Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Dear SB

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it very much! Not that I need to defend the worlds original rap magazine but just so you know...

"...the top 100 was compiled from Hip Hop Connection readers votes, those of Hip-Hop Connection's writing staff and a quick poll of a few valued professionals. One crucial point though...is that all entries from 2001 onwards were disqualified. Why? Because a single's real test is whether it can transcend the place and time it was released in and enjoy a life of it's own. All our top 100 clearly have."

If it was my list maybe Snoop, Biggie and Jay-Z would have been there. Keep your peelers open for posts in the future that include omissions (?!).

If you have an opinion on this please post a comment and let's get a discussion going. I'd like to do a post with all the tracks that you readers wanted to see in the top 100 so let me know!


sean broom said...

Yeah, holmes I saw that eventually.

In my America-centric mind as I was going through the list I kept going "WTF is HHC?"

But man, no offense, if it's truly the worlds 'original' rap magazine, then they committed a miscarriage of justice and sanity when they put FOUR LL Cool J songs in their top 100, and NO Jay Z or Biggie songs.

So much so, that I'd have to say as a publication it's just as worthless as the assorted crap-rags that we have in America (The Source etc.)


ANS said...

Haha, no offence taken! I personally am a big fan of Hip Hop Connection, it's def better than anything American I've read!

Which tracks would you have had in a top 100 and which ones would you have taken out? If enough people express an opinion I'd like to post tunes that people think should be in there!

Anonymous said...

Gza - liquid swords, all time classic maybe a bit obscure though. " I flow like the blood on a murder scene " love it. POW

sean broom said...


I'd get rid of all the Cypress Hill, and all of the LL Cool J except for Mama Said Knock You Out and replace them with:

Biggie: 1 song with a hook ie. Juicy or Hypnotize, and one grittier track like "Gimmie the Loot" or "Ten Crack Commandments"

(all of which were available to the original voters in this contest)

Jay Z: Can't knock the hustle or It's Alright (Yeah! A B-Side! What??)

The Roots: You Got Me (I like to think of it as Rap's Third Way-- you know like New Labour)

And thats just to start. There are too many De La tracks on there (and don't get me wrong, I'm a huge DLS fan) ditto for ATCQ.



Anonymous said...

Yeah there were a few missing from your list...

Main Source - "Friendly Game of Baseball"

DJ Quik - "Born and Raised in Compton"

Too Short - "Freaky Tales"

Black Sheep - "The Choice is Yours"

Paris - "This is a Test"

Pharcyde - "Passin' Me By"

AaronM said...

I woulda liked to see at least one other Pete & CL joint, but that's just me.

Drew G said...

Yo man, great list. I just hooked up with some jams I've been looking for for awhile.
Next list:
Biggie "Gimme the loot" & Hypnotize & Big Poppa
Roots "you got me"
Pharcyde "passin' me by"
Outkast "atliens"
Nas "One Mic"
Kanye "Jesus Walks"
How about Missy "Get Ur Freak on"?
I could go on.