Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Split Prophets (Interview)

Today we got an interview with a group im sure your going to hear alot of very very soon. Their new video is out at the moment called "2 Kids"

Truly dope video, and as i couldn't find much information about the guys i thought i'd try getting intouch and asking them a few questions.

Alright Guys how you doing today?
Upfront: yeh not bad
Hi res: yea all good

Where you guys from?
SP: Bristol, both from south of the river, Bedminster ways.

When did you first start getting into Hip Hop?
HR: I started getting into hip hop when I was about ten, eleven, when I started skatboarding. That was when I really started rinsing it.
UP: started listening to hip hop when I was at secondary school , pt gave me
a mp3 with loads of sick tunes on an I was on it from then.

How did you 2 guys meet and when did you start making music?
SP:  We met when we were 14/15
HR: I started spittin when I was around 15/16 but never really ever took it seriously. I never really thought id do something with it or people would be feelin what I was doing. Fuck noes, there was a lot of leen up bedroom freestyle sessions, but it wasn't until we met Badhabitz, one half of krate krusaders, that I thought something could happen with it.
UP: yeh I started spittin a bit after everyone else in the crew an doing it at
first was just something fun to do,meeting up and spittin new bars And
hearing new verses and beats. Meeting Badhabitz really opened my eyes to
the fact that people were feeling the vibes, which gave us a push to get
ourselves out there and make tunes.

Now your at the moment promoting your video "2 Kids" have you been getting much feedback on it?
SP: Yeah it seems we're getting some good feedback. Theres always gonna be hate and theres always gonna be haters, we just dont give a fuck about either.

Will this feature on some sort of release?
SP: Yeah we're dropping an Ep with Krate Krusaders, late September, called Scribbled Thoughts. Thats including 2kids, aint amused and a few other bangers haha. Also a couple of other artists from Bris and around the Uk.
Check out Demorus a couple of those boys are on it and some other heads.

I Have been checking the other videos on your youtube page, the other videos are upto the exact same standard and show yet more beats by Krate Krusaders, How did you get hooked up with them?
SP: Boyo! He's the hook up man. He knew Badhabitz before us and mentioned he had some mates who were getting on the barring, and got us some beats. Then we all got introduced and it went on from there. Cheers bredda.

Me and a mate were discussing your music, and came to the decision that your style is easy listening, yet still lyrical, so youve been able to make your vocals sound laid back but still been able to add some thought provoking statements, Is this a style you will continue to go for?.
HR: personally I think so, I mean theres different tracks that styles are gonna sound different on, and were gonna sound different on. Ive never really thought about our style. I think that's jus us though, we aint some hyped out kids trying to look bad as fuck and both of us are pretty conscious. It just comes how it is haha.
UP: yeh, I mean style isn't something I really worry about when I write.
I just write what comes, sometimes there is a sound we want to get but
the main thing to me is that every bar is real, so I don't need to chat about
certain things or act a way that isn't who I am, or who we are.
I think that's were our style comes from.

Ok have you been involved in many open mics, or gigs?
SP: naaa not really. Weve done a couple of little things, we did Big time festival down in Pauls, that was about six of us and that was alright, jus a little cypha track. But nothing properly organised under the name split prophets until the show with gen and stig, and a dj and soundman that actually knew what they were doing. It was joke, we got chucked out of a club we were supposed to be doing a set in cos some of us didnt have id.

10.You seemed to come at me out of nowhere witha  video into my inbox with not a great deal of information about you as a crew, and after trying my hardest in the research area, yet still not very much. One thing i did find out though that your supporting Akil The MC at The Croft in Bristol. Now they said this on the page. "Bristol Heads will know about the uprising of Split Prophets and the massacre when they supported Stig and Genesis a few months ago". Now this tells me that you absolutely killed it, How did it go for you guys?
UP: yeah was a good night, got a good reception and a nice amount of people turned up for it, personally it was good for me to get the first big set done, made me want more shows and to push to get our sound out.
HR: yeah it was heavy. Big ups to luke from Rhyme and Reason cos these nights are fucking sick. And there bringing good heads down to bris and puttin us on the map. Check it out. And as far as info about us, you guys are getting that out there for us so nice one.

What are your influences? (This can be mc's, but just anything that influences you to make the music you do)
HR: as far as Mc's go theres too many to mention. But my surroundings, mates and what I get up to are probably my main influences. Walkin around late at night getting my hands dirty haha.
UP: my biggest influences are the people around me and the things i've seen
happen, the world we live in and the life I live influences me to do what I do.

Ok before i go Dyou have any shoutouts?
SP: yeah, shouts to you guys for hooking this up,Krate Krusaders, Evermoor sound, the Se fire boys,B'tol, all the demorus heads, all the rest of the split prophets collective, Pt, Prime Mc, bill next, all the sub slags breahs, vince from south blessed, lou for putting up with us, anyone who supports us And All the real heads staying true to this. peace

Go check these guys out.

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