Thursday, 15 January 2009

Coming Soon From Wolftown and UK Runnings

Two releases coming from this UK Hip Hop powerhouse very soon, March to be precise:

First up, since I've not covered it before and since Certified Banger gets a shout out on the outro is Big Narstie's 'The Big Man Returns' which is mixed by the one and only Tricksta and features Giggs, Wretch 32 and Scorcher.

Go here for Big Narstie's myspace, go here to read an interview with the man and go here to purchase some of his earlier work including mixtapes, CDs and DVDs.

Check out my shout out on that and big ups to Tricksta and Big Narstie for helping my name get out there.

Secondly, and one I've mentioned before, is the collabo between HHB Radio and UK Runnings: 'Flying the Flag', a double CD containing 50 tracks of UK badness (or goodness, depending on whether it's bad meaning good or good meaning good). I digress. It features the likes of Wiley, Tinchy Strider, Ghetto, Giggs, Big Narstie, Skinnyman, Kyza, Million Dan, Baby J, Lowkey, Pyrelli and loads and loads more (obviously, there are 50 tracks!)

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