Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Jaunty - Once Again, One Day

Once Again, One Day...’ is out NOW, available on Bandcamp! This project couples unique and thought-provoking lyricism, over hard hitting boom-bap and soulful backdrops.  The friendship between Jaunty and producer/rapper K-Nite 13 is testament to the wholeness of this project.

Country, language and culture, urged him to venture to foreign lands alone. Unfortunately, he landed on the same day as the major natural disaster (earthquake/tsunami), but decided to stay and tour the island nation.  It’s a stressful environment, such as this that allows a gem, like this EP to organically occur; after all, a coal under extreme pressure forms a diamond.

This EP encompasses excitement, curiosity, fear, joy, angst and solitude; easily done as every track was written whilst travelling Japan at the time.  The concept of this EP is simple… Good, honest music, but there are stories told within the songs and interludes, and the whole project is based on a vow to one day return to the country; to continue the journey.

 This EP boasts eight tracks and features singer Bella Soul, guitarist Dan Donovan and The Quaranteam: K-Nite 13, Skillit, PyroBarz, Mentalist, Loudmouth and DJ Locky Styles.

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