough Versions Remix Series: Volume 5. D.I.T.C.

The 5th and final instalment of Mr Caruana's remix project is now up for free download from his website. This time, 17 tracks from the legendary Digging In The Crates crew get a re-working, grab it from this link:

You will have to sign up to Tea Sea Records' website to take advantage. I've said it before, and I'm going to say it again, don't let that put you off, as you'd be missing out on a whole heap of dope freeness...

Grab part 1 here:

and parts 2-4 here:

By the way, how about a couple more volumes, this time featuring some UK artists?...

Deadly Hunta - It's A Phenomenon (video)

Reggae artist Deadly Hunta, who has been heavily featured on Daddy Skitz releases over the last few years drops this new vid for his track over the Protection Riddim. Not the usual sort of stuff I post up here, but Deadly is repping my home town to the fullest in the video, so I had to show some love...

Karizma - Dead Promoter (video)

New video, and new style, from the man like Karizma from Nottingham. The up tempo electric beat is not normally the sort of thing I go for, but it works a treat here because Karizma's flow is always on point. This brings back memories of Detonate at Stealth in Notts, if anyone out there knows what I'm on about...

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Knew Jeru'slum - 'LOVE ME!' Official Video & 'The Samson Lok Files' Mini Album Free Download!

Here is the Video for 'Love Me!' the Free Dowlnload Single taken from the forthcoming 'The Samson Lok Files' Mini Album, also Free to Download from 28th February 2011!

This video is Directed by Kieran Malko, and features production from Paris based Keor Meteor. Mixed and mastered by The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Download 'The Samson Lok Files' from 28/02/11 Here-

Friday, 25 February 2011

Wizard - That Work (review)

Wizard is probably as prolific as any producer in the country. That Work may be only his second solo album, but that ignores various projects with KidEight & Scizzahz, a large number of instrumental releases and regular production for a whole host of MCs up and down the country. With this release he aims to prove that he is also as versatile as any of the competition.

No MC manages to feature on more than a single track on this album. This is often a drawback for producer albums, as the sheer amount, and variety, of different voices and styles prevent a cohesive theme or sound from emerging. That proves to be the case here as well, particularly as Wizard seems keen to change production style almost as frequently as guest vocalist.

Not that the album is without it's highlights though. Sonnyjim, who hardly ever spits a weak verse, brings his A-game on 99%. Jack Flash shows that even when in cruise control, and working with fairly uninspired subject matter, he is more engaging than most. Both the production on this, and Thabo's ever soulful crooning, would genuinely not feel out of place alongside any chart-destined smooth Hip-Hop/RnB track of recent vintage. The IRS also show up, to round the album off nicely, with Cold City. However, probably the highlight for me is delivered by one of the least heralded guests. The highly underrated Truth brings the album's most insightful lyrical performance on These Times.

The other side of the pond is also well represented here. Wizard provides some crunching electric guitars for Thesaurus Rex to drop punchlines over, on album opener WWF, and Little Brother affiliate Joe Scudda warns people to keep their hands out of his pockets on Playing With Me. However, one of Wizard's biggest miss steps here is the remix to Ill Bill's Remove The Gag. The lightweight drums on this synth-driven track give a rather bland backdrop for probably the 3 highest profile guests on the album (Ill Bill, Wordsworth & Verbal Kent). Another below-par effort is the highly generic R&B stylings of Carlos Montana & Joey G-Zus on Lay You Down.

Overall this album doesn't quite live up to its predecessor, due to a dip in the overall consistency of both the beats, and the guest verses. It is also affected by the curse of producer-led albums, having a "compilation feel", as the variety in guests prevent the project from finding a sound of its own. Whether or not it's actually the case, it makes you feel as the listener that Wizard simply threw 17 of his most recent tracks together, rather than setting out from scratch to come up with a cohesive album. That Work works better as a shop window for Wizard's production, showing that his range has expanded over the last couple of years, and anyone looking for beats can go to him for more than just underground bangers.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Planets - Pray (Free Download)

New single from The Planets, following up from their recently released collaboration EP with Roc Marciano. As the title suggests, and as is always the case with these guys, their deen is the foremost topic lyrically. In fact the new album will be called Deenology, so expect more of the same to come.

