Friday, 2 January 2009

'The Way' - GTA (album review)

GTA, the unlikely duo from Oxford, after a carefully paved path through 2008 have unleashed their first album proper: ‘The Way’. The work of Chima Anya and Ineffable (AKA “Least Hip Hop Rapper”) has certainly paid off; an album with an overall upbeat aura, quality production and playfully serious lyrics is their product.

Shears, the main man behind the production, produces 10 of the 12 tracks and his sound is the harmony to the lyrics of the GTA MCs. Having said this, Stabbaman (‘Breakthrough ‘08’ – latest single) and DJ Tactick (‘Wanna Be Myself’ – first single) both contribute congruent productions ensuring the album is tight and that GTA have ‘a sound’.

Both MCs have solo tracks on the album – a really nice touch, proving that both rappers are artists in their own right away from the group. ‘Fly’, ‘The Inbetween’ and ‘Message’ are Chima’s unaccompanied efforts and ‘What Can I Do’ is Inef’s. These four make up the album’s quota for contemplative tunes as we are allowed a little further into the individual minds of each MC.

The collaborative work is rocking-the-party orientated, can-do-attitude fuelled music that erases the need for complaining – GTA lead by example, follow their way.

‘The Way’ is available now for download at Amazon (for just £4.99) and itunes and at some point I’m sure you’ll be able to get a hard copy here at some point ‘cause I’ve got one!

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