Thursday, 1 January 2009

'Hustlemania EP vol. 1' - E Hustle (EP review)

Nowadays I’m always wary of something that contains a ‘dance mix’. If E Hustle’s EP ‘Hustlemania EP Vol. 1’ was a sandwich then you’d want to throw away the mouldy bread and just eat the filling. Let me elaborate:

Track 1 is ‘You Are’ (that's right, you can download it!) and track 5 is aforementioned ‘dance mix’ of track 1. The non-dance mix consists of something like a Robert Miles sample and a Soul Sonic Force-esque electro drum groove – not good. And the lyrics are about a girl too. And they’re boring. And the chorus lacks any bombast. The ‘dance mix’ is just even worse, so I won’t go there.

The second track, despite its annoying title and sentiment (‘F * U K (You)’), is actually full of beans and is very catchy. It’s got that ‘Without Me’ (Eminem) type drum pattern and the lyrics are entertaining. ‘Phenomenal’ has been chosen by Tricksta and Lunatrix for their next compilation ‘Flying the Flag’ and is on a straight braggadocio tip and whilst it’s not remarkable, it is good.

‘Know Where You’re Coming From’ features a chap called Dezert Eagle and whilst it doesn’t explore anything new, the biblical quotes in the chorus, the soulful brass loop and the well crafted street commentary goes down a treat.

The EP will be available to download as of January 26th.

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