Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Soldjasoulz - 'Soulz Of the Storm'

A strong sounding project here from Soldjasoulz. Anyone who is familiar with their sound already will know they demonstrate influences from both the Hip Hop and Reggae world. Listening to their newest release ‘Soulz Of The Storm’ it feels the two rappers (DPF and REDS) have found what they set out to find. The whole project has its own identity and both rappers flow effortlessly together demonstrating both skill and intelligence.

The reggae influence is noticeable throughout with minimalist/electronic beats that blend together nicely through the whole project giving it that ‘complete’ feel. This could be down to good beat choices by the pair as a range of producers are involved including Reds himself, Tricksta and DJ I.C.

Guest appearances include Franko Fraize, J Karma and most noticeably US veteran Main Flow who shines on ‘Night Breed’. Stand out tracks include 'Body Bag', 'Big Kahunas', 'Ghost Pepper' and ‘Paige’; a clever concept track.

Personally I feel 'Soulz Of The Storm' has its own identity. There is not much you can compare it to thats out there already, which helps it stand out strong in this over saturated market of DIY music.

A strong project and well worth a download. ‘Soulz Of The Storm’ is available via Soldjasoulz bandcamp page on a ‘name your price’ basis:


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