Tom Caruana presents: The Rough Versions Remix Series: Vol. 2-4 (MF DOOM, Brand Nubian & J-Live) (free download)

I recently posted the first volume of Tom Caruana's 5 part remix project, The Rough Versions, which featured Large Professor remixes: Tom Caruana presents: The Rough Versions Remix Series: Vol. 1, Large Pro (Free Download)

Wellll, volumes 2 to 4 have now dropped, with MF DOOM, Brand Nubian and J-Live all getting the Tea Sea treatment.

These three releases are all available to download from: roughversions.cfm

You will have to sign up to Tea Sea Records' website, but don't even consider letting that 90 second inconvenience put you off...

Only volume 5 remains to be released, and that will feature the legendary D.I.T.C. crew.

Atmosphere - Just For Show

Here's the first track from Atmosphere's upcoming album 'The Family Sign', which drops in April. Over reggae-tinged production, Slug breaks down some female issues that I'm sure many will relate to...

Atmosphere - Just For Show by rhymesayers

Nutso - Broke (Prod. Pete Cannon) (video)

Is it just me or does Pete Cannon save his best beats for the yanks? Some seriously smooth, headnod business here, featuring Nutso, who is from New York, and I hadn't heard of...

Monday, 21 February 2011

Kings of the City - Darkness feat. Klashnekoff (video & free download)

One of several live hip-hop bands who have sprung up over the last couple of years, Kings of the City drop a new video. Klashnekoff drops in to drop the third verse on the track. The moody guitar-based track is matched with catchy hook. Not completely sure about the vampire flex in the video though...

The track is also available to download for free from the group's bandcamp page, and while you're there, there are a few other free bits and pieces that are worth checking out as well.

Leddi & Smoggy - Part Of The Process (free download)

Just stumbled across this nice little bandcamp freebie. I hadn't previously heard of Leddie & Smoggy, who are from Middlesborough. Features a sped-up chorus, and dope guitar sample. Get your listen and/or download on below:

Nugget - State of The Nation (Vote Nug)

After the recent release of his album "Ready To Diet",Nugget shows no sign of slowing down with this taste of things to come,produced by Tony Mahoney,Nugget drops some serious bars on this

Nemisis - The Undergraduate (Free Download)

First full production album from FYL Producer Nemisis featuring Nems, St Laz, PH (Pumpkinhead), Godilla, Archrival, Siin (J Siinastah) and many other talented New Jersey Artist.
You need to grab this now you wont be disappointed,and if you need beats contact him here
Free download here
Check the tracklist below


Kevlaar 7 - I'm Open (Changes) OFFICIAL VIDEO

Kevlaar 7- I'm Open (Changes) Produced by Lastchild Musik from the 2011 EP, "Who got the camera?"
Buy the ep on itunes and support good music
Follow on twitter

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Skuff - Deep Covers

Skuff produced one of my favourite LPs of all time in 2006 with 'End of the World News' so I'm always ready to listen to what the man's got to say and he delivers plenty of outstanding rhymes over bootlegged beats including Nas' Purple, The Game's Dreams and Outkast's B.O.B as well as a couple of random homegrown bangers. Skuff flips hooks and rhymes from the original tracks, hence the title of this free mixtape 'Deep Covers', as well as delivering his usual autobiographical steeze and extensive vocabulary. Not many MCs can use such a vast range of words while still being entertaining and applying so much emotion to there vocal delivery. Download 'Deep Covers' for free HERE or follow the above player. As Skuff states on the bandcamp page 'this album will probly never be finished' so expect more of the same somewhere in the future....

AD - And check out the 'End of the World News' album that Josh mentioned on the same bandcamp page. Available to download for just 2 of your pounds. Bargain, genuinely top album.

Shabazz the Disciple / DJ Extremidiz - Self Defense (short version)

Shabazz the Disciple / DJ Extremidiz come forward with their first single from the long-awaited album "Hood Scriptures" in stores now. (Metal Barz/Chambermusik)

Lateb - The Virus ft Canibus & Amadeus The Stampede (NEW SONG)

Lateb "Wisdom and Ignorance" OUT 2/22/2011 on iTunes worldwide with beats by Stu Bangas, Sicknature & Snowgoons!

Taskforce - The Final Countdown (Free download)

It's been a long time since we've had some 'music from the corner', but here's a quick freebie that the boys have let loose via Bandcamp. According to the notes, this was the last track that they ever recorded together as Taskforce, back in September 2009.

In related news, the much delayed MFTC 5 should see the light of day some time this year. Looking forward to that, of course...

