Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Modern Age

Ive been listening to the latest edition of Task Forces MFTC Archives (vol. 2) and Ive had The Modern Age on at least once a day (normally alot more than that) since I downloaded both collections. In a time where youth are driven to ever desperate means to keep up with the modern age, those in power are abusing their excessive salaries and lifestyles, Simon Cowell openly lines his pockets with the pipe dreams of vulnerable (if a bit naive) people and wars are waged for monatery gain in the name of freedom not many other MCs have articulated the problems and heartache with such skill and emotion. MFTC vol 4's 3 Fingers is one of my favourite Task Force songs it was good to hear another track that had that same haunting, provocative wordplay and poetic social commentry that worked so well on 3 fingers. Cop the track from the above player or both collections from the bandcamp page.

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