Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Gadget Presents The Dirty Thumbs Project

My man Gadget just dropped this collection of self produced head nod fodder. The man from Millenium Jazz ropes in a few of his usual collaborators such as Louis Unseen, Jabba tha Kut, EdXL, Emma Louise and Dan Bull as well as Beit Nun, 777, Joey Gzus and many others. Gadgets displays a range of styles but never strays too far from his typical jazz infleunced, dusty steeze being a MPC head you know hes got that classic boom bap edge to his production. Thats how its goin down, Sinners, Its not a good look and Light years stood out on my first listen. The project is well worth the £5 thisll set you back. Listen on the bandcamp player below and follow the links to support UK and buy the project.

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