Thursday, 1 January 2009

'Colours' - Beit Nun & Illskilz (EP review)

The first thing that struck me about ‘Colours’ by Beit Nun and Illskilz is a new-found positivity. This 9 track release really lives up to its title and as it’s playing time is just shy of 25 minutes, it’s an ideal blast of optimism for anyone.

‘A Good Year’ features a whole host of like-minded MCs and is a perfect tune for this time of year. ‘Summertime’ is not your average summer track – Beit chats hilariously about the ups and downs of the season over a west coast style laidback banger – “It’s the hottest day since records began, We getting’ a tan, But us Brits reckon that if you’re puttin’ on lotion you’re less of a man, And so we burn and turn red, peel and blister but it’s worth it, ‘til it hurts ya to get in the bath”.

Love song ‘Leave me Here’ features partner in rhyme 777 and is an honest walk through the minds of men devoted to living life with his partner through the peaks and the troughs – there are not many rappers brave enough to be this truthful (without making us all feel sick!).

We mustn’t forget the man behind the boards on this lovely little piece of work – dutch producer, Illskilz. His very professional sounding, largely cheery production really suits Beit’s new outlook on life – this boy has skills, watch out for him.

‘Colours' was released digitally on 29th December 2008 and the limited edition CD release date is 26 January 2009. You can get it from Amazon.

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