Friday, 18 February 2011

Ramson Badbonez - Dilla Tribute Mix Part 2 (Free download)

Yet another mixtape from Ramson Badbonez. The concept here is pretty straightforward, Badbonez spitting over Dilla instrumentals. Don't expect any carefully crafted songs here, not one of the tracks even reaches as far as 2 minutes long. That said, Badbonez over beats as good as this for free, can't be a bad thing now can it?...

Sons Phonetic feat RiRa - Rhyme Style Stencil

Sons Phonetic are back with this banger produced by the mighty Mook and featuring irish legend RiRa,taken from the 12 Labours album which is out now,look out for the review coming soon.
Connect with SP here

Lethal Dialect - LD50 ( Album Sampler)

Dublin rapper Lethal Dialect serves up this offering of intelligent rhymes and top notch production that stays true to early to mid 90's hiphop, no gimmicks just rawness.
The album opens with a haunting piano loop and some excerts of classic hiphop from Wu Tang and Big L among others and this sets the scene aswell as showing what LD's influences are before the song The Beginning of The End kicks in and he proceeds to drop knowledge over the downtempo beat.
Next up is Metamorphose and i found this to be a highlight because some of the rhyme patterns and schemes are exceptional.
With only one feature from the impressive Tommy Hand and the majority of production handled by G.I. this gives the project an extremely cohesive feel.

Jonnyboy provides two beats and these are also top quality especially Far From The End.
In short if youve ever heard the term "irish hiphop" and been turned off dont let it make you miss this as  you need this in your life.
You can listen and download the album sampler here
Then go to the fan page where you'll want to buy it
Check him out battling here

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Freedom of Press - Verbal Combat

Producer Henry tha 8th and MC YTV team up to form Freedom of Press. Verbal Combat features Sensa, Jack Flash, Nugget, Tenchoo and Flex Digits as the title and line up suggest the song is one long beatdown, giving Dont Flop favourites Tenchoo and Sensa a good opportunity to shine off camera. Henry tha 8th provides a dark and simplistic beat which allows the MCs to throw punchlines at eachother.You can D/L the EP Yet to Verify here for free....i think.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tricksta Feat. Supar Novar, Cyclonious, LATE, Streetz & Deeze -- Out Of ...

The debut single from Tricksta's album 'Out Of Darkness Cometh Light' due out summer 2011.

Be on the look out for the single dropping soon on itunes in April which includes a drumstep remix by the legendary Juttla


Otee has put his mixtape up for sale for £5:99 to help fund his charity project in aid of abused children,so support the man.
Trying to use music to help those that most need it.
With production from Otee and DJ Wickstarr and featuring the likes of C-Mone you can get it here

Swann - My Shit - Beat By Amen Raw

Off of the "Swann Flu" Album "My Shit" Beat Produced By Amen Raw
Filmed/ Directed and Edited by Devilz- Speciez

Monday, 14 February 2011

CunninLyinguists - Stars Shine Brightest (In The Darkest Of The Night) (Free download)

My man Josh posted the trailer for the new CunninLynguist's album a couple of days ago, and mentioned that the first single was on the way...

Well here it is, and it doesn't disappoint at all, as this is a very soulful effort indeed. There can't be many better producers than Kno out there right now...

Listen here:


Fdot1 - Not Like U (Skepta "Mike Lowery" Refix)

This well travelled MC spits with all his influences around him. Barbados born, New York & Toronto raised talent and now residing in the UK, Fdot1 is a name to be on the look out for. As he preps and gets the ball rolling for the release of his debut album ‘Money MusicK’ album dropping in May.
Download here
Fdot1 website

Chattabox & Samuel Otis - Look Alive (Free download)

Here's the first single off an upcoming mixtape from North-East/South-West tag team Chattabox & Samuel Otis 'Hard Graft'. If their free mixtape from last year, 'Stupid O'Clock', is any indication, this should be well worth checking for.

Sonnyjim - Nimbus (video)

The prolific Sonnyjim drops yet another new video. Apparently this one is off an EP with regular collaborator Kelakovski. I'm starting to lose track of Sonny's 'coming soon' list...

Cyrus Malachi - Bulldozers (Free download)

Here's the first leak from Cyrus Malachi's upcoming album 'Ancient Future'. The track features some head-nod inducing keys and horns, courtesy of Nottingham's Endemic. Vocal features come from the other side of the pond in the form of Ruste Juxx & the late Killa Sha.

