Monday, 12 January 2009

Something's Fisheye

Today's Beastie Boys art, from the Gallery 1988, LA show entitled 'Under The Influence', is by Michael Alvarez. Here he talks about his piece:

"My painting is based on their videos where they use fisheye lenses, and would get wild and rap infront of the camera. I always thought those were fun, and liked the environments they were in. I used reference from the 'Gratitude' and 'So Wat'cha Want' videos. On Mike D's shirt I included a Bad Brains logo, since they started out playing in hardcore bands, have been influenced and continued to carry on the spirit of the genre.

I also included a "Bus" bomb on the rooftop, which is one of several alias's of the late great graffiti artist Dondi. I have one of his books, and saw a picture of Dondi and Adrock together, and knew that I had to include him somewhere in the piece. To me they both represent a classic New York nostalgia, at least to me.

What I like about their music is that it is fun, and goofy. Their beats are amazing and they have a great sense of history and always give credit to those that have influenced them. On top of that, they're smart dudes."

Michaels favourite Beasties songs: 'Get it Together' ft. Q-Tip, 'Rhymin' and Stealin'', 'Pass the Mic'.

Here are my picks for the day:

3 tracks from a recording of the Boys at the Heineken Open'er Festival in June of last year: 'Gratitude', 'Pass the Mic' and 'So What'cha Want'.

And 2 remixes of 'So What'cha Want': 'Butt Naked Version' and 'Soul Assassins Remix'

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