Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Beastie Boys Inspired Art Gallery

To celebrate the Beastie Boys being absolutely rad (What?! They are, by very definition, radical) the 1988 Gallery in Los Angeles has put on what looks to be an awesome show of Beastie inspired art. They've been posting a load of the images on their own blog and that gave me an idea - why not post up a picture every day with some other Beastie Boys related audio? Well there's no reason not to (aside from copyright laws etc) so here we are:

This 'Intergalactic' inspired poster is by Ryan Hungerford, a guy who draws all manner of wonderful retro-like creations and even has his own toy - check out his styles yo, peep the way he's drawin' em.

Now to the other Beastie's stuff, since this is the first one, how about 30 minutes of live music? It was recorded on 15th May 2004 at ICA, London and features show piece versions of 'Root Down', 'Sure Shot', 'Flute Loop', 'Body Movin'', '3 MCs and One DJ' and many more - all accompanied by Mix Master Mike. If you've never heard a Beastie show then you're in for a treat, MMM mixes up loads of Hip Hop instrumentals and samples whilst the Boys rock their familiar lyrics.

And to accompany this, why not download a portion of a Beastie Boys interview circa '98 where the Adam's and the Mike talk about the other Mike, the one who's a Mix Master.

Beastie Boys - 'Live in London'

Beastie Boys - 'In interview - About Mix Master Mike'


piskiesurfer said...

Can anyone please help me identify this break?

MMM throws in a sample on root down (at 3m.39s) that blows my brain, I love it and it's been in my mind for ages but I cannot find the name of this track.

If anyone knows what it's called, it would make me and my speakers really happy x x

Certified Banger said...

Which version of that track because the original album version is only 3m 31!

piskiesurfer said...

It's at 3.39 on 'Root Down' at the Live ICA show in London 2004.

piskiesurfer said...

It's at 3.39 on the live show at London ICA in 2004 - on the first song 'root down'