Listen here:

Or download the track for free HERE

Bill Shakes - For Goodness Shakes (Review)

The infamous Bill Shakes debut ep carries on in the fine tradition of Blah Records of dropping high grade product. This is no-nonsense, gimmick free hip hop, with constant rewind moments. Lee Scott produced most of it apart from two tracks by Reklews, and it shows Lee is as sick on the beats as he is on the mic. But this is Bill Shakes moment and hes more than ready,after a brief intro/skit it kicks off with "Rise And Shine" over a lively piano laced beat and the hook of "wake up,wake up,hit the skunk get drunk" Bill kills it with quotable after quotable on the track, theres somethin very ODB about this i have to say. On the last verse particularly where he lets people know he has his "swine fried with wine".
This is followed by "Light it up" which is surely on its way to being a anthem for weed heads everywhere and im sure a lot of people will recognize elements of the beat to and im glad to know bizzy bashin's still in fashion.
After the energy that came before it calms down slightly for "Holy Smokes" featuring Bang On (Big Dada) and Sly Moon (COTD) and i love the way the beat changes up on this.
"For Goodness Shakes" probably has one of the strangest musical backdrops on the EP but thats no bad thing as Shakes off the wall lyrics really come to life on this one including "A penny saved is a penny lost,make sure your pennies drop at any cost"
Next up is "Bad Taste" where on the second verse we're treated to some storytelling Bill Shakes style and it doesnt disappoint.
The fun continues with the grimey "Smoked Out" where he goes into great detail about what he does when hes not making hip hop bangers,in less able hands the references would be overkill but the originality of the lyrics through out the EP always keep it highly entertaining which takes us to the Children of the Damned featuring "Kings of Trash" where each emcee takes turns to desecrate the mic booth with no hook just lyric after lyric of that trademark COTD sickness which ends things perfectly.
In short if you dont buy this you deserved to be bodyslammed to a car bonnet like a bizzy in blackburn!
Cop it from the Blah Records website and also grab the free downloads there if you havent already

Inspecta Morze - Raised in the 90's (instrumentals/free download)

This is one of the best beat tapes ive heard in a while,check it out here, even the samples you will recognize are flipped in a fresh way.
Contact him here for collabs,production etc.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Cunninlynguists Oneirology Teaser

"Oneirology" from StevenMossberg on Vimeo.

Kentucky group Cunninlynguists are set to release there 4th studio album 'Oneirology' on March 22nd. Having reached acclaim through their inventive concepts, moving lyrics and breathtaking beats 'Oneirology' looks too continue the trend and features Tone Def, Freddie Gibbs and more. With their near classic back catalogue I look forward to hearing the latest offering from Natti, Deacon and Kno. Keep your eyes peeled for the first single which should be available tomorrow.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Gage - Godz Gift ft. Heaven-Razah, Rheto, Reverend Kane & Vast Aire

Click Animosity member Gage is back with the first single from his solo album the Desolate Lands. After the critically acclaimed group effort Feeders of the Flames last year he shows no signs of slowing up. Featuring Click Animosity member Rhetoric and un-official member Reverend Kane and hiphop legends Hell Razah and Vast Aire this is uncomprimising,authentic hiphop with no gimmicks.
Coming soon on Metal Barz Records and produced by the man behind the label DJ Extremidiz dont sleep on this.

Raekwon - Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang (Video)

Oooooh Shit. Title track from Raekwon's upcoming album. Classic Wu right here. Large...

Friday, 11 February 2011

Super Dertie - Cadillac EP (free download)

Something sounding a bit out of the norm here. Some mid-90s west coast G-Funk sounding stuff is pretty rare these days. Very weighty baselines onboard here.

Try before you download with the bandcamp player:

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Cyrus Malachi Interview

I recently had the chance to catch up with Cyrus Malachi and heres what he had to say.

CB: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with Certified Banger, can you fill in those who may not be aware of you with some history?

CYRUS MALACHI: yeah man no doubt, i first was heard on m9's debut mixape ''High Fidelity'' which dropped in 2007, i then was introduced further to the game with the Triple darkness debut album''Anathema'' which dropped in 2008, later that year i was heard on numerous cameos off the M9 sophomore mixtape/project 144,000, the following year in 2009 i was part of a group some were deeming a supergroup Orphans of Cush, we dropped a mixtape ''White Noize'', then in july 2010 i dropped my first solo mixtape ''The Isis Papers'' vol 1, which will be followed up by a Vol 2 in March 2011, then the following month my solo debut L.P ''Ancient Future'' will drop 11th April...

