Saturday, 3 January 2009

'EQ' - Queens English (album review)

Queens English: A not-your-average rap group on a mission to reformat the status quo. ‘EQ’: Where serious but witty lyrics, both sung and rapped, collide with sometimes jaunty, sometimes soulful beats.

Queens English are from the school of anti-Hip Hop-stereotype (see: ‘Rude Indigo’). Tongue in cheek bragging and self centeredness also factors on ‘Don’t Forget It’ and the funky ‘Back Good’. ‘Summa Dem’ combines both these subjects but tracks such as ‘Last of England’ and ‘Just’ speak metaphorically about aspects of life – making for some intriguing lyrical imagery. ‘Triple F’ is the rock-the-party-spot track whereas ‘If?’ is the total opposite – it’s a slow burning spiritually focussed beauty. ‘Focus (Get Up)’ is totally different again – best described as Atari Grime but with production ten times better than any normal Grime track, double time raps come thick and fast.

The variety show that is the production comes from The Crate Twins and Aries and it’s sure to keep you interested. It also ensures that there is something for everyone on here (OK maybe not your Gran, but there is a mention of Gershwin on here).

This album is full of youthful energy – these guys are having fun – without it sounding like a load of immature idiots acting the goat. The addition of Source’s female vocal makes for something original; her voice hovers between gospel and Celtic. The track list could have been shortened by slimming down some repeated subject matter – but that’s all that is bad.

‘QE’ is out now so buy it.

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