Monday, 12 January 2009

'The KHZ Project' - JC (free download)

If you like your Hip Hop music to cause you to screw your face up and stamp your feet and if you like your Rap to be hard and gully then you really need to get your ears clamped onto JC's latest project 'The KHZ Project'.

Coming straight outta South Yorks, Sheffield to be precise, JC is the guy who produced most of the massively underrated 'Bringin' It Back' album by Steel City residents Hoodz Underground.

This project features MCs more than sympathetic to JC's crushing sound - they take the mic and truly mangle it. R.C., Nicky Taurus, Vendetta, Tef, LKC, Menace, Karizma and Joe Kobi are names you may not know but you're sure to have heard of (if you're into UKHH) of SonnyJim, Kosyne, Shade1, Yogi, Skandal, Kyza and Klashnekoff - all lend verses.

I keep saying this (free downloads are just getting and better) but this is unbelievably good to say it's free. You'd be a proper idiot to leave this one here, or even to leave it in your itunes - you need to burn it to CD or stick it on your ipod and prioritise 'The KHZ Project'. Awesome.

Download it here


skribe said...

seconded. get this downloaded and spread the word.

UK hip hop is seldom seen, rarely promoted and quality gets missed as people are too willing to assume the US drops all the hot stuff.

they aint making any money but if enough people hear it, like it and recommend it then theres a slim chance they could get some follow up that DOES mean they can continue.

this is 2 years of someones life, put together for the love of the music and distributed free as they'd rather have it heard by the people it was made for than stalled in a record exec's in-tray.

the least you can do is download it and show some love back where you can.

Anonymous said...

FIX THE LINK! Wanna get that track " The Day"