Friday, 16 January 2009

Silver Linings

A few things that have been dropped in my box that I've been ignoring for a while now:

Spee 69, the Yorkshire rapper I featured on my compilation 'On The Radar' sent me his track 'The Best Thing In Your Life', a track he did in 2004 and was the first tune on his EP. If you are an MC or a producer based in the UK then send me your music for the next installation of 'On The Radar'.

Steg G and The Freestyle Master, of Scotland I believe sent me 'Paperchase'. You'll never guess (without listening) which cheesy pop tune they sample so I'll tell you - 'Money, Money, Money' by Abba! Check it out, it's a right stomper! My sincerest apologies for not posting this sooner lads.

P.Genz from New Jersey, sent 'I Still Love H.E.R.'. The title must be influenced by Common's 'I Used To Love H.E.R.' and the track features punchy drums and nice sped-up soul sample.
If you are an artist of the Hip Hop variety then send me your track via the email address to the right or through the wonderful contraption that is SoundCloud (see right also).


wee james said...

Good to get hold of some scottish rap

anywbody know anywhere else on the net i can cop more?

Anonymous said...