Monday, 5 January 2009 Broadcasts Worldwide Club Nights

Here's a cool idea: instead of listening to your local radio station broadcasting from the inside of some dirty cheese-fest club why not tune into some of the biggest venues with some of the worlds biggest DJs, live?!

Awdio, the people from the place, actually make this happen! This month you, my reader, may be interested to know that you can dance in your bedroom to these Disc Jockeys:

3/01/09, Yo Majesty (US) , Miss Libertine, Melbourne
4/01/09, Bonobo (Ninja Tunes, UK) , Sonotheque, Chicago
8/01/09, Chase and Status (UK), Sandwiches, Wellington
10/01/09, Flying Lotus(Warp, US), Ambar, Perth
23/01/09, DJ Vadim and Yara Bravo (UK/Sweden), Sandwiches, Wellington
31/01/09, Cut la Roc (UK), Dogstar, London

Here's their spiel:

"Co-founded in 2007 by Vittorio Strigari and the designer Ora-Ito, Awdio is now a young start-up employing fifteen people, all passionate about music.

With already more than 100 venues connected all over the world, Awdio broadcasts live 24/7 quality DJ-sets and live concerts covering many genres. Young talent and international artists on tour can now share this unique and privileged experience with their fans Worldwide. Awdio is the biggest concert venue in the world. It is a cultural discovery tool centred on today’s and tomorrow’s musical trends. The sources and artists involved can benefit from a brand new way of broadcasting and promoting themselves, and enjoy a significant part of the revenue generated by their audience.

Already 100+ clubs and 1000+ events a month.

Registration is free and allows you to listen to a wide collection of programs, all live! You have the ability to geo-locate the broadcasting sources, browse per style, per artist, calendar and schedule the events of your preference.

Beyond the performance of its web architecture, the technological secret of Awdio lies in its AwdioBox. These 19 inch racks enable the audio streams encoded directly from the sources to be relayed back in real time across 5 continents."

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