Friday, 9 January 2009

Free tracks from Miss Tofelees

Fellow Yorkshirian and beatmaker Miss Tofelees has got a couple of tracks for you. The one you can get your grubby i-mits on now is actually a transatlantic collaboration between her and Florida MC Real Life. The track is called 'Oven Roast' and is a pretty unique tale "about a power-crazed police cop leading a double life" and the production harks back to those famed 90s years.

If you like that one, or are just into Hip Hop in general, especially UK Hip Hop then you need to send her an email ( Tell her how absolutely wonderful she is and how much her beats bang and she'll reply with a record. The song you'll get is 'The Title' which features/is by UK MC Dabbla, from the group London Zoo.

'The Title' is a disco sampling, grime beat influenced slow burning stomper, the likes of which I've not really heard before. This is actually some original material proving that probably, a woman's approach to producing Hip Hop is something the game is sorely missing.

She promises me there is more to come this year and I for one will be looking forward to it - you should be too.


Vern Pitt said...

This songs is rather nice. I love a good story rap. Also probably the first instance of chanting "oven Roast" in a chorus. Fantastic.

Certified Banger said...

Yeah! 'Oven Roast'! Makes it pretty unique