Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ragz Sweet Jones & Tony Mahoney - Shark Fin Soup / Zombies Cant... D/L

Tony Mahoney and Ragz Sweet Jones team up again for another free project 'Zombies Cant Live by Flesh Alone'.check out the video for 'Shark Fin Soup' above. The duo return to that raw, traditional they delivered on their slept on 1st project 'No Budget Hip Hop'. After a spell inside Ragz hasnt lost any of his ability to roll through Mahoneys emotive beats the pair also keep up the varied vox FX and heavy adlibing giving a more personal presence not your typical uninventive drone-athon. Ragz' never fails to stir some dark imagery through his graphic content and delivery. Having also recently upped a new Big Ben video 'F.Y.I'  I was glad to see he passed through with some bars on the new project 'The Blues'. UK Overstood did good with the visusals on both tracks you can also find the instrumentals on Tonys Youtube Channel. Download 'Zombies Cant....' HERE for free right now and 'No Budget...' through the blueness above.

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