Thursday, 15 January 2009

'Edstrumentals Vol. 1' - Evil Ed (CD review)

If it's beats you're looking for then look no further than Evil Ed's 'Edstrumentals Vol. 1'. It's 20 tracks of Evil Ed's best knon instrumentals used by Yungun ('The Art of Celebration' and 'Nico Suave'), Task Force ('The Tournament'), Tommy Evans ('Alright/OK'), The Colony ('Back Up'), Asaviour ('Field Of Dreams') Conspicuous & Shameless ('Write A Song For Me'), Ricochet aka Ric Branson ('A New Way of Thinking' & 'No Pressure') and Jehst ('Alien').

As well as known beats there are a few bonus beats thrown in for good measure and the liner notes include Ed's thoughts and recollections of each beat.

If they're good enough for those MCs then surely they're good enough for you to spit to/juggle with on your CDJs/kick back with when no words are required. Its also pretty chilling background music for Hip Hop Heads to remax to. This is probably a release that will appeal more to existing fans of Evil Ed but any beatfreak should be feeling his classic production style.

Get yersen a copy from Suspect Packages or somewhere like that. If you've not already got it, buy 'The Get Together' too, the album he did with Conspicuous not a few months back.

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