Friday, 9 January 2009

'Animal World' - 1865 (free download)

Non-depressing alternative-slash-leftfield Hip Hop shocker! 'Animal World' by 1865 is wonky, but it's upbeat and listenable - wow! Ha, I'm not actually that much of a skeptical hate monger but sometimes I just can't get with the Aesop Rocks and the Sage Francises of this world.

You lot probably think I listen to some pretty weird stuff anyway but although this is different it's not too strange. There is a modern electro influence seeping through, from the juttery beats to the subject matter of the sung chorus vocals. I guess some people would consider this 'Hipster', but I'm not sure it is... those crunk snare fills are just ironic!

Whatever, just check it out: 1865 - 'Animal World' (or here)


Jason said...

get this song playing on the radio and everyone within a day would be arguing who listened to 1865 first. but keep it off the radio and it'll be one of those songs you only hear at a show and go home to google the shit out of it.

Certified Banger said...

So True!