Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Street Literature - Products of the Environment (Free Download)

Street Literature was formed in Dublin in 2008 by former Urban Intelligence members Lunitic and 4Real along with Costello and G.I (2 local emcees). The album Products Of The Environment was recorded in early 2009. Unfortunately due to the untimely passing of Daniel McDonnell (Lunitic) the album was postponed. it has now been remastered and is been given out for free, both physical copies and downloads. Featuring production from G.I, John Doe, Moschops, Teknikal and Lunitic and appearances from Lethal Dialect, Jambo, Fly and D'n'D this is one of the most groundbreaking HipHop albums of the summer.
Mixed and mastered by Jonnyboy.
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You can also check  out the Workin Class Army on Irelands very own Boss TV here
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Costello - Boss Verses
4Real - Boss Verses
G.I. - Boss Verses
Lethal Dialect - Boss Verses

Stay tuned for more music from the lads including Costello - Illosophical,Lethal Dialect & Costello - Soul Literature and much more.

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