CB: The new album "Ancient Future" is out on April 11th how does this differ to your previous work and who have you lined up for production and features?
CYRUS MALACHI: It fundamentally differs firstly because its the first album ive ever done solo, so people are gonna get to know more about me as an artist, also i touch on some very personal life experiances, a side no one has seen much of, it is insanely lyrical,ridiculously concentrate hip hop steeped in symbollism, positive thought, knowledge and wisdom, the horrors of street life but at other times
its simple,clear,relatable,understandable, emotive and powerfully moving...feature wise there is a strong American Prescence on the album, something i know some over patriotic fans might not like, but i dont share the belief of fuck the yanks, i wave the uk hip hop flag all day, coz thats how i came up, but the world is much bigger than this island and we have to realise that, and above all America gave birth to this music we love so working with the finest emcees from over there is an honour regardless of what some people may say, and as well as that i have a least 10 tracks on my album which only feature myself so i dont think anyone will be able to say i couldnt hold it down solo, i got The Wisemen on there a siick detroit based Wu Tang branch off group led by the lyrical and production mystro Bronze Nazereth, i got one of hottest rappers on the US underground Ruste Juxx reppin Duck Down records, the Wu Elements producer and Emcee Darkim Be Allah and the late great Killa Sha R.I.P which was a special honour coz i grew up listening to that guy , man....UK got Kyza Smirnoff, Melanin 9, Iron Braydz, Cipher jewels, also got a hot US female vocalist on there by the name of Letia La', Beat Butcha, 7th Dan, Diplimat, Anatomy, Noize Theivery, Endemic, Jon Phonics and Morph.

CB: You and No Cure Records in general have been making a lot of moves in America lately, considering most artists this side of the Atlantic struggle to make an impact there what do you think has been key to this success?

CYRUS MALACHI: I think the key is its real hip hop first of all, people recognize real shit wherever you are, also i rap about the street instead of glorifying it, i show the horrors of it and brothas can relate to that, people say i have a deep baritone vocal which has quite a lot of force to it, i came through the same mystery schools of thought a lotta American rappers have, and i make very traditional hip hop not anything derrivitive like some weird funky house electro shit with bars put on top of it just good pure hip hop, and one more major factor is the very astute work of No cure Records owned by Endemic, who has the business acumen,drive, passion,connects and networking skills to make big things happen for his artists.

CB: Is there any plans for a tour to coincide with the release?

CYRUS MALACHI: Not as of yet, but i would love to tour man especially for this album..

CB: Okay youve worked with some great artists,is there anyone you would like to work with in the future?
CYRUS MALACHI: For sure man, erm, Raekwon, Roc Marciano, Sean Price, REKS, Slaughterhouse, Vinnie Paz, Rass Kass, Shabazz the disciple, Killah Priest, GZA, RZA, Tragedy Khadafi, Black Milk, Apollo Brown, Black the Ripper, Klashnekoff,Phi Life Cypher, Chester P, the P Brothers and he legendary Hackney based Uk crew 12 Stone, to name a few

CB: So whats next for Cyrus Malachi?

CYRUS MALACHI: What ever the universe throws a me bro, all i know is in the last few months iv had some shit happen to me that made me realise I was born to do this, i truly believe that.

CB: Is there anything youd like to add?

CYRUS MALACHI: nothing much, just KEEP HIP HOP ALIVE...

Cyrus Malachi on Twitter


No Cure Records

Innit Records presents... Amass Hegemony - Now You Know

Amass Hegemony is the collaboration of UK Hip-Hop artists 777 and Beit Nun. Having worked closely together over the last few years, whilst both artists travelling the length and bredth of the country to feature on a slew of underground releases and building solid reputations in their own right , they have come together to produce their debut release as a duo... 'Now You Know'

777 and Beit Nun unveil their latest offering, a collaborative project showcasing the ever-evolving styles of both artists, in this unspoiled collection of ideas, emotion and sound, creating a project that is upmost refreshing, yet exceeedingly complimentary in both style and direction...

This 4 Track project consists of 3 main singles with added features from Outerspace's Pacewon and The soulful voice of Jane Ellis.

Also a remix put together of the Pacewon single by Jabba Tha Kut.

The 3 singles are dope and gotta be checked folks.

This will be released (Digital release only : 21/02/2011)

Look out for it.

Fly Spittin Blog - Presents Fly Spittin Volume 1

Hell Yes folk's a new compilation of tracks from a friend of mine over at Fly Spittin (Showcasing Hip Hop at it's finest) this compilation features acts from all over the UK. Completely raw music And Free.

