Friday, 9 January 2009

'Fire' ft. Damien Marley - B-Real (single review)

After getting together to make a song about Marijuana, B-Real and Damien Marley must have parted ways, I imagine, with those common words: 'We must do this again sometimes'. And by golly they have.

If you didn't like this song last time round ('Ganja Bus') then you may not like new single 'Fire'. Yes, it's another catchy, radio-friendly (aside from the endless weed references) single. This time the self produced beat reflects both Damien's Jamaican heritage and B's Latin roots making for some booty-shaking riddims.

Lyrically it explores nothing new, but fans of Cypress Hill won't be listening for original topics. As I've mentioned (but not as many times as they do) this track is about smoking (not doing unspeakble things to law enforcers - B's other fav subject) and Mr. Real takes an opportunity to rap in Spanish as well as his usual nasal English.

Do I like this track? Yeah. I've been a fan of Cypress Hill since I got into Hip Hop (even though I've never been into anything they represent) and B-Real still has whatever it was that drew me to him in the old days. Looking forward to the album, 'Smoke 'n' Mirrors', which is out on Audio Hustlaz/Duck Down Recordson February 24th.

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