Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Fly To Tokyo

Gallery 1988 are still holding their 'Under the Influence' show in LA. Eric Tan, a Disney employee who worked on The Incredibles had this to say about his work and his fandom:

"My piece is influenced by a combination of the plane from the cover of License to Ill and retro travel posters like the ones TWA and Braniff Airways did back in the 60's and 70's. Since it's a tribute show encompassing their career thus far, I wanted to take something from their early years and something that's more current. The cover of their first big record was so iconic that I knew I had to incorporate it in the piece. The video for Intergalactic was also just as iconic and I thought that those visuals like the robot and the squid guy would be funny things to add into the mix. I just had to have the two make some sense and that's where the travel angle tied it together.

I like the band so much 'cause not only have they created some of the dopest beats and memorable rhymes but they also progressed so much over the years. All their tracks hold up and rock as much today as they did back when they came out.

[My favourite Beasties track is] 'Shadrach'. I think it's the simple beat and the ridiculously fast trade off between the three on all them lyrics."

To view or buy all of the work from this gallery, click here , there are loads of beastie treatsies to feastie your eyes upon.

Music-wise here is 'Shadrach', Peanut Butter Wolf's remix of 'Shadrach', McSleazys mashup of Franz Ferdinand and Beastie Boys 'Triple Take' and Graham Coxon's remix of 'Triple Trouble'.

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