Download Here

Before you do though heres the tracklist:

01. Beit Nun - Let Me Be
02. Blessed House - Drunken Masters Part II
03. Chattabox And Rola - Seize It All
04. Verbal Contact Ft Jefferson - Rumble
05. Double Deuce - Fly Spittin Freeverses
06. Chad The Lad - Triumph and Despair
07. Disiple, Evil Eyez & J Toker - Ode To The Realest
08. Uppacut&WordzLike - Fo'Mo'
09. Sensa - Haters
10. Werd (S.O.S) - My Perspective
11. Frid - It's Not Over
12. Instance - Keys Open Doors ft. Jack Flash
13. Suus - Backhand
14. Jefferson Price - Can't Leave
15. The Elevatr - Arch Nemesis
16. Gorilla Tactics - One Hell of a Drug
17. Spee Six Nine - I Make Moves
18. Prose - Life Times
19. The Primate Response Unit feat Switches - The Cypher
20. Scizzahz Ft Sonnyjim and Koaste - Moving On

Freedom Of Press - Persistence ft Lord Willin & Wordsmiff

Leak from the bottomless crates radio show, tune in every Wednesday night  this will be featured on the Verified EP

for free download of the YET TO VERIFY EP go to

Production & Cuts by HENRYtha8TH

'UK Hip Hop' in the Guardian

The Guardian newspaper recently did a feature on 'the rising stars of UK Hip Hop'. Weather you agree with it or not i felt it was worth posting on the blog:

'UK hip-hop was once the stomping ground of champions such as Roots Manuva, London Posse and Skinnyman. But nearly a decade on, after grime's ever-expanding success a new wave of rappers is emerging. They don't have press shots. Most still have other jobs or play out their rhymes in their daily hustle. But they're united in redefining UK hip-hop as we know it.....'


Rhyme Asylum - Fire In The Booth

Rhyme Asylum on fire in the booth with some massive bars

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Krate Krusaders - Bootlegs & Beat Tapes (Free Download)

A very nice little freebie for you here... Badhabitz, one half of production duo the Krate Krusaders has remixed 17 UK tracks from the past few years, many of which are bona fide classics. Krate Krusaders' production is always on point, so this is a free project well worth checking out. If you need any more convincing, have a look at the tracklist below, and see which tracks have been given a reworking:


1. Jehst, Kyza & Klashnekoff - Nightbreed
2. Phi-Life Cypher - Cordless Mics At 20 Paces
3. Wildflower, Tempa & Est'elle - Domestic Science
4. Taskforce - Tears On My Pillowcase
5. Jehst, J-Zone - Staircase To Stage
6. Conrad Watts - Lifetime
7. Supa T, Jehst & Kyza - It's All Live
8. Tommy Evans & Yungun - Silent Mobius
9. Skeme & Rodney P - UK Bubblers
10. Jehst - Alchoholic Author
11. Tommy Evans & Lewis Parker - I'm Not Nice
12. Jehst - Return Of The Drifter
13. The Extremists - Groundbreaking
14. Rodney P, Skinnyman & Wildflower - Twilight Of The Gods
15. Jehst & Skriblah - City Breaks
16. Clarity - Way Of The Dragon
17. Chester P - Wickerman Theory

Download here:

Dirty Dike - Hi I'm James (Video)

The impressive High Focus records are prepping for their next release, following Jam Baxter's excellent debut that dropped at the tail end of last year. This time, it is Baxter's Contact Play partner in rhyme Dirty Dike, whose set 'Constant Dikestar' is due to drop in March. This is the LP's first video, and the track displays the sort of lyricism you would expect if you are familiar with his previous work. That said, the album's press release promises that "artistic growth" will be evident, so let's wait and see...

Reggiimental & Matt Henshaw - When I Close My Eyes (Video)

Midlands based Reggiimental & Matt Henshaw bring another slice of what they like to call 'B-Boy Soul'. This is very smooth, up-tempo jazzy number, and will be featured on their forthcoming EP, which is called The Fire Pit.

Rewd Adams Interview

In the week of the Rewd Awakening’ release we caught up with Rewd Adams to talk about everything from the history to the future, Radio 1 to religion and Prison to Plan B……….

For people who don’t know your history can you please tell us where it all started for you in terms of first putting the pen to pad?

I tried a little bit of drum and bass mcing when I was about 20 under the name Creeper. It kind of got semi serious to the stage where I was performing at some up and coming jams in London. I went away for a bit ‘on a holiday’ then when I came back I was less into the drum and bass and more into UK hip hop. Some guys that I was running with put me onto guys like Jehst and Taskforce. From then I thought yeah I want to be doing this. It was about 2004 when it all started.

