Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Yungun - Jack The World (free download)

At long last, some new material from Mr YG. This mixtape has been a long time coming, as he's been mentioning it, on and off, for about the last 4 years. He describes this as unreleased material, with a few tasters of things to come. Plenty of niceness on here, Time To Rearrange in particular is classic Yungun, especially for a freebie. The format is pretty original as well. Structured as an old style cassette tape, each 'side' is a distinct mix from long time collaborator Mr. Thing.

At the end, he even mentions that his long, long awaited album 'The Middle Man' is still 'coming soon'... So maybe that too will see the light of day at some point...

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Mike Dennis said...

Got this as soon as I heard about it. Always rated Yungun - really intelligent lyrics, well-delivered, tongue-in-cheek about the right things. This is a very good offering. Props!