Thursday, 1 December 2011

Assa - Everyday User

'Everyday User' is the debut solo release from Tactical Thinking and Primitive Form's wordsmith Assa. This long awaited album features some of the U.K's finest rappers with performances from Deadline, Derogatory, Jim Raygun, Jay Madden, Tenchoo, Lego, Leaf Dog, B.V.A and Foola. The album is held together with precise mixing and perfect production from Pete Cannon and 3 Amigos' Naive.

Assa is a born emcee with the ability to flow effortlessly over any beat. 'Showdown' featuring Foola shows he is one of the best double time rappers around at the minute, I find it hard to even find a syllable out of time. Just when I was thinking that he could rhyme fast Assa then decides to step it up a gear with what I can only describe as quadruple time spitting on 'What Do They See' featuring Derogatory and Deadline.

Don't get me wrong Assa isn't a one trick pony just rhyming double time for the sake of it. Assa demonstrates his story telling abilities and comical side on 'Super Hero'. An Eminem style story about the adventures of an ill equipped super hero.

The album also consist of a lot of hard hitting battle tracks from 'Trick Or Treat' featuring Jay Madden to 'The Firm' an 8 bar pass posse cut featuring Jim Raygun, Deadline, Derogatory, Jay Madden, Lego and Tenchoo. The track '32 Bars' his debut music video is Assa's best display of raw lyricism. This can be viewed below.

32 Bars Video

'Everyday User' is a well accomplished debut project with production that keeps your head nodding from start to finish. My only qualms with 'Everyday User' are that some of the concepts and lyrical content are a bit generic and overused throughout the album. I would like to hear a few personal from the heart tracks by Assa as I believe he has alot more to give. The lack of solo tracks on the album is disappointing as on most of the tracks he is the stand out emcee.

Overall a great album which I think is only just a sign of more things to come for this extremely gifted emcee.

Stand out track 'My Boss' produced by Naive featuring Leaf Dog. Leaf Dog steals the show.

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