Im not a fan of labelling MCs into categories. I much prefer to hear where they came up from and let people build their own assumptions. Please tell us your background in music in general?

I don’t really come from a musical background at all. I grew up listening to DnB, jungle UK music and my Dad was banging out a lot of rock and roll like Cream and people like that. I grew up on UK stuff. Right now I listen to a lot of soul and old RnB. Things like Marvin Gaye, The Isley Brothers and Earth Wind And Fire.

Going back ‘Project A' was your first official release and saw you putting your vocals to beats by the already well established producer Chemo. How did this connection come about?

I met Chemo through Manage who was my next door neighbour back in the day. Chemo was engineering for Manage and Wordsmith. From there we started recording....

Kool G Rap - Baggin' In Da Spot (Prod. By Leaf Dog)

New G Rap produced by the UK's very own Leaf Dog of 3 Amigos

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

UK Runnings & Supar Novar - Man On Fire (Free Download)

Supar Novar has achieved many things in his career from being a member of Skinnyman’s Mud Family crew, label mates with Klashnekoff and as well as winning awards, being the driving force behind F.L.I.P and a well respected solo artist. ‘Man On Fire’ is Novar’s second outing with UK Runnings and something that is worth its weight in gold. Mixed and hosted with precision from Tricksta, this mixtape see’s Supar Novar go in on various jacked beats as well as original production from Show N Prove. I love the ‘Boring Me’ track featuring Big Ben and I also like the way Supar Novar has kept himself current by switching flows and changing his approach to the way he attacks a beat. Supar Novar’s new album is destined to massive and after listening to this ram packed mixtape I can see why. Good bars, ill flows and an artist that is setting new standards.

Download here

Monday, 7 February 2011

Nas & Damian Marley - Patience (Video)

Some very expensive looking visuals for my favourite track off Nas & Jr Gong's colloration album from last year, Distant Relatives.

Salar - Persian Rugged

New track from Salar, produced by Reklews. Exactly the sort of moodiness you'd expect from the Blah records camp...

Salar - Persian Rugged by Reklews

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Rewd Adams - Rewd Awakening (Free Download)

Rewd Adams drops his new album today as free download, via his bandcamp page:

As it's free, you really have no excuse, especially as it is a solid project that would have been well worth spending money on anyway...

If you haven't checked out the review I did a couple days ago, check it here: Rewd Adams - Rewd Awakening (Review)

Suspect Packages Radio February 2011

Here is this months fix from Disorda. Sonnyjim is the guest this time...

CO$$ & Beatnick Dee - Through The Flames feat.Blu

Somerset producer Beatnick Dee has been working with LA rapper CO$$ and has produced two tracks for his forthcoming LP 'Before I Awoke' which is set for release in April on Tres records and also features production from Exile and Flying Lotus. UK/US collaborations are rare and more often than not dissapointing so I was pleasently suprised to hear such a well made and cohesive song, sounding more like a shared effort than a random teaming up of top notch talent. You can stream 'Through The Flames' on the player below and download it for free HERE. Blu (Johnson and Johnson and Exile collaborator) closes the song with a exceptional verse that drifts between the low end samples and dusty drums.

CO$$-'Through The Flames' Ft. Blu (Prod. Beatnick Dee) (Click title) by BEATNICKDEE

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Mudmowth & Metabeats - Sledgehammer Kisses (Review)

Associated Minds seem to pull out all the stops for Mudmowth releases. His Circus In The Cemetary set from a couple of years ago came out on particularly stylish white vinyl. This joint 'mini-LP' with Metabeats comes in an equally posh embossed digipack. I'm always one of the first to moan when a project that you have to pay for is only released digitally, and I guess this is one way to try and counter that trend. If artists and labels put as much thought into the product as they do the music itself, then they can create something that may persuade people to go for the physical rather than the digital product. Props to AM for leading the way.

But, none of this would matter if the tunes were wack, so how do the 8 tracks onboard here shape up? Mudmowth has clearly come a long way as an MC. I first heard him on Ghost's Seldom Seen Often Heard album, where his featured track was (an admittedly dope) self parody of a Welshman making hip-hop. Whilst this track clearly demonstrated the man's talent, it's almost gimmicky nature didn't necessarily suggest that a great career was in store. These days however, Mudmowth is nothing if not versatile. The lyrical tone shifts dramatically from track to track, through introspective self-criticism to inspirational stories to dark streams of punchlines. The quality of the rhymes holds up throughout, although the cohesiveness of the project does suffer a touch, as you may not always be inclined to play it through from start to finish.

The quality of the production here shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who heard Metabeats' heavily slept on Metaphysical album from 2008. No beat here misses the mark, whether it's the heavyweight neck-snapper of 'Maaad Tight', the RZA-like wails on 'Sledgehammer' or the horns on the intro. Things are also kept interesting with a smattering of live instrumentation, mainly provided by P.L.O. The guitar on Sing Tears being a particular highlight.

Picking out highlights here is really just down to personal taste, due to the consistent quality. For me, Sing Tears, Concrete Buttercups & Life's Never Enough are all vying to be the best track on here, as these are the ones where the songwriting really stands out. Sing Tears is a particularly personal effort, with Mudmowth breaking down his relationship with his father amongst other subjects. An infectious hook is provided by Richie Hayes, and when all this is coupled with Metabeats' plodding keys, the result is a captivating track. Concrete Buttercups is an excellent way for the project to finish. The laidback, soulful, sax laced production allows Mud to put forward a more optimistic view of the world than is on display elsewhere on the album, verse 3 probably being the best:

"There's too many people in this world who are simply existing,
You need to break out of your bubble and really start living.
Because nowadays the only people smiling are the children,
Because when you hit your teens, all that stress starts building.
The British mindstate: wake early, work late.
Man, we're slaves to the wage until we reach our graves.
I know you've all got to keep a little food on your plate,
But some of you people live to work, and it should be the other way."

So what missteps are there? The use of a tongue-in-cheek autotune chorus on Ghost doesn't really work. Satirically using autotune is starting to become a cliché in itself, and the fact that this track's own hook begins to grate after repeated listening ironically emphasises the point it was trying to make in the first place. Mud also has a tendency to slip the odd unnecessarily crass line in here and there, such as claiming on Maaad Tight that he is "fisting Rihanna with her umbrella". But when you have to pick on individual lines, rather than whole verses or tracks, the artist must be doing something right. In the liner notes, Mudmowth says that "it's gotta be an album next time". Damn right, as there is no doubt that as an Mud has the songwriting ability and versatility to hold down a full length project, and that Metabeats status as one of the most slept on beatsmiths in the country will be in danger if he keeps producing Sledgehammers like this.


Maaad Tight feat. Sonnyjim & Skamma (Video):

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard

Ive been a member of Akai MPC Forums for a while now you can here alsorts of madness over there from the beautiful to the idiotic. Nym, another long term member, presents his instrumental LP 'Warm Blooded Lizard' the album is one of the most consistant, imaginative and inspiring pieces Ive found there or anywhere else for that matter for a long time. The album features and was inspired by spaghetti westerns and films of that genre, Nym aims to evoke the emotion and atmosphere of those movies he does that and much more creating huge soundscapes that never seem to stop evolving. Its a mere $5 but entirely free to stream so do the old 'one click hustle' and have a listen on the player below to 'Lesser Known Good' and follow the links to his bandcamp where you can buy the album.

Chief - The Bald EP (Free Download)

New 8 track debut solo-EP available to download for free from Chief, of the JVF Clique. West Midlands vibes...


1. The Future
2. Life
3. True Story
4. For The Family
5. In The Studio
6. It's Gonna Happen
7. Music
8. Could I feat. Nipper

Wizard - That Work

Hastings' Wizard dropped his second producer album a couple of days ago via his bandcamp page, apparently a CD version should be coming very soon. Big guestlist onboard here, as expected, from both UK and US, including Sonnyjim, Jack Flash, Ill Bill & Ramson Badbonez. I haven't checked this yet myself, but will do shortly, Wizard is nice with his. Review soon come...

Try before you buy at bandcamp:

1982 - The Radio (Video)

New video taken from Statik Selektah and Termanology's album that dropped late last year. Some pretty basic rhymes here by Term's standards, but this tune is all about the chopped up piano loop and cuts on the hook.

Madhat feat Nity Gritz And D Soul Samurai - Crashing Down (Video)

Really lovin this video, dark undertones and some dope lyricism, just a pleasure to listen to

You can buy this track for 79p from Itunes Here

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

MF DOOM - Operation Doomsday Re-issue

Very posh re-release of MF DOOM's Operation Doomsday soon come... Nerds, start salivating...