Saturday, 10 March 2012

Big Dutty Deeze 'Words From My Diary' (Free Download & Music Videos)

UK emcee Big Dutty Deeze has been steadily building a name for himself on the UK scene with a string of music videos and free downloads, guest features and even live dates here in the UK and overseas. Now Big Dutty Deeze is back with his brand new free download 'Words From Dairy', a ten track project that shows a different side to this talented artist with more conceptually deeper thought provoking songs, all delivered with immaculate lyricism and execution.

01 - Who Am I
02 - My Pain
03 - Smile
04 - Years Go By
05 - Could Have Been Mine
06 - We Can Do It (Anywhere)
07 - Worlds In A Crisis
08 - Holy Are You
09 - I Need You Here
10 - In The End


Check these 2 videos to and

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Anonymous said...

This is the most boring, wanna be fake bullshit in the world. Toothless yocal rapper